Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat-ul Mulk – V19-21

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of Jesus's name in surahs to describe himself as a man and the importance of showing his love for the bird. They also talk about the use of Jesus's name in surahs to describe himself as a rock man and how his name is used in surahs to describe himself as a man. The speakers also mention a woman named Joassol who is experiencing problems with her husband and talks about wanting to work hard and being patient. Jesus gives guidance on personal and men's issues, including a woman who complains about her husband's actions and a woman who talks about wanting to work hard and being patient.
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So Allah azza wa jal now speaks about the birds LLM euro Illa. tyre fell commissar 13 while COVID here is the point why Allah tells you this may Yun SQL Hoon in long run, man is nothing is holding them up in the air except the rock man. You notice the verse doesn't say Meryem sequel Hoon in the law. It doesn't say a lot. So that happens in sort of a natural suit a natural. Allah azza wa jal talks about the same ID idea. Our lm euro Illa Tyree Musa hauraton masaharu latifi Joe with sama, mamc cohoon illa Allah. So Allah azza wa jal says this something very similar but he uses his name in a different surah. here Allah describes himself why he does that. So the first verse in Surah 10,

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Allah mentions his name Allah, because he wants you to know these, the one that's making this happen. Why? Because he is a rock man. So this verse here explains that verse in Surah 10 Now I have my name sequel hoonah ELO Rockman. The question here is, why does Allah describe himself as a man when talking about the birds flying in the sky, it should be very obvious. It is out of Allah zoa Just Mercy, love and compassion for his creation, that he's doing this. Because if Allah wanted to, all the birds could just fly could just fall from the sky, and that would be the end of it. But because Allah so ramen is there, this is why that bird can sustain itself in the air. Then Allah in

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another verse in solidity, Brahim, Allah talks about the Safina, the ship as it floats on to the water. And he mentions that the promises seller mentioned, just imagine this is all metal, it's filled with all this weight, but it doesn't sink to the ground. There's a scientific way of looking at it. But for us Muslims, were we are content with the spiritual way of looking at it. And this is a lot so without causing that ship to float on something that is literally weightless and worthless. And, you know, subpanel, it kind of reminds me of, I'm sure some of you here probably saw that whole Titanic movie. What did the guy say in the beginning of Titanic before he went on to the ship? He

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said, not even God could sink the ship. I don't I don't deny that for a moment in terms of people during that time. These are some of the things because Dean during that time in 1920s and early 1900s, it was very weak for a lot of the parts of the world. I mean, a lot of our great grandfather's and so on, they would have a lot of stories to talk about, you know, one of the things they would hold on to was just five daily prayers that was their biggest Dharma that they had. Point is though, I mean, during that time, if comments like that were true, then Allah azza wa jal responded by causing the Titanic to ship to sink in its maiden voyage. maiden voyage this first time

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it goes out to see that one unsinkable ship hit the ground. And you know subpanel it just again affirms that Allah azza wa jal is in control all of this at the end of the day, my MC Kahuna Illa Rahman, inna who be cliche in bossier, then Verily Allah subhanahu wa uttara. Allah is the one that sees everything in is well aware of all the affairs of everything that is happening.

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Now here, Allah azza wa jal concludes by mentioning that he is the one that sees everything. Again, it's to show that Allah azza wa jal is paying attention to detail. We'll take one more verse before we conclude in sha Allah for today. Among her the lady who are john de la commune Soto comin donelle Rockman in in curfew una Illa de oro.

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Now Allah azza wa jal here continues, and he mentions that a man her the lady who are June do love him. Now, who else can help you? Even and who else can help you and assist you, when you are weak when you are frail when you're looking for somebody to support you, even if it's an army behind you, who else can help you accept a lot as soldiers So in other words, Allah is saying, doesn't matter how much support you have around you. Nobody is going to be able to help you if you don't have allies, so a gel in your life. One of the best examples that stands out in my mind, at least at this point here is that whole incident with Yusuf Ali his Salaam, when Yusuf Ali Salaam is being seduced

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by that woman, and she was

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She locks the doors and you know, she says hate her leg, she throws himself. She throws herself at him. And she says to take me and do whatever you want. What is the use of it? He said, I'm saying he says, Call him either law, ignore who Rob be. I sent him a throwaway. So if he says, the builder in other words, use of it, he slammed the first thing as a prophet of Allah as a person who is guided by allies. So again, the first thing that he does is he calls upon Allah subhanho wa Taala and says, Oh Allah, protect me from falling into a sin. And it shows that even the smallest things you need Allah's help, nobody can overcome a sin in their life unless you ask Allah to help you in that sin.

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So nobody can overcome any problems in their life. Except if you ask Allah azza wa jal to help you with that problem. What's interesting is that when it comes to personal issues, Allah specifies doesn't pay attention to more but Allah specifies a lot when it comes to women and their issues. Like for example, in sorbitol mujaddid Allah azza wa jal talks about the very first verse, how does the verse verse How does it start off the very first one what is semi Allah who Poland Leti to Judo? kaffee zodia attached Nicki illallah wa Allahu yes smeta How would okuma Allah azza wa jal tells the woman that when she complains to Allah azza wa jal with her complaints, when she complains, because

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she feels like there's no way out of her relationship. By the way, this verse here was sent down because of a woman who had a problem with her husband, her husband was beating her. Our husband was, you know, hurting her in the marriage. And eventually the husband told her that he divorces her he didn't use that word. He says to her, that you are like my mother's back, which is a phrase the prophets have eradicated, that it doesn't count as a divorce anymore. But he told her that and she ran to the Prophet say send them and she complained, yada sola, my husband told me this under promises, Selim told her, to be patient with him, to be patient with him and just take things step

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by step, go back to him and try to work this out. The promises seven encouraged her to work things out first. So what did she do? She complained to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what Allah azza wa jal do a law firm and said, please send me a law. Or Allah azzawajal says, verily, I hear the complaint of the woman who complains to me, it's a of hope. It'll get a few Runa Illa few hooroo. It is an idea of hope, except for the disbeliever. Allah says the calf you don't they are still in a state of delusion, confusion. They can't see clarity. The word hudl means something that's not clear. It's not 100%. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, a transaction between you and

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somebody else. It's called bait bait earlier on. It's a transaction that it's not clear who really do you have to pay how much money you got to do pay, what's the witness the contract over if these things are not 100% then the transaction becomes invalid. So it's the same idea he left the hotel. And then the verse insha, Allah continues FMA mc mckibbon Allah which he which is verse number 22, which we will leave it for our next session in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to increase our tawakkol an increase his risk upon each and every single one of us. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to increase us in patience, to increase increases in stamina. And we ask Allah subhanho wa

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Taala to shower his aura and to shower his security and to shower his mofetil upon each and every single one of us, when we try to live and strive and breathe and work and struggle, and the one and only chance that we have in this world and in this dunya May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us every opportunity that we have in this world And may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our he better accept our efforts and give us his Jen, Allah home mean. So these are the words that we conclude with today, while Alfredo Darwin and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu taravella Ireland ob you know Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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