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So we continue, after we we see that Allah azza wa jal mentions Allah disease, then he concludes with Allah for Allah azza wa jal knows, now Allah food is explaining this whole second, as well. Because Allah knows that you might be doing a lot of deeds, you might lose sight of what the purpose of life really is. So don't worry, you can always come back to me and I can always forgive you inshallah, as long as you're sincere, as long as you put a conscientious effort to make things happen for yourself, I can always forgive you inshallah. So don't worry, Allah is telling you, I'm in control of all of your affairs. And at the same time, I'm always going to be forgiving to you.

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This is really important for the person who keeps doing the sins over and over, especially they keep doing the same sin every single day, they fall into the same problem each and every single time. And a lot of people they say this, and I don't like it really, it makes you feel hurtful. It really breaks your heart when somebody reaches to that stage in their faith and Amen. Where they say, I've done so much harm in my life. There's no point of changing anymore. I've done so much harm in my life. I've done every possible thing known to man. There is no point of me asking for forgiveness because Allah has just abandoned me anyways, we'll never do that. There was once a companion that

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came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, You're Sol Allah, I have done every single sin possible, every single thing. As long as it was something wrong, I have done it. Is there any hope for me? The prophets I send them the first thing he tells this man is

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accept Islam. So the man says, yada so Lofa had a slammed you know, all messenger of Allah, I have accepted Islam. So then the prophets, I send them and says, Then at this point, I want you to do righteous deeds as best as you can.

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So the man asks the prophets, I send them, is there anything else that I should be doing? Because I've done major sins as well, like, does this all fall under the same category? So the prophets I send them says none.

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And so when the man hears this, he turns around, and he walks out into the middle of the desert, and he starts shouting, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, until he disappeared into the desert. What did the prophets I seldom do gave him hope. He didn't say to him, you know, well, Allah may not forgive you, or you know, you need to do a lot of this or a lot of that he didn't even specify what righteous deeds you should do. He just says, do righteous deeds. So that means that that man could simply you know, if they had a coin, and he gave it in charity, so for us, if you literally took a quarter and you gave it to the mess, you gave it in charity, that could have been enough to start that whole

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process where Allah will forgive you and allow will change your life. That's why sometimes I mentioned in some of my other lectures, that five cents to pennies can get you the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal from all of your sins. five cents can be the reason a person all of their sins are forgiven from Allah azza wa jal. Why? Because nothing is trivialized in our Deen the smallest things that you do. These things can be the greatest in the sight of Allah, a youcome sinuata. All I care about is which one of you have the most righteous deeds? And then Allah azza wa jal continues. a lengthy Chanukah sabar semi allotting to a bow on metal Rafi halter Roman Winterfell with photo

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Jerry buss Sora hell Tara min photo. So now Allah subhanho wa Taala will continue. And he mentions and he who created seven heavens in layers, so even our best he mentions that what this is talking about, please well call it means layers. Sub smls in three balca means that he has created the heavens in layers. Some earlier man mentioned that this is talking about the levels of the agenda. So we know that there are seven levels or seven main levels of the agenda, similar method and this is what it's referring to. But others just said that it's simply the seven layers of the paradise and the skies included and Allah azzawajal knows best. It continues. You do not see in the creation

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of the Most Merciful any inconsistency or discrepancy. So return your vision to the sky. Do you see any breaks? What's happening here? Allah azza wa jal is putting a challenge to the machinery gone, and of course to all of mankind. Look, I've created all of these heavens and everything above you

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Then the first challenge that I want to give you is

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metadata. The Hulk or Romani Minter. Foul Do you see any inconsistency in the sky? then it continues photo cheering Bussereau health or arm in photo, keep looking. Photo jerrell bizarre halterman photo is like this, when you keep looking and then you go back again and you go back again and you just keep going back and forth in circles, until the eyes become weak is what Allah azza wa jal is going to say very shortly until your eyes become so weakened. And still you wouldn't see any inconsistency in the perfection of how Allah azza wa jal created the atmosphere around you. This verse here continues in the style of mentioning Allah without using his name. Again, Allah calls himself

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alizee. Again, for the same reason as he continues to talk about his act of creating and not necessarily himself. Now, the heaven or a semma here here is not just a description of the height, but a means of ceiling a means of a ceiling on top of the earth as well. In addition to that method off the Hulk, Rodman him into foul wood, you do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. Obviously, this means there are no faults in the creation itself. Now the problem is Allah azza wa jal says you do not see is a different you know, it's very different when Allah specifies this. It's like you You yourself, you could be sitting trying to search and look for those

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faults, but you wouldn't be able to see it. So it's not something that's just going to naturally develop itself. You're going to try to search for it, but you won't be able to find it and there is no doubt in it.

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Then Allah azza wa jal continues in verse number four, so moto Jerry buss auto Cal rotini, young cardi B la calidad de Soto ha cm, wahoo sia, then return your vision twice. Again, counter attain, counter attain means to look back twice. But that's not what it's restricted to in the verse. what it's trying to the image that it's painting is that when you look back twice, it means you're looking back consistently nonstop. So calcula, attain young colleague, la calabasa, haciendo has seen, the vision becomes and it returns back to you humbled and at the same time fatigue. In other words, you're going to be looking back and forth and looking around and try to find all of these

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faults in a less creation. Your eyes become so tired, but they also become humbled. What that means is that they give up, you just can't find it anymore. So you just give up. Why is all of this so important in the monkey sutra, because remember, we said Mickey sodas, their whole purpose is to establish tawheed in a person's heart. So this is one of the ways to establish tawheed one of the ways to increase our PETA is that you ponder and you reflect on the creation around you, especially creation that, you know, quote, unquote, a person doesn't have control over, nobody can control the sky. Nobody can control whether it becomes day or night, we will never understand the concept of how

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it's getting, you know, dark in this area, but people are waking up in like Australia or something, you know, but we're all under the same sky. We're all under the same atmosphere. Nobody can ever understand this concept. And that's why Allah azza wa jal constantly makes an oath by time in the Koran, while also while Doha while federal, or shamcey, Waldo, ha ha, you know, all of these different sources are always testifying towards time. Why? Because it's a concept that we just can't seem to figure out we won't understand how that works. Then a lot of people they ask, you know, well, if your will pm is going to be 50,000 years, but it's going to feel like one day How does that

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work? Same idea. It's going to feel like 50,000 years but we just went it's going to be just one day. It's a concept that we just won't understand. Verse number five, a wild card is a yen a summer a dunya be masabi What's your room and Michelle clean What are uttered in Allah whom are the adversary, oh, this is the verse in sha Allah that we will pause for for today. But as we look at him, and we have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars and made them or from them, that which is thrown at the shell teen and the devils and have prepared for them a punishment of the blaze question.

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If the stars are supposed to be the beautification of the summer, then why is it used as ammunition and weapon weaponry against the shale team? This is supposed to be something to decorate the agenda or at least the last summer, then why is it that

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To use against the creation or against the shape on some of the elements they mentioned, one of the great scholars once mentioned that Allah azza wa jal created the stars for three reasons. Number one is a beautification or a decoration of the summer or the heavens. The second reason is it becomes a euro jewel, mainly shale clean. So it becomes as a ball of fire that is thrown at the shale team. And obviously, the third reason is that it becomes a sign of direction, you know, you can use the stars to direct and you know, calculate certain degrees of what distance you are, and where you need to be, and so on. These are the three three main reasons why stars are created. And what's

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interesting is we just talked about how the sub smls is in playback, it's in layers. And now we're talking about the stars here, that it's the decoration of the center. Some of the elements said that this is the proof here to show that stars are also in layers. So the stars that you see here, it may look like a flat layer in front of you, but they are actually stars of late layers of stars upon stars. So Allah azza wa jal knows with this is not really my expertise in this area. But this is something that some of the ordinate of Tafseer have mentioned regarding this particular verse, what are attending Allah whom are there other surreal now, we mentioned in our Tafseer of pseudo telegin

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we mentioned in Shell about how this origem or how the pelting of the shell teen works. We also mentioned that this is also one of the ways of how porn affects somebody when you perform lupia on them. autopia we mentioned that when you read Quran on somebody, the verses of the poor and pelt at the time, as though it was Balls of Fire being thrown at them. So Rukia with the Quran is extremely powerful because of the same reason what Arthur danella whom either but serene, and we have prepared for them a greater punishment of the Blaze. This is referring back to two categories. It's referring back to the Shelton and to the disbelievers itself, according to the vast majority of men. Here's

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inshallah adverse number five is where we want to pause for for today. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to humble our hearts and give us the tofield to understand the poor end and to understand his magnificent sutra. We ask Allah azza wa jal to put Baraka in our lives, like the Baraka That is stated in this sutra, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, to affirm in our hearts his presence, to affirm in our hearts is the beauty of his creation is always upon the miracles of Allah. It's always an indication of whom Allah subhanho wa Taala is, we ask Allah azza wa jal to affirm in our hearts, the ability to ponder on the beauty of the sky, the beauty of the earth, the beauty of the natural

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creation around us, and to cause that all of these things will constantly be an avenue that we renew our email each and every single day. We are watching the miracle of Allah happening at this very moment. We just came out of winter, everything's getting green again, everything's getting beautiful again. This is obviously one of the signs that Allah azza wa jal is in control. We will talk about this concept much much more as we continue our Tafseer We ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive us and to give us the tofield to continue. What after we Darwin ended hamdulillah here on biloela mean was said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh