Nadim Bashir – Can women be Leaders

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The history of the United States, including the rise of Muslims in the West and challenges faced by the current president, is discussed. There is a sense of the lack of support for the current president, which may have led to issues with their ID. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting Muslims and finding out who voted in the election, while also criticizing the media's portrayal of black people and their negative impact on society. The speakers encourage the community to pray for peace and ensure all Muslims are voted in, while also acknowledging the potential harm that may come from the election.
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that amongst the presidential candidates, they are there

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on a bigger scale they are for people of course. But the question that is coming up is that there's a hadith Roswaal so Allahu alayhi wa sallam, where he says that matter of law Coleman and Marwadi him Imran noted that no nation can prosper when a woman is its leader. Okay. And this is a authentic hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but as you have an area within our deen, if there's any particular area regarding our deen, that which is clearly mentioned that there is no woman that can lead that position, then we're not going to discuss that. For example, when it comes to Salaat. There is no woman who can leave the salon of Gemma when there are men and women Okay, the

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when there are men and women, a woman cannot be who are a woman cannot serve as the Imam, even a hydra spilling out into the lake. He further goes on to mention that if there's ever a situation where there's only men involved, where there's only men involved, such as in the case, when the province is said, I'm heard that this woman is leading an entire expedition. And I go to and I ask you, who's who was in that expedition? Who was in that army, it's only only men. Just today you find that there are there are you know, there are in the army of certain countries. There are there are women who are who are there. And even in the law enforcement, there are women. But long ago, that

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was not the situation if when you talked about law enforcement, it was only the men you wouldn't talk about army, it was only the men. So if 100 explains that if there's ever a situation where there's only only men involved, then in that situation, a woman should not serve as the leader, the woman should not serve as a leader. However, even 100 pound gorilla, he goes on to explain, but that if there is a situation where you're serving a great deal of people, you're serving men, you're serving woman and is in a position of leadership and the woman or the sister happens to be competent, she has the necessary skill set to do what she needs to do, then there is no harm in

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having a woman in the position of leadership such as such as really in the position in the leadership of a masjid, the Masjid board or the school board if there's a Sami school if there is a woman and believer No, we have many sisters in our community who are mashallah very, very competent, very competent, mashallah, if they are in that position, I mean, if they have the necessary skill set, there is no harm in them serving as an are in the position of leadership. Now, when we talk about the subject of voting, and especially this hadith that comes up, you know, there are times in our deen that where we can apply the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But then this

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is why we always refer to our Allah ma. This is why we always refer to our scholars because the scholars, when they study or know Michelle area, and they study or solid field, they have a very broad perspective of what is going on. And they have a better a better angle of how to approach a certain matter. When you look at this certain matter. We have to really go back into history to understand how why this election is coming up. It is so important. When we as Muslims today living in America, we are clearly a minority in this country. We are a minority in this country. So when we study Islamic history, we need to study the Muslims when they were considered as a minority,

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especially the time when the Muslims they went to Hampshire, when they migrated to Hampshire and they were living in Hampshire under the the protection of a Christian king. Once again, when I say Christian king, the reason I say Christian king is because he's not a Muslim. We know that later on, he did become a Muslim. And later on when he passed away the province of salaam he did perform some sort of Janaza Elvive upon him. But there was a time in the very beginning where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he realized that this was a man of morals. This was a man who took care of his people and the province on realize that in order for his people to be protected, they should

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go to that certain land, and they should seek refuge there. And without any kind of hesitation. Although the policeman many attempts to come and persuade him to give these people back to the place he never budged. And he never gave in. And he admired the teachings of the Quran and the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but there was a time when the Muslims that they were there, and you remember, the Muslims migrated one time they heard some rumors that things were going well in Makkah, they came back, but that's why it's called a rumor because they found out that it was false. The news that they had received, it was false. So then then they migrated again to be SR

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for a second time, and this time they had a much larger group.

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They are much larger group approximately 80 people.

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It says that almost sell them out all the time. She says that while we were there we found out that the king of Abyssinia and Dena Joshi, he is being attacked by someone else. He's being attacked by someone else. And this other person he wishes to overthrow the Najafi and or to overthrow his entire kingdom. And he this person attempts to become the ruler and leader. And at that time, since the Muslims could not participate in the military, what the Muslims did was that they made a sincere dua to Allah subhanaw taala and not just once, but consistently they made to our to Allah subhanho wa Taala asking Allah subhanaw taala for help and for protection, and asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to

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give victory to a calf in Baltimore coffin, but the prophets, but the Muslims, we're making dua, that this person who cares about us, He cares about our rights, may Allah Subhana Allah give victory to him over that person, the other person who happens to be an oppressor, that person happens to be a person that if he came into the position of leadership, he would cause a lot of problem for Muslims. And at that time, it says that the way it was weighed on, what he would do is that he was a great swimmer. So he would go and he was swim to go and he would get, you know, he would go and fetch some news, time after time to find out exactly what is going on in the battlefield. And almost

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selama she says that the day we found out the day, we found out that Dena Joshi was successful. And then the Joshi had prospered. This was the second happiest day, after the day of butter. This was the second happiest day after the day of butter. Now why is she so happy? Is it because the now they're able to implement Islamic law? Or Sharia they can they can they can implement Sharia in that country that this now this country becomes a Muslim country? No, she was happy. And the Muslims were happy, because now they can fulfill and they can fulfill the rights of their religion, and they can practice their religion without anti discrimination. This is why she was happy. So we have to take

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that into consideration. Then looking at our situation, what how are we going to approach this vote? How are we going to approach this matter? Once again, I'm not advocating for anyone and I'm not saying that we should go and vote for a certain person and leave another person. I'll leave that to you. But this subject matter keeps on coming up over and over again. The why do we need to vote, believe it or not here in Murphy, just to give you an idea how much we're left out how much we don't how much harm is caused in the society, when you don't vote, when you don't. And when you don't go and you're part of the of your community. Here in Murphy. There was a time we're in this area, all

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the gas stations were dry, all the gas stations were dry. Right now, if you go to all these kinds of gas stations, they're all wet. Okay, they're all wet. Now, you know, it makes you wonder that there was a time when they were dry, and now they're wet. What happened? Well, these people they went and they tried to push forward, what they wanted all these store owners, they wanted their places to become wet so that they can make more money. Now you and I, as you know, having Muslim children, our society, I can guarantee you that we all would want these places to be dry, right? The places where the places where there is no alcohol serve, or the alcohol, the more it stays away from our children

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or in our society, the better it is right. But when you go back to the numbers, just to the numbers, and you look at the numbers of the people who voted in favor of the gas stations to be dry, versus the ones who voted to for the gas stations to be wet. The ones who wish to the ones who were hoping that these places would become wet. They won that vote by 400 votes. That's it.

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400 votes. You know what that means? A slot of July here. How many people do we get here for southern Jamar? We get much more than that. That's all that was needed to overturn to overturn that, that rule or that not not a bill but that that permission, I will say 400 More people if 400 people came forward and they voted. How many people do we have in our Muslim community clearly over 400 How many people are registered voters? We don't even have that much probably. But if we were to come forward and we were to vote it is very possible that all these pieces would have been dry right now.

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The other day I will

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Sending with brother and Ron.

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And he was telling me that he went to all the people in his certain area. And he was asking how many people are registered voters? How many foreigners are voters, he found out that many people are just not registered voters. But you know, one is that you're not a registered voter. But what is that you just simply don't care about what's going on this state of obliviousness is what is driving us. What is what's causing us harm is really what's causing us harm. There was, you know, along with some of the other brothers in the area, wherever the Enron lives, they get together time after time, and the bring some of these candidates. And one this one, one woman who came, who was going to be serving in

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a certain position. When she came, she said to brother Imran, and she said to all the Muslims sitting there in that household, she says that you don't realize, she says that you don't know that the Muslim community right now is a sleeping giant.

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What did she say? She said, the Muslim community is a sleeping giant. If they were to wake up and start voting, I guarantee you all these people who run for positions, they will be here at the masjid asking you for your vote.

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Now, imagine if these people came here to the masjid asking us for our vote, don't you think now that we are in the position of somewhat authority? Don't you think that will now the ball is on our side? Now the ball is in our court? Don't you think that the advantages is in our side? Absolutely. At that time, whatever you want, you can ask, because now they need your vote. Right now the situation is that we sit here and we say that how can I vote when they're going to, they're going to follow up on hold, and they're going to do this and they have the they have policies which are an Islamic, but believe it or not, we're living in a society. We're part of the society here in this

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country that we're already part of all these days going on.

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So for us to say that, for us to say that you know what this is, I don't want to go and vote because I'll be supporting haram. Or I'll be supporting someone who supports harming Muslims. If I go and I do this, then the rats will come upon me. But we don't realize we're already part of that society. Don't you know where our tax money goes, we all know where our tax money goes. But then that's why we have these lectures. And that's why we have these times is to create that awareness within us that we have, we have the ability to make a difference in our society. I'm going to say this, and I'll finish inshallah.

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You know, if you remember, there was a,

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there was a tribunal. If you remember, a few, several months ago, here in Irving, there was a tribunal where you had some some key individuals from the, from the Dallas Fort Worth area, especially from the urban area, who played you know, this was a Islamic tribunals kind of system. And, and this, there's nothing really wrong with it, because there are so many other people of other faiths, they have these kind of tribunal systems. But of course, you know, they want to, you know, they want to keep their target on the Muslims at all times. So this matter came into, you know, you know, so many Muslims went to the Irving City Hall, and this matter was discussed, and, you know,

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even the mayor of Irving, she received, like, so many applauses for so many from so many Islamophobes, for turning down this matter, and not turning down is when I mean shutting down this matter. And, you know, you know, she was really against this Islamic tribunal. And she was saying that this is basically institutionalizing Sharia law in our system. That's what she was saying. And so what happened was that, you know, the the brothers who went there, they were, you know, I haven't talked to one of them. And they were saying this, that when we went all the people who were sitting over there, these are not people who are in support of us. These are not people who are in support

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of us. But now, is the blame to be on them, or is the blame to be on us? Are we blame worthy? Or are they blame worthy? It's us who are actually blame worthy because we never went out if we have gone out and we would have voted, those people who are sitting there on that panel, they would have probably not been sitting there right now. But it's because of our likeness, in our obliviousness that that's why those kinds of people are sitting there and they're making these kind of rulings. Then not only that, but I found out, I found out and I came to know that in Irving, there was a person who could have been had who could have been voted. There was there was a Jewish man who would

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have been voted and he was on a man who was really in favor of the Muslims. And guess what? He lost the he lost the voting to his opponent. He lost that election process because of one vote

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because of one vote, because there were saying that we still need some people to come and vote and it's a very tight race. One brother from the Muslim community went

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And when he showed up that place, he found out that his ID had expired. So yet they still let him cast his cast his vote on the condition that he has to bring back a valid ID to show it later on, he went through the entire process, but that one Muslim guy who voted was the cause of this Jewish man losing that election, one vote, one vote. And when that guy found out, he said, he actually, you know, they see everything. They see all the names who are coming through and the people who are voting, when this Jewish man saw that the last name happens to be a Muslim guy, he says, I want to meet with a Muslim guy. Because I want to meet with him with some guy.

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Believe it or not, we have the numbers, especially in Dallas, we have the numbers. But it's us who are not going and making a difference in the society. At that time, we should not blame these people for what they're doing, because they have an agenda. Some of them aren't in favor of the Muslim community. And some of them are not in favor of the Muslim community, the ones who are not in favor of the Muslim community, they're trying to make their way up to that position of leadership. They're trying to sit in that chair, but then it becomes our responsibility, and it becomes our job to make sure that they don't get that chair. So that's why that's why even if you go to voting, even if you

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go to vote, and even if you cast an empty ballot, even do that, if you feel like that, I don't want to I don't want to vote for any of these people. Because I don't like any of these people hate love us no problem.

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There is no problem at all, and you just cast your ballot, because when they see the Muslim numbers going high, that is when they know that now the Muslims are an entity. The Muslims are an entity. You remember? I said I don't want to finish on this, but I did not. So I want to finish on this inshallah. And please forgive me I if I offend you.

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You remember the time when a certain presidential candidate went to Detroit? He first went to Mexico, then he went to Detroit. Why do you go to Mexico, to appeal to appeal to the Hispanic to the Hispanic community members? Why do you go to the Detroit community to appeal to the African American society? Because he wants to vote? It goes to it makes it makes you wonder. And when you see this, you should have asked this question to yourself, aren't we the Muslim community and minority just like the Hispanic or the Latino community and the African American community? Aren't we a minority? The answer is yes, we are. Why do you not want to go there? Why do you not want to come to us and

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ask us for our vote, because we have been a sleeping giant. And as long as we're sleeping, then people will do what they want to do. So that's why, you know, things are not over, we still can make a great difference in this community. And remember, it doesn't when we say election, it is not just about the presidents, it starts locally, find out who are the people who are serving in your area, find out those people who have come and visited our masjid, those who have sympathy for the Muslims, those who like the Muslims, those who support the Muslims, find out who those people are, and go and vote for those people in your area. Because right now, it starts from your own area, it starts from

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your city. It starts from Plano, it starts from Murphy, it starts from Wiley. That's where it starts from. And then we build our way up to where we start getting in touch with our state representatives. And because they are the ones who are running for Congress, these are today there was a pupil personnel who here was running for Congress. He's running for Congress, we have these people are the ones who go and they represent us in the state of representatives in the House of Representatives. And if we if we are the ones who are deciding that who will be in that chair, then we have a very good shot in putting someone in that position who will look after our needs. So I

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pray to Allah subhanaw taala that we take this seriously. I pray to Allah behind that at the main he has helped be with us at all times. May Allah subhanaw taala help our Muslim community protect our Muslim community, all Muslim communities around the world may Allah serve and protect us. May Allah subhanaw taala put those people in put those people in the position of power who have sympathy for Muslims, who will care for Muslims who will look after the the affairs of the Muslims who will not oppress anyone Muslim, non Muslim, and we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that in these times Allah to protect all of our masajid all of our summer schools and any other Islamic institution that may

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exist Zachman Allah Subhan Allah we humbly Subhana Coloma will be handing into the selfie Luca want to be exactly Nahida Samadhi comfortable cattle

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