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AI: Summary © The use of "verbal" meaning "verbal" in English is discussed, as it describes actions of Islam's supervisor, Jesus Christ. The "verbal" meaning "verbal" in Arabic is used to describe actions of the religion, including the "tree" tree, which grows from the base of the genom and gives the head of HCA, as a punishment for anyone who follows the genom. The " " " " used to prevent harm by preventing one from being in a pit. The " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "’il " "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il "’il
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We are in session two of our Tafseer of Surah mulk. And today in sha Allah hotelera Allah we will look at verses five to 11 insha Allah verses five to 11 and Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us

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our own ob la mina shame on your orangey what a Latina kefalonian will be honest be hemara the Boo Jehan nama be Sun Moon see either

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all poofy, semi, la Shahe

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deca do Tommy Deuteronomy azumino

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Kula fie folgen

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Hosanna to

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the pond,

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Zen a long shade in in tune in Luffy obala cabbie,

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walk or

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smell owner RP Luma

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PHY OS hub is sorry for our total for B then B him festival, Li,

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B sorry.

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So, again brothers and sisters after Allah azza wa jal has affirmed his presence has affirmed who he is, has affirmed certain attributes about himself. Now, the theme of the sutra takes a drastic change. And then we're Allah azza wa jal after discussing about the people who are thrown into the jahannam and the shell team, his reaction to those people in the jahannam now is Allah azzawajal says what he Latina cafardo build up by him are the Boo jahannam Wahby cell mahseer so here, Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking to the disbelievers of Benny Adam, and he's saying to them what he levena cafard will be Rob be him so the ones who disbelieved in Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam. Now

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the word cofrin has a number of different meanings in the Quran. In the Quran, it has almost a dozen different meanings, when how this word is used. kauflin but however, here in this context, cofilin is referring to disbelief. It's referring to the one who completely ignored and did not affirm the belief that of the existence of Allah azza wa jal ko photo in in Arabic linguistically refers to something that is hidden. That's why a farmer, he is linguistically titled as a calf field, because what a farmer does is he takes seeds and he plants any berries into the ground so he hides those seeds. So to conceal something, its action is called co photo. And the one who does the concealing

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is called a cat field from a linguistic sense, which surely are wise obviously, this is referring to only one group, and it's only serves one purpose. And obviously this is referring to the disbelievers and the reason why they've become disbelievers is because they have concealed their faith with Allah subhanho wa Taala Ireland. So Allah addresses them, and he dresses to them either by jahannam or B cell mahseer. So Allah azza wa jal tells us here that they are in the jahannam and they are going through a painful torment and a painful punishment. Now, here Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the jahannam the jahannam its core and its purpose is for disbelieving people. This is

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the purpose of why Allah azza wa jal created the jahannam its creation is to simply punishment for those who disbelieve now, there is also a statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or many statements as a matter of fact that describe the types of people that are thrown into the jahannam and certain groups that are thrown in there that have certain or specific policies.

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One of the general characteristics if you like our descriptions of the genom is jahannam will be composed with different valleys. So it will have different areas within the jahannam. And these valleys will comprise or be made up of mountains as well. And in there there will be trees. The prophets I sell them also informed us that amongst the people there will also be insects that will be there in the jahannam. And there will also be certain animals that will be in the jahannam. And their main purpose is just to punish. So, for example, the prophets I seldom mentioned that a scorpion will sting an individual and that sting the pain of that sting will last for 40 years in

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the jahannam. And then in another narration, it mentions that insects in general will be the size of camels in the jahannam as well.

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Also in the jahannam, there is a tree and this is of course, Allah azza wa jal talks about this tree in the poor and the sheduled or to the poem, and the tree of zapu. And this tree of course, is planted its roots starts at the bottom of the agenda. As we all know genom is comprised of seven levels. So the roots of this tree is from the base of the genom, where Allah azza wa jal says that this is delta kill esfera even inout Allah azza wa jal says that this is the bottom of the Hellfire, the base of the Hellfire, where the moon efia Poon will recite as well. And here is where the roots of this tree will grow. And the branches of this tree will spread out into each layer or each level

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of the genom. And the people they will come to prophecies, Sullivan tells us that their people they will come and they will want to pick fruits from this jahannam they would want to pick fruits from there and to just to eat and quench their thirst and things like that. When they pick from this tree, every single fruit that they pick will be the head of HCA is

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another description of this particular tree that prophesize settler mentions that

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if one

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one drop of this tree were to enter this earth. So literally, this is just talking about just a piece of the story, the size of a little drop of water was to enter this earth, it will destroy everything in this world, it will destroy all the living creatures and just that the the vegetation, the green everything will be destroyed in this world because of this one drop. And this is the thing that is given to people to consume in the Gehenna. And of course this is part of the punishment of the jahannam itself.

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So Allah so agenne mentions this and he's talking about the co founder of Benny Adam. Well, the Latina cat photo will be Robbie Hamada boo jahannam will be cell mahseer. Now, Eliza gel Not only is being in the jahannam a punishment in and of itself, but the way in how liquid this verse Look how it ends Look what Allah so it just says it's almost as if Allah is putting them to shame for this as well. And he uses the word Big Sur. Big Sur means to you know something that is shameful something it's absurd How could have this How could you allow something like this to happen to you? bitsa is usually used in things that you could have prevented for yourself. So you know, if you say big city,

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small for big say small for super bad, amen. So it's as if Allah is scrutinizing or criticizing a person for being a facet for being a transgressor a sinner, a person who ignores the deen ignores their their obligations by them even after they have Amen. It just seems as though these things can go together. So Allah azza wa jal is saying here when he says settlement see it must see it, of course means your final ending. It says if Allah is saying, you could have prevented all of this from happening to you, you could have stopped yourself from ever being in this pit in this predicament. But big sell mahseer It's a shame that you ended up this way. Another connotation

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behind bitsa is that it's also used for things that are very simple, like without much effort, you could have protected yourself from the so when sedima sealed here is used. It's as if Allah is saying it was so easy for you to prevent yourself from getting here. It was so easy for you, you know you had all the tools inside of your hands. You had the quarter and there you had the Muslims there you had, you know the dean there you had the Presence of Allah here. You saw all

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The signs that they exist, it was so easy for you to hold on that I existed. But you chose not to, out of whatever reason out of arrogance or ignorance and things like that. This is why in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal tells us in so little for con,

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will speak to a large soldier, and he will say, well, Kyle are solely our hobby, and he will say, Oh Allah, oh my lord in comenta, who has Al Quran and Matura so Verily, my people they have taken this poor and a abandoned this poor end. Why? How come? I'll show you the difference in sha Allah after a short pause?