You Can be Forgiven from the worst sins

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My beloved brothers and sisters,

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we were created by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he alone knows why He created us. Some might find it absurd that a human being like us created with such a sophisticated brain, with such beautiful posture, with such organs that are unmatched, and yet he or she only lives for a few years on earth and disappears.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala for a believer has responded to questions that may arise and have arisen as to why He created us, where were we before he made us, and where is it that we are going to go because it is only with that knowledge that you begin to truly enjoy and cherish the life on this earth. With its problems with its hardships, with its difficulties, because you're a believer,

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if you do not believe and you do not want to look into what Allah himself has said about where you were, where you are, and where you are going, you will never be able to understand and you won't enjoy truly because for you, it will be a rat race throughout your life, you will be running behind the things that do not have deeper pleasure than a few moments.

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And this is why it's important for us to constantly lead our lives within the pleasure of Allah

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fall upon.

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In lallier abodo

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we know this verse, we've heard this verse we understand this verse, it means I have not created mankind or humankind, except that they worship me except for them to worship me. When we hear this verse, many people think, what exactly does this mean? All it means is, I want you to lead your life exactly as I told you to lead it. You need to fulfill the obligations and stay away from the prohibitions, so fulfilling obligations, Mashallah we know a lot of us know we are here today must you do know in Abuja, on this beautiful day of Friday, at this beautiful time of Juma we have gathered in order to fulfill an obligation on us because we know it's an obligation.

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But many of us do not realize

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that the sins that Allah has declared, as being major, the sins that Allah has declared as being the West, those which will affect you most on earth, and even in the hereafter. They are things that we do not talk about often. And sometimes we don't want to correct ourselves in that regard. We find many people, outwardly very pious, they will do five Salah, but they have a problem of the bottle, they have a problem of adultery, they have a problem of pornography, they have a problem of something else, they have a problem of gambling, so many other issues. So it's important that we look into some of the worst of the sins that Allah says, are the most dangerous, most damaging, most

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harmful in order for us to protect ourselves. But before I commence with mention of two Hadith for today's lecture, I want to tell you, my brothers and sisters remember something. Islam is a religion based on the mercy and forgiveness of Allah. Don't ever forget that. Islam is a religion based on the mercy and forgiveness of Allah evidence of it is in the very opening of the Quran. Evidence of it is when you start to read the Quran, you are taught to say something. What is it? Bismillah your Walkman your Haim amazing. Think about those words that you've just said, In the Name of Allah, the Most

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Merciful, the most compassionate, the most forgiving, whatever the term mercy includes. There are two types of mercy being made mention of here one is specialized for the believers. And one is general even for the non believers. So Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Then when you start the Quran, what do you say Alhamdulillah. He'll have been I mean,

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he noticed the same two qualities came back. This goes to prove to you and to and to myself and to all those who would like to know that Islam is a religion based on the mercy and forgiveness of Allah. It always.

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It always amazes me how Allah created Adam, may peace be on him and all

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of us,

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and how Allah told him not to do one thing and that is the exact thing he did Subhan Allah and Allah says I will still forgive you. I heard a few words and you sought forgiveness forgiven. Let's start a new leaf on earth. And every time you or your children do something like this, you need to also seek forgiveness exactly like this. So now we are on Earth, we will try our best to obey the commands. But let's talk about the prohibitions. Each attorney will serve and movie thoughts the prophets of Salaam, Hadith authentic narrated by Abu hurayrah the Allahu anhu, he says, and he was serious about it, stay away from the seven most destructive since most destructive since what type

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of destruction well law he on Earth as well as in the hereafter. Now I told you already, when you seek forgiveness you will be forgiven by Allah. When you ask Allah mercy, he will grant you the mercy. So if you have engaged in anything between you and Allah, you will be forgiven. Remember that.

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When a person commits ship, people say he will never be forgiven. That's not true. The Quran speaks about chittick not being forgiven for the one who has passed away on shirak and did not seek forgiveness. As for the one who sought forgiveness from any sin between him and Allah, Allah He it is forgiven. Allah He it is forgiven, the Sahaba the Allahu anhu in Makkah, the Maha giran. Prior to their Islam, what were they they were mushy kin, they committed schilke that we would not even think of at times. They used to worship things that we are some of our forefathers, limited forefathers have not even done.

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They have forgiven why because they change their lives they sought forgiveness. If you change your life and seek forgiveness, Allah will forgive even Sheikh don't misinterpret the verse where Allah says in Allah Hello, are you sure cabbie?

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Can me a Sha, Allah will never forgive Sheikh, but he can forgive anything besides that whatever he wishes, that is referring to a person who dies without seeking forgiveness without turning to Allah and without changing his or her life indeed, which means still, Allah can forgive someone who did not repent, for any sins besides shirk. What is his association of partnership with Allah in worship, you worship someone something besides Allah or with Allah, that is known as Sheikh. So the first one, from the major destructive sins were the prophets of Salaam says, stay away from seven types of sins, that are very destructive, the most destructive sins in this world and the next is a

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server and movie cut. Those that would result in your punishment in this world and the next destructive the first one a shooter could be

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stay away from associating partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you have turned back to Allah, if there is ever any act that you are doubting you rather live it out, then to engage in something that might just be wrong. Because those acts of worship Allah wants you to engage in they are enshrined very clearly as for those that are not clear, you can actually leave them out it won't be a problem.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala has taught you what you need to know in clarity. Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us. The second one, you will be surprised, a CEO, magic to engage in magic to participate in black magic to ask for it to go and seek it and to be a part of it. All of that is considered a movie cut from among those sins that are extremely destructive in the dunya and the akhira. Why the Prophet Muhammad Allah Salam says Mansa Hara *a Ashok, whoever casts a spell has associated partners with Allah, my brothers, my sisters, it is rampant across the globe. Now it is becoming more where people are participating in magic to get things

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Subhan Allah, people are engaging in magic thinking that by us doing something like this, we are going to achieve goodness not realizing you are cutting the umbilical cord between you and Allah in a figurative way.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us never ever resort to magic or some superstitious dealings in order to achieve something or in order to destroy something, never do that. It is too costly. It will cost you your Jannah it will cost you your relation with Allah Don't do it. Don't go to someone to say I have a problem. I want to marry a married woman. I need you to cast a spell so that they are divorced law How will our La quwata illa Billah people are doing this

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You know what, they are not happy after that as well. Because shavon dangles a dirty carrot, not realizing that you will achieve nothing from this besides shaytan telling Allah you see I told you what Carla shine upon hula

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amou in Amal Kumar

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while I took him left to come

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on illa

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vestager bottomly falletta Lu Mooney, one oh second shape on the day of judgment will tell Allah Oh Allah.

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Or in fact shaytan will say that Allah has promised you a true promise and I just gave you a false promise you are the one who listened to me I didn't force you to do anything you came to me with with I had the false promise you left Allah who had the true promise and now you are here you are stuck. Don't blame me blame yourself that is shaytaan statement. So my brothers and sisters, we need to talk about this magic is something that if a person participates in it in any way, shape, or form, they are compromising their relationship with Allah and even destroying it. But if a person seeks forgiveness from Allah, He will forgive them. So if you have done something in the past, seek

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Allah's forgiveness. And SRA Kabila was saying when he says walk through nuptse lady her Ramallah who in Levin, Huck to commit murder, if a person killed someone, directly or indirectly, it is a massive major sin.

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Because innocent lives are not meant to be taken by people. vigilantism is not permissible in Islam. You cannot take the law in your own hands and start killing people and hurting people and harming people and thinking I'm doing a good job. No.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding.

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So imagine, this hadith starts off with seven major things. The first three we hear about him, I ship a sin and murder. So one is association of partnership with Allah. One is magic, and one is murder to commit murder. Now you want to hear something dangerous, that is following that? a clue Reba, what a clue mallia team to consume usually, and interest to consume it. Sometimes you may have an amount of interest in your account, because of the financial system that you might be living in depending on what environment what country you are in, and what the laws are, etc. You take that amount and you give it away to the poor Muslims, no problem, but it's not your amount you don't eat

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it. You don't eat it, a cruel Riba to eat that is wrong to consume that is considered middle movie cut from among that which is very dangerous for you. sinful, it will cause some downfall of yours in this world and the next and what is worse, let's not talk about bank accounts only. We talk about people who are wealthy, they give their money to someone and they tell them I need back with 20% more, you say But isn't that interest? No, it's a profit. What type of profit is this, they will call it any name, but it is still interest.

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Unless they are willing to participate in your business and share the loss if any, then we are talking business. Otherwise, let's learn from our scholars. And we have many scholars here in Nigeria. Let's learn from our scholars the details, let's continue to learn because the financial markets and the laws of economics have changed over time. And they are continuing to change with different types of currencies and so on. We need to be up to date knowing what's right and wrong from those who have knowledge of that. If you were to ask me certain things I will tell you, brother, I have not specialized in that field. Let's find the scholar who has specialized in the

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field, who knows current day markets, who will be able to talk to you as an economist and explain to you logically and properly what Allah allows and what he does not allow. Sometimes you go to a person who doesn't really know about international markets, they will make everything haram for you and it will become impossible to live. And then you might go to someone who's not really bothered about Islamic rules and they will say brother, just eat La hawla wala quwata illa we need a balance. We need someone who knows and someone who can teach us and guide us. So it's important to participate in the lessons of this nature that happened not only in this Masjid, but I'm sure in

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many other circles of knowledge.

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So a clue Riba is something that is very serious

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Then we have a clue manually a team, the consumption of the wealth of an orphan, do you know what that means when someone dies, and you are somehow connected to that estate, to execute that estate properly and to ensure that the dues are given to all those, the widows, the orphans, etc, in a proper manner, that is something that Allah has enshrined with a lot of importance.

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And it is a major sin to be corrupting that it's a major sin, to cheat and to steal from the widows and orphans. Someone who's innocent the Father has passed away someone else has passed on, you are made a trustee or you are entrusted with their wealth. Please make sure that you are honest. The Quran in Surah Nisa, at the beginning has verses directed to this in a clear way. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam continues to mention something.

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He says what well ne Yo, Mazel Tov, the day of the war, to run away without the instruction of the commander is a major sin.

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In fact, there is a verse of the Quran that tells that to us, at the time of war, when you are a warrior, and you are going forth to fight the enemy, to run away or to turn back from that.

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And without the instruction of the commander, you would actually be considered the person who engaged in a major sin.

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What happens to a believer when he is in a war zone, and he has to fight on to protect the oma or his people or whoever else, it may be one of two good things happen to him.

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Either there is victory on the ground, so we are victorious or he is considered a martyr because he lost his life and he will get Jana was there a loss. In actual fact, for a believer there was no loss. The idea here is to strengthen the warriors to tell them you do not go back. Make sure you follow the instructions of the commander, you know, the Battle of some of the people did not follow the instruction of the prophets of Salaam and they came down from a certain hillock where they were supposed to be guarding, and that caused a lot of destruction for the Muslims. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness.

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And the last one from those seven that we will talk about today. It's in the Hadith, it is tenable. A server and move your carts. Remember the term a server it means the seven I'll move because it means those sins that are very detrimental and damaging against you in your deen your dunya your akhira in your life and the hereafter. The last one is called Alma Sana minute Allah have a lot to falsely accuse the believing females who are innocent of the sin you are accusing them off, primarily immorality.

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People today come out and say that one is having an affair with this one. This one is having an affair. What did you see? You just saw them talking together? What else did you see? You saw one message on the phone. What else did you see? And you know how far your accusation went? Subhan Allah, I'm not condoning messages on the phones. But I'm telling you, if the prophets are seldom says Be careful about accusing others of immorality, then you need to know it's a serious sin.

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It happened at the time of rasulillah salam so to know has in it verses that have clarified accusations against our mother Ayesha, Allah who that was not for nothing. Allah says, One lady in Kibera, whom in whom law who was

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the one who started all of it, the main man who was behind the accusation against a shadow of the Allah, He will have a severe punishment. But more than that, luckily me him.

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Even everyone who spread the tail, everyone who enjoyed the gossip is going to be punished because of what they have done, what they have earned.

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So there are two things we need to know. Never accuse someone of something, especially when it comes to immorality, because false accusation is something major. And secondly, never become a person who enjoys gossip because then you will be carrying tails and when you carry tails, naturally, you will carry something that is wrong, and you will earn an equal portion of the sin based on what you have done.

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So that is the one Hadith that speaks about the major sins or the sins that we have been warned about a lovely cat, they will destroy you. But before I end, there is one more Hadith that I must speak about because it only has three categories in it. And already we have spoken about some of them. The prophets of Allah

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I'm one day.

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He says Allah una Bo combi kabaya. It's a hadith of Abu Bakr, Allah one.

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He says, should I not inform you of the biggest of sins?

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And so he said, a shear could be lying. He started off with the same one that was in the previous Hadith. Then he says, oh, Coco noir de de Subhana Allah, what is the meaning of open qualidade?

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Well, the translation of it would include to be disrespectful or hateful or abusive towards your parents.

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It does not mean obedience, because obedience is confined to what is within what Allah has ordained, which means if your parents are asking you to do something Allah has prohibited you cannot obey them. Even if they say you are now doing a cook, you will tell them my father, this is not a book, this is actually doing you a favor. I'm not going to buy your alcohol for you because Allah has this allowed that Subhana Allah, I'm just giving you an example. So be kind towards your parents, be dutiful towards them. speak to them in a respectful way, even when you disagree with them. Speak in a very beautiful way. Don't abuse them. It's the second sin from a Cameroon cabal, you need to

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memorize it and know it and talk about it because the new generations seem not to give a damn about their parents and the status of parents.

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And the last one, the Prophet Solomon was lying down when he mentioned these two, then he set up in one narration his face changed. And he says Allah wa kono zooty wa Shahada to Zoo Allah wa cola zoo, he was Shahada to zoo, Allah wa Shahada to Zoo Do you know what that means? Behold,

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to utter that which is of false witness that which is false and to bear false witness to utter falsehoods and to bear false witness Didn't we say earlier, one who bears false witness is engaging in a major sin when we accuse others but this is more encompassing in that sometimes you are lying about something whether it is in a court or not in a court, if it is in a court in front of the judge, it is even worse. But even if it is not there and you are bearing false witness Subhanallah it is a major sin. The Sahaba say he kept repeating this these words, and our call to zuhdi were Shahadah to Zoo he kept repeating them until we felt

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we hope he keeps quiet now.

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For Masada, you can riru ha ha Allahu Allah who sakata later who second. He continued to repeat them until we felt but we hope he keeps quiet. My brothers my sisters, I end on this note to say, Let us make sure we are always truthful. If you have lost something because of your truthfulness, Allah will replace it with a million things. And if you have gained something because of your false hood, Allah will replace it with a million regrets that you may have. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us forgiveness and open our doors and May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to abstain from sin and to seek forgiveness all the time for indeed the one who is successful is the one who

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continues to seek the forgiveness of Allah wa tubu illa Allah he's yummy and a you help me know when Allah Allah come to flee home and repent unto Allah all of you are believers in order that you achieve true success. barakallahu li walakum wa Ronnie was soon one of our annual combi MFI him I mean it when hikma a cola cola Allah Allah Allah ko Melissa la muslimeen festival window Rahim.