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La subhanho wa Taala tells us in soo little for con, that he the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will stand in front of Allah azza wa jal, and he will complain to Allah. You know, how is it Oh my Lord, how is it that and we mentioned this in our previous tip series every time you use or rub in a door, if you say yeah, Robbie, it's a plea. If you say yeah, Allah, it's a very different type of door. It speaks a different type of language, or need from your heart. But when you say, I'll be out, I'll be your pleading. You're asking you're begging more and more Oh Allah, I really, really need you at this moment. I really, really need you at this time. That's why when you look in the

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Quran, every single time the prophets and the messengers they would call upon Allah and use yarrabah. They would always do this during times of affliction. They will always do this when they were confronted when they were dealing with some kind of hardship, they would plead to Allah azza wa jal in it. So anyhow, so the prophets I sent him is playing and complaining to a layout of very my people, they've taken the Quran and look at the wording of the verse. Allah azza wa jal says, has four nm giora but in the beginning of the Quran in surah, Al Baqarah. What did Allah describe the Quran? And he says, Alif Lam Meem Valley can keytab and he says that book. Now what's the difference

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between have an Delica? One is little potty one is referring to something that's close to you. Whereas delicate is referring to something that's the opposite something that's far away from you. So it's as if Allah is saying in this verse in so little for con, you had the poor and right there it was right here in front of you. And still you, you you you used it and you abandon it Majora, it was right there was in your hands, you could have held it, you had access to it. That's why brothers and sisters always remember this. We live in a time right now. It's very, very rare for a person to be able to use the excuse and say, I didn't know Allah will forgive me. It's very, very difficult to

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use this excuse now. Because Allah azza wa jal will question an individual and account them. Why didn't you know, you can't just not know just by simply because you didn't hear or you weren't aware. We don't live in that time anymore. Now we live in a time where we have so much access to everyone. And we have so many different avenues. Taryn, it's very difficult for a person to say, I just didn't know lol, forgive me. So it's very difficult for people to make up this or use this excuse that they don't have access to it. So just keep that in mind. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we'll be settled. marcille and then the verse continues. And the verse continues either all

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poofy has semi rula Shahid Khan, we're here to fool. Now Allah azza wa jal starts to talk about certain characteristics or descriptions of the people in the Hellfire and he says either old poufy her semi or hula her. In other words, if they ever were whenever they are confronted with the actual punishment in the Hellfire, semi or hula hoop, we hear from them. Shaheed Paul, what he had, for sure he is referring to the sound of a donkey. When a donkey neighs that sound is called Shaheed in Arabic. So this is the sound that they will make in the jahannam as a sign of plea. And also, a second reason why they use this sign is because this is the worst of sounds that a person can do.

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The worst sound that a human being can make is this sound or something similar to it. Shahid Khan.

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We're here to four, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions, and this here, of course, it's all referring again to the disbelievers and their, their meeting with the jahannam. And that's punishment. What he asked for, and obviously this is referring to that this is going to be their final abode. This is where this is going to be the circumstance that they're going to deal with kaddu Tammy Yazoo Mina La Jolla. kulana ltft her folgen Sara home Hosanna to her lm Mia to comb Nithya so in anger against the disbelievers is the jahannam is going to burst out and become furious. Now you know some handle um

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you know ally youth here is referring to a fear a fearful attitude.

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So just imagine the image allies creating here, it's not enough that they're in the jahannam. It's not enough that they're being punishment. But in addition to all of that, the jahannam is becoming upset and angry with them for being there in the first place.

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To occurred to me is Amina layth, coolum lpfc, her folgen, Salah home Hosanna to her. In other words, every single time

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they are meeting together or the jahannam, the Hellfire, it meets a group of the kuffaar. And it will ask them Hosanna to jahannam, the security or the workers of the gentlemen which of course is referring to them ella iica, or the angels.

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It will ask them to continue to increase the paint on them and ask a rhetorical question lm yet to come near the year. Didn't you get a warning about this? So imagine that inside the jahannam they will also ask the mela ek that are working in the process. Selim told us about this that in the jahannam there are going to be workers, these workers are particular angels that are assigned for this job. And they will do this kind of job just to make sure that punishment is carried out in an in a proper fashion if you'd like. And they will also continue to ask the jahannam to increase its punishment on those individuals in there.

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Then it continues lm tickle Nithya asked them the rhetorical question didn't the warning come to you? Didn't people tell you about this? Didn't you hear and understand? This is very similar to a verse in sorta till more death or about the person who doesn't pray. Allah azza wa jal describes that in sudo tinamou death or the one who doesn't pray the angels, they will come up to them in the jahannam and ask them masala cocoon Fie soccer. What caused you to tread a path to reach here? How'd you get here? What did you do? The first thing that they respond, they say, Paulo lamb naku mean el mousseline while a knuckle, not a million miskeen. So two things they say. The first thing is they

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said we weren't of the people who prayed. And then the second thing that they mentioned is that we weren't the people we weren't of the people that would assist and give sadaqa and charity, and help those who are in need. It's pretty scary. Because the first answer they give, it's related to prayer, which shows you that the panel left for a person who doesn't pray. And this is of course, out of ignorance, not a person who's necessarily lazy. But a person who doesn't pray just simply because they don't deem it as something important. This is the final abode if, if they met Tyler Valley, if this is how they die, and they leave this word without any Toba without any remorse or

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repentance, then they leave a lot and they leave the school and they meet allies so agenda in the state, then this is exactly what ends up happening to them. It's It's scary in the sense Can you imagine how many people we know that are like this? How many people every almost every one of us I'm sure we know somebody like this born Muslim raised from a good family, but it just don't pray, why. Just whatever, we just don't care or it's just not important. We just don't have the time making up all kinds of excuses and things like that. So this is something very similar. It's as if Allah is saying, you know, masala confy soccer, how do you allow this to happen to you? Same idea. Allow me

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to come near? Didn't the warning come to you? Didn't you see this coming? And look, look at their answer. callooh Bella Khadija, and then the year. They say, oh, by no means we affirm. Yes, a warning did come to us. For cabinet. This was our response. The first thing is, we refused it. Now you notice that the verse here it says, a cabinet, which means to lie, and it doesn't say fat taraka or any or we left it off. It says that we lied against it. So in other words, what this affirms is that they actually got the message. They understood the message, but they distorted that message. And instead, they took that message, and they started to give out all of the wrong ideas on wrong

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misconceptions about the deen and everything else is bad about this religion.

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Let me ask you a question. Do we live in a time like this right now? Where if you turn on the TV, what's the first thing Do you ever hear like from a news channel or something? that Islam is a beautiful calm religion built on peace and tranquility. No. You'll get

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Something can very, very different, right? And it's all goes back to the same thing. Allah azza wa jal fully well understands what's happening and what our circumstance is. So this is why he says here subhanho wa Taala fatcat debonair, they didn't just refuse but they made up lies about it as well and spread those lies to people about this religion. What Khulna man is, is Allah la hoomin che. So you see the first thing was to deny and distort. Then the third last thing they mentioned is while Khulna man has done a lot of woman che, so that's when they finally confess and say, Well, no, we didn't hear anything about this that will nothing really came down to us. There was no revelation

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that really reached us. So now they go into denial. But before it wasn't denial, this is really interesting. Just pay attention to the context of these two phrases. The issue with this believers is not to deny the truth. The issue with them is that they know the truth and they just refuse to accept it and as a result, distort the message. So they do know that that truth is there. They do know that Islam is for real. They do understand the message, but this is where the issue is. And we'll take a short pause, inshallah.