Nadim Bashir – Children Being EXPOSED To Immorality

Nadim Bashir
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Hamlin or Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Maga. So this is a very important message today Inshallah, in this brief reminder for, especially for the parents in sha Allah, first of all is that before I actually get to the main message, I do want to explain that when it comes to information when it comes to knowledge, knowledge is acquired information is processed through two different ways. Number one is by hearing, or number two is seen. So when we see something, that information is internalized. And then sometimes that information of, of course,

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goes into our mind, sometimes it goes into our heart. And sometimes it goes in and sits right in our subconscious mind. Also, when it comes to information that we hear, or something that we hear, it goes and sits into our mind, and we process that information. So this is the very first thing that we need to understand that there's two ways of acquiring information or acquiring knowledge. One is through seeing and number two is through hearing. The second important thing that we have to also understand is when it comes to the therapy of our children, is very important that we don't necessarily have to get into differentiating between what is right and what is wrong. We have to as

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parents, simply make sure that we teach them what is right. A lot of times as parents, we want them to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Now, if it's a very simplistic idea, then you of course you can explain to your child, but sometimes there are some aspects of our deen that you cannot really explain to them the difference between what is right and what is wrong. So in that situation as parents, it is absolutely essential part of the therapy of our children that we instill within them. The affirmative matters regarding our deen who Allah subhanho wa Taala is what is our deen there's no need to get into this differentiation that this is what our deen teaches us

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versus, you know, the other systems and so forth. But we have to teach them about who Allah subhana wa Taala is and the greatest example of this is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sitting with a child and he's telling this child that yeah, hula inequality will Karima This is a very long Hadith the Prophet SAW Selim. But in this hadith, this is the primary use Salam sitting with a child, explaining the child who Allah subhana wa Taala is the importance of protecting Allah subhanho wa Taala as His commandments, the importance of understanding how powerful Allah subhanho wa Taala is that how everything is contingent on Allah subhanho wa Taala how everything is depending

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on Allah subhana wa Taala and how Allah subhanho wa Taala is completely independent from his creation and so forth. So once again, we see in that hadith that the property is some is not going into this long lecture of right versus wrong. But what he is simply doing is that he's teaching this child the affirmative matters regarding our deen. So now that we have these two things in place, now that you I've explained these two things, I want to get to the main message of this, you know, this brief reminder. And that is that when it comes to our children, the same thing applies for our children, when it comes to them learning something, it is done through two ways. Number one is by

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seeing something or number two is hearing something. So when our kids today, when they go out, they hear certain things. When kids go to school, they see certain things. And what happens is that when they see these kinds of things that are becoming very rampant in our society, when they see the firewall, harsh the morality, the indecency, the illicit relationships that they see everywhere around just the the lack of modesty and higher that is very much rampant in our society. When they see this, it began, they began to process in this information, they don't forget this, but rather, they remember these kinds of things. Likewise, they began to hear certain things that people are

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saying, which is starting to become the norm of our society. Now, having said that, what we need to do as parents is something that's very important is that when it comes to our children, and part of their tarbiyah, is that we make sure that number one, we keep a very close eye on what they are reading, because what they are reading is they're looking into the book, they're reading information, and they're internalizing it. Now, I'm not saying they're reading a book or something along with it. But what's happening is that there are now many books in our libraries, where they are promoting the idea of LGBTQ they're promoting this idea of indecency and immorality and idea,

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you know, they're including

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immorality in our children's books. So as parents, first of all is that when your children go to the library and they pick up books, it is part of our responsibility as parents that we vet out and we go through the books that

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They want to read. If your child wants to read a book that you have absolutely no idea what it is, then it is your job and your responsibility that you do your simple research that what is his book about? Now, I will say this, there are many books that our children are reading today in schools, that perhaps you and I, as parents who grew up here in this country, have probably read in our schools too. And you know that they're absolutely clean, they're pure, they're kosher. There's nothing wrong with them. There's nothing wrong for your kids to read those kinds of books. But the point I'm trying to make is that number one, when it comes to books, it is very important that we

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know what our kids are reading now. You think that, okay, when it comes to books written by Muslims, okay, you know, we should be okay there. And unfortunately, that's not the situation, I recently came across a message that was sent to me by someone that where there was a book written by a Muslim woman who is writing about a character, a Muslim character, who is in a hijab, and she introduces herself that she is gay. Now, once again, these are ideas written, or these are books written by Muslims, you these kinds of books, they have a girl on it with a hijab on it, you would think as a Muslim parent that this has to be a good legit book. But unfortunately, now we do have Muslims who

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are writing these kinds of books. So therefore, it becomes our job and our responsibility that we make sure that we go through and we do our research on the books that our children choose to read. That's number one. Number two is because once again, we're talking about how they take in information. Our kids watch a lot of TV, they watch a lot of YouTube, they watch, and there's so many other, you know, ways of watching films and TV shows, and so forth, it is very important that we know what our kids are watching. And the reason why I say this is because even if you have them, watch, the most basic things are coming, something that's considered as public television, and so

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forth, you know, television that you don't even have to pay for his public television, educational information, and so forth. But unfortunately, what they're trying to do is that we live in a society where there is an indoctrination that is taking place against our children, they are trying to find ways to introduce these ideas of immorality, and homosexuality, and so forth. And they're trying to normalize it to such an extent that they're putting these kinds of content in our cartoons in the cartoons that our kids are watching. And they're being labeled as educational cartoons now, yes, for the most part, they are educational, once again, for the most part, they are educational. And yes,

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you might want your kids to watch these kinds of shows because they're educational, to teach them vocabulary, English, math, and so forth. There's nothing wrong with them. But at the same time, as parents, we, we have to know what our kids are watching, you cannot give your kids a free rein, just go ahead and watch everything because time to time, there are some certain things that we are seeing on television, even in Educational Television, which are very inappropriate for our kids to be exposed to. In fact, when it comes to even movies, a lot of our parents, we let our kids watch any kind of movie they want. No, even when it comes to first of all, when it comes to adult movies, in

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the sense like where they are like, you know, adult movies in the sense like where, you know, adults would watch them that, you know, they have a story, there's a fictional story and so forth.

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You know, a lot of times, I'm not talking about those, I'm talking about even,

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you know, animation, movies, movies, that you would think that, you know, they're they're dedicated, they've been created for kids and families, especially if you look at the family genre, you'll find many movies in there, especially animated movies. But even in those animated movies, you'll find a lot of concepts you know about romance and love and love making and so forth, that are very inappropriate for our children at this age. And so therefore, it is absolutely important for our parents that we make sure that we know what our kids are watching. You don't give them a free have a free rein, go ahead and watch whatever you want. But no, you know, in fact, I know some parents that

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what they do is that they first watched the movie that their kids intend to watch, or they watch the movie before they want to perhaps show the movie to their kids. And in that way, they make sure that if it's kosher, if it's absolutely fine, no problem with it, but we have to be very careful as parents to know what our kids are watching once again, brothers and sisters, when there is a facade, when the when the Akita becomes corrupt when the morals become corrupt. When the ideology becomes corrupt, you know, our simple ideology and our understanding about Islam. It becomes corrupt, not overnight, but slowly and gradually. This has been the principle throughout history that when

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corruption comes, it does not come overnight, but it comes slowly and gradually. So when our kids are reading something, or they are, you know, they're reading something, they're watching something. So we have to in those kinds of situations once again, that's why it's

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For the first part, was that how we internalize information? But then the next part is that we don't have to get into this debate that why am I not showing them this cartoon? Or why am I not letting them watch this TV show, we don't have to get into this debate at that time, because they are so young, that they may not understand the Hikmah of you not letting them watch that TV show or you know, lay them read that particular book, and so forth. You don't have to get into that debate at that time, because their minds are not mature enough to understand this. And so that is why we don't have to get into that debate. But we simply as parents, we take away those books, and we try to

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replace it with something, you cannot take something and now replace it with something, take it, but replace it with something that's even better. So you know, this is something that, of course, we you know, we see this over and over again, and Subhanallah we see this happening in America over and over again. And it's all happening only here in America is happening all over the world where different concepts are being introduced to our kids in a very subliminal way, in a very subtle way, in a very, in such a in such a, you know, interesting, interesting way that you would think that our kids cannot pick up this kind of information. But remember, our kids are such an art, their minds

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are so sharp at this age, that they hear it in the minute they hear something, they may overlook it, but the minute they hear, you know, again, when they hear it, and the third time they hear it and the fourth time they hear it, trust me, it's going to sit there and it's going to start they're gonna start asking questions. So rather than putting them in that kind of situation, let's protect them to begin with, when it comes to our dean. The reason why there's an idea and a concept of you know, good company is because good a company brings us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala likewise, we need to make sure that when it comes to our kids, they may not have necessarily company like

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other human beings as company, but books can become their companions. These kinds of TV shows can become their companions and it becomes our responsibility to vet out what they're watching and what they're reading. Once again, this is just a humble reminder inshallah for all of us, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa that to protect us to protect our upcoming generations to protect our children. And may Allah subhanaw taala instill Iman within our kids I mean loblolly me or Zach Malachite salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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