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Mr. Lowe him or him and Hyundai Lane O'Brien I mean was that there was somewhere also to him Hamid while early you saw me as Ryan was salam Destiny want to get you on Kathy Ramadasa Monica I'm Anna Illa marlim tena indica Anton Hakeem doubleshot isa the DOA psyllium Emery, one of them listening of coho Foley about so inshallah Today we begin with the life of

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what's not even I find all the yellow tonight and who was awesome I have not found what was his characteristics, we will inshallah in the first few weeks we'll be talking about his life, his personality, probably for like two weeks and then inshallah we'll get straight into his time of hate Alpha. As we all know that there was a hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we talked about in the previous weeks, that Othman are the mean in fact, almost all the allotted and he had asked for the further you along the line about the interpretation of those Hadith and in a in a nutshell, what we do learn from those hadith is that the fitting the fitness, the fitness that will

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breed will that will be the primary cause of the decline of the ummah of Allah so long it was some will not begin in the time of obika will not begin the time will Omar but they will begin in the time of orthonormal the allotted on and that's why when you say the Khilafah Walkman, it began over there, it went into the time it will be allotted on and then the history simply goes on. That doesn't mean that Osman Amin obika, the allotted ion or Amara, the Autobahn did not face any challenges. But when we talk about the the the major fitness they begin to occur during the time of automatic non-family a lot and on but as I said that we're going to shall go through his lineage,

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his briefly about his family, his personality, and his time during the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and then we'll get his Khilafah. So to begin with, who was automatic not found on the allotted on automatic not found on the Allah Don was related to those who are sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he his lineage merges with the lineage of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam going back for generations to say, Ben Caleb so Kasabian. Caleb was the fourth great grandfather of US law so long while he was salam, and that is where the lineage of Northland or the alotta line merges with the lineage of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam,

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the grandmother of Earth motive and I found her name was Omar Hakim, and she was the full sister mean that she was, in fact, some books of history mentioned that she was the twin that was born with Abdullah the father of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So in essence, if you look at this, then this tells us that the cousin of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was, so it was his cousin. In fact, it was a cousin who got married to our fan, and then they had Othman or the alotta nine. So hence Othman or the alotta nine is somewhat a nephew today Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in terms of the family of Earth Mondo, the Allah Tala on his mother, she became a Muslim and

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she died during his own Khilafah during the collapse of Khilafah of Earth model the Allah tonight and he himself carried his own mother to her to her grave and buried her with his own hands are smarter with yellow Don, whose father passed away during the times of Jackie Nia, or tomato Viola, and as we all know that he had a lack of water, or a nickname known as the neuron. The reason he was given this now this is not a lookup or a nickname that was given to him by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This was a lookup or a nickname that was adopted by the Sahaba Rhodiola that I'm home and that tab you're in after the Sahara Leola to run home. Why? Because many times we are in

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they say that no one had the privilege and the honor to marry two daughters of the SU Lhasa Allahu alayhi wa sallam, as we all know or many of us know that the two women that he married from the daughters are also Allahu Allah was sent them were. Who were they anyone knows.

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Roca was the first one and the second one was

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Omen cornerstone. If remember Xena, she was she was married to she was married to a anonymous sim. And their separation briefly had to their marriage had to be both my husband and wife had to be separated briefly because he never accepted Islam. You remember this man? The husband of Xena the Allah Tanana, he was captured and he gave something and ransom and what he gave him ransom came from Xena Viola that I'm which was a necklace that we'll get with that was given to her at the time of her marriage by Khadija Rhodiola with Anna and her and xenophobia, Allah Donna, she died how we talked about this on her way out of Makkah. She was expecting a child she was pregnant. She was

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attack she she suffered a miscarriage and because of that wound, she eventually passed away and fought them out as we know she he she married I didn't know the alot and and so that leaves us with only two when

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Men die is Rupiah and only consume Rukia and OMA consume both were married to the sons of Abu Lahab. As soon as this was a long while some began to convey his message. A Buddha went to his two sons and told them to divorce the daughters of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they both were divorced before the marriage was consummated. Hence, as soon as this happened in the books of history, as mentioned, as soon as a Buddha gave these certain orders, and they came and they broke their marriage off in front of us law, sal Allahu Allah, he was sending them or thematical Viola at that time, he jumped on that opportunity. And he requested to, to be married to Rhodiola Unha. And

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so in all was one of the Allah Dylon during his lifetime. He had married eight wives during his lifetime. But once again, the first two women that he married were the daughters of this Lhasa la hottie was setting them in all he had nine sons from nine from five wives. He has seven daughters from five wives. Yes, they had big families at that time. Not like we have today. Two, three. That's it. And some people did have one Alhamdulillah I'm fine. So that's not how it was during the time or long ago. In addition to as we know that, that not all the women were first were the very first time getting married. So once there was some wives of ortho Viola that on that they were marrying him

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because there were widows. And so he had he himself, he had three, he had seven daughters. He had seven daughters from five ways we talked about that he had one full sister, and he has three other stuff. He had three step brothers and three step sisters, altogether. So we know that you know he has such a he has such a big family and this play to the advantage of Orlando Viola tonight, as we will talk about further in sha Allah. As in terms of his birth, he was burned. He was born six years after the year of the elephants. That was the year when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born. So we're talking about six years after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born.

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According to many historians, he was born in a bar if now during the times of Jai hernia or throttled the Hola, hola. I'm like many others the habit of Yolanda and home. He was a man who had a high status he was extremely wealthy, extremely modest. This is something that we will learn in the life of a man or the allotted time that he was a beacon of modesty. There was an immense amount of hire that existed within his personality. He never portrayed any. He never prostrated he never made scheduled he never worship any idle brings a time during his time with Jackie Lea, he would he never drink alcohol, the autos would drink there were heavy drinkers. He on the other hand, even before

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Islam, he was a man who refrain from alcohol. Why? Because he has a very famous saying, he says that alcohol destroys reason. And reason is the most sublime thing that has been given to by Allah subhanho wa Taala to men. Hence, men should use reason to elevate himself and not to destroy himself. So he will say this, and that's why he stayed away from drinking. Prior to Islam, of course, after his time, he never drink. Similarly, before or before Islam during the times of Jai Helia. He never engaged in any type of entertainment or singing songs or attending any gatherings where there was music taking place. And not only that, but after he was saying these kinds of

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things, then he will say that I have never committed any immortals any immoral deeds. And the reason he will say this, and there's something that's very interesting for us to follow us to know that he will say this after he talked about songs and entertainment, because generally the things are the the sins that leads a person to immorality, our music and and entertainment when a person becomes so engaged with entertainment, they eventually forget about Allah subhanho wa taala. And this eventually leads their neglect leads them to immorality. He never He never committed Zina during his lifetime. In terms of his knowledge, he was well versed in lineage, Proverbs, the history of

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important events that took place in Arabia within the history of the Arabs, you will he was well, he was extremely knowledgeable about those events. He traveled to Syria and Abyssinia during his time, and he was a man who had isolated himself. Rather he was a man who would connect with other people, wherever he would go, whatever country he would try to travel or visit to. He would learn their language, he would try to learn their culture, and he connected with the people outside or beyond Arabia. He took care of his business of his father, he inherited his father's business, and he made a great wealth of that he profited greatly from that in the times or in the giant society. It said

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that because orthopod will be allowed to and belong to such a big family. He was a very well received

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Did men automatically Allah Tala and he converted to Islam at the age of 34 years old and this was due to the Tao of obika The Allah Denine so it says that before so first you had Oba karate Allah on who accepted Islam amongst the men. Then second was God Allah Tala on third was at the height of the hola line and then fourth was ortholite even the iPhone or the hola to nine or three even I found it says that when he came to a salsa Allahu Allah Assam to accept Islam once again it was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who gave them Islam but he had the Sahaba to bring these people to Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was setting up so it was not as if alberca would go and give them Islam and then

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disconnected or didn't never connected them to the suasana salah the Sahaba would go give Dawa and bring them to Lhasa Salaam is that when he came to those wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam he came with Paul had been obeyed a lot of YOLO tonight. And as soon as he came in Roswell so long while he was suddenly recited some ayat of the Quran. And then he explained to them that what does it mean to be a Muslim? What are your responsibilities? And then Subhanallah he said that he said he conveys his story to the celestial law. While he was some he says that just recently I came back from Syria. And I was at a place between a place called mine it Azhar call. These were two places where they were on

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Germany stop. He says that I was there and I was about to sleep at night, where I then at that time, there was an announcer who made the announcement that there is a name there is a man who has appeared in Makkah, claiming to be a prophet whose name is Ahmed, whose name is Ahmed. So he says that when he came to us was a Allahu Allah He was some he says that when I came back to Makkah, that's when I found out about you. And then he said, That's why I knew that this cannot be fabricated, this cannot be false. I therefore it came to you to accept Islam. Now during his lifetime he he was amongst the the first batch of people who migrated for the sake of Islam, as we

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all know that when a mob and yes it and his wife so may Yeah, they were both were martyred by him by the Quraysh. At that time was Lhasa Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he realized that he had to do something with the Muslims, he had to send them somewhere for their peace and their security. So hence, he decided for these people to go to Abyssinia. And in that first group in that first batch of people he sent his own daughter Roca, and he sent his own son in law with my ignore some of the hola tonight. And as we all know that when it comes to when it when it comes to politics, when it comes to politics, you will see that when one politician or one leader is attacking another leader, they

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usually don't go after the leader themselves. I mean, they don't only go after the leader, but they go after the leader and the family of the leader too. And so, the Prophet saw some realizes that since the police are after him, they're eventually going to be after my son in law and my daughter, so that's why he asked or the man with the Ultron and his own daughter rupiah to go and travel to Abyssinia as we all know that they went they reached the seashore. They found two they found two ships they had appointed automatic implement their own or the Allah to the island to be their leader. They eventually traveled to a pacinian or throttled Yalta on in terms of his attachment to

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the Quran was phenomenal. I mean, there's I want to share with you some some sayings of Horace Mann with you a lot and I don't want to go through all the Hadith, but I just want to share with you some sayings of arthrography Allah Don regarding the Quran, he says number one, if I I would not like the day to come. When I do not look at the covenant of Allah meaning that let that day never come down I'm not able to see the Quran. He says that there are three things in the world that have been made that have been made made very dear to me, number one, feeding the hungry, number two clothing the naked and number three reading of the Quran. He says that there are four things which are outwardly

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virtuous, but in reality are obligations. He says mixing with righteous people is a virtue. But following their example is a duty reciting the Quran is a virtue, but acting upon it is a duty he says visiting the graves is a virtue but preparing for death is a duty and finally he says visiting the sick person is a virtue and asking him to make a will is a duty then he said that there are 10 things that are the greatest waste of time and he mentioned all of them and I'm just going to mention the one that is relevant to our subject here he says a must have that is not read from now you think about this how many neurons do we have in our homes and how neglected are they during

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during the year or throughout all the time and says that is such a waste of time if you have a mishap and you're not reading from it now let's talk about what's wrong with the Allah Tala on and few battles we're going to talk about the battle but the battle of Hadith and inshallah we will wrap it up the Battle of battle, the battle but there comes a

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round in Northland with the gala dinner and he's among those people who is here who is looking forward to going out and facing the Pradesh as we all know that since when since the time that these people were driven out of their homeland, they always were looking for an opportunity to get back at the kurush these were people who were homesick initially if you say the Sahaba when they came to Medina, they were homesick. Albuquerque Empress wa sallahu it was some complaining that he was homesick Bilal came to the US was salam that your salah I want to go back to Makkah I'm homesick they were missing Mecca. But later on was was the Allahu alayhi wa sallam he made dua for them. And

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Allah subhanaw taala put Baraka in Medina and he put the love of Medina into the hearts of the Sahaba of Yola, that animal, but nonetheless, the Sahaba were looking for an opportunity to take back every single thing which belong to them. When you and I are even thinking about moving we take everything that belongs that belongs to us. When it came to the when it came to the Sahaba of the alotta and home, whatever they could gather, they took with them that and they had to leave everything behind in Makkah their homes, they had to leave it in Makkah, they were taken, they were taken over by the Polish, so these people were looking at an opportunity for redemption. And so what

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happened was as soon as this opportunity came, people and other people like or thought or the Allah donde went out for that opportunity. But as soon as the Prophet SAW Selim, he finds out about this, one of the very first things that he did in the process of preparing for the battle Another is that he told me all the time or the allotted time that you are not allowed to go into battle of butter. Why because my daughter Rupiah is sick, and you need to say back and take care of her. And there's a very important lesson in this for all of us is that when it comes to Dawa when it comes to any kind of work, that is that is beyond the scope of our house. Whatever we want to do beyond the house,

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even when it comes to even helping out the masjid volunteering at the masjid. We cannot do it at the expense of our family. There are a lot of people who help out in the masjid. There are a lot of people who are heavily engaged with Dawa outside the house, but their own family members are neglected. And this is something that we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he taught against that he taught that the family should not be neglected even the time, even at the time of illustrious battle like the Battle of brother, he told Earth man that you are going to stay home and take care of my daughter. Now it said that while was also a long while your son was away. A year

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passed away. A year passed away while the Prophet SAW Allah while your son was away. And it was her last dying wishes that she would she want to see her father and she wants to see her sisters. And eventually that did not happen. It said that she passed away. And there was of course there was no email. There was no Twitter. There was no Facebook at that time. So there was no way to get the message to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, eventually or tomorrow the Ultron prepared prepared the janazah with others of his own wife will fade out of the alotta on her yada. He buried her and he said that as soon as he buried her there was an announcer who came from the from the

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battlefield that the Muslims have been victorious. Even though this was great news for everyone in Medina, it did not it did not overcome the grief and the loss that automobile Athan, he was suffering and he still was in a state of sorrow. When the Prophet salallahu Salam, he came back, the very first thing that he did was he went to the masjid after he finished for the Masjid. The very first thing that he did was he went to go visit his daughter, and that is when he was informed that while you're away, your daughter passed away. And so the Prophet SAW Selim himself went to the went to the grave of rupiah. Rhodiola Raha and he prayed for her. And he of course of course, of course

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was emotional about this. Now, you know there are a lot of sets in

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you know, some people consider them within Islam or not. That's not the subject over here. While there are a lot of people who have been very critical about Orthodoxy Allah Tirana, as we know that there are some sect, some sects, or some groups or denominations that do exist within Islam that criticizes Sahaba of Yolanda and home. And there are some there are some groups who criticize North Monroe, Viola Donna and say that Osman O'Donnell was not from the prestigious Sahaba because he never participate in the Battle of butter. As we all know, it is something that is a proven fact that he did not he was not held back from the battle of butter for any other reason, but to take

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care of his wife, who has a daughter of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The next thing is the battle of aha. Now the Battle of Akkad is of course it's a long story, but he's going to get to the part that is related to overthrow of YOLO. Tonight, when the news began to spread, that was Lhasa Allahu alayhi wa sallam was killed. Now the biller is said that the Sahaba of the alotta and home are a major portion of them went into the state of panic. They basically hit the panic button and is

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said that this hospital Dr. Donham, they were running around the battlefield there was a lot of chaos. As we all know that there was also a hill there or a mountain, where the prophet saw them had posted 50 Archers, some of them moved, some of them left their posts in their position to go and grab the spoils of war, while some of them remained over there. It said that at that time, Khalid bin Walid was with the police. When he saw this opportunity, he came back with his full force, along with some others, such as Exxon Mobil, Abuja, who was not a Muslim at that time, and they came and they attacked them with some they said that there were some Muslims at that time, who did flee did

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not flee far from a hunt, but they fled at a small distance and there was a mountain as we all know, or if you ever went to the battle of ahart One thing that if you go to the Battle of Baja the site of battle overheard,

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what we do learn is that the mountain of our herd was the back of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning that the products don't want to just face the front and fight what's in front of him. That's why he kept a mountain of a hood behind him. So when the Muslims were trapped, when the muscles were trapped, some of them went inside the mountain and they fled inside the mountain. Now one of them happened to be orthodontic Viola. And also he was, he had no idea what to do. So he was amongst those people who fled into the mountain, but later on, they eventually came out, and they fought on behalf of Resource Center, when they found out the resource Allahu alayhi wa sallam is

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still alive. Now some people once again the people who attack the Sahaba of the alotta and when they say that look, Earth man went to the bottom of a heart. But then he fled. And as we all know that there are a hadith that state that the punishment for those people who flee the battlefield however, there is an ayah of the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala himself says that those people who fled briefly Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven them Allah says in the Levina Well, no minquan Yo multiple German. Those of you who turned back on the day of the two hosts mean the Battle of yo multiple Javon in a Mr Zilla whom was shaytaan, about the Mecca Cebu. It was shaytaan who pause them caused

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them to backslide mean to turn away from the battlefield because of some sins that they had committed. Within Allah Subhan says wala pada Alpha Allahu Anhu. Allah did not say La pada refer Allahu Allahu Allah forgave them. This means well, another Alpha Allahu Anhu means and I found means Allah subhanaw taala he forgave it and it does not even exist in the record, if Allah subhanaw taala forgave them in such a way that who is anyone or how can anyone object to Earthman rather you Allah than any other Sahaba there were a lot of other Sahaba who fled into the mountain. These people the other Sahaba are not the ones who are attacked by these people like Horace Mann or the Allah the one

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who was always attacked, or who was attacked by some other groups and by some other people. Once again, Allah subhanaw taala he forgave these people. And finally, there is a campaign called the campaign of what fan will start right here because the next campaign that took place in assignment history was the campaign of Davia in Northland or the alotta and played a major role in that campaign. So that's a long one. So we'll cover that next week. But in the campaign of about the fan, instead of the Prophet salallahu. It was in a went out of town, in anticipating a an army to come towards us Lhasa Allahu alayhi wa sallam. However, when the army or the or the opponent found out,

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that was also a resource, or someone was coming with his army, they fled, but during this time while he was away, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he assigned or thumbin with the Allah trying to be the leader of Medina, and the Prophet SAW Allah was him was gone for a total amount of 11 days. So in those days, he assigned Northland all the time to look after the affairs of Medina. He was in charge of Medina during those 11 days. So we'll go to the top right here. There's a lot of course there's a lot of other things that we shall we will be covering about what's Mundo Viola at that time, but once again, the most important thing is why do we say the lies of the Sahaba of the Athan

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home to to understand and to learn their commitment to religion and how we can increase our commitment to our religion inshallah I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the ability to act upon what has been said and hurt, does Allah Subhanallah we humbly Subhana Allah whom we have Nick Nash do Allah either in turn, I still want to be exactly on the Hydra Salam Alaikum wa barakato