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AI: Summary © The psychology behind Islam is the honey, meaning Allah is rich and in need of the people. Allah gives a warning to whoever turns away from the people who cannot discipline and gives a Roller-On-You Waste Waste-On-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One-One
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Springs Cain from the learner with anime Civil Law Center Mallanna Vina Mohammed while early he was I mean, he married my bad cinematic mind regarding

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how the law we're going to continue with our study of Southern Hadid and we reached verse number 24 in total, so he has 29 verses so we are towards the end.

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So let us begin with verse number 24. Allah says Allah Dena Yamaha Luna via maroon and NASA Bilbo, those who who who are miserly, and they instruct other people to be miserly to Romania tawanda Thing number one, honey and honey that whoever turns away then truly a lot. He is all rich and full of praise.

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This verse is a continuation of the previous verse and the previous verse, last mother told us that it's not right for people to become overly excited and happy in times of fortune, just as it's not right for people to become, or people to lose hope in difficult times. Yes. So I said that, like a lotta samalla masataka baratta for hobbema taco, that so that you wouldn't lose hope when something misses you. And you wouldn't become happy meaning overly excited when things go your way?

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Why was that an issue? We said because when something good happens to in your life, you can become happy. That's not a problem is the issue is when you become so happy that you lose it. Yeah. So for example, somebody who, Mashallah he passed his interview, he got a really good job. What does he do that night, his friends phone up and say this in his car partying? Yeah, so they got partying, maybe they drink a little, etc, etc. And they end up doing harm things. That's what is prohibited on the opposite side of the scale by saying that you shouldn't lose hope, when things go bad. So another example is a person loses his job. Okay. And when he finds out that he's been made redundant, and he

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feels like killing himself, okay, now he's on the other end of the spectrum. So I'm also trying to say is that those people will know who they are. Bakula

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has a lot of people who are hostile and for whom McDowell came from here, which means person who thinks very highly of himself. Yes. And of course, is a very proud person, as if to say that people who behave like this in good times and bad times, they are tend to be people who are obsessed with themselves. And very proud, meaning they look down on other people is low. Now the verse that we are going to speak about now is a continuation whereby says, Those who are miserly and to to others to be miserly as well. So the way is connected is if Allah Subhana Allah is saying that another trait of people who go to these extremes is that they're very miserly as well. Yeah. How does that make

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sense? Well, think about it. if, let's say an example of a brother

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Okay, so he learns at first marshalling his degree, and then he gets a very good job. He's earning a lot of money. He's learning the most in the whole neighborhood. He's a top earner in the whole neighborhood. And the money gets to his head. Yes. And he likes to show it as also he goes around with, you know, with a flashy car, with the designer clothes with all the latest gadgets. And what happened is that, though enough, before he never had much money, he used to give some charity in, in Ramadan. But now he's rich. He doesn't even want to give you the guns. Yes, he doesn't want to give it to God, because he's making a lot of money. And he's become obsessed with that. And he's become

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tight fisted as a result of it. And so now when people come and ask for his help, for his financial support, he turns the other way, it looks down on those people. So it's true. When the world becomes your ambition, then as a consequence, you become a miserly person as well. So almost one says those people not only are they miserly Yamaha, loon, morona NASA will they tell other people to be miserly as though I think to myself, it was bad enough for you to be miserly yourself. Now you want people to be miserly. So how does that work? It's interesting, psychologically. Okay, let's say you're a person who doesn't pray five times a day.

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And all your friends, just start praying five times a day. Now the thing is, when you're sitting in the in the common room together, and everyone gets up to leave, and you're sitting there, how does that make you look?

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makes you look bad, isn't it? So instead of doing the right thing and saying, Man, don't be sad, if you have praise low shaitaan says no to those guys. I'm making you look bad. Make sure those guys don't pray. So you don't feel bad about yourself, isn't it? In the same way, when you are a miserly person, when you tie a fist, and you don't want to give your money to others, when you see another person giving makes you feel bad inside? So instead of doing the right thing, you say, bro, why are you giving them money for man? Those guys, the suspicious as evil can cause the drive, you know, I don't think he's really sadaqa it's more like a Jacuzzi fund. Yeah, don't trust those people. And

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there's no basis for saying that whatsoever. Except that you don't like to see them give because it makes you look bad. So in order to make yourself feel better, yet morona NASA will refer you to other people don't give. That's not a good cause. Anyway, charity starts at home brother isn't a charity starts at home and look after your own first. I remember suppose collecting this is University times at this station collecting for some cause most will be a Muslim country. And some people didn't want to give no problem so we will try to justify it. So what do you want to give to Syria for man church starts at home? It's not really yeah, we're gonna do a big run up again or

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It makes you think like, it's interesting. the psychology behind this and last month is highlighting that they miserly themselves and the two other people doing miserly as well many of them. But then Allah gives a stern warning, whoever turns away, meaning whoever cannot discipline himself to remain within the halaal in good times and bad times. Then just know in Allahu Allahu Allah is the honey. Meaning Allah is rich, he is not in need of your obedience. Alarm doesn't become greater, because you are obedient to Him. The implication of that is the opposite, which is because Allah is rich. He doesn't need your worship. The opposite implication is that you are poor, you need a laws reward.

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You need a law, not to punish you for what you are doing. Yes, in a law.

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Also interesting that Allah is saying people are miserly Allah is rich. Yeah, see the contrast it that you're? You don't want to give. But you don't realize who you are giving full. You're giving for the sake of Allah who is money? Yes, as if to say Allah is rich, and he could replace that money if you gave it away, and yet your misery? Little do you think and how he does? Well, he is praiseworthy. And if you look at those two names, they they contrast beautifully. Someone who is rich usually isn't someone who's praised, isn't it? You think about rich people in life. The richer they are, the more people are jealous or the more the more people hate them, isn't it? Bala is rich,

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yes, in a way that we could never possibly understand. And him being rich doesn't make him stuff are selfish as other people are. In fact, he is rich and takes care of the needs of everyone else. On top of that, he is rich, and he's praised by creation as well, which is something you don't find in this book. So Paula, for in the law, who will honey you need?

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One of the lessons we learned from that verse brothers and sisters, is the way a lot looks at people who are miserly is that a must have had that he doesn't think much of those things.

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People, and in fact he was those people. That is not. It's not like you're turning away a poor person, you are actually turning away from Allah when you do that, because Ally's honor gave you your money. And he encouraged you to spend it in causes that were pleasing. And if you refuse to do that, it says if you actually turn away from a lime, so he has for many years. So we mindful of that last part that make us generous. It's true, somebody may say, look, we see a lot of professional beggars nowadays on the streets, he has traffic lights, for example, now difficult to stop or red light, people are going to come and start making and then you see documentaries, you know, a lot of

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these people that work in gangs and they have policies back in Eastern European countries, you think, Oh my god, I gave that person 10 pounds the other day. So what do we say about that? What should we do about this? Even if you go for Milan hedge? Yeah, people out there, they're begging they come to you incredible stories about a passport and live dude is all gone missing etc, etc. And then you know, you emotionally become destroyed, got the heroin behind you. And you got this person in front of you. And you think to yourself, I don't want to do something wrong here, you know.

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And then what happens is sometimes you give and then you find out this person is in front of you in the queue for the restaurant.

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was given the money back then

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that makes you feel better inside and I got conned what happened in?

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So how do we strike that balance? We're allies condemning people being miserly and not giving, but at the same time, we are professional beggars. Not trying to con us. What do you think?

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What should be a practical Islamic ethical approach to this problem?

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What should you do?

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Should I give back this?

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Person give them like, material things?

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Okay, this is a good session. So someone says you know, please, I'll give him 10 pounds, please. And I need I need some money. You say okay, but what would you need for your food? I can buy some food. Yeah, this model what's happened once that happened in Medina?

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Yes, in Medina, a friend of mine, okay, we were, he was going to get some food. And

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what happened is he got delayed. And so what happens? I went to find him. I found him he was sitting there and didn't have any food in his hands. And he goes, Oh, you know, something will happen is that somebody asked you for food. So for money, and I said, you know, I'll be clever about this. I'll give him some food. So what happened is that he goes by going What do you want food is okay. They stood in the in the queue. Thing is for Hardee's or something. And what happened is the other guy

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for all these friends because here's how I found someone who's gonna buy some food. And they all came and say I want that one or that one or that one. So you have to buy everyone food

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for himself.

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Yeah, so maybe we'll work sometimes. Maybe it won't work sometimes. Isn't it?

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So what else while the solutions

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ignore the situation?

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The brother ignore them.

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And they keep yourself quiet is another way of saying blank.

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See, that's that's a good question. The brother said innocent are they allowed to bake the purpose of the law? Does he discourage you from begging? But here the question is that about the beggar it's about you.

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So that is kind of beside the point. whether somebody is allowed to or not. This is about whether you should what should you do? Should you give should you not get you to give something else? Say brother, I would love to give you a piece of advice.

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Door is gonna be a big one.

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What should you do Honestly?

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Okay, sometimes claves is a professional baby and you shouldn't encourage them by giving them money. Fair enough. I think the real dilemma is when it's kind of 5050 isn't it?

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Okay, okay. This Listen to this. Yeah, so donco is saying is that look 5050 it may be conning you it may be actually genuinely poor person. Why don't you just give an say Allah you know that I gave based on the fact that this may be a genuine person so reward me even if it turns out to be a con artist. I think this is very sensible. So just isn't it? Isn't it's not an easy one. But definitely between you and allow you put yourself on the safe side. Yeah, one of my teachers he said look,

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another possible thing you can do because you know in sort of

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law says what my cert you know, fella didn't have as for the SAT

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The big up forgotten her don't turn him away. Yes. But we're talking about no agenda in May, we're talking a professional one. But he said that what you should do if you think that this person is acting suspicious, then keep you know the the ones in the twos,

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ones in the twos, so at least you don't go against the verse. The verse said, Don't turn him away. He didn't turn away at the same time you didn't, you know, give him You didn't give him like you would you know, the person who thought you were genuine. And the last part that was best, next was love, but also now who should have been begging us? This is one of the main verses of the surah because similar to the Hadid and had the iron is mentioned inside the surah in this verse, verse number 25. Yeah, so the name of the surah is taken from this verses. So the verse begins lapada also now rasulillah bill Bay not no doubt about it. We sent our messages with beginners, beginner means

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evidences in miracles, well as in our humble kita, Amazon, and we sent along with them, the book and the balance, meaning revelation, and kita. The books are given to the prophets and the ability or the teachings which gives rise to justice. Why did Allah send that down? LEAH former NASA Bill pist, so that people would establish justice, people would establish this, which means justice and equity and fairness in the world, was in a hurry that he bought some machines but Allah also sent down iron and in iron is bad sort of shady the word belts means either pain and harm. shadiness intense, as if Allah is saying that I am, I sent iron down so that it could be used to inflict severe pain. So that

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the seed here is that iron will be used to manufacture weapons, which would be then used to fight the enemies of Allah, thereby inflicting great pain. Well, Malathion in us, but besides using it for weaponry, I and also has many other men apphia benefits, benefits, for example, in agriculture, in architecture, engineering, wherever you look, iron is used. Today, it's oxidized and made into steel. But nonetheless, the extra element there is iron iron is a very, is very much abundant. They said 30% of the school is made up of iron and nickel, one of the most abundant elements in this world. And then almost father says when he animala, from a young soldier who was Sula who believed,

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and the reason Allah sent down the profits, with proofs, and book and balance and iron, is in order, so allowed no meaning allowed, make it known, who will help him and his messenger, meaning who will help the cause of Islam, and who will help the prophet of Islam Salaam Salaam believe in the unseen meaning, even though they haven't seen a lot. And for us, even though we haven't met the prophets that have long lives and still be able to sacrifice and use these things for the sake of Allah,

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in the law, Hakuna Aziz and the verse and is truly Allah He is strong, or weak, and Aziz mighty. So let's try to unpack this verse. What is this verse speaking about? versus speaking about the reason why Allah sent messages? Why didn't last and messages and some details are given, but before Allah gave the details, he took credit for sending the messages. Look at how many times Allah says, We love father and son, we sent Luciana our messages, build the unit with clear evidences what.

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And we sat down with them the book and the mazon saw that people would establish justice, what ends up happening and we sat down, how do you how many times four times as if to say that messengers, they don't come on their own accord. They are not self proclaimed messengers. We sent them down. We gave them the mandate to go and call mankind to the light of the loss of Kannada. Also, Allah mentioned rusu, Lana, which is the plural, as if to say Mohammed said Allah said he's not one made up prophets, Allah, He is one of a whole line of prophets. And the first messenger Rasool not Nabhi is who

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who's the first prasun

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you don't know. No, hello?

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No, hello, Sam is a first and I assume other than a salon is the Nabhi won't get into the difference between it but the first is nor had the last year.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so almost want to send them all down. And homicidal Aslam is the last and final of them, but he didn't send them down without any support. I think about this the price of Selim, When did you become a prophet at the age of 14, now at the age of 40, he's gonna go out there and he's gonna tell people that you need to throw down those idols and you worship, stop behaving so immorally and worship Allah and Allah, Allah

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and the people, they're going to find that message very offensive, because not only do they worship idols, but their forefathers and worship idols. And that's all they ever known in the fact that they pride is based on the way of the ancestors. So you're going to come out and say, You know what, all of this is all wrong.

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It's all wrong. You all mistaken, you're all misguided, you must turn away from this and instead turn to the pure monotheistic worship Allah is that going to be easy, it's not gonna be easy

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to convince our whole society, that their belief system is inherently wrong.

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Basically, all the way down to the way they run the economy. It's never gonna be easy. So Allah says, we need to send them like that we send them bill, baby. Now it's clear evidence, and miracles, obviously, the greatest miracle that was given to the prophets that along with Islam, is this put on itself. And it is a living miracle because it can be experienced by anyone, so long as they come into contact with the Quran, meaning even after the person passed away, the miracle he was given still lives on. Yes.

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But the process, suddenly, there was many evidences to suggest that he was a man of truth, and he was really a prophet of God, if you put it aside, for a moment, think about irrationally. for 40 years, he's lived amongst the people who know him as a saw that mean a man who is honest and trustworthy, he was given that label by his people.

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And you think would you live with someone for 40 years, it's very clear who this person is, you know, this person. Then at the age of 40, he starts saying something which is strange to them, which is idol worship is wrong, you should be worship Allah alone. Now, any sensible person in that moment would think, you know, if he's always been honest, for 40 years, it's very unlikely that all of a sudden, he starts to lie, and not just any Lie, lie against God Himself. You see, even from a rational perspective, and he maintains that honesty and integrity from that moment until the moment he passes away, so that along with the age of 63, even if you're just looking at as a neutral

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person, analyzing his biography would lead you to the conclusion that he must have been a prophet of God.

00:22:52--> 00:22:57

So now send him with support, not just him, all the prophets, what

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will keep tabs on him is and he said, along with him two things, this is interesting. He said with them one thing, which is the Kitab, the book, and the second is the balance. What does that mean? You see in in fifth, the scholars, they divide the book of filk into two, Eva that and baramulla to come across this. And that our is to do with how you worship alone, your personal capacity, how you praise Allah, how you force a form hotel, gives a girl, etc, etc. morality is how you do with the creation of Allah, how you get married, okay? How if you needed to, you'd go to how you do business, how you govern a country, etc, etc. This is my omelet. So in this verse, Allah, He separates between

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the two.

00:23:48--> 00:24:09

He says that as for the way you worship Me, the rules and regulations, they came down, I gave them to the prophets. And we can refer to that as Al Kitab. As for the way you're supposed to behave with other people in this world, then I also set the balance, which means that you can use the teachings of this Quran to

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devise systems of justice, through which you can live with one another. How can you get married in a just equitable way? That's here? How can you do business in an ethical way? That is here? How can you run a country in an ethical way it is here.

00:24:30--> 00:24:45

But he also kind of said that we are the ones who sent both down, as if to say that the dean and the way you're supposed to live your life in this world are supposed to be both coming from Allah.

00:24:46--> 00:24:59

Yeah, so a secularist says, Look, I don't have a problem with worshiping God or you worship God in your own capacity, but the way we run our country, the way we devise the economy, the way we run the politics, we decide on that. No one's gonna tell us how to do that.

00:25:00--> 00:25:45

We believe no, even though human beings can work out how to run an economy, and how to achieve some justice in the law, the ultimate form of justice and the best form of it will never come except to the teachings of Allah and the messenger sort of llama isms. That is the belief of Muslims. We actually believe that. And we in this country, you know, there is there is a lot of justice is there is a lot of justice. So are we saying that if a person doesn't live by the Islamic teachings on justice, on morality, that there will be absolutely no justice in the world? No one is saying that. But we are saying that the highest attainable level of justice can only come when you follow the

00:25:45--> 00:25:50

teachings of the law and the promise of the law. So does that make sense? Yes, it's very important.

00:25:51--> 00:26:38

And that was fine to say is that the reason why we sent it Leopolda, NASA will pay so that people could establish justice. Now that so they can have it dictated to them for them. No, it's meant to empower them, to equip them with the knowledge and the teachings that will allow them to live with justice, implemented by themselves. Yes. And it makes you think, suppose Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, He cares about how we live in this world. It is not just about how you live in the life to come. Islam came to teach us the best way to live in this world. And the way to find the best in the hereafter as well as our cares about the way we live in this world. As Allah has this lifted, you

00:26:38--> 00:26:55

decide how you live in this world, whatever. The only thing I am concerned about is the way you pay to me translate and if you make will do and grow your bit. That's not it. Yes, that's not it. Put in the sala de la new Suki, yo, yo Ma Te La la la Vina la Susan am say

00:26:56--> 00:27:14

that my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying is all supposed to be for the master of the universe. Politics is included in that economics is included in that every part of human life has some guidance given to it by a lot of the listeners online.

00:27:16--> 00:27:50

Now, the interesting thing about the word Misa balance is Allah never said we sent it down. We sent down Adam. Last week we sat down at the museum. Yes. We never sat down and we sat down justice Allison, we sat down the balance. What's the difference between the two? See, when you have a scale? you placed two items on there. Okay. I think it's sometimes those two items, are they very different? They you can't tell which one is heavier than the other. And that's where the function of the balance comes in. It shows you that though this one is heavy. This one is this one is heavier. Yeah.

00:27:52--> 00:28:12

And the thing about that is a lot is saying that you see, sometimes you think something is good. But you don't realize that the harms in it actually outweighs the good. And the only way you will find out is after you tried an error and mess up. Or you can listen to me. They'll tell you first that this is the best way to do this. So for example,

00:28:14--> 00:28:16

should we punish people who still Yes or no?

00:28:19--> 00:28:28

People living in red bridge? Trust me? They all say yes, isn't it? The rate of burglaries in this area is crazy isn't as follow my law protect our homes and our families? I mean,

00:28:29--> 00:28:32

everyone agrees that look, the thief should be punished. How should you be punished?

00:28:35--> 00:28:58

The default, the difference? So Islam says that if a person stole a certain amount, a significant amount, without any mitigating factors, that he should have his hand chopped off. Some people say what kind of barbaric law is that? It's against human rights. That's what they say. Fair enough. Okay.

00:28:59--> 00:29:15

What's the other alternative? The other alternative is to is imprisonment. But who decides which of the two is more beneficial to the cause? Somebody said, Well, we've got clinical studies for that. We can go we can do trials. Yeah. I said, Okay, fair enough.

00:29:17--> 00:29:55

If you could invent some kind of, you know, social experiment, to see which punishment works better, you would have to take in the variables that this punishment must be implementable in every single place in every single time from the time of the person all the way up to the Day of Judgment. Yes, it can't just be suitable for the western audience, or the eastern audience of the nomads, or for the bedrooms, it must be suitable for every single person, not just in the 21st century, but from the time of the process all the way until the last hour, is it going to be possible to work well, it's gonna be difficult, isn't it?

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

We say that you may actually come to the conclusion through studies.

00:30:01--> 00:30:05

That will last that was the best way. But that's not faith anymore is it?

00:30:06--> 00:30:31

Faith is when you say, you know what, I don't really understand fully the wisdom behind that punishment. But I know that you are the expert on this, you have the expert knowledge on this. And no one can rival your knowledge and your wisdom. So I accept that this is the best form. In fact, I will advocate for it. And I will say that under Muslim rule Muslim jurisdiction, that this is the best way.

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And I believe that the harms, no doubt their arms is are outweighed by the benefits. And those benefits are case by case scenario and also as a collective as a collective. How can society not, you know completely eliminate theft? or How can you reduce it down to the lowest possible level? Again, remember, that's why I said, the lowest possible level of injustice and the highest possible level of justice. This is the punishment that is needed. rebar, another example, interest, somebody says, look,

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interest based economy has a lot of benefits. A lot of people get rich because of it. So we say, okay, there's benefits, what about the harms? What about the harms? Well, before 2008, you know, the recession normally harms, but as soon as the recession kicks in, oh, my God, this is a debt based economy. You know, money is actually real. People are suffering, people have been made redundant. people's houses have been repossessed, the rich have got richer, the poor got poorer inequality has, is a huge Gulf. And actually, people were saying in 2008 2009, that you know, what the Islamic financial system seems to offer something for the West, because it is not a debt based economy, had

00:31:51--> 00:31:59

it not been a debt based economy, perhaps we wouldn't have the huge problems that we have today. So people got to reassess. But they listen, of course not.

00:32:00--> 00:32:43

So when Allah says that, a hell of a loan, they are held on of rebar that we made business hallowen were made interest prohibited. A Muslim should say that even though I live in a time where everyone does an interest, I still believe that the harms and interest outweigh the benefits and it is wrong, and it would always be wrong, and I will do my best to stay away from it because Allah will punish me otherwise. Yes, this is the marathon aspect. You can't judge benefits and the pros and the cons. But a loss of power can tell you that from these two things. This one outweighs the other one and the last part that was best and then the last one is in an headin we sat down iron, and in it is

00:32:43--> 00:33:25

Batson Sinead, it has the ability or the potential to inflict severe harm. See, this is interesting because the law said that we gave you the book and the balance for you to make justice. And then ally singular, some people don't like that. Some people don't like if you try to establish justice in the world, to uphold the laws of Allah, some people will try to pose you, some people will try to remove you. What should you do in that circumstance? Or Muslims? Once in Hades, we gave you iron to use force against us people. Somebody will say so Pam, I thought Islam was peace, peace and love and happiness, and dancing. And I'm telling you about I am and it's in the Koran as well. How can we

00:33:25--> 00:33:26

interpret this?

00:33:27--> 00:33:50

See, Islam doesn't promote war by tells you that war is a necessary part of human life. In fact, in order to establish justice, there may be a need to have force. But when you use force, it must be number one, for adjust reason, for the sake of Allah. And even in Christianity, they have the just all right,

00:33:51--> 00:34:35

to be honest, every country that you know, undertake some military action, they have a just war, you know, motive behind it. And secondly, if you're going to engage in warfare, Islam says there must be etickets etiquettes of warfare is not just a free for all, and the process that we listed many of those earlier. So war though, which is not promoted in the religion of Islam, it is a necessary it will have a necessary presence in human life. So it is regulated. And the causes are defined as well, where and when a person can go to war, when the animal law and all of this is in order that Allah would know the meaning of this is that Allah would make it No. You know who out there is

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

actually going to listen to Allah said, and live by these teachings. It's not easy. It's not easy for a person to risk his life, on the battlefield for the sake of Allah. It's not easy for a person to become an advocate of Islamic teachings in this world. It's not. But Allah says, the reason why we gave you all of this is in order for you to shine to see which of you has faith enough

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

to risk yourself, he has to go out there to be brave to be courageous, like your leader Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yes how much he had to suffer because of his core. And that was his Liana Malanga. Yes, who also our builder who would help him and his messenger, meaning who would help his cause and the cause of his messenger salon where it's a bit lame, even though they haven't seen hula, even though a person who believes in law and only get to see him after they die in the hereafter my lawmakers from those people, but having not seen a law still behaving like you see the look is this is this is what faith is in the law pavilion, Aziz Allah he's strong and mighty. And

00:35:45--> 00:36:30

look at the way the verse concludes. Two Names of Allah God we as ease they are linked to what came before because in the verse will, the way Lucy expresses that the verse is telling you to go out there and stand up for a law's religion. And if you must fight for it, then fight for it. But Allah says, Don't get mistaken don't think last week and he needs you to find his behalf in the law. What? law is strong? The only reason I chose you too is in order so he can reward you and he can lift you in your rank in the law, are we as an ally as the supreme authority, Mamata berry says this means Allah has authority to punish those who don't listen to Him, who go against his teachings who oppose

00:36:30--> 00:36:59

the teachings of the prophets, and along with him, Allah tawi Yun Aziz and another benefit of these names is to imply that Muslims you will not on your own when you are out there. Allah is with you. Who is Allah He is Pauline. He is as he is. So you will have the support of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you decide to live by the teachings of his book, we lost a parent that make us of those who do live by the teachings of his book and give us an understanding of it. Lama I mean, does that mean nothing but love