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AI: Summary © The history of the holy site of Jerusalem is discussed, including the construction of the holy wall and the use of prophets to teach the history of the holy place. The French-speaking region was destroyed by the Romans and the culture of the city is now destroyed. The history of the holy site and the French-speaking region, including the use of backwards backwards backwards backwards backwards backwards, and the loss of the holy culture by Muslims. The importance of learning the history and finding the truth is emphasized. The transcript describes the history of the Middle East and the French-speaking region, including the decline of the older generation and the transition of the new generation to the older generation. The importance of valuing gifts given to one and being mindful of one's own actions is emphasized.
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So I'm working with a live rockauto as soon as I land on human hamdulillah and beyond I mean also there was not one little sodium Hamid while early he was OBGYN was some of the same when it was gonna get hit on my bed. So Hannah Carmona Ilana Anam tonight in the Antalya Hakimullah Bucha. He said that he was solely Emery, one of them Lisanti of kaha. Kohli. So today, today's hotter, our lecture is going to be purely historical.

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The reason I want to share this history with you all is because we have been covering the life of Omaha photography a lot. And I know we're not finished with the life of on October the waterline. But last week, we talked about Amara, the Ultron, entering into Jerusalem. And we are all very familiar with what is going on in Israel nowadays, the situation of the Palestinian brothers and sisters of ours there, and the the occupation that is taking place, the apartheid that is taking place. So we're all very familiar with what is taking place at the same time. At the same time, it makes you wonder that, what is the history behind a lipids? What is the history behind Jerusalem,

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measure the Arkansas Dome of the Rock? How did this land in the hands of the Zionist movements today that are taking place, whereas long ago, this was in the hands of the Muslims, so the history is quite in depth, but I'm gonna try to summarize as much as I can. But the reason I'm sharing this with you is because once again, we really need to know our history. Majority of us we don't know our history, and history is one of the things that we really need to learn today. There have been numerous talks on spiritual on spiritual topics. There have been so many hot buzz and lectures that have taken place on Facebook, on taking place on Hadith. But there are very few lectures on the

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subject of history. And the reason is, because many of us are not even familiar with our history to even teach history to others. So let's talk about this place this holy site which you know, which where we have the Dome of the Rock, and for those of you who don't know what is done with the rock in Arabic is called Kuba to Sacra and then you have my

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is an assault. And so during the time of this was a law it was on first of all we need to understand that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the beginning days of his prophet hood, he prayed towards Jerusalem. In fact, if you compare the time that he prayed facing Mecca, versus the time that he prayed faces Jerusalem, he prayed majority of his life towards Jerusalem. He prayed approximately if you want to do the math, it was almost 15 and a half years 13 years of Mecca and 18 months into Medina he was praying towards Jerusalem. It was only in the last you say eight and a half years that he faced towards Mecca. For Muslims in general this place has been considered as a

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holy site because this was a place where there is a lot of history associated with our prophets whether it's Dawood Islam, Solomonic Islam reciting isms, the CReality Islam Yeah, Ali salaam, and there's so much history that is associated with that place. And this place, this holy site grew even I mean, the value of this place grew even more in the sight of the Muslims. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was taken on the night of SRT Mirage from Makkah, all the way to measure the episode, where he led all the Ambia in the in the salon, and then he was taken up by Jabra in Alehissalaam. This place, of course, if you wouldn't, once we said a history you will learn that

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this place has been a struggle between so many religions. And the reason this has been a struggle between so many religions, and all, especially the the three Abrahamic faiths, they're always a conflict regarding this place is because for the Christians, they believe that this place originally belonged to them. If you study history, before the coming of Amara katavi, Allah to nine, there were no Jews in in Jerusalem, there were only Christians, there were the ones who are managing it. So for the Christians, they believe that this place originally belongs to them. For the Jews, they believe that in the year 70, in the year 70, Common Era, so we're in 2017, going back all the way to the

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year 70. The Romans came in and removed all the Jews, they feel like that this is our place. This is where our profits.

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I mean, Mussolini, Mussolini, some had passed away, how do not even some had passed away prior to the Jews coming into Jerusalem. So you had that with Allah Islam, you have Solomon, Allah Islam. And so these are prophets that they revered. And then not only that, but the Christians. The reason they also claim that this land is theirs is because this is where esigning Assam came. Then you have the Muslims, they say that this is their land, because if you study history, once again, for the majority for the for the, for the time, majority of the time, after he saw the Assam This place has been under the control of Muslims, and has been taken away from the Muslims. And I would call the

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recently because we're talking about almost like 5060 years, that this place has been taken away from the Muslims.

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When we say the life of us was so long it was setting and we need to understand that the Prophet SAW Selim he came not to not to start something entirely new. But as a continuation and a capstone of all the traditions that came prior to this was Allahu alayhi wa sallam. We all know that all the teachings of all the previous prophets, whether it was the teaching of Ibrahim Ali Islam, the teaching of Mousavi, Islam, the teachings of esigning, Islam, they had all become corrupted, hence, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came, and he was able to bring a new message. Once again, the foundation was the same, the Sharia, the rules were slightly different. So let's talk so we and as I

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said, last week, the your 637 was the year that

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the alotta and he entered into Jerusalem and Jerusalem is now in the hands of the Muslims. But before that, we need to go, you know, take a step back into history and know exactly what is going on. The year 70 was the year the Romans came in, and they wipe everything off. They got rid of all the Jews. And remember that in this place where the holy site is right now, the Temple of Solomon was also razed to the ground. So there is nothing there right now. And as many people believe that Saudi might not even son was the one who build much Arkansas. I mean, a lot of our children are taught that Solomon Allison was the one who built much Arkansas and Solomon, some did not build much

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of Arkansas. Rather, he built his own temple, which was then destroyed by the Romans. Once the Romans left or while there were there, they this land was completely flat, there was nothing going on there. Everyone knew that this place is a holy site, and as a way to get even, or to show disrespect to the Jews. As I mentioned last week that the Romans turned this entire site into a garbage area in a dump site. Now when I'm going to the Allah Tala and he comes into Jerusalem, he sees that this the same place where the prophet saw somebody that all the Gambia he sees that he has

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Become a dump site. What he did was that he removed all the garbage and he purify that place and then he was I'm gonna follow the Allah Tron was a very first one to lay the foundation for magickal Arkansas now was Dome of the Rock there right now there was no Dome of the Rock there was only Morocco saw how in the in the place where the people could pray. It says that around 3000 People could pray or 300 people could pray in that small area. It was once again built by Omer photography a lot and now you have the Omega dynasty that comes in which is in the year 690 approximately.

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And the the leader of the Omega dynasty or one of the leaders is in was Abdulmalik. He comes to this site he sees much the ACO saw he sees that you know time has gone by Omro Hatha Raja Don has put the foundation. So what he did was that he gave it He provided a little more strength to this budget he constructed he added some more to the original budget created by Omaha Rhodiola. And he and he expanded much the APA saw and much of the facade the way that we see today was not it was not constructed in this way by the Omega dynasty or Abdulmalik. Then Abdulmalik after expanding the episode he comes to the site of the Dome of the Rock and he sees that this special rock is there. He

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knows the history of this place. And what he does is that he creates this magnificent structure, which we see today Dome of the Rock. Abdulmalik was a man who learned from the Byzantine Empire he learned from the Byzantine workers. And so when he created the Dome of the Rock, you remember when it came to Morocco saw, he was simply expanding when it came to dealing with the rock simply because it was from scratch, he could he could implement his own idea and his own plan. And when it came to dealing with the rock, and hence he used a lot of architectural designs, and mosaics when it came to building the Dome of the Rock, And subhanAllah this place. You know, many historians, many

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historians have written against Ogden Manek, saying that he created this place as a competition to merge the upper saw. But he other Malik says himself and not only that, but there are many orlimar. In fact, majority of the Allamah and the historians they say that is not true. Rather he created Dome of the Rock to be a complement nine competition by a complement to Missouri, Arkansas. And this is the way it was viewed. So if anyone says that he created this, and so that he can take the value away from Arkansas, that is absolutely untrue. Now, after the after the Omega dynasty had left, then you have the Abbas dynasty and one of the things that the Abbas of dynasty is still sick. Since

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there were located in Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq. What happened was that they began to neglect both massages, you have done with the rock and methoxide, they neglected these two places, they will not pay any attention to what is going on in this place. But despite these two places being neglected, the people living in that city, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, they were using this place, there were no conflicts amongst them. And there were the historians say that there were some earthquakes that took place during the during the Abbas Dynasty and the Abasa dynasty whenever they were approached and they were requested. They did give some money for those repairs. But overall, if

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you analyze their history in their in their time, they really neglected Majid aka salt, and dome, the rock. Then after the basset dynasty, you have the Fatimid Dynasty, which were which were in, in Egypt. And the one thing that you should learn about the Ottoman dynasty is that they were predominantly Shia. They were from the smiley sect, they were Shia. And even if remember I talked about the Molad, the the celebration or the celebrating of the birthday of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And the history behind this, and one of the people who actually started to do, who started to create this into a celebration, where the father limits so when the father limits came in, now,

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prior to the Father limits coming in these two places had become not only a place for all the other religions, such as Jews and the Christians, but it became a place of Islamic learning and Islamic knowledge, people would have come to these two massages, there were classes that were taking place at these two massages for Arabic grammar and fic. And not only that historians mentioned that in these two places. There were teaching the FIP of Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Ali as well as the fit of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah Hiya, Ali. So one the very first thing that the Fatimid dynasty did was that they stepped in and they took away all the power

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And they took away all the privileges from all the teachers who were teaching over there. And they replaced, which is which we consider as Allah subhana wa Jamaah, or the mainstream theology that was being taught over there. They replaced it with Shia theology. So now all the books that are being taught in these two places were from the Shia libraries and in Egypt, or in any other places around the world. And the end there is a geographer his name was Al Macaca say, in the late 1900s. He writes about Jerusalem, that after the fall, Ottomans had taken over, what happened was that all these people with the scholars living in Jerusalem, while they were used to be initially visited by

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students around the world, or students in that area, in particular, those visitations had come to an end. There were people of you know, there's great saints, there are people who are really connected with Allah subhanho wa taala, you know, or you may consider them as Oh, Leah, they used to be visited by others for this gear to nurse purposes, those visitations had to come to an end, all the lectures, all the Islamic education that was taking place, and this atmosphere that had been created by the alumni. All this had come to an end. Now, if you thought this was bad, the next thing was even worse. During the fall Ottoman dynasty, there was another person who began to who began, who

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took over his name was Hakim, and he went far beyond than the previous leaders of the Fatimid dynasty. And he began to show his,

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he began to show his opposition to orthodox Islam or mainstream Islam and Muslims, he began to declare himself as first of all divine not only that, but he began to instruct all the people giving the hotbar in Jerusalem, measure aka salt or dome of the rock that whenever you take the name of Allah subhanho wa taala, you are to replace Allah's name with my name. So you went that far, and then not only that, he but he even outlawed like he said that there is no more fasting in the month of Ramadan. And he began to stop people living in Jerusalem for going for Hajj and Umrah so he began to do all these things Alhamdulillah all this came to an end, because then you have a certain group

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amongst the Turks who emerged, they came here and they took over and this was the very first time that now after such a long time, this is this happened in the year 1073. So now we have come into the 1000s. Now, they that Sudanese came over, they took over the land, and he said that it was within these years that people began to again come back to the masjid, they began to study and Subhanallah this was it was within this time, that a very famous Islamic scholar, went to Jerusalem by the name of Imam Ghazali rahmatullah wa ala. And he was able to write his very famous book. Yeah, Allama Dean in Jerusalem, he wrote it in Jerusalem. And so this like this, things began to spread.

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However, all this came to an end the rule or the the control of the Turks came to an end in the year 1095. Now what happened in 1095, there was a visiting Empire or emperor his name was Alexios. He sent

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a letter a letter, I was about to say he sent an email. Okay, he sent he sent a letter to the Pope. He says, I need some reinforcement, because I want to take over Jerusalem. Who do you send? He sent the Crusaders. Okay, he sent the Crusaders. Now there are two things I want to mention about the Crusaders. Number one is, you know, in our times today, when you see like, when I remember last year to when the Capitol day took place in Austin, there were so many Muslims who showed up there. There are so many people or so many Islamophobes who were carrying signs that we are happy to be infidels, okay. So because this this thing has become really has gotten out of hand, and how non Muslims today

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are the Islamophobes. You know, they they are proudly calling themselves as infidel in a way that because the Quran refers to these people as infidels, one thing that I want you to all remember, the very first people who use this word, the word infidels, were not the Muslims. It were the Crusaders. When the Crusaders came inside Jerusalem, they refer to the Muslims as infidels. So how do I remember I was sitting in an interfaith gathering. And this this Christian woman asked, Dad, why do you why why is there so much talk about infidels and infidels? And subhanAllah there was a gentleman sitting over there, and this was back in 2011, I believe. 2011

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And at that time, he said that if you go to Wikipedia, the very first people who use the word infidels were not the Muslims, but it was the Crusaders when they came, and they took the land away by oppression from the Muslims. And the lady didn't have a single word to say after that. This is why I tell you all you need to study your religion. You need to study your history. When we don't know our history, we don't know what to say, when it comes to others. These Crusaders, when they came in, they were given the instructions that you are not to kill anyone you are just to capture Jerusalem and keep it in your control. Because for the for the Crusaders, they believe that this

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land was taken away from them by Omaha, rhodiola and or Omaha, or they had to give the key to the city to honor the Allah Tron. And now we want to take this land back from the Muslims. What these people they did was they came into the city, and they made their way all the way to Jerusalem, they conquered or when they were whenever they would come across any small village, they knew that the Village People knew they were outnumbered, they were out armored. And so there was there was no point and opposing the Crusaders, the Crusaders made all the way all the way to the to Jerusalem. When they came inside Jerusalem. They said, We're not here to take any prisoners. Now you're this

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statement means we're not here to take any prisoners. If I'm not here to take any prisoners, that means I'm here to take your life. Because when you conquer a land and you don't take their life, eventually you're going to take them and you're going to make them into prisoners and eventually into slaves. But when you say to the public, that I'm not here to make you prisoners, what happened was all the Muslims they ran inside Morocco saw and they ran inside, measure up Hassan and down the rock, they went to these two places, because for them, it was considered as their sanctuary. The Crusaders went inside, and they massacred they massacred which history refers to as one of the

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biggest massacres of Muslims in the history of the world, in the history of mankind, the Crusaders, they wiped out all the Muslims in Jerusalem, there was so much blood everywhere, that some crusaders say that the level of the blood had reached all the way to their Shin had this is how much bloodshed they caused. So when a Christian tells you, when a Christian tells you that what's wrong with Islam and why Islam wants to do this, you have to be telling you have to tell them, that this is what we're seeing today. And when we see ISIS and other regimes like ISIS doing we know that they're not Islam, we know that they don't represent Islam. But we need to tell people that when your people

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when Christians who claim to be the Crusaders, uphold the Christian faith, how can you justify going into a land and murdering as some books referred to as 30,000 Muslims? How can you justify that and I guarantee you that Krishna will not have an answer for you to give, he will have no or she will have no answer. Because the Muslims did nothing to the Christian at that time. It was these people who went and they could have just lived there they could have taken over like we see in the case of armor photography Allah Tala on when they after the Battle of Odyssey year after the after the other battles that took place after the conquest of telefone when Amina Katara on and not not only

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himself, but when his army came inside. They did not take the life of any person in the life of oboe Viola on when you study his Khilafah when he came in, not a single person's life was taken in the city. What gave the rights of the Crusaders to come and take the lives of 30,000 Innocent the lives of 30,000 innocent men, women and children. This is exactly what they did know what happened after this. The Crusaders came inside Medaka saw the Crusaders who came in the leaders of the Crusaders were living inside Arkansas, the the and they had all the Islamic art, architecture, everything that was put together by the Muslims, they had covered everything.

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The Dome of the Rock became a church. It was called the Church of the or the temple of the Lord. And they began to worship over there the Medaka saw mosaic saw it said that at this time for for after such a long time, there was no event there was no a coma, there was no salad that took place in much of salt and in dome the rock now in the year of 1100 ad you have you have Salahuddin a UB who comes into the picture. So not holding a u becomes he brings his own army and I'm going to try to fast now make this quick so that you becomes he brings his own army. He comes in he marches inside Jerusalem, the Crusaders, they know that they are they are not of any match whatsoever. The UB

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They left Saudi in a UB removed these people. And unlike, unlike these people, when they came inside Jerusalem, they did not take the life of any Jewish person or Christian person living there. They preserved everyone's life. And then not only that, but it did the you know, the books of history do mention that while the the Crusaders kept on trying to come back and they try to, you know, they tried to create a revolt against Sahaja yogi and his and his army that continuously failed. Nonetheless, later on, of course, as every person is it comes to an end so the holding up passed away before that when he took over Jerusalem, the only few days before the before Juma he cleaned

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up, aka saw he cleaned with dome, the rock, everything that was put in there by the by the Crusaders were removed, and salted Jamar took place he brought a member inside measure episode. And as found in the books of history, you can see it now after Saudi will be passed away. Then you have the people who were following Sahaja Yogi, the Ayyubid dynasty, they came into the picture and they began to take take control. And they began to look after now, quickly. After that came the Mamelukes. The Mamelukes, where they were, there were a sultanate that did exist, they came into the picture, and they rolled up a saw and the sanctuary for a while. They were then replaced by the

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Ottomans and the 1500s. And then after that the Ottomans they ruled and they took over. And they were the ones who were the owners, and they looked after it unlike unlike the the above Abbas a dynasty who neglected it, the Ottoman dynasty that replaced all the books with Shia books, the the Ottoman Empire, they came in and they really took care of this place. Now, in that time, it said that there was a person by the name of Sultan Abdul Hamid, okay, he was the person who was rooting, who was in the, the leader of the Ottoman Empire. And what happened was that in the early 1900s, as we all know that the Ottomans they went to war against the British and the British had created a

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plan against the Ottomans to bring the Ottomans down. I shared this with in my in my hotbar. Last week, too, that the British people they made three promises, the main one promise to the Arabs, they if you help us overcome the Ottomans, than we will give you Jerusalem we will give you this place that you you are that you want so bad behind the Muslims. So the Arabs join suddenly out of groups join the British in to defeat the Ottoman Empire. On the other hand, so this was an end of the Ottoman Empire after World War One. So now we've come all the way to World War One that was the end of the Ottoman Empire, everything that the Prophet saw when he started had now come to an end, it

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said that, on the other hand, there was the Balfour Declaration that took place where there was the British people had promised the Zionist movement that we will give you a we will give you this place or and once again there was no Israel at that time. There was Philistine at that time will give you this land Philistine where you can go and it said that now I'm gonna take a step back here again, when Sultan Abdul Hamid was the one in control. It said that the person who started the Zionist movement is in was Theodore Herzl. He was the the founder of the Zionist movement. He came to Abdulhamid, he knew that he was in charge, he came from the army the second, and he said to him,

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that I'm willing to give you 150 million pounds of gold of gold, in exchange that you can use this goal to pay off all your debts. And the only thing that we want to do is that we just want a place to live in Philistine. Now Abdul Hameed, he was smart. He knew exactly what is their plan, he knew that their intent is not to come designers. They don't want to simply just come in just take, you know, live in a small place. But they want to come and slowly and gradually, they want to make this place their homeland and take away everything that belongs to the Muslims. And he knew exactly what they were up to. So look at the response. I had the response over here when they came with the with

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the offer of 100 50 million pounds of gold. Look what Abdul Hameed says, and I quote, even if you give me as much gold as the entire world, let alone 150 English pounds in gold. I will not accept this at all. So these were the people who were smart. They knew exactly what these people were up to. He said that even if you give me everything that does exist in the world, I'm not going to give you anything here. I have served the Islamic nation and the OMA Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for more than 30 years. And never did I blackened the pages of Muslim men. I've never put the Muslims in a position

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of disgrace, neither I put my father's or my ancestors, the Ottoman salons and the killer and the Khalifa has. And so I will never accept what you are requesting. When they were rejected by Sultan Abdul Hamid the second, then they went to the British, you see, then they went to the British, then they talked to the British and they said that please help us this is where the Balfour Declaration took place. And the British what they did was that they came into this place. By 1914, the Ottomans had to come to an end. So now this land had now come into the position of the British and the Muslim and they were given, they were given. Now, this was the very first time in many years that again,

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this land does not belong to the Muslims. And the agreement was that you can you can be rulers of this land, but the Muslim, but this place, the holy site will belong to the Muslims. So as long as we are okay with that, that was okay initially, but design is went now as soon as the British lead designers, people come into Philistine at that time, all the people who are living in Europe who are being oppressed, and we know the history of World War Two, and who were targeted in World War Two, a lot of these people, they made their way to Philistine or which is now today considered as Israel. And slowly and gradually, not just small groups, big groups began to migrate to Philistine and

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slowly and gradually began to remove everyone else, they began to push the Philistines, the Philistines, the people or the community into the corner, and they began to take a lot of space. Now, if you move into Philistine and you don't have this holy site, what's the use? What's the use? So then at that time, they went to battle for this place. They took over it said that the Jewish people took over Jerusalem. But for a few years, before few years, Jordan, Jordan had taken control of this entire site, which was the holy site. Now, Israelis, I mean, the the Jews, the Jewish people there, they're not happy about it, even though they have not taken taken over Jerusalem. They are

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the ones who are in charge of all managing all the affairs. Still, this place does not belong belong to them. So what happened in on June 7 of 1967, there was a battle that took place between the Israelis and the Jordanian troops, and that is when the Israelis, they took over this site. And as soon as they took over the site, the very first thing they did was, they went all the way on top of the dome of the rock, and they planted an Israeli flag, they planted an Israeli flag, and from 1967 Till today, it has been in the hands of unfortunately, the Israeli people. And while they claim it is theirs, of course, Muslims say we believe that it's ours. This place has been a point of conflict

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for many years. If there is one thing that we should learn from all this history of Majid Arkansas and Dome of the Rock, it is that when you don't value something, because one thing I forgot to mention, you know, when the Sultan's or the Turks came in, after the Fatima dynasty, the father demons came back, and they were continuously fighting over this land. And what happened was that all their resources had depleted because they were fighting against one another. So and when the Crusaders came in, they the Turks and the Fatman dynasty, since all the resources were depleted, they had nothing to fight with against the Crusaders, even if they want to repel the Crusaders. They

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didn't have anything left. They didn't have any money, they didn't have any weaponry. So when the Crusaders came in, they couldn't do anything else. So that is why the Crusaders came in. If there's one thing that we learn, when you don't value something that has been given to you by Allah subhanho wa taala, Allah will take it away from you, if there's anything and that doesn't mean only this, this law or this principle does not only applying to Morocco saw or done with rocket, this holy site, it belongs. This rule applies to every single thing that we have in our life. This Islam that we have, if we don't value it, there is no guarantee that we will die with Islam. We have to value

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the gift that has been given to us by Allah subhanho wa Taala and what is one of the ways that you can value this gift by Allah subhanaw taala first of all, you please Allah subhanho wa Taala in the way Shan virus wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam, and just like we see from the Prophet SAW Salem, and the Sahaba of the EULA to the iPhone. When during the time of of Obamacare or the alotta and I look at the nature of Robocop when he saw his Dean was under attack. You know what he said? He says a young person D

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What a height? How can my Deen go down? How can the name of Islam collapse? And I'm alive? Islam cannot collapse while I'm alive. That is the same attitude in the same nature that we need to adopt is not about their responsibility or the Imams responsibility or the activist in our community is their responsibility. Every person should have this attitude. How can Dean come down and I'm alive? I need to do everything in my power to uphold his Deen I need to do everything in my power to strengthen this Deen. I need to do everything in my power to defend this Deen from the enemies of Islam from the enemies of Islam. And once again the reason I share this with you is that you know

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what, you know when you look at Missouri, Arkansas next time when you look at Dome of the Rock next time you know exactly what's the history behind that we need to know our history. I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us an understanding and he helps us learn lessons from history. And I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that May He give us the ability to value every new karma that has been given to us by Allah subhanho wa Taala does akmola hate Subhan Allah we humbly Subhana Allah homoeopathic national law EDA illa Anta Nice to have you look I want to be like desert Malachite.

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