Musleh Khan – How the Quran teaches us what to do #08 Stand Firmly For Justice

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The common verse in the Quran describes justice and actions of the gods, and it is used to describe actions of the gods. It is essential to being treated with respect and fairness, and to remaining committed to justice and being biased towards one another. The importance of remaining focused and firm in pursuing justice, following laws and following others, and giving people the ability to say their opinion and stand for their own worth is emphasized. The need to be mindful of one's behavior and not to become just because of others is emphasized, and the importance of facing the judge and presenting their case in front of them is also emphasized.
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So Mr. Equal marshman to lucky Obamacare to a hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. So today we're going to talk about standing firmly for justice. And the verse that we've chosen a reminder in Sha, Allah is found in sort of 10 Nisa, and it's a verse number 135, sort of 10 nissa, which is the fourth chapter of the Quran, verse 135. So here's the thing about this beautiful sutra. This sutra is all about justice, and the entire poor and has themes and different subjects, or excuse me, different terms that are used to describe justice, but we're going to see one of them today in sha Allah in this particular verse, which is the most common word that is used in the Quran

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to describe justice. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Surah Nisa, verse 135, yet you have Latina Mo. Now here's the first lesson. Notice how this conversation begins when we're going to talk about justice. And this is, you know, happening at the perfect time. I mean, it's very timely in considering what's happening in the United States and all that's taking place with the murder of, or the killing of George Floyd and the protest and everybody, what are we doing at the end of the day, we're seeking justice for this man who was wrongfully killed. And so from an Islamic perspective, I hope that we can at least appreciate how Allah subhana wa tada describes and even starts this

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conversation. He begins with Yeah, you have levena and then all people have you notice it's not the a yohannes is here's the first ingredient if you ever want to be considered and counted as somebody who is just unfair, is again, it's always about Amen. Remember, in yesterday's video, we said that amen is the thing that keeps you under control. Faith is the thing that keeps you focused, it keeps you doing the right thing, whether there are laws in place or not, whether there are laws in place, but people are not taking it seriously. Your amen makes you take it seriously. Whether there is leadership, whether there is no leadership, whether leadership is corrupt, all of these factors at

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the end of the day, he man gives you just a leadership. So yeah, he will let me know. Kunal cola Amina dill, Christie Shahada de la while are either in full circle, or will Wiley Dini. microbeam, Alonzo Joe says be just who call? Well, I mean, how one is different from caught him when you say Pawan Allah is saying, Be firm, be strong, be determined. So again, this conversation is happening, and just you know, in a very timely way, considering what's happening in the States and across the world, on this entire subject of George Floyd, you know, Subhana, Allah, it's just amazing that I had these verses all laid out, you know, I've have a ton of them. And it just so happened that this

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particular verse was next on the list. And here we are in the midst of everybody, especially in the United States, seeking justice in so many different ways. It's not just about George Floyd. It's about all of the other things, all of the other laws, all of the biases, and we're going to talk a little bit about that shortly. So everybody at the end of the day, it is our goal, it is our purpose. It's the thing that we seek constantly, each and every day of our lives, is to be treated just justly and fairly, and to also treat others the same way. So Allah says, Kunal Potawatomi, in a battle because that makes sure that you stand firm, and you're determined when it comes to standing

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up for what is right and justice for all people, not just for you. And we're going to see that shortly in the am Kunal con la mina bill Christie Shahada. Now, here's the thing, you're doing this at the end of the day, not only because it's the right thing to do, not only because people are being treated unfairly, but ultimately, we strive to be just to be fair witnesses in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In other words, we're doing this for the sake of Allah, that's pretty much what it is. At the end of the day, regardless what somebody might think or feel, we want to remain just because we are people of he men are and we are representatives of Allah subhanho wa Taala his

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message so a lot so which will reminds us of that Kunal call wamena Bill shuhada. Now here's the thing, whatever either and fusi come, even if you have to stand up for justice against your own self, like you become vulnerable, you have to take a hit, you got to stand in front of the judge, you got to testify even against your own mistakes. Allah is saying that is the right thing to do. So Allah says, Bill Kristol, shuhada, Allahu Allah, Allah and fusi calm or against your parents, I will wear the daini I will put on him. So it could be that you're standing against yourself.

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You're standing against your own parents, or even your relatives. Look the three most important people, you, your parents and everybody around them. So Subhana Allah, Allah is saying when it comes to justice, those relationships don't even matter. It's about doing what is right supply the law in Cumani and oh Philippians four love Allah Bhima. You know, previous to this a, Allah reminded us that he is self sufficient that he's in No need of any of us, that he could replace all of us, not just as a nation and as a people, but all of mankind. So Allah subhanaw taala, it's his way of saying that look, I could replace the population of this entire earth, and give and put a new

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generation a new set of people to reside. Why? Because I'm in no need to view just as much as the next. So it exercises and it shows and it illustrates the ability and authority that Allah has over his creation. So Allah now says he mulani and alphapay on for love Allah be human. This is where it was gonna Now tell us what he's rich in what? What is it that that makes Allah subhanho wa Taala sustain himself in the sense that he is not dependent on anything, unless has equal money and alpha p and if you're rich, or you're or you're poor, it doesn't matter for Allah who Allah bt man, Allah is above and beyond both categories. So we're talking about justice, right? Imagine if you're

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standing in front of a judge, and in some countries, I mean, they still do this till the day, you know, you bribe the judge, you talk to them, you know, a friend of a friend of that person. So you say, Hey, listen, can you just let him know, this is the situation I didn't mean to Can he let me off the hook. So you try to find different ways to get out of the justice reform. And so this a Allah subhanho wa Taala says, again, follow Allah be human, it's about remaining focused and firm on what is right Subhana Allah, on so many levels, so many examples, from a community level, even in your home, in your private life, social level, communities in terms of our massage it and even at a

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global scale, Justice can be one of two things, it can either be the biases that your you know, when you exercise justice, it's because you're committed or you you're you're biased towards that individual. So you like that person, and you want to please that person. So whether it means to be unjust towards somebody, or to be just to them, because hey, we've been friends for so long, we've grown up together, I'm not gonna let you down, I'm not gonna put you on the spot. So that's one form of justice. But then there's the opposite of that. So this a is talking about biases towards each other. And in sort of tell you that there is a very similar verse to this, that is the complete

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opposite when we're biased against one another. So you're being just but you excuse me, you're being unjust, because you dislike somebody so you know, the right thing to do, but you choose not to do it, because I am, I want to destroy his life. I want to bury him to the ground, I want to take away everything that's all unjust at the end of the day, especially when they've not done anything to deserve that. So this a is about when you're bias towards somebody. So you remain just because you like that person, even though it's the wrong thing. You're saying it's the wrong thing. You're doing what you're doing it in the name of justice, because you know, your, your your father is a big

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person in that community. They're friends with the judge, they're friends with the leader, all of these things, you know, this subject is one of the most ignored topics in Islam. You know, when people think about justice, they think about Shetty or law. And when you think about God, or law, what's the first thing that pops into your head, punishment, punishment, punishment, you know, it's even like some kind of lump just because of their laws in place does not mean that those laws are going to be exercised in a just way. You can have fair laws, but you can still implement those laws unjustly and unfairly. And we're seeing a perfect example of that in in the US with this whole

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George Floyd issue, right. And all of the previous similar issues that came before that, and of course, so many different examples of that. So just because you have laws doesn't mean that those laws are going to be exercised and and implemented fairly and justly, but we do this, we try to remain on adjust course for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then a lie. So Joel continues, and he tells us for that, that Debbie Hawa and tiradito Don't you dare follow your own desires when you're trying to be just what intelligible authority law. A law says that if you decide that you know what i'm not going to speak, or you decide that you're going to speak so you could be either or

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So you're standing in front of a judge and you make a decision. No, I'm not going to testify anymore. Because I know this family because of whatever preconceived ideas or notions or feelings that you have you decide you're not going to say anything. You know, this happens a lot. This happens a lot. Where if you're a witness to a crime, if you're a witness to something that was unjust, which you decide, as somebody approaches you be like, did you hear about this? Did you? Did anybody talk to you about it? Did you see anything? And you're like, you know that what you've seen you know that if you do say something, it could change the course of how the outcome of that

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situation will be. But you make the choice? No, we're not going to say anything, or you make the choice to testify. This is what a las panatela is referring to what Intel authority do for in the law, can it be mentleman or hubiera, it ended the way it started. A law says that, indeed, a law is fully well aware of everything that you say, everything that you do. In other words, you might be able to get away or swerve around doing the right thing now, but Allah is monitoring, and you will be accountable for those moments in front of him. So

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eventually, we will have to stand in front of the real judge. And we will have to present our case in front of him. soprano Ouattara. So this is a warning. And this is how firm Allah is on the subject. Every time you read about justice in the poor end, this is the way that it's presented. It's very direct, it's very firm. And it's all about doing the right thing at the end of the day, not for one another. That's part of the picture, not because you belong to a particular group, tribe, place, background system, country society, not the end of the day, we took Kudu Shahada so that you become a witnesses in the sight of Allah jello arella. That's the thing that motivates you

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and drives you to do what is right. And so at the end of the day, again, this is a short message to everybody who is involved in campaigning, whether you're protesting, whether you're bringing awareness, you're writing about this, you're posting about it, you're doing whatever it is that you can to get justice for people like George Floyd, keep in mind that the thing that especially at least from a religious perspective of an Islamic perspective, the thing that should encourage you to do that is that you're doing it for the sake of pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's the right thing to do. It's the right thing to do. And what's beautiful about that is that when you motivate

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yourself this way, that you're doing it for Allah, all of the barriers and the obstacles and the hardships that come in front of you will not deter you to your struggle and your journey towards justice and what is right, it will count it will just probably feed your hunger even further. It'll motivate you even more, it'll push you even more. And before you know it's a panel love.

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This particular verse gives us hope that when somebody strives to do what is right, Allah will give them the ability as long as they do it with consciousness with taqwa. As long as they do it, without any biases, then In short, love with a lie. So which will lead you to what is right to what is just and what is fair. I've experienced and seen this in my own life in so many different ways. 1000s and 1000s of people experience this all the time. I'm sure many of you listening to this. You also have your stories of you know, moments where you felt discouraged when you felt that the right outcome was not going to be there. But you kept your focus, you kept standing up voicing your opinion, even

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if it was against yourself, even if you were going to put yourself into trouble. You know, the story that comes into mind was was the legacy of Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali Rahim Allah, you know, this man, I mean, he's boxing is one of the most famous if not the famous, most recognizable athlete on the planet. And, and at the same time, you know, during, during the period of his professional career,

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he stood up for certain things that he believed in, he stood up for certain campaigns for certain for certain efforts in terms of bringing awareness to issues and subjects that he was passionate about. And you know, he risked losing his championship title, which actually he did at one point. He risked losing his entire career he risked losing his salary, like he did so much, but but it was for all what he felt was right. And he did this for the sake of pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as a result, Allah preserved his memory and his legacy even after his passing, we're still talking about this. We're still referring to those moments we're still talking about and thinking man, you

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had to be really strong but he stood up for what he believed in

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That's what this verse is all about. And so I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the strength to stand firm and just in all circumstances, whether that be marriage with family life and community at all levels, metal lines, so which will give us the strength to do that this is one of the most important verses on the subject of the entire course. You can never ever discuss justice without coming to this verse, as well as the verse that is similar to it in soda manga. One day in shot love when we get to that particular verse, we'll do a comparison. So I'll come back to this. And we'll compare the two together and look and see how they complete each other's conversation. So this

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particular verse is going to address the, the biases that somebody has for an individual and sort of the method and the biases against an individual. So the those at least will give you an appreciation of the contrast between these two similar verses. With that being said, may Allah subhanaw taala continue to give us the strength to stay firm to stay just to stay fair, especially and particularly for his pleasure. A lot of them such as low height and guys middle line, so which will bless you all stay strong, stay firm, May Allah keep you healthy and safe, said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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