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Hello James Miller, Rahim. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. My sincere apologies for the late start. As you can see, I just rushed from work and it didn't help but we have a bit of load shedding and so unfortunately the traffic was was terrible, but hamdulillah we've made it and this evening inshallah we'll be talking about menstruation. So last week we spoke about major impurity. And we see there's two ways really that a person becomes majorly impure. The one is the state of Geneva, and that is through sexual discharge or rather sexual ejaculation and the other form of being in the state of Geneva. So to be gentle with such an alpha is through ejaculation or

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intercourse, intercourse, meaning penetration of the male organ into the female organ, if that happens, then you are Juno. So we said, six without ejaculation, Juno ejaculation without six Juno six with ejaculation, of course you are doubly Juno, and you need to perform a puzzle both the man and the woman. And what about the discharge that happens before ejaculation we call this

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muddy in Arabic, the pre sexual discharge the witness that comes out of the private part, both from the men and the lady, due to arousal. This does not make one in the state of Geneva. So you do not need to hustle. All you need to do is to clean your private pocket interesting job, and then you perform a wudu it would invalidate you would do.

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The other forms of Geneva is the one way in which someone becomes majorly impure. The other way in which someone becomes majorly impure is through hate. And if US hated being menstruation, and the fast being postnatal bleeding, for our purposes, we will combine the two, it is the bleeding that the woman goes through during the month of menses. And the first of course, is the bleeding that happens after she gives birth. What is this bleeding? I mean, Inshallah, you should know what this is that during the month in which the woman she ovulates,

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she releases an egg, which is waiting to be fertilized by the sperm. And if there is no egg, then the uterus the lining and all the sort of the structures within the uterus, which is hoping to receive a new fertilized egg and to develop a baby, if there is no baby, then all of this lining sheets and the egg dyes and all of this discharges. And this has been situation, if of course hamdulillah she gives birth. And you know, baby was there, I mean, she gives birth, that again, all the lining and all this structures within the uterus, which was feeding the baby. And of course, by now it's much bigger. If a baby was there for nine months, this begins to shed as well and die off

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and this is me fast. And now this is caused and then if a lady is in her universe, she would be majorly impure. Okay, if you are majorly impure, we said last week, there are a few things you cannot do until you purify yourself through a console. We haven't spoken about how to do so, we just said that if you want to be in the state of the aura, and your job, then rather if you want to, if you want to remove the Java, there are certain things you need to do to whistle and remove the Java or the hate and then you can do certain things. What things can you not do when you are in the state of Java. We said if you're in the state of Java, you cannot obviously lead Salah because you need to

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do lead Salah you cannot perform the top off, you cannot touch the Quran the most half, three, four, you cannot

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enter or remain or sit in the masjid and number five, you should not recite, recite the Quran. So

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reciting is very important the difference between reciting and touching the Quran only can you not touch the Quran you cannot recite the Quran. You cannot say the agenda. As for the hade lady, she cannot do what can she not do if he's in the hide what she can't do. She got a call from salah. She cannot perform tawaf. She may not touch the Quran, the text of the Quran, she may not touch that. She may not she may not sit or linger in the masjid if she were to pass through permissible but to sit down, not permissible. And subhanAllah there is a question around

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how you know what evidence is there for the lady not being allowed to enter the Masjid? I think someone asked that last week. What if there's a class where lecture and she wants to benefit which is in the height? There is a really really interesting Hadith and it's just shows you the way that you should think about how the scholars have thought about this issue. The prophets of Salem, you know, his house was next to the magic to his house in the Missoula adjacent they were they shared a common wall and the door of the house are gonna be solemn entered the masjid. And so then he says Allah

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Ask Aisha his wife, can you please pass something? There was something in the masjid I met so can you please pass it and bring it to me? Can you go fetch it from me for me in the masjid? And she said, yeah rasool Allah I'm in my head. I can't into the magic or she's gonna hate me I can't into the magic. And then I'm so sorry I'm sick to her hate is not in your hand. Now the scholars have gone to town to understand what this hadith mean. What have you is? This hadith is therefore conclusive evidence that a lady in hate should not enter magic, because Aisha is not entering the magic. She's saying, I'm in my Haleakala enter.

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And the fact that she's not entering the masjid is an indication that is not allowed for a lady in height to enter the Masjid. What is it they mean, when an obese man says to her height is not in your hand, what he's saying is, look, the height is up in your hand, you can easily stick your hand in and pull out this whole problem. Rather, the height is in a different part of your body. And so that is why they've said if you pass through, it's no problem. But sitting down is a problem and remaining the butt in and out. It's not a problem. And so she's so small issue, put your hand in go and fix the thing and put it back, no problem. There's another view that says, and this is a

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minority view, that the fact that the person said to her, Well, the fact that you have hide is not in your control. So go in and have no issue hide is not part of you, not not in your power. The majority of the scholars, of course, have taken the first opinion that hadiah were referring to not in your hand, meaning it's not you don't have your hand is of menstruating, so your hand can go into my seat and out. And so you can pass through in and out no problem. That feedback what did we say lady in height may not perform salah, she may not perform well off, she may not touch the Quran, she may not linger or sit in the masjid. She may not

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fast while she's in a height within Ramadan or out of Ramadan, she may not fast, she may not have sexual intercourse and someone may have sexual intercourse with her. She should not be divorced in a height. And we also say that this is the controversial one, she should not recite the Quran. This is the majority scholars, why not recite? We said they use the same Hadith of the junior person. So just as the junior person is Hadith, the general person should not recite the Quran verbally commonly cited. So the hype lady shouldn't also and there is a strong group of minority scholars that have said we disagree with this. Because for a lady to go every month for seven days or 10 days

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even more without reciting. We need strong evidence to to prevent her from that. And the evidence is not that strong. Rather it is by analogy nonetheless, that is the two lists of a lady what she that is the list of what a lady should not do when she's in the hate or if us one might ask okay, I understand you should not sleep with the lady in Hyde. Because Allah Mesa says in the Quran, that it is harmful to have intercourse while she's in the hide. Ahmed say What do you mean she's not allowed to be divorced in a height?

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Well, this shows you the maturity of the Sharia, that if the husband and wife are going through some problems, naturally during the period of height, they're not having intercourse, and Subhanallah we know the lady which is in a height, she's not at her best from a she's physically not at her best. She's also perhaps not at her base from an emotional standpoint. And so the Sharia says when this happens, do not get divorced, get divorced, when the emotions are not so high. And when you have an opportunity to reconcile by being intimate with each other, and Subhanallah Imam Ahmed bin Hamel, the great scholar of the harmony madhhab, he has a very excellent advice for his son who gets

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married one of the advices he says to his son is is my son, your bride that you're taking this girl but you're so in love with and you're so excited to be with her. You will see from time to time during the month, she will be someone else. She's not going to be the same loving, sweet, cute, happy girl. But you know, now you will see a totally different person. Meaning when she goes through a hide, she's in a different mindset. And at that time, it might frustrate you and you might be angry and you might want to be you know, aggressive with her. Then he says to her look at these beautiful words he says my son at that time be patient with her. And remember that Allah gave up his

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right of Salah and forced upon her during that time. During her height. Allah doesn't require our mothers and our sisters to perform surah Allah does not require our wives and daughters to fast when they're going through the hate. So if Allah gave up two pillars of Islam, because of a hate in for you as a husband, your rights of intimacy, your rights or whatever over lit all of that go and let her pass through this because it's a very difficult time for her during the height. So this is what you can and cannot what you cannot do during height and what the junior person cannot do during Genova now getting further into hide.

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What makes hate one of the most complicated chat

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is in thick

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is knowing when you are in height.

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Obviously I've never had my Haider Hamdulillah I mean, I'm a man. But for our sisters, there are different types of discharge economical lamella pardon us, that exits a lady during the month. And these discharges of different colors, textures, smells, odors, and it's difficult to know is this hate or not hate, and it does not happen in one go and stop. But rather it is usually over a period of time. And sometimes it is a lot sometimes the rattle some months, there is nothing other months it goes on and on and on. And this is what complicates hide, knowing when the hate begins and when the hate ends. So this is the one of the most complicated areas and something else is to struggle

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with all the time. Because she wants to know is my hate finish I can perform Salah is My head started. So she's in the middle of the day of Ramadan, 510 minutes before the dawn of Maghreb, she sees a few spots on are underway, that's it means he's had hide, does it mean the entire day of Ramadan is not spoiled, and she needs to make up this day afterwards. This is what complicates life when it comes to the height. So the scholars have mentioned with regards to the menstrual blood, there are certain characteristics, there are certain indicators that what is discharged is hide and not other discharge, because multiple things come through that area. And so the most likely and

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every woman is different. The Hide in terms of a blood, the blood that comes out of hide is darker than normal blood. And it has a blackness to it in many cases, and it has a strong way foul odor to it.

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It is sometimes preceded. So before the actual hate comes out before it there might be a brown and yellowish discharge that indicates the beginning of height. And similarly towards the end of the height, a further brown and yellow discharge. And it's so it goes from a yellow brown to a very dark red color, and even perhaps even a black color. And then it starts to clear up until a white to discharge a clear discharge. And that clear discharge is an indication of the height is indeed also the height is a times preceded or it is accompanied with camping. So one of the ways to know if this is hide or not hide is if these camps and other physical pain And subhanAllah to actually know how

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complicated this is knowing with tight or not. I share with you Alana how our mother, she would be given the little boxes from the ladies in Medina, with pieces of cotton or material in May, with this charge and say is this height, this height is also height. And I share with the owner, whoever very famous statement, she said to them don't rush. So if you see any of this discharge coming out, and it has a color, and it's during the time period that you usually have hate, then take it as hate. And only when when you see a white clear discharge when when your discharge is clear without a color, that is an indication that you are pure. Now what what we understand here is every lady

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should have an idea as to her cycle. So she should know that for a few number of days, for in the month, I have a number of days in which I am free of height, then maybe it's three weeks, maybe it's two and a half weeks, maybe it's three and a half weeks, every lady is different. And that's what also complicates, but she should have an idea of when to expect the hideout should have an idea of this is the height part of the month. And when she sees discharge coming out at that time. And these cramps perhaps with it, then it is deemed to be height. Now we say the high begins any discharge. So the rule what is the rule systems, any discharge that has a color and it happens during the time of

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the month where you expect the height to be when this is now the beginning of your menstruation. Even if it's a little even if it's a lot, even if it stops, starts and stops you're deemed to be in your head. When you see the color disappearing and it's clear. It is deemed that your height is over even if it comes earlier. So maybe you usually you menstruate for seven days. After the first day the color is gone and you have this clear discharge when you hide is deemed to be finished. If of course again after that, maybe a few an hour or two a day later, more discharge comes out and here's kind of in your head continues and that's not a problem. It may start and it may stop.

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To make life a little easier. The motherhouse have tried to place

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Time tried to put timeframes as to how long possibly can the height be if a lady has discharge continuous. So she might say, it's not so easy, it doesn't start and stop. But I have drops discharge throughout the month, all the time, I don't know is this height or not? Maybe a month goes by and nothing comes out. So what happened in that month, so the scholars try to make life easy, and prescribe certain limits as to what is hide when it begins and ends. And there's a difference of opinion between scholars and this is again, there is no Hadith no ayah in the Quran that says, a lady will menstruate for five days, seven days, 10 days, 20 days, there's no such thing. And so, we

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are, we have two ways of approaching it. The one way is like I chose way way, every month you assess you look at your discharge, you assess to I have cramps Is this the odor is this the time of the month, if that is the case, I've heard if you have a discharge at a random time, so maybe you add height. And it's been now five days, six days, when you clear there is no expectation of height and some discharge exits. We don't say that height, we say that is random discharge, because it didn't happen at the time in which high it is expected. So, the one method I chose method is you assess every month every discharge, and that is how you operate. The other method is you follow the rules

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of the madhhab that try to give you guidelines. So the Shafi madhhab mentions that the minimum menstruation period is one day in one night. So per the Shafi mother for the lady who has not gone through her menopause, they deem at the at least the minimum is that she should have one day of menstruation even if nothing discharges. And the Hanafis have put a minimum period of three days and three nights. And of course, there are other methods that says Absolutely, it might be that there's nothing you have no if you have no discharge, I'm no discharge. And Inshallah, that minority view seems to be more corrected if your time of hate has come and there is absolutely no discharge, you

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have no discharge, you have no height, you can only have height if something comes out.

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And they the Shafi is mentioned that a standard period of height, a normal period is around six days or seven days. And the Hanafis are very similar five days, they said this is a default, but the majority of women have either six, five or six days of menstruation, the Shafi might have mentioned the maximum height can possibly be is 15 days, that one

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even if she is bleeding continuously, after 15 days, we say that your height has finished even if you still discharge us why the reason is a logical one, they would say that hate is an exception to the rule, right you are clean, and then you have hide a period of hide. So hey, it cannot be more than clean, you cannot be more of the month out, you get all the time to say you have so the maximum possibly is off the month height and half the month pure, but you cannot have majority of let's say you ruling that the Shafi method has placed

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on you know within the limit, and that the intervals between height as a minimum cannot be less than 15 days. Now, it's very technical, very complicated. But suffice to say that

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if a lady is menstruating, and it goes beyond 15 days, then after the 15th day, even if she's menstruating, we now say that this is excessive bleeding. And what you should do is similar to the guy to the person who is excessively uterine urinating, we call this it's illegal. It's the hub of irregular bleeding. So what we say to the lady, she says look, I've had hate for more than 15 days, 15 days, we say 14 days is the maximum after that, if you still are discharging, then what you should do is before every salah, you will Risinger you will perform a new wudu and you will make salah, so you would the Adhan for the water comes in, you would clean your private area, you will

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take wudu and you will perform Salah even while you're performing Salah you feel some discharge coming up, no problem, it's fine. As it comes, you do the same thing new we do new salah, and that's fine. We because this is deemed as excessive bleeding, and you would fast during the month of Ramadan because you're not deemed to be in hate you're not deemed to be in height. So when a woman has a period, as we said she's not allowed to pray, but when the bleeding is the Hala meaning excessive bleeding, then it is not in this is not the case but she has to be careful and she has to do each time and we say it's the how that is and this hadith way. Lady was bleeding like this and

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the Prophet someone said perhaps it is a vein It is rather not hate blood, but it is an internal bleeding and has nothing to do with hate. And so

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For the ladies, as I said that this is a bit complicated as she goes through different stages in her life, she might,

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a cycle might change and a cycle might become irregular. And every woman knows her own body, the beast and at the end of the day, what is required is used through this assessment and you judge what is you know, you judge the discharge, and you deem it is it hate or not?

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This is Pete This hadith narrated Abu Dawood. It was narrated by Buhari and after a woman's period is over, we did not bother about

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it, rather, weeds we did not think it was menstruation. But it is not just a discharge by which that a woman has to wash it away and deal with it. But if the white discharge is immediately followed by a period, then it's part of the period and to do so because it is Genova. So once again, we said to this hadith, what is he saying hadith is saying that if a lady has discharged so this is a this is a question you get all the time lady says I have discharged something, you know, it's not during the time of the month, it's usually but it's a brown color came out what is this? When this happens, ladies, it is not hide, you injure you will do is broken. And you need to pull a new will do unless

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that brownness comes during the time of height. So that is your your rule of thumb. If I know that my height is usually from the 20th of the month to 24th. Any discharge during that period is deemed to be height. But if the 15th 14th 10th of the month you never have heard during that period, and you see some discharge, it's not hate Robert is not Jassa and you should do a new will do in terms of postnatal bleeding. And again, this is again very specific for the lady who is

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bleeding during childbirth is the maximum is the minimum. The Shafi mme says that as a maximum, it is 60 days. So a lady does not should not go beyond two months of postnatal bleeding, the bleeding of the birth, if she's bleeding continuously still, when it's deemed, again, it's the harbor, she will continue to make Salah and wash yourself. But of course, you need to consult a doctor for this excessive excessive bleeding that continues and malice Panatela make it easy for our sisters and our mothers. And inshallah This is with regards to height. And I know it's very topical, especially when it comes to the month of Ramadan, because the lady wants to perform a fasting and she wants to be

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attached to the Quran. And so the rules of the Sharia are they, of course, she should not fear that her deeds in any way are missed out is a very, very bitter and I conclude with this hadith for the evening. And we'll take questions now. There's a very beautiful Hadith where the prophets of salaam says that if one did A a regular Ibadah so you regularly performed agile, you really fast on a Monday or Thursday. And because of travel, or sickness or anything that is out of your control, it prevented you from doing that act of worship. In other words, had things been normal you would have posted on the Monday or the Thursday. But because something happened you were sick, you aren't able

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to fast then Allah writes for you that you would you continue to get the reward. So sisters are hamdulillah

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as you know that if it was not for your height, you would have performed Salah if it was not for your height you would have you would have fasted in the month of Ramadan, you should not fear that the reward is worth and in fact Subhanallah something to think about if Allah is going to you perform the work out of your own you might have mined might have not been there you might have made a mistake you might not have been fully focused. But because Allah is gifting you a a free soda a free fasting is going to give you the complete one is better than the one you would have made this panel I think about like when I'm getting a solid during my height period, the salah Allah is giving

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me is better than the one that I would have done on my own. And of course, we know that

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for the ladies during the height, she does not have to redo all the salah Seamus, so she goes a week without performing Salah that's 35 works, she does not need to redo them. But of course, if she misses a day in Ramadan, she needs to redo and make up those fasting days. Why? Why does the Sharia say that she doesn't really do her Salah because it becomes difficult imagine she has to have 35 days 35 watts or 40 Watts, you know if you're 10 days, you know nine days in height 45 Watts, and then to make it up, it's going to be very, very difficult for her. And so the Sharia has not burdened her beyond her means Insha Allah, does that. Go ahead baited any questions.

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Just one question. Is it possible to take something chemical or natural to stop your faith?

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Excellent. So the question is a very common question, especially for those who go on Hajj and Umrah

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or during Ramadan for example, can I take a medication that prevents my height from coming? The answer is yes, scholars have deemed this permissible. Majora

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Um, the majority, of course, there will be those who say no, yes, but it doesn't seem like there's any reason why this should be impermissible, so long as the substance you're taking does not harm you, and is not detrimental to your health. But if it's a medication that prevents you from and suddenly it's, I mean, just think about it, if you took some kind of you had diarrhea, or you had some other, you know, discharge and you took some medication to prevent it, would that be permissible, that's fine. So,

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you know, that is the same kind of reasoning and rationale, and inshallah it is permissible for the ladies to take certain medication to prevent the height from coming. But anything medical needs to be, it's a question of medicine, your doctor needs to prescribe it. And if the doctor advises against it, then you should not take it. Any other questions about

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just that one, then does UCLA hate and again, apologies for the late start? We'll continue next week, we'll talk about hustle, how does one actually perform the hustle? What do you do if you are in your height and your height finishes? Or you in your Java and now you'd like to get out of the major impurity, what do you do? How do you promote so inshallah that will be our discussion? Next week with Allah was Allah say no, Mohammed? Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not obligated. I mean, we're not going to lie or buy a gadget