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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The expansion of Islam in Islamic history has negative implications for religion and the spread of evil. The confusion surrounding Islam implementation in universities and the need for people to stop it is allowed. The history of thecentury and the selection of the Khalifa by the new President of the United States is discussed, including the operation by the Prophet Muhammad bin Salman that killed at least nine people and killed one of them. The operation was conducted by the Prophet's son Omar, who had a virginity and killed herself and his son.
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sola Hanrahan hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah here Mohammed water early he was a heavy hitter mine was someone to see when he gets in okay throw my boss ohana. Karima Ilana alumna

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in Antalya Hakeem rubbishy. So anyway, silly Emily. One of them listen, you have Oh, Cody. So if you recall in the time well while we were talking about the time of Oh bucket of Yola that I and we were talking about I had brought up a topic about

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that is some of phobes you know, when they discussed the matter of the expansion of Islam and why Islam went to certain places and they expanded in the not only that, but they went to war for territory and so forth. So how to answer those kinds of questions. When you say the lack of Amato, the Allah Tada and you have to understand that oboe the Allah, he only served as a Khalifa for two years. How long two years? On what are the Allah on the other hand, he ruled for 10 years. So when you have a ruler who serves longer for a longer period of time, then there are going to be more questions about his his authenticity about his leadership, his decision making and so forth. So I'm

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going to be a lot that on is not of the exception over here just like oh bucho Viola Don was question about the expansion of Islam. Oh my God, Allah the line and his personality has been put to question by many Islamophobes. So in the title Amato, the Allah that, as we talked about, in the previous weeks that he brought down two major superpowers. One was the assassin Empire, the Persian Empire. And he also played a very key role in bringing down the Roman Empire, or as the books of history refer to it as the Byzantines. Now, as its sun began to spread. There are many conditions that amaro the Allah dawn he put in place in order for them to be implemented. And there are main

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laws that he created. You have to understand that this was a very first time in Islamic history that you have a great number of adult Kitab Jews and Christians and not just only Jews and Christians, but you remember we talked about that when when Amara, the Allah, Allah, Allah and the Sahaba of the otter on whom when they took over the Sasa Empire, the Persian Empire, there were many practices that took place, which used to bother the Muslims, the Muslims were very familiar with the the Jews, the Christians and their behaviors and their activities. But when they begin to see that the majority people and some of the other people living at that time, they cannot really understand why

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they're doing those things. And so hence on what are the Allah Tala ions for the very first time in Islamic history, there are so many different other religious entities and people who follow those religions who are now living under the authority of Muslims. So now if they're living under the authority of Muslims there have there has to be certain laws in place. So I'm going to Leola Tehran, he created some laws, which I want to talk about these laws today, because these are laws that are highly contested by Islamophobes are a highly objected by Islamophobes. And there's an answer and there's a response to these, these objections that come. So first of all, is that I'm going to name

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this few things, the AMO the Allah tonight he a law or rule that he passed, first of all, is that in all the lands that now been there are now under Muslim authority. No new place of worship, can be constructed or built. No new places no new places of worship. That means that the Jews cannot build any new synagogue, the Christians cannot build any kind of church. In addition to that, any other religion if they want to build any other place of worship, no longer is it allowed. What about the pre existing places of worship will they be destroyed almost all the Ultron said they will not be destroyed. However, there is no expansion that is allowed like they cannot have any additional

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phases they cannot raise money and expand those places of worship. Number two is that these places of worship besides the massage it cannot be higher than the massage and if the tallest buildings of all the places of worship are going to be the massage it and so no one is allowed to build a building or structure that is higher than a mustard, no official

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no official shape, or public shake. Take

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can take place, meaning that no shift type of activities can take place in public. No programs or events can take place in public that would cause or invite other people to shift. There can be no Dawa, that will take place there will be no Dawa. You cannot go out and invite people to your religion. And there will be no criticism of Islam now did all that yellow town and say that you cannot criticize one another, if they criticize one another, that was their problem, but no one, no one can criticize Islam. Now there's one thing here very important to understand that while it is very important that while Amara yawata on toes, the people, the other people have any other faith

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that they are not allowed to criticize Islam? The question is that what is the advice? Or what are the instructions for a Muslim? Are they allowed to criticize any other religion? And the answer is no. And the Quran Allah subhana wa Tada says, not the Cebu Lavina you don't own them in dune in Lehi, for your sabula are the one behind there in that it is not allowed. And I'm paraphrasing here, it is not allowed for anyone to criticize anyone else's religion and what they believe in? Can I say that? I disagree with them. That's absolutely fine. Can I say that? It's hard for me to understand the concept behind such as such, such as such thing? Yes, it is. As a Muslim, can I say? That it's

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hard for me to understand the concept of Christian Christianity, or the the concept of Trinity. Yes, you can say it. But for you, for any person to be disrespectful towards anyone else's religion is something that even in Islam, we're told not to do it. So it was not as if Amara Viola are telling these people that you're not allowed to criticize Islam. But Islam, you're but the Muslims are allowed to criticize the others. That is not what Omar of the Ultron was implying. The next thing was that no non Muslims now remember, there weren't non Muslims who were somewhat educated. They there were some non Muslims who knew Quran, there are no non Muslims that are allowed to teach any

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Islamic topics or teach the Quran. Why? Because if a non Muslim is teaching Islam, for the most part, they're going to they're going to use their own knowledge to demonize Islam, or to humiliate Islam. And so that's why the authority of teaching Quran and providing an Islamic education was purely put into the hands of the Muslims. Now, let's pause here for a second and try to understand our situation today. There are many people today in universities across the nation and across the world, people who are not Muslims, but they are teaching Islam. Now you have to understand that there are some who are going to be Islamophobic, they're going to be biased, they're going to have a

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very hateful view regarding Islam, and they're going to teach Islam in their own way. Today, we cannot stop that. Today. There are so many churches that if you see that they have classes about Islam, and it's not to teach other people about what Islam is, or the intention is never to gain a true perspective of what Islam is. The idea is that you come to the church, we will talk about Islam, and we will talk about how evil Islam is. That's what's happening today. As a as a Muslim, you cannot stop that. Because first of all, is we live in a country today that has given everyone the freedom of speech, and everyone can say whatever they want to say, yes, it becomes our

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responsibility that we can reach out to these kind of people. And we can tell them that look, if there's if you really want to learn about Islam, then you can reach out to us and we will give you the right answer or the right perspective upon religion. There are people on the other hand, who are not Muslims, who are teaching about religion today, and they're doing a phenomenal job. In fact, I know I know, some, for example, there's one author, and he's a he's a public speaker, too. He doesn't travel too much. But he came here one time to Dallas to and he's written many books in defense of Islam. His name is John Esposito, he's a he's a man who has written many books about

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Islam. And every single time he writes a book about Islam, he has great things to say about Islam. He may not be a Muslim, I refer to him today. I honestly based on our circumstances, I refer to him today as our current day of bufalin. Because if you look at Bhutan, if he was on a Muslim, but he continuously defended Islam, he is a man today that who probably I mean, he is on publican ticket shot I mean, I don't think he's a Muslim. But he shows he's on a Muslim but he has written so many books in defense of Islam. So you have you have the situation taking place today. However, during the time of homophobia, Allah on He prohibited any non Muslims from teaching the Quran. There is no

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spine upon Muslims allowed. They're absolutely not. They should. Now this is not these are some things that are very questionable, which I'm going to explain almost all the time and said that the people the non

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Muslims should cut their hair in such a way that they will be distinguished from the Muslims and there are a few others I want you to listen to them first number the next one is every person should wear a religious, their religious attire, you should every person who in whatever faith they belong to, they should wear their religious attire and they should not wear an Islamic attire. Okay, they should not wear an Islamic attire now, let's pause here for a second I understand this too long ago during the time on what are the Allah on and as time progressed, during the Roman in Europe and in European history, if you study it was all based on religion that you know the countries were not

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divided based on nationality people did not recognize themselves based on their nationality, but everyone recognized themselves based on the religion that they followed. So on one of the data on he institutionalize a rule that basically says that if you are not a Muslim that you're not supposed to be wearing non Muslim or Muslim attire and so that there is no assimilation and there is no misunderstanding now here in our time today when you look at the clothes that everyone wears like the brothers wearing over here any clothes that many many are wearing, or we wear to work in many cases these are not considered as non Islamic clothing like you cannot say that this is a non

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Islamic clothing and this is something I've talked about in the past that you know when the British went to India and this is the concept this is where we got this concept from when the British went to India and they murdered so many orlimar what happened was that the the the orlimar in India, and this is prior to the separation so they began to say that everything that the West does the way they dress the way they eat that's all the style or the the the lifestyle of the fall and so if you dress like this, you're dressing like the kuffaar if you would the for you eating like equal fall now once again we have to understand that that these don't have any religious significance anymore. There are

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people who still live in that impression and who live who live under the impression that this Libous is concerned as prohibited is concerned prohibited or is it's not like and once again there are so many alumni who have talked about this that since it does not have any religious significance. If any person wears anything of this type is absolutely allowed. And this is unfortunately I guarantee you I guarantee you if I walked into the masjid with something like this, all of you will be looking at me like 50 times that what's wrong with the Imam sub you won't say that it's okay. And it's halal. Okay for you. So if I come in one day with a three piece suit, okay, don't be shocked. I'm

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not going to I have no plans. Okay, but if I do, okay,

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I have I have okay I have

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but the thing is that if I do wear it don't don't actually hold me out or hold me accountable for it.

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You will by inshallah. Inshallah, okay? The, Okay another thing that Omarosa on he institutionalize was that no non Muslim is allowed to keep an Islamic name. No non Muslims are allowed to keep it in Samick name. And one of the last things I will cover is that no non Muslim is, or especially in the non Islamic lands, no one is allowed to publicly sell wine, you can sell it privately, you cannot sell it publicly. People were allowed to drink wine normal says we're allowed to drink it. Islam did not say you're not allowed to drink it. But first of all, is that you cannot publicly sell it. Now we see in our time today that there is so much people do sell it. And there's so much public selling

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of wine and we see that we have seen the consequences. Now, how do we how do we understand all this, especially when it's summer folks come along? They say that look, if the Muslims were to take over America, this is what some folks say. If Muslims if Muslims were take over America and show You Allah were to take over America, then they're gonna make us do all these things that are almost of yellow Dawn, he institutionalize during his own time. Now, there are a few ways of understanding this and there's few ways of explaining it. Number one is you have some Muslims who are considered as the apologist type, they're, they're gonna say no, sorry, you know, Omar made a mistake and you

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know, oh my God, I know exactly what he was doing. Those are the the Muslims who are considered as the apologetic Muslims, okay. And no one should be apologizing for whatever amount of time he institutionalize. Remember, first of all, is what have you allowed that I'm the province I'm talking about the wisdom of God Allah tonight, he talked about the Eman of Amara, the Allah Tala and I believe in God Allah says that every sense of humor has become a Muslim, we have lived in the state of Riza. So for anyone to insinuate that Omer Liotta and made a mistake in making these kinds of suggestions are making these types of laws, then you are making a serious mistake by even suggesting

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something of this type. Then you have the fundamentalist the the the type of people that do

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exist on Earth? They Yes, this is exactly what we want to do. Whatever Omotola on institutionalize that is exactly what what we want to do. And some folks are usually scared of them now, as a Muslim living in America, if someone comes to us today and says, that did almost not do these things, and you'll agree, and you have to agree, yes, he did. Are we apologetic about it? No, we're not going to be apologetic about it. Now. So does that mean that you want to do this too? Now, first of all, is that we have to understand that because almost all the Allahu Anhu did it? Does this mean that any land that is under the under the authority of Muslims? Do they have to implement those same laws?

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The answer is no, is a binding, it's not binding, something that almost all the time he did we agree with him with what he did, but it is not binding. And the way to understand this and the way to explain this to others is that when you stay the lifelong, one of the alotta and you have to contextualize the the laws that were implemented by Omar Villalta. I see, look at the times that we live today, everyone has a freedom of right everyone has freedom of speech, everyone can say whatever they want to say.

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Now, at the same time, this freedom that we see today are the practices like we see today, a Muslim is allowed to live in America, we are allowed to build our massages. non Muslims can teach Quran where they can do whatever they want. We teach our Quran, we build our massage, we build our Islamic schools, we are implementing our own Deen living in this own country, right. But you have to understand that this is a concept that has not been existing forever. This is a concept that did not exist forever. In fact, if you study history, the people living in Jerusalem, the people living in the Sassa empire, or the Persian Empire, or where the Persian Empire did exist, all this land that

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has now taken by Muslims, there are some people who were angry that their land, their lands were taken away from them, and rightfully so. And it's natural. And it's it's part of human phenomenon. Okay, so part of you being a human being is that if someone takes over your land, you're gonna be upset, but majority of the people, majority people in history, we learned that they were absolutely okay with the laws that were put in place by the Muslims. Why? Why were the people at that time, okay with these laws implemented by the Muslims, because if you study about European history, if you study about Asian history, and history where other people exist of other faiths, you study the Roman

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history, their European history, there were Christians who migrated to America, because they were being persecuted by Christians. So you have so many denominations of Christianity, and there was one major, one mainstream sector of Christianity, and they would prosecute all the other groups of Christianity. Forget about if there was any Muslim that existed at that time, forget about if there were any Jewish people who exist in the European that in Europe at that time, the European people, the Christians, the predominant Christians, they would torture and they would hurt the other people who believed in any other in any other denomination of Christianity. That's why when you study

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Islamic history or history in general, the Unitarians, the Unitarians, are a sector of Christianity who don't believe that IE Saudi Assange was the Son of God, they don't believe in that. They actually went and they lived under Muslim rulership, or they live under Muslim authority. Why? Because they knew that we can live here in this land, we can practice our own religion, we won't publicize our religion, but we can freely practice our religion and people moved to Islamic countries. For this reason, yes, they move to Islamic countries for this reason, they don't want to live in a non Muslim country, because they're being persecuted. This happened in our history. Now.

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The so this is something that did exist on so when you compare all of your towns time in the law that were implemented by him, and then you see the laws are implemented by the Europeans, I asked you, where is there more leniency? Is there more leniency in the laws or in the lands that are under the control of Muslims? Or is there more religious leniency when it comes to those lands that are that are under Christian authority? The answer is obvious. There was more leniency there was more, you had more freedom, you had more freedom in practicing whatever you wanted to do, living in Muslim land. So the thing is that if anyone brings up this idea to you, then you have to always remember

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contextualize it. And when you once you contextualize and you explain to other people, that this is how the Europeans behaved when it came to other people who believed in any other denomination of Christianity or any other faith. And this is how Muslims treated other people of other faiths. So you be the you'd be the judge. So they will not have an answer about

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This anymore. So once again, it's it's something that we learn from the history now we come to the ending of the life of Amara Viola Dylon, and today I want to briefly just talk about his death. And then inshallah next week I want to touch touch upon the selection of the Khalifa. And the selection of the Khalifa I want to talk about next week is going to be something interesting because there is something that we see today, and I want to compare both and each other. We'll talk about that next week. Quickly. Let's talk about the death of Amato Yolanda and there's a hadith of there's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one sort of model the old Dawn was sitting with the

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Sahaba, viola and home and he and he said that he talked he was talking about a hadith that is there any such Hadith that does exist? For the father of your daughter was sitting there? He says, yes, yes, yes, there's a hadith. Excuse me, there's a hadith that does exist. Now the gist of the hadith is that Amara liotta on was afraid that the fitness will begin to emerge during his time, or they found out later on, he assured on one or the other on based on the Hadith that the fitness are going to come after your time. And he said that the example or the parallel that was given by the prophets of salaam was that of a door, and Amara and he asked for the ephah although will this door be

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opened? Or will it be knocked down? And are they follow through and said that this door will be knocked down meaning that that Aminata on and this door was on a Rhodiola on mean that Omar will not die a natural death. Rather, someone will do something to him that will cause his death. And then after the death of Amara Viola, the line, the fitness or the fit, then will begin to emerge. And that's why after Amara Liotta and all the fitness will all the fitness that we hear they begin to emerge during the time of orthonormal the allotted amount of the Allah Quran he made hij in the year 23, after hijra, he was extremely older that he was getting old. And it said that he made a dua to

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Allah subhanaw taala that Oh ALLAH I'm getting old. And you have to understand 10 years taking down the the Persian Empire, the Byzantines, I mean, this is not just a small job, this is a major task. So I'm going to Dawn is making dua to Allah I've done so much and now I am breaking down. I'm breaking down. Oh Allah, I want to come back to you. And he says that he may do it his Sunday but Omar says that he may do either Oh Allah I want to die as a Shaheed and I want to die in Medina. Now this was very unusual to even Omar because he said that if you want to die in Medina, then you die in Medina, but if you want to die as a Shaheed then the only way that they understood to die as a

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Shaheed was were in the battlefield. So this was very unusual, it's very mysterious, to to abnormal and he would ask his own father how's that even possible? And Amara Donna said that when Allah wants to do something, that no one can stop Allah subhanaw taala can make anything happen. And not only that, but there's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a nearby meaning that anyone who passes away in Medina than they will receive the intercession of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so all of us we should make we should have this, this dua that we die in the best state now once again, we should not make this gentle to other Allah I want to die rather than when you

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look at the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was a dua that he used to constantly make that Allahumma Heaney mercantil Hayato clearly what the word funny is, I can still refer to Cara Lee Oh Allah keep me alive. As long as life is good for me and give me death when death is good for me. So we can make the DUA However, at the same time, we can make the dua to Allah Subhana Allah Oh Allah give me death in a state of Eman. Oh Allah give me that. While I'm in Medina, there's nothing wrong and making a dua of this type. And I'm sure like myself my DUA and I'm sure all of us have made this dua that Allah keep us to that time alive, that life is good for us. At the

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same time, give us death in a place a place like Medina. So Inshallah, if whoever has made any good intention inshallah Allah will accept our daughters inshallah. Now, oh my God, Allah Tala. I'm the one that's another rule that he had implemented was that any person who lives in a land that Muslims have taken over or have conquered, no one from that land can come and reside in Medina, this was a rule that was set by Rhodiola. And now you can imagine why. Because any person who comes from that land, they're going to come with only one thing in mind, revenge, because oh my god, this is the man who was behind taking my land. So I'm going to come after his life. So I'm going to look on made

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this this rule as it was a general rule. However, there was an exception, anyone would come to our model the Athan and he will say that I have brought a such a such slave from that land, and he has a particular skill or art, that I cannot find anyone in Arabia who possesses the same skill in art. Then after that,

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Amara dawn he will provide an exception and he will say you're allowed to stay in Medina. Now, who was one of those people who were given that exemption or that permission to stay in Medina. His name was a boo Liu. He was a mage juicy. He was a fire worshiper, and he was not a Muslim. And so he was given permission by Omotola on to live in Medina. Now, of course, he was a person who was very skillful. And he had, he had created a dagger, a double edged dagger. And his intention was to go in attack on one of the Yalta and so I said that in the I don't know what the exactly the date, but it was several I grew up approximately two to two and a half weeks after Ramadan had come back from

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hij. It was in the month of the hijab, the 25th the 23rd year after hijra, the same time the same month after hij Alma Rosa Anna has made dua to Allah that oh Allah I want to come back to you. Not long after that around two and a half weeks after that. It says the abou Lulu he comes into the masjid at the time of Fajr Fajr was dark at that time he came inside. And he after the second raka when he went into the KU Rhodiola Trine Amin Amin, he came in front of everyone and he stabbed Ahmed on the autobahn and three different places one place he stabbed him. He started from the back, he started from the front and then he stabbed him from below the navel and then he dragged his knife.

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So basically he created an open wound in almost all the allotted ion and anyone if you have study science or anatomy physiology, it's when you cut that it takes a lot of work to put that to, to put it together. And so it is something that even doctors will tell you that is very difficult to put into put the bond like if there's a there's a clear cut is hard to patch up

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that area or to bring a merge the separate areas. So he was stabbed three times and almost on he felt unconscious immediately in the slot. It said that while now of course he has stabbed Omar and almost tried to grab him but he got away because Oman has already lost a lot of blood he was running out now this was not a well thought out plan of a Bulu Dima juicy so what he did was on his way out, oh yes, there was one more thing he had dipped his dagger in in poison two. So not only the Istanbul Omar it was dipped in poison. So that also had an effect on him. And while he was on his way out, it said that he stabbed some other Sahaba of the Allah Tala on home. And there were approximately seven

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other Sahaba who lost her life because of this. And then eventually what happened was that they surrounded him and when he knew that basically I'm not going to get away with this. He took the dagger and he stabbed himself to death and he committed suicide now on what are the Allah that I'm after this he was he was unconscious. After a while and the news has spread everywhere. Of course, everyone was very sad to hear what had happened to Amara Leola to nine. And it said that

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the doctor would come to Omaha the allotter. And he would try to provide some, some liquids and you know, there was not only water that they would give, but they will give some other medicine type of liquids to heal the wounds. It said that one time I'm going to dawn he drink the medication that was given to him. And it simply just came out from the area where he was stabbed. Then the doctor gave him some camel milk. Almond milk has a lot of protein in it. It has a lot of vitamins. So he gave him that and then it just poured out from the bottom area where he was stabbed. And at that time the doctor said that on one of your case looks very difficult. He says that I fear that you're going to

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lose your life in this. Now he did inquire the who killed who did this to him. They told him that it was a Medusa person when he found out that it was a Medusa person. He thanked ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for that because he said that I'm happy that first of all, it was a Muslim. And not only that, but anyone who was then killed by a non Muslim, then eventually you die as a shaheed. So he so this is why he thinks ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for this right away he called his family and he created his will. And not only that, but then he sent his own son. Now once again during this time he would fall unconscious that he was able to regain his consciousness. During this time he asked his own son

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Abdullah, that I want you to go and ask, I showed you a lot and I'd have to mean that there is a place for her next year as well. So Lohani was salam. That and do not say the Amino meaning is asking, but rather ask that Omar imminent Fatah was asking why? Because OMA did not want to influence he did not want his power to be influential upon Aisha in her decision making. He did not want her to feel intimidated by almost aliotta on that a medium media saying that he wants to spot rather

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He gave very special instructions to saying that as as that Oman Qatar was asking for this area to be buried right next to the province. Allah was suddenly no Buckroe Viola at that time, and I saw the LA Times she says that if it was anyone else, I will say no, but if it is almost the allotted time that I have given my permission, and so it said that on one of the alotta and he passed away towards the end of the hijab, and here's what's something that's very fascinating about the death of Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away at the age of 63. Oh Booker are the time passed away, also at the age of 63. And almost all the time also passed away at the age of 63.

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All three of them passed away at the age of 63. On one other time, as we all know that He was buried, he's buried right next to obika allele Dawn and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and which is the, the the room or the place, or the word of eyes or the Ultron ha. And so he passed away And subhanAllah you know, is, you know, it gives you some perspective on the DUA that was made by Almighty Allah and he made this dua right after hij and it's not been like around three weeks later, that he's already gone from this world. So Allah subhanaw taala, he accepted his dua immediately, and we all know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he even referred to Omar the

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authorization he said that one time he was standing on the mountain, and he said that Don't you know that there is a a, there is a siddik and there are two Shuhada upon you are there two Shaheed one was Ahmad and the other one was overthrown. So they were all sending that on that mountain. So Amara Dawn is regarded as a Shiite, and he also died in Medina. So this is the ending of Almighty Allah on his life. I mean, if you study, there's so much more that we can learn from the life of God Allah. And I mean, personally, if you study all the lives if you study the lives of the Sahaba, do the unknown. And to me, I just cannot have the seed of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the most

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fascinating life that I have read is personally is the life of Omar Viola. And I mean, there's so much that we can learn about family about the things that he did the laws that he created, the rules that he implemented. They're just amazing. And they're phenomenal. Now, in addition to all this, what about the next selection of the Khalifa? What about the next session of the Khalifa? We'll talk about that next week, because there was something as I said, there's something else I want to share with you. At that time. How did he start the process because when it came to overthrow the Allah Tala, and of course Omar did become when it came to overthrow the alotta and he was elected as a

00:32:42 --> 00:33:16

Khalifa after the death of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So now when someone knows that he's about to pass away, he had now started the implementation process of the next Khalifa. And so we will talk about that next week inshallah. And if there's I want to share with you some other hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, there were no narrated by Omar cortado, the Ultron inshallah We'll cover all that next week, and then the week after that inshallah we'll get to the life of a thriving family along the line, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives all of us the ability to act upon what has been said no one has been hurt exactly Allah Subhanallah we humbly Subhana

00:33:16 --> 00:33:23

Allah 100 National Allah either in antenna stuff, I want to be exactly as somebody can flavor cattle, right?

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