How you can increase chances of serendipity

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the theory that serendipity is a result of finding interesting or valuable things by chance. They suggest that if one sets out a plan, they can achieve serendipity by finding connections and finding new ways to move to new countries. The goal is to lay out a plan for the upcoming decade that will provide for a similar effect.
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serendipity is the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance. The fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance so what happens is, once you start going in the direction of your dream visions, serendipity will take place. Subhan Allah and that's like the power of God you don't know where these things come from. Well man definitely lay a jar level Maharajah we are recycling in Haiti left because that whoever has a Taqwa of Allah, that consciousness of Allah,

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Allah finds a way out for them, and provides from them in a direction they never could have imagined, provides for them in a way that they never could have imagined serendipity, you think it's by chance, but Allah subhanaw taala can provide for you from ways you could have never imagined. So that being said, if you lay out the best laid plan of how this decade will take place, and then you put your hands and you put your heart in the hands of Allah, Spano, dada, and serendipity. And all of a sudden you make connections you never could imagine you move to countries or cities that you never thought you were going to move. Do you meet people that open doors for you, you never thought

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these doors were possible ideas, maybe new technologies will come up in the next two years, three years that you didn't even know that that's exactly what you need to accelerate your dream visions, that serendipity that ALLAH SubhanA data providing for you from ways that you never could have imagined. So what you need to do is put in the effort, and then the power of Da kicks in. You put in your efforts to lay out where it was that island that I want to drive towards in the upcoming decade And subhanAllah beautiful things will happen from that