Murtaza Khan – Refutation Of The Christians

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the belief that Christmas is a day of joy and thanking individuals for their contributions to the community. The negative impact of a Capitalist society on society is also discussed, where individuals spend their money on gifts and other activities. The segment touches on the teaching of Jesus and protecting lost contact, as well as the importance of blessings for individuals, including parents and children. The segment also touches on the concept of "bringing forth" or "bringing on" of a woman, and how it is often seen as a "bringing forth" or "bringing on" of a woman.
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Dr Medina mania the

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Dr. Sherry Keller

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and Mr. Hamilton,

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Amanda in North Dakota at Teterboro

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kakula more data in vidin wakulla, we

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have the praising of loss of Canada Anna, sending men speaking and salutations upon the final prophet Muhammad, Salah harmony where as your surgeon

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will come on fortunately, once again,

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is paganistic practice with Richard that we're going to find in the following days that it becomes appropriate for us Muslims to understand the healthier the background,

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or the historical elements, what these people claim are about to practice inside their lives. And unfortunately, some Muslims as well, who fail to understand the teaching of Islam will begin to find that there's no harm in sharing greetings and salutations, and even some form of tacit approval of these paganistic witches and practices. On these days of gopher of these individuals,

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does we find that even according to their own sources are well and that we find. This is a great big fallacy about this belief of Christmas that we find. If you look inside Encyclopedia Britannica, volume three that you find that the 25th

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of December is a day whereby you find that the pagans used to worship the sun.

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It is classified as the day of the sensible sun. Because from that day onwards, you find that the sun begins to return back to its full height, full measurement that you find the days begin to lengthen once again.

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And the pagans are Romans used to worship the sun that you find all the way from centuries ago, when the Romans or the Christians entered amongst them, they began to adopt their teachings doesn't forge you find a large portion of Christian teachings today is nothing like Rome, Roman pagans and witches, which has developed inside their belief today. And as you begin to study and read about these individuals, this was the day that he used to worship the sun. Even you find this Christmas tree or the evergreen tree that you find people in the Northern Hemisphere believed that this was a tree that would not die, that through the snow and the wind, and the frost, a lot Panther created

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his feet to bear to take these natural elements. These individuals began to think that this tree possesses special powers, that they began to take branches of this tree and place it outside of their homes, to protect themselves. Till eventually you find that some of these individuals, they worship the tree in the presence that you find placed underneath the tree today, they will actually gifts that needs to offer to the idols,

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gifts that needs to offer to the islands the essence of this. And even the Bible itself in the book of Jeremiah talks about those individuals who follow pagan witches. We take the tree and decade with gatherings a decade, with the old demons around it and then they also begin to worship this tree. Even the Bible speaks out against the evil practices these individuals that as we as Muslims, you begin to understand the historical elements are what these people are practicing inside their lives. Because again, you find that many of these individuals, they don't really know what the teachings of Christ are. Or for many these individuals today just become materialism. It's a capitalist society,

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those who don't know anything about Christianity or religion. For them if you begin to study what begins to take place. During these days, you find that more than 10 billion pounds or dollars worth of wealth is spent over this period.

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1 billion on unwanted gifts to someone who had a 1 billion pounds worth of unwanted gifts a blessed day, an average family spends approximately 564 pounds, an average family on that day, on a blessed day of these individuals. Then he talks about poverty, the state of the economy, the state of the people. So these individuals, just a capitalist society is not religion, it's just about enjoying themselves and wasting their might another opportunity to spend their money. And the sad fact is only 14% of the people inside this country know who Jesus is, and what's the teaching of Jesus. This is supposed to be a so called Christian country. Most people don't know who Jesus is and what the

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teachings of Jesus are. And that's quite sad, and quite remarkable, and a great opportunity for us individually begin to engage these individuals to begin to highlight to us individually, what are the teachings of Jesus, that we as Muslims need to be reminded as well? Because many times when Christians will come to our doors, and they interpreted to tell us about Christianity, some of us begin to shy away, some of us don't know what to say, the answers are there. Inside the Quran, the Quran spends a long effort, and a long discussion to the uncertainty said the fourth chapter and throughout that surah

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Allah nassarawa reputation Christian beliefs and Jewish beliefs and practices that we find so to map into what's known as a table spread begins to talk about their beliefs once again, so that I am as well throughout the Quran, you find it begins. So did you find as well all the way to the end, or a plus or minus our reputation is individual. So the Koran spends our home time focusing upon the beliefs of anarchy, the belief of these individuals, and tried to teach us what is the right belief. And as you find that the name recently Sam is mentioned some 25 times directly inside the forum. And as people begin to highlight, there's some form of animosity between us and these individuals. When

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you don't like the enemy, you don't praise the enemy. So the Quran goes out of its way only mentions the name of the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salatu, Salam five times directly. And the name of a site mentioned 25 times what purpose it is animosity, hatred, I think the MDR between us and these individuals, you don't overpraise the enemy, but we know that we're dealing with a manner to shut down they and we have a lot of time to honor all of them they've been their religion is one way of life is one, the normal Islam. That's what they came with. What are

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their mothers are different. They came from different lands, different tribes, different languages, possibly, but the message of the game was all the same message. Welcome back to Matera, solar, unable to tell you about food within send amongst every single people worship only apostle Panda and that's what every message that came to tell these people and to stay away from anything which is worship besides those who cannot Allah. So the teaching of retaliation, I'm going to find out the Quran and the Quran begin to look at

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the 19th chapter for an overshoot go back over these days and begin to study the surah read the surah we need to see the surah to help us have a better understanding of what our creed what our belief is, and what these individual attributes are each

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of us attribute

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attribute a son

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about color isn't about dress isn't about language. This is what they attribute into Canada and many whether the the attribute to Allah Subhana Allah and the man the attribute is Santa last panda Anna Marie webmentions that happens in the earth about to rip open about to rip open when is evil statement of deals with a major colossal Panda and is about to crumble Down the Heavens down upon the skies, but at the mercy of Allah under the law prevents that to take place. But think about this. Imagine if somebody attribute something to your own mother or to your own father, and his expression goes over the head with breakout loose to defend the honor the dignity of your mother and

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your father. And think about this. When you lay out what they attribute to Allah Subhana Allah when they say Subhana x far beyond is a lot of time that what they say about last time that he has a son who has a daughter, when he someone to help him. He is a summer, the absolute eternal the EverLiving who has no need of any of the hunt, and no need of any of the creation or whatever is created. Everything stands in need of a lost Panda and he needs no individual anyone around him to protect or to glorify lost contact and melodica even into the serving a duty alone will destroy all of them at the end of time and raise them up once again because a lot of printer is so sufficient the one and

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only sukanta Anna that you find if you begin to read it's also add a number on the whole

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Family of Enron that we find is talking about money, money sooner, like a family, and that sort of money as well, I begin to highlight the story of money. Before that her mother, many of us even mentioned Hannah, the mother of Maria, and she began to make this vow, this promise, she was hoping that a son will be born. And she said, I will dedicate my son into the worship of Allah Subhana, Allah, whatever it is that my papa inside my stomach, when it comes out in delivery, I'm going to offer that service to you.

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But we find that love Come down at desk and something else

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happens in Yahoo, Yahoo, finance, NASA.

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almost gives whomever he wants to give his daughters to wherever he wants. And he says he had the as mentioned, but first he mentioned he gives to me when he wants to test enough phrases to test before we praise his toys. Because we know that amongst other individuals from of the shy, the symbol is to begin to post about their children, especially about the sons

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that he's, he's trying to attribute to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam who are up to the mountain of nine, as the dean, he doesn't have any sons to carry on his legacy to carry out his message to carry his father, his dignity, the

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individual he's needed is cut off, because the right and the privilege and the honor and the name of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam continues to mean other people Piano

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Piano he's named continues the name of the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam, just as well, this is after he's been rejected if you take away all the vessels individually, so you find the mother of Maria Maria center, she wanted this son, by the last candle attest to that she's going to have a baby chart, a girl that she's going to have.

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When she gave birth, she dropped her Lord, she's, this is a girl, when he says the curriculum. And a woman is not like the girl. This is a blessing because panorama

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shows the blessings. That is a clear distinction between a girl and a boy, when he's individually trying to push inside a society that there is a concept of equality between men and women, yes, there is equality. But at the same time, there is a clear distinction of an instant, which is clearly visible to this day that you find psychologically, biologically, that you find spiritually as well that you find there's a great big distinction between a man and a woman. jihad

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is a struggling of a woman who perform physical jihad, jihad.

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jihad is to perform the Hajj, where the Jihad if a man is something totally different. And I couldn't find other elements of spirituality at times she has to pray to him. She doesn't have to pray, etc. All that we lifted from her is a blessing for her. But we brought the Christian theologians when they write about the deliverance of a baby, they say that a girl a woman, the essence of how a seller, because she trapped them, she made that initial mistake from eating or attempting to eat from the treat every single woman on the face of the earth carries that sin has nothing to do this is a query they believe the only the priests any fool you can read the works in

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great detail for a long time Christians was discussing whether a woman is to be classified as a human being they used to just destroy them is to ban them is to bury them is to seek them inside the river. That's what is your long discussion. 18th century they began to discuss today I tried to push it out society that women should be pleased that women should be like Yes, a women should be like that. Toyota is the history you never even recognize a woman as being a human being. And then you begin to play us about the way we tell our women to dress how they have their etiquette Holly to follow the etiquette that they follow under Sharia law. sukanta Anna crowcon that man is not like a

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woman. They all both have their own separate roles. But Maria Maria, she was born with

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Maria are given in the name of Marie Madison, look at the miracles that you find the blessing that a daughter brings. For a Muslim is something to be rejoicing, to be happy about. When you found once again, in our culture, we begin to get upset about the blessing of a daughter or daughter has been given to us. We get over worried about their marriage, about their life and all these aspects that we find. This is an element of happiness for the Muslim, the individual, that she becomes even a greatest source of new life for the individual. And the love that she gives is different from the love that his son will give to the individual. And as you find the money and the miracles were given

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the blessings were given to her.

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Every time you find a soccer player into the station of prayer, what did

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he found food and provision being given to it through the provision out of season out of weather? He asked a million

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women did this come from Who's this blessing come from?

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added the dishes from Allah Subhana. Allah, this is a great festival. Yes,

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sir, gives you the blessings upon Ghana. You can certainly it would be interesting to look after Maria penisula. What happened to him? He's increased on Anika as

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Zakaria was barren, he had no children. When he saw the devotion of this young woman, his devoted individual, he didn't

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have no children. I have no lineage blessed me with a with a child. And I responded to him.

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And he said, the pristine beauty of this woman that we find that most people have brought up and begin to highlight

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a devoted individual that she was committed herself when,

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when this angel came to give her the glad tidings blooming to asleep. I said, you're going to have a child? Look at her words.

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She said, No man has ever touched me in their life. No man has ever come close to me. How am I going to conceive? How am I going to have a child look at even today how they depict a listener with a heater with a scarf, utter respect, even though we know this is not money, malice, but it depicted in that manner, in a noble manner. Once again, this is a lesson for Muslim sisters as well. They are recognizing that money money Silla was a chest woman, the most chest woman that you can find is Maria malasana. Does you find that even Juba into the polling to speak to her, she said to him, stay away from me in control

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of your price in Division, there's no need for you to speak to me for extra conversation or to talk to me or to mention anything anything to me if you're passing a budget, stay away from me, but obviously,

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a human being and he begins to give her

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an Emmy for that Marie Marie Silla, Chica is the child or am I begin to debate about the essence

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for nine months, and she told me that child you begin to find the difficulty of labor began to come upon us. And then she began to call up the loss of Hannah Anna, a woman, a strange woman who's never had any relationship who's ever gone through childbirth, they use the color

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panda advocate to make this

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Welcome to newseum and senior fellow. If only been something forgotten, no one knew who I was. Welcome to Nestle man, Celia, and I become se forgotten by the oldest mankind. So she must

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begin to hold fast to the rope. First, the trunk of the tree begins to shake the tree. If I go to the engineer, if I refresh, this will come down for you and drink from the fresh water be given to you. Or if I see there's mentioned that dates don't go in December. Dates don't go in December, December, the gala, Philistine dates grow in the month of March. So this is,

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once again, whereby they believe that you find Rita was born in December. He wasn't born in December. Likewise, you find who said he was blond haired, blue eyed, usually his teachers, he decided that a Philistine where you really have those features, but you want to include inside society that Jesus was a white individual, Jesus was this type of individual for us, we don't care what color they are, what type of individuals or what their family their lineage is, we know that order man can be created for one night or one female.

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the creative nation and tribes to get to know one another, the most noble viewpoint of a lifetime to me is at the core of the most pious individual person makes no difference what they find the whitecliff commentary Bible

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gives a reputation that Jesus was not born inside December, their own Bible, the only source is Allah. He was not born in December. It's not possible. So all of this is a great big fallacy of him being born in December for him being the son of God, only being a human being this begins to refute his individual highlighted individual, then you find a look at the way Do they begin to behave? They begin to say that money money so what did they begin to say about that, that she had an indecent relationship with use of a Naja use of the coffin? That's what they had on my mind. So once again, she got married. When she came, she came to talk to the people and began to say your mother wasn't a

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bad woman. Your father wasn't a

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bad Look at you. You've come with this. What could she do? Sasha LA. She just pointed to the baby. She couldn't say anything. What could she do? She respond. She pointed to the baby pointed the cradle. And what is a baby delivers a corner of the law. It is underserved, have a look come down. It doesn't say the law, just saying the son of the law doesn't say this doesn't talk about his mother, or his community he first and the servant of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah ordained upon me to offer their prayer to give this account and made me to become more kind and dutiful and powerful to my mother and to be oppressive. It'd be good to my mother. Those are the words of Lisa Annie center.

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And in this silent, this miracle silence all these people that this is a blessing individually, the teacher

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Things are coming in the corner a Sally seller, Baku

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Romani. Welcome

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