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Surah Al-Alaq

In his introductory comments to a more detailed interpretation of Surah Al-Alaq, Ustadh Nouman stresses the importance of understanding the context in which its ayat were revealed. Here Ustadh reads and explains the narration – verified in Sahih Al-Bukhari – which details Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) very first encounter with Jibreel (AS). He recounts how the Angel asked him to read three times, each time holding him very tight. Terrified and unsure of his own sanity, the Prophet rushes home to his wife Khadija, who, in a beautiful part of this narration, lists all the formidable qualities of the Prophet, assuring him that god will never let him down because of his excellent character and how thoughtful and caring he is to other people.

2017-06-16 – Ramadan 2017

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Hatha Yoga hollyhock until the truth came to him, of course, the expression here, the truth came to him is Ayesha's way of saying the Quran came to him. And you'll find in the commentaries of several companions, that they interchange the word Quran with the truth. And this is very telling for them because they realize all else is falsehood. All else that they were surrounded by is falsehood, and it cut through all of it, and gave them clarity and so they actually lovingly and out of their loyalty to the Quran, I refer to it as the truth. This is actually very telling also for the kind of mentality expected of a Muslim, when he or she hears the word of Allah, their mind is like, we have

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to get criticism out of our head, we have to get I'm not sure if this is going to be something I can follow or not. The first thing in your head is this is the truth, as you're trying to internalize the word of Allah, and that this is the right thing to do. And Huck has several layers of meaning. It doesn't just mean truth. It means that which is rightful meaning what's being said is correct. Also, not just true, but it's also correct. And it's it's that what should be done in any case. So she says until the truth came to him, we need the Quran came to him. Well, who are Filardi Hara while he was in the cave of Hira for jaho Mela, Kufa Kala Accra. So the angel came to him and said

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to him read Accra, Accra in Arabic also means follow along with me, meaning I'll read and you read after me. So that's the implication here. Carla, Anna Vicari. The messenger says I am not someone who's ever read and Amanda Bukhari has several layers of meaning. I'll explain those. I'm I can't read it all is one way of translating that. Another way of translating that is I haven't ever read. I've never, I'm not a reader. I just have never been I've never been one. Another way of translating this, which does not fit the context, what grammatically is possible is I'm not going to read. You can translate my Vicari is I'm not going to read. Now, some have in recent times, I've seen some

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have interpreted the sentence has no, no, he knew how to read he just told the angel I'm not going to do it. That doesn't make any sense to me, the context and the word of the profit slice of them. And on top of that the word of the Quran about the prophet SAW Selim saying that he's below me, the messenger who can't read, but fits better with the first two I've never read. And I don't know how it's not something I do, but and I'll be carried

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for me, so he grabbed me forgotten he so he enveloped me like a hug. He completely surrounded me, Hector Bella mania Giada, until he exhausted me to the point where I couldn't be exhausted anymore. He physically completely drained the Messenger of Allah with the way that he squeezed him with his hug, Sundar salani then he let me go, some have commented on this, that it was a heart to heart kind of thing. He came in the form of, you know, whatever form he was, and he could in the chest held together, and it was kind of some kind of a transfer happening or something, Allahu Allah, and he grabs him so tight, and he lets him go and then says, He says, read again, called to mana Vicari. I

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said to him, I'm not someone who can read for other nifa Hakuna Sania so he grabbed me and he hugged me again and squeezed me again envelop me completely the second time around had tabela menial Giada until I couldn't take it anymore until I was not able to bear more than he let me go some salani for color for color car. Then he said read again for call to mana because I can't read I don't know how

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many forgotten italica then he grabbed me again and envelop me again a third time and then let me go for call. Then he said ikura Bismillah dhikala de hallak. Then he said read and recite in the name of your master who created halycon insana. miniloc. He created the human being from something that hangs or something that clings something that dangles, if Coronavirus bukal Akram read or recite? While your master is the most noble and the most dignified under the Aloma bill column, the one who taught by the 10 and level in Santa Muslim yalom. He talked to human being when he couldn't possibly have known himself. These few is by the way in the narration. It's only the these are the Acropolis

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Mirabella. The HELOC, HELOC inside me I look across across the nation does not include a lady and the mobile column allemaal in Santa Monica, Maryland, in the narration itself that's not included. But it doesn't have to be included to be understood as part of the narration. You know how you say well, alumna shaka laka, sobre, como de la vista, etc came at this time. The idea is you didn't recite the whole thing, but you're referring to it. So that this is a reference to the not all of the IR that were given for Raja Bihar. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam yoga Fufu so he came back with that the words that he was given the messenger salon and his chest was pounding. You know,

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yo mama told you for Raja Raja Raja we read those words before the shaking the rattling his chest was

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rattled. He was his chair his heart was shaken up. And though for odd is also an interesting word it's used for when you're excited, so he's excited heart was palpitating, and his chest was beating hard for de la Ilaha deja ibni Whalen love the Allahu taala on her. So he came into the home and he entered into the company of Khadija de la Honda sakalava Milani zombie loony. He said, just put a blanket over me put a blanket over me. Just cover me cover me, okay, shivering. And he just wants to be covered for the malu who had died on her lower. So they covered him meaning she covered him until the horror and the shock and the fear of what just happened to him. kind of went away a little bit

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he calmed down a little bit for quarterly hadisha bah bah bah. So he started talking to Khadija and told him or told her rather what had happened. That caused Hershey to Allah Neff. See, he said, I'm so scared for myself right now. I don't know what's happening. And he's terrified for himself for Karla Khadija to Kela She said, No, no, no, you have no reason to be terrified because I mean, being visited by Angel jabril is or seeing him is tough enough. By the way on his way down from the mountain he looked up and the Quran says la who will okay move in that he saw him take over the entire horizon. Jabulani salam, you couldn't see the sky, the messenger could not see the sky, he

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only saw the realities around. So he's already terrified from the hugs that he received and the commandment that he received and he's not sure what's happening. As he's coming down. He sees the angel take over the entire sky that's hard to believe. And by the way, this kind of thing, if you experience not that you're going to receive revelation but imagine a human being seen an angel take over the entire sky. What would you think you would actually think? This can't be happening? Something is wrong with me. I think I've lost my mind. Actually this is why one of the earliest revelations to the prophet SAW himself for himself was known while Columbia miles through notice

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column again like in this passage, ma and obedient material can be muddled you're not insane. This is not you going insane. This is in fact happening. The messenger himself had to believe this is actually happening. This was too intense for him to even accept at first it you know, at first exposure. This is why Quran says like I was telling you yesterday, Armando rasuluh, Viva La La hemara be the messenger himself had to come to believe in what was happening to him, what was sent down to him from his messenger and then by extension, the believers. So this is his journey to faith. This is the journey of our messenger sallallahu wasallam to faith. And so he says, I'm scared

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for myself for college, Khadija to color. She says no, no, no, you have no reason to be scared. It's remarkable. The one who consoles all of humanity, this woman is now going to console him. While the Allahu talana the one who takes all he is the he Allah gave him the words and Allah gave him the council that gives us relief and our mother Khadija is giving him relief. You know, look at and think of her macom think of our station, that at that at that time Allah made her you know, his security, literally the words of a lovely Tuscany, la ha so you can find tranquility and peace and calm in your spouse's is being materialized by what Khadija is about to do. Now. She says Kayla, no

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not at all will lie. I swear by Allah, ma you Zeke Allahu Allah would never humiliate you. Allah. He didn't say Allah is gonna humiliate me. But she's like, Allah would never do anything. let anything bad ever happened to you? You are not, he would never dishonor you. And then she gives her reasons. In Nicola tassilo Rahim. you're the kind of person who tries to keep family relations together. Let's hold on for a second. What does that mean? Keep family relations together. Who is family with a total loss Allahu alayhi wa sallam. People like Abu lahab people like Abu Jamal, people, like, you know, these are the kinds of people he has in his family. They're not easy people to keep as family,

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you might have a different difficult uncle, or a terrible cousin, or a difficult brother or sister or whatever. And it's not easy to stay in touch with them. Because two minutes have a conversation and you're like, I'd rather go, I gotta go. And you hang up. Much easier to talk to friends much easier to talk to people that you get along with that you have common interests with. Sometimes, sometimes you wonder about people in your family, how are you and I genetically connected? I don't understand this. How are you and I from the same family and you only see them like some of you have non Muslim family you only see them every Christmas, or you only see them every Diwali or something

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or you only see them or we see some family only at eight or something. And it's really hard even getting getting through those two, three days with them. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam has a very calm, you know, respectful, courteous temperament. He doesn't participate in the kinds of vile things that everybody in Makkah does. Do you imagine that his entire extended family is also pretty, you know, like dignified calm, no parties, no drinking, no womanizing, no, no filthy words. No, his family is all kinds of crazy

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and yet he maintains family relations and she says this is

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One of the most noble things you do. So maintaining family relations is easy for people we get along with maintaining family relations with those that are difficult in our family, that's where the challenge lies, isn't it? The tasi Laura him What a miracle. And you carry, meaning you carry the burden of and you carry the stress of you carry the worry of alcohol. Alcohol means someone who has nobody, somebody who has nothing. calella is used in the art of inheritance for someone who has no relatives left, he's just by himself, can can also mean someone who's got no money left, no person is left, no friends left, no social circle left, nobody invites them, they come to the machine, they

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go, and nobody knows who they are, you know, they're not on social media, they don't have any friends, they don't know anybody. They're the only one in town, you find those people and you carry their burden. And you you're there for them. Therefore, people who are nobody to anybody in society, what taxi will not do. And this is a really loaded phrase, there's lots of commentary about it, I'll share a few things with you, one of one of the meanings of what taxable burden actually means you make the kind of money that nobody else can, meaning you're so good at business, and you're so good at networking, and you're so good at making this because you used to work for Khadija, right?

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You're so good at it, nobody's as good as you are. What does that have to do with all of this, what it has to do with it, you're still good to family, and you take care of people you have no business taking care of, and you still take care of them. While other people who are good at business and good and making money. They're usually terrible to their families, and don't care about anybody else. They just want to make the deal. And you make better deals than anybody else, you're better at the job than anybody else. And yet still, you are so courteous and caring for everybody. This is a remarkable unique combination, that's not found. That's that's the only you carry. The other meaning

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of taxable madam could also be that you go out of your way to empower some have looked at taxable in the meaning of taxable, you go out of your way to empower those that are isolated in society, another meaning of charisma Doom, meaning those deprived those who don't have work, those who don't have any opportunity, you go out of your way to help them find some kind of opportunity. You look, you're constantly looking out for them, for people who nobody looks out for what is life. And then on top of all of that, if that wasn't enough, you're, you're very courteous to the guests. Anybody who comes, you extend hospitality to them. This is again, for somebody who's in the world of

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business, who's already doing other humanitarian work, somebody comes to their house, you can say, this is not a good time, I gotta do this other stuff, other stuff, other stuff, or you're, you're entertaining a guest and you start kind of looking at your watch, even if you don't have one on, right, you just kind of

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you know, just to let them know that you know, or you start staring at your phone.

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Or you start doing this

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kind of letting them know I think it's time you should go. She says you're courteous to the guests, meaning people impose themselves and he just he lets them as a matter of fact, even after becoming a messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Sahaba will send spend so much time with him didn't want to leave his company is getting late at night and didn't want to leave, obviously, who would want to leave the company with the profit slice on him? And he's not going to say guys, I'm pretty tired. Now. Let me just get some rest of my family needs some time to he won't say it. So Koran had to come and tell the Sahaba go Leave him alone. It's late. Like literally IOD came down to tell because he

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wouldn't say it. He's too courteous to say it. So Allah had to say it for him. So why don't with Allah? What do you know, I don't know why he will help. And this phrase is again, comprehensive, it actually means and you are there to throw yourself into aid over anybody who needs any rights fulfilled. I mean, you do any right cause that you find and you're there to help. It's like you're already tangled in so many good deeds, but it's an opportunity to do something good comes, you're the first one lined up to do it. This is the kind of person you are. This is the description of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from his wife. This is his description from his wife. What that

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means is you couldn't find a more accurate description. Right and she's describing his character in this way. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from talakad v Khadija to By the way, look at her confidence. She doesn't know Quran, Quran, I mean whatever Quran came, she he did share with her. Whatever was recited he did share with her by the way, that's remarkable, isn't it? Because it was given to him. He was told to read, read, read, and a third time he read or GPRS and read those out to him. And now he knows them by heart and He came down and recited goes out to her like he already knows how to read it. And then later on we'll see he recited them again like he knows how to read it meaning

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Allah made him from the very beginning a half is like there was no review or let me go What was the ayah again? Or what was the word and no, no, no, it was done. And now he already came down a reader. Like the mana Bukhari is gone. He's now the sokoban Koran is the person of the Quran now. So anyway, fun Tanaka. So I was mentioning that the faith of Khadija without the Quran even she knows some things about Allah. And this actually indicates fitrah human nature, a lot put inside of us that we have hope in Allah that when we are good to us creation, Allah will be good to us. Like it's not something that you love.

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From a revelation, it's actually something that was predisposed inside of us. Good to be good to people, Allah will be good to you, you know, and she uses that formula and tells him a lot would never be bad to you. You're so good to people basically, isn't it? By the way, this is an interesting progression as far as soon as is concerned, because this is the formula we've been learning all along. That's the same exact formula that she's actually it comes to her naturally, even without the assistance of Revelation.