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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of learning from actions and figures in one's success is emphasized, along with the rise of Islam in older age. The history of the Battle of butter and the use of haired horse during the battle are also discussed, along with the loss of Jerusalem and the conflict between Muslims and English. The importance of history and a legal framework for the future are also emphasized.
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Her feet of Pearl Harbor not obey the law or the Allah Tala and both of these people were coming were considered as the ashram Bashara. But the question is that why are these two Sahaba always mentioned together? The answer is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in a hadith, the in Jana, I have two neighbors, who will be those two neighbors. That have been Obaidullah and Zubair Abraham of Yolanda Island. And so therefore, when you say their history, you come to learn that these were two people who grew up very closely, and they weren't related to one another and both of them were related to Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was setting them the mother of Zubayr Ibra

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awam Rhodiola. And iron was a figure of the Allah Alana, who was the aunt of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, meaning that she was the sister of the father of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in in in order to help you understand, she was the poopy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It says that when Zubair Alang rhodiola, Tehran was a very young child, he lost his father in some certain battle that took place within the Arabs. When he lost his father, he now became the under the sole care of his mother, Sofia Ravi, Allah Tada that time she was on a believer, but she was extremely strict on Zubair, even our mother Yolanda line, and paid a lot of attention on his

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upbringing, understanding and realizing that what was the situation and what was the atmosphere in Arabia, she decided to teach zubaid At a very young age, that how to use a sword and how to use a spear because it was very vital when it came to self protection. So therefore it said that while she was while he was growing up, he learned how to use a sword he learned how to use the spear and zubaid him an alumna the alot and I and compared to many other children who were living

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within his own community, he could use the sphere and the sword better than them. It said that Zubaydah your waterline, growing up his family, what was it like? He was married to the daughter of

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the daughter of oboe, Viola line as map into the bucket of your waterline ha. And he said that he had many children. Now, because he admired so many of the Shuhada, who existed during his time or before his time, or people that he heard about. He was so admired by them that he named all his children after the shahada, such as he named Nora, one of his children of the law because there was a person who was a Shaheed his name was Abdullah had been a judge. He named one of his children as an one there, because one of his one of the murders that took place during the time of the Prophet. His name was one that even Omer, he named one of his children Ottawa picker, there was another

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Shaheen by the name of Ottawa Urbana Amr. He named one of his children Hamza, because

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of Hamza of your Lord and I'm the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he named one of his children Jaffa. Because of Jaffa ibn Abi Talib, he named one of his children What's up, because the most I've been Omero, the Allah Tala iron. And finally he named one of his children, Khalid, because of the bravery in the courageousness of Khalid bin Walid of YOLO tonight. So it goes to show you that when we name our own children, keeping these kinds of figures in mind and naming our children, there's nothing wrong with it. And this is something that we find firms obey even our mother Yolanda, and something else that we do learn from the action of his mother that she taught

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him how to use a sword and how to use a spear at a very young age. We also learned from this that it is important and very vital that we teach our children what is important and how to defend themselves. Because in times like this, it is always useful for our kids to know how to defend themselves, especially in a situation where they are Muslims. And Islam phobia is on the rise. Anyone can come and do anything, just like the mother of Zubayr. Abraham taught him. It is also something that we learned from them that we should also teach our children the tactics of self defense. The way it's very I'm not I'm not the ultra Nyan. While growing up, he began to observe

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that everyone first of all was an idol worshiper. But in the midst of all these idol worshippers came a man who was calling people to one Allah. Now this was very confusing to him. And he began to observe that these people who followed Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were tortured, and they were harassed continuously. He begins when while he's observing this, his mother notices that he's observing this, and so the Haisla before

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam began to spread the message.

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Sophia we used to tell Zubair that you should go and sit with Muhammad because Muhammad is a very trustworthy man. But the men of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam began to spread the message. Sofia told her own sons awam they you have no need to go and sit with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you are just stay away from him. Now, while this is going on, still he is observing this and he is and he admires the trustworthiness of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it says the one time on a dark night, it said that he sat down and he began to contemplate on this matter, that what should I do and what should I do? Finally, he decided that let me go and talk to a person who

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may know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, who do you go to? He went to overthrow the Allah tonight, and he asked him that have you come to know about this Islam? And what is your opinion about this Islam ovako, the Ultron as you all know, he was a firm believer, he gave his feedback he goes, this is what I believe in Islam. The message is the absolute truth. And I believe that you should accept his message. It said that therefore, the hola lion, he took the Shahada. Now when you say the books of history, there is no one certain age that is mentioned in the books of history. There are some books of history and some resources that you will find that say that zubaid He

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accepted Islam is well accepted Islam at the age of 12. Some say that he accepted Islam at the age of 15. Some say even accepted the age at the age of 10. Well, Allahu Allah, as we all know, and it is unanimous amongst all the scholars that he accepted Islam at a very young age. Now, when we talk about Sahaba, the Allah Allah and him giving their life and sacrificing, we hear about people like obec Rhodiola tinyjohn. We hear about bilaterally Allah Tala, and we heard the stories about Kabbalah the Allah tonight, and these were people who were like in their 20s and 30s. Okay, and these are people who were still if they were not 20, they were still around roughly 1819 20 years

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old. But we hear about Zubair a lot. And on that he used to be wrapped in a rug, he used to be wrapped. It said that his uncle used to wrap him in a mat. And he used to put him in a smoke to suffocate him. And some books of history mentioned that because of the pain, that is Abraham was enduring. He was scream and yell and the people of Makkah could hear his voice. Now, how old are we talking about? We're talking about probably 12 years old, 13 years old. This is how old zubi is, along with yellow Don was when he was tortured for the sake of Islam. Now, just a note here, just a note here, in times that we are living today, that Islamophobia is on the rise, I'm sure that you

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probably hear these stories over and over again, that even now kids in schools are being harassed. Schools in children in schools are being called on or being labeled as terrorist people on theirs. There was one report that I received, that a school told a child when a child went to their teacher and said that I need some more time to do my homework. The teacher responded that we don't negotiate with terrorists. That was the response of the teacher to the student. You can imagine that what students are going through today and first of all, they are not teenagers. We These are young children. These are children who are so going to elementary school, this is what they're facing.

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When we hear stories like Zubayr, I'm not allowed to die. And we should encourage our children and we should teach our children the stories of the Sahara, the Allah that I'm home, that at a very young age, they even went through some amount of suffering. Now, we're not going through any kind of physical suffering we're being

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you know, there is this hatred and bigotry and animosity that is going on and sometimes our kids they feel that, but because of these stories, our kids should understand that when it comes to the matter of Islam, there were children at the age of even 12, who did take a lot of sufferings for the cause of Islam and our children should be prepared for this and our children should be mentally prepped for this, it is only better than when you prepare them, they will understand what to do in a situation like that because children, they are very confused, they have no idea what to do. And if they are prepared, then the sha Allah Insha Allah, they will know how to respond to their teacher.

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And not only that, but they will know how to go about and resolve the matter. Now we talked about the way we know the Allah Tala and in Abyssinia. As we know that there were two migrations that took place to Abyssinia. There was one group of Muslims that went to Abyssinia to Habesha. They heard and this was only a rumor that Islam has spread in Makkah

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that things are now peaceful in Makkah, so that group that migrated to Abyssinia came back to Mecca. Only when they came back to Makkah they realize that that was only a rumor. And then later on a bigger group of Muslims went to Abyssinia and they stayed there. While they were staying there, there was something that took place. As we all know that the Joshi was a type of King who did internally believe in Islam. He did have appreciation for Islam, and he did believe in Islam, he did accept the message of Islam and that is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he prayed janazah on him from Medina when he heard about the passing away of the Najafi. But something else that we

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don't know about in the Joshy that while the Joshi was the king, he was opposed by another person who was trying to take over the country of Abyssinia. There was therefore a war that took place. Now just like today, nowadays now in 2016, we are really concentrating on the elections to know to find out who will be elected. We understand very well that there are some presidential candidates who are openly against Islam. And there are some presidential candidates who will accept people and there is the understanding that diversity is a is a genuine concept. Diversity is something that does exist and we need to respect each other. So we pay close attention to this. Now this is something that

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even existed during the time of the Sahaba of Yola, that I know him because the person that Najafi was facing, he was a man who did not like the Muslims and he did not like immigrants in general. So the Muslims were very well aware of the fact that if the Joshi loses this battle, and this other person that comes into the power, then we might have to leave Abyssinia and we may have to go back to Makkah, and they did not want to go back to Malta because of the situation and the hostility in Macau. So they would time after time find out they will try to find out information, exactly what's taking place in the battle, who was the person that would go and find this information or get this

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information. It was a bit a bit of a wham Rhodiola tonight, that he will go on behalf of the Muslims and he did have some connections. He knew some people and through his association with the people in that country, he was able to find out Alhamdulillah the judge she did defeat his opposition and therefore he remained as the leader of the country, and therefore the situation of the Muslims was still at peace in Abyssinia. We all some of us know that when that people who were living in Abbey senior came to Medina, it was many years into Medina it was probably six or seven years into Medina that they came that the Muslims living in Abyssinia they came to Medina because now they know that

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there is a safe place where we can go but it said that there was some Sahaba of Yolanda and home who did not wait till that time to come to Medina. And as soon as they found out that the Muslims have migrated to Medina, they chose to come to Medina and migrate. So therefore Zubaydah YOLO time along with his wife they found out and they chose to migrate at that time. They came all the way to Medina and SubhanAllah. To the incident that went away even a worm came to Medina. He was given the good news that his mother Sofia of YOLO Tirana had accepted Islam before this, she was a Muslim, but by then she was a Muslim. And he was very happy to hear this debate even though I'm not allowed and I'm

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throughout his entire life. He always was with Ross wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was considered as a Hawaii of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was considered as a brave person. He was considered as a courageous person. He was considered as a great warrior during his time that people will look look up to Zubayr Abraham Rhodiola and one time there was lots of Allahu alayhi wa sallam he is sitting, and he asked his Sahaba that who would go and get some information from me about the enemy. At that time, the way rom he raised his hand, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Fine, you put down your hand, he said, Who is the next person who will accompany him and Rhodiola and no one

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raised her hand. Again, it's even a worm he raised his hand. The third time that probably saw last time he asked, no one raised their hand. And for the third time, again, the way he raised his hand, and at this you probably saw Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in Nikolina billion howardian Will Hawaii as the way that every prophet has a howdy someone who supports them in their cause. And my howdy is Zubayr even our medulla tonight so this is the title. Does Roberto do a lot on he had in the Battle of butter. We without getting into the great details about what was the what was the Battle of butter like? We do know that in the Battle of butter, Allah subhanaw taala to help the

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Muslims he sent a many angels

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Now it said that on that day, every there amongst us Hello the alotta on home and amongst the people on the site of salsa, Allahu alayhi wa sallam. There were two people in particular, who are considered as horsemen. These are people who had the ability and they had the skills to know how to control a horse. One of them was a bit of YOLO that I'm but when I when I'm about to tell you shows you the bravery of zebra yellows and I'm, you know, generally people who would, who would be on horseback and if these were people who were experts, they would hold the horse with one hand and they would use the other hand to fend off your enemy, Zubaydah, even our money allotted i and did

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not only just use one hand, he used both of his hands to fend off the enemy. And in do and with his legs, he was able to control the horse Subhanallah he was he was that able to do something like this. And because of his bravery, and because of his courageousness it said that on that day, he was coincidently he was wearing a Yellow Turban, he was wearing a Yellow Turban, when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala send all the angels to aid the Muslims. Allah was so Allah admired the bravery of Zubaydah the along the line, that when these angels they came, they as if I was somebody tells us that they were all wearing yellow turbans, just like the way along with yellow to non Soheila. Because of his

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bravery, and his courageousness and a heart, there was a person by the name of Allah, we thought of the day, he was a fierce enemy of the Muslims, and the Muslims were somewhat afraid of him. Zubaydah the Allah that I'm being brave and you know, not being scared of anyone or anything. He wants to go and fight this person. He wants to face this person, Sofia to the Alladhina unhide came to the Prophet salallahu Salam and told the prophet that I'm scared that this time is very we'll lose the battle. I understand he's brave, but if he goes up against that, ha, ha ha, I'm sorry. There is no way he will win this battle and please do keep them away. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he

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assured his aunt Sofia the ultra Unha that in fact, it will not be tell her Tell her who will take the life of Zubair, but it will be zubaid Who will overcome his enemy and SubhanAllah. What we find the books of history is that it did not take Zubair to be on his own horseback to go and defeat his enemy. But he got onto the horse back of this person. He was able to use his sword, he defeated him, threw him off the horse. And it said that the horse that was being used by Taha be thought that he was a very good horse. And he said that after a wild Zubair,

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the Allah Tala and he came back bringing that horse to the Muslim camp. And they were able to use it for their own cause. In the Battle of her name Zubayr Allah Tala and he again he showed his bravery. Just to give you a brief idea, just to give you a brief you know, history of the battle for name. The battle for name was such that in the very beginning the muscles were staring at defeat people, some people they retreated, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he gathered all the Sahaba of the Allah Tala on him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala highlights this incident and Sudha Baraka where he says that Thumma Anzahl Allahu Sakeena tahu Allah Rasool li wa mumineen while einzelner jugnoo

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then lambda Raha was the one Medina Cafaro whether Anika desire only caffeine. These were people who admired their number, the Muslims outnumber their opposition. Today they had they were thinking that if we have outnumbered our opposition today, there is no way. I mean, there's no doubt about the fact that we will defeat our opposition, but because they had lost their focus on Allah subhanaw taala that is why in the very beginning there was there were staring at defeat. Allah says that then he sent tranquillity he, he sent, he sent Sakina upon the Muslims, and upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and now only the he sent Sakina upon them and peace upon them. But Allah says,

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well, unzila Do you know that he sent an army? What type of army lambda roja and army that you cannot see. An invisible army. Allah subhanho wa taala. He talked about this into Bara. It says that after the Sahaba were they came together the recollected and then they they made a strong push. It said that Zubaydah even allowed Allah and he penetrated the lines of the enemies, and everywhere you would go, he would come out on the other end successful. One of the leaders of the housing tribe sitting there watching all this, he asked one of his people, the Who is this young man that I see just going through the enemy lines in defeating anyone who comes in his path, destroying anyone who

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comes on his path and flooring his opponents. And then he was told that time he was told that this is Zubair it

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been our Rhodiola and so once again it goes to show you the bravery that he had. Finally just last two things I will share with you in sha Allah.

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You remember last week I told you that all of your love and iron at the end of his life, he took six out of the water on him and he locked them into a house for them to unanimously come to an agreement that who will be the next Khalifa amongst those six people was a bit a bit of yellow tonight. Why? Because debate even our Medea Latina had the qualities he had the characteristics of what it takes to be a leader and on what are the Allah Quran he understood, he understood that and therefore he also chose him to be in that house. As we all know that it was also the Allah Don who became the next Khalifa during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Finally, he one time saw

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Zubaydah the Ultron was a yo yo Latina I'm, and before I go any further, let me mention this fall out of the allotted time. Zubaydah the allotted time, I talked about that these are two people who are always who journey are discussed together in the books of history. But anyone who existed during that time will tell you that there were three people who who were always together, there were three people who were close, who were closely work together. And this was zobayan. Fell ha and also anybody Allah tonight, this is like, you know, this was like a strong group. So he said that one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he saw Zubayr. And he started with the allotted time. And he

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asked the How much do you love this man? And he says, I love this man very dearly. Well, the problem is, I lost him then said that one day will come that you will disagree with him, and you will be against him. Now, after we all know that without going into great detail exactly what happened during the time that was mounted to load the line, and what happened after that, but during the time, you're allowed to line it said that well, you later on he disagree with any of your allotted rodeo time upon a certain matter, and it said that are legally allowed to and he reminded to bear that Do you remember that the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam did say, even though you disagreed at

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that time, but he did say that a day will come to you will be against me. And it's a battle of the alotta and he recalled, he says yes, you're absolutely right. And when he heard that, he left that scene at that time, and he went somewhere else. Now, going into the story, you know, without going into great history about you know, what was happening during the time of yo, yo, lotta line. But there are many people who err on the side of a little yo lotta line, and anyone who was against anybody along the line, they will also consider as their enemy. It said that people were familiar with the fact that Zubair was not like against Ultron but he disagreed with that level, you're

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allowed to line upon some certain matters. And so the Huwa he took it upon themselves that they should take care of Zubayr of the Ultron one person amongst the holidays, he asked Zubair that can I accompany you on a journey? He said Yes, why not go ahead and accompany me. It said that when Zubaydah Viola that I and he started his Salaat this man came and he took the life of Zubair even our movie Ultron while He was praying a lot now, at that time, he took the this man who killed him this high wattage, he took his sword, he took his armor and he went back all the way to the tent of audio Viola salon. And he said that I have come to see all y'all Viola I'm the guard standing at the

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tent said that you cannot go inside in fact wherever you want to show a little yellow time, just show it to us and we will take it inside to him. When they took the sword when they brought the sword of zubi even our the ultra iron to ally of the Allah Tala and he realized right away what has happened. And he therefore said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the person who will take the life of Zubair even r1 Rhodiola line will end up in the fire of Johanna. And when this person when he heard this statement being mentioned by allele Yolanda line, he thought that he came and he did a favor follow the along the line I leave of yellow Tron. On the other hand, he is upset

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about this. And this man, the books of history mentioned that this man he left he dropped everything there he went. And what is mentioned is that later on, he committed suicide, he committed suicide this man. So nonetheless, this, this is the story of the way I want to do a lot and there were a few more things I wanted to share with you, but because of the time I just thought, let me just skip that right now. And inshallah we'll come that some other time. But once again, we learned about in the allotted time that what a courageous person he was, how you stood up for US law. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam and how he, how he defended Islam, to his, to his

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to everything, you know, gave everything that he had. He tried everything that he

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he had in his capacity and this is something that we always learned that for the sake of Islam, when it comes to matters of our deen we have to always learn that whatever we have, it has to be given for the sake of our deen, whatever whatever we give today for our deen whatever sacrifices that we have to make for our deen this is something that Allah subhanaw taala truly witnesses and ALLAH SubhanA will give us the rewards so hopefully inshallah these stories will give us the ability to reflect upon them and in sha Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to become like these people and stand up for our deen the way these people they stood up for this Deen May Allah subhanho wa

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Taala give us abilities to to stand up for the deen of Allah so Allah hottie was send them the way these people these sort of for the deen of Allah so Allah hottie will send them is that from Allah Hey Subhan Allah we humbly so Hanukkah long Hamdi, let's do a

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selfie Luca, whatever Exactly. It is that I'm wanting to live

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