Feiz Mohammad – Tafseer Al Falaq 10

Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the lack of faith and confidence in humans due to their gene possessing a desire for entering or exiting houses. They also mention the construction of a new building and the potential impact it could have on future generations. The speaker questions whether proof is given for the construction and reminds the other person to remind them of the proof.
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Is there a reason why the gene possess human beings? Is there a reason Yes, there are reasons lack of faith, you might disturb a gene accidentally and it can happen. Ah you might walk around the house is fully naked

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and a GMO the soil and opposition

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you might not enter the house or exit the house and people do it. You want to enter the house or exit the house or eight or enter the toilet or lay the toilet without any resemblance.

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Now Bismillah now the builder nothing the general position. So you open the doors for him You can open the doors or close the doors. And as we said the way you close the doors for him is by guiding you sofas Decker

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ma with attain the free calls that is

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saying Bismillah always saying so panel Lord hamdulillah lo egg but not in circles. But in you know before you do things whenever you want to finish things whenever you want to eat before you consume it with your wife. And it's a very important time because you know, we always say Bismillah before you consummate because the shaitan could affect the child in the future by the will of Allah. So we're commanded and warned about this. That whenever you consummate before you come to the door and you say Bismillah

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Al Asad.

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Absolutely you are allowed to do the job. Why did they not mention proof for it? Can you remind me of the proof I mentioned.

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You are allowed where's the proof I mentioned in waspy

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