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Kira says to Musa alayhis salam, that my knowledge and your knowledge in comparison to knowledge of Allah is not these drops of water in the beak of this bird.

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Warm out booty to mineral will be in the Aneela

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under international and

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look at human beings today because it has led to a macabre

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is led to arrogance of the praising Allah subhanaw taala sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom, we stopped to look briefly to Sora or spiritual light and Cam rules and regulations. Whereby we mentioned many of us take SOTL baccarat as just a sort of rules and regulations, which is partially true that predominantly many of the rules and regulations gambled Khurana placed inside sort of baccarat 286 verses. But the same time we concluded there many spiritual verses inside these rules and regulations are the key message of reminding us about returning back to Allah Subhana Allah and that light that we spoke about the

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hadith of Jose dibny, who by the way, by reciting Surah, Baqarah and the angels they cluster to listen to his re citation or they will remain the in the morning for 10 and recite if you had not been for the Pharaoh fee son Yahia. Some earlier mentioned that this spiritual light what is clear light visible it's also plausible inside this sort of today's discussion sort of gaff, either could be the same individual some other mentioned Satan or are they reading so to recap on another occasion, whereby once again to the angels a cluster they came together, but what can be safely established at the recital of social care have does give light for the individual that spiritual

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light from one Friday to the following Friday, and in some durations, three days more is given to that individual,

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we can safely conclude that the main theme of the Quran his spirituality, his awakening of the individual as we find that there's many iron inside the Quran Hottel kalimat, that sometimes they pass an individual by they could be sewers in the Quran, a person reads on a daily basis, which is a key theme of the series or recite them on a regular basis. And it could be just an instance of a certain column or certain words or certain phrases certain either every awakens their email.

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That's the nature of the Quran.

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That awakens the individual that is the person who recites the Quran frequently finds the Innaloo Halawa, find the sweetness find so many I'd have gone past the individual or they don't have to double upon Grunts are reflecting over these are yet and as the prophet Isaiah was always towards the spiritual dimension of warning us

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about the spiritual awakening of the individual and that same time warning us about certain things that take place inside the surah will recite this surah because he prophesies he mentioned that the Hasting of this identity this individual begin to take place with people who taba.

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People who are the preachers will fail to mention this inside their sermons that people are busy speaking about other things. Yes, there's many problems that we face in the face of this earth. And we should not neglect them at times. But concepts occur, it is what builds a society of belief, which is Quran is replete with deceit will occur, it will Amman of rectifying our belief and our actions and he warned us when caught about failing to speak, Amer failed to speak about haruta journal, about Hasting of the Antichrist, that this will be the haste in the coming close of the hour. And we can see this in today's world. It doesn't mean hasty could even mean that we become so

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powerfully in heedless, as we mentioned, other issues or the affairs, that we failed to remind our souls and the wider community that the real, the real ending, or the real Armageddon is the final day. The prelude to that would it be the my Mahadeo the 10 signs that come after that, that we need to remind ourselves that maybe we are living closer and closer towards the final days? Is Callum, help us or is like the blink of an eye that many of us that 4050 years of our life have just gone by like a blink of an eye. That's how time will pass the signs of the day judgment that there will be no baroka in time which will fleet by will pass by that's what life would become. So, these are all

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minus signs, which build up towards a major science. And the professor he mentioned that if that, the jolly exits amongst you, that then I will argue for you then I will defend you I will be there for you.

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But obviously, he prophesied it will come at a later stage what will happen what do we need to do? That's what this surah the deeper enemies surah is a spiritual dimension that there's four key

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themes inside the surah that we mentioned them in the beginning because some of us may get lost in the discussion in hotbar, which is the nature of the human being. There's full fitting that Allah's kinda describes inside the surah and describes the solution as well.

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And the fit of that with this person or all of our faces are This dunya is firstly destroyed as Hubble can have the story the people to the cave and fitna to Dean the trials and tribulations of holding on to one's faith. Just like those young individuals they face certain things. That just today as well is no different. There will be various fit and various trials and tribulations that people need to hold on to their faith. There'll come a time that as the prophets will be mentioned a prophesies of COVID Allah Dini, COVID and a jammer person holding on to their Deen we like a person who holds on to hot coal. It's going to be very difficult person's going to be recognized as a

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strange individual, horrible for to ballyhoura by the prophets as give toolbar give glad tidings to those people. Who are these horrible owners and Solly Hoon. You slip through them as suddenness. They are trying to be righteous people who rectify what people have corrupted around them. They're surrounded with corruption.

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The clear corruption is the corruption of loom of shirk belay Subhana Allah, just like these young individuals so fitna of deen and then the pure is mentioned what is when you go through these trials, these young individuals is sought by to Solihull is to surround themselves with righteous people. Good companionship good comrades, who shared the same image share the same journey about their goal is cooling to Allah's pantry and a woman asked an old amendment in Allah who are amela Saleh Rapala interni Mina Muslimeen who is the best individual who calls to Allah Subhana Allah and try exerts the efforts that's what the Muslim should be. The cool is to Allah Subhana Allah for fear

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rule Illa Allah is flee back to Allah Subhana Allah not flee back to certain people or certain identities, is flee back to Allah and cool likewise the opposite cool only to Allah Subhana Allah, the second fifth that that we find. So I hate to Jana tain the two companions of the garden, boasting about their worth, fitness will merely will wallet fitna of wealth and property and children that we all face in this dunya these temptations are defined as dead sometimes in the mean I'm wildly Khumba Allah Deacon fitna mean be Manitoba ADEA Yunnan. Some sometimes that your wealth and your children a becomes a fit than a trial for you. To the Quran highlights this fitna and the

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solution as well. My refer to Haqiqa to dunya. The reality of knowing what is the real end of this world,

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that this world is fair near is going to end your children will end your wealth will end life will end everything will end. So the preparation is for Akira very funny story Musa will hinder fitna to

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the Sweet Musa and hunter and a Muslim is revolving around the concept of fit not only that we find in today's society that look at it is not even in my ot to mean an enemy in the kalila. Yes, sir Luna can erode. They asked you about the soul we get to come to us about the spirit.

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You only been given only room in Umbria be solely from the Command of Allah, Allah, you've only been given small amounts of knowledge, a look at the person becomes arrogant towards the knowledge that Allah has bestowed upon the individual. So what is the solution to this activador Humility humbleness. Then the fourth story inside this Quran is one of the full court name, the fate of soupon

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of being a leader, being powerful once again we live this in today's world as well see, the Quran is very deep. We can't relate to the Quran. The fit in the Quran speaks about centuries ago, or even before the beginning of creation and time those streets and they revolve that return again and again. It's like nickel Dooley study speaks about things that revolve in history revolve again and again for the Muslims especially that certain things will take place. So hey, ALLAH SubhanA Mindjet is fit. Now what is the solution for this fitness, of being in power and authority is Allhallows is sincerity. knowing your limitations justice that Allah has given this afforded to whoever this

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individual may be, and is for fitten at Allah mentioned exactly these 415 is what the gentleman come with. So that's the link between these four fitted that I mentioned inside the surah in relation to a gel that he will come with fit that to Dean, he will come and claim to be an Illa a deity that he's the one that needs to be worshipped will come with fit the two man will come with wells that were given to me in a bundle

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That's a trial people who will come would fit that in him that he will say certain things that people will believe in him. He will show them agenda winner and fit that to Sudan because he will traverse across all of the earth Mashariki Hawa, Makati me I will travel travel all across the earth. So these four fittings are what the forfeit and what the job will come as well. Does we can understand why the prophets have you mentioned menorah, whoever reads or Mahaffey law whoever memorizes the the first 10 verses of sort of gaff Roshi moment fitna did the journal. He is preserved and protected from the fit of the journal or the narration I'd say Muslim, whoever

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memorize the lender find the 10 verses mm Pyramiden. I said he certainly mentioned whoever learns the first three or yet even that is not the most accurate view. And the most concise view is the first 10 is a sort of gap. And basically some are not even going to do the whole of the surah the person learns a whole new Surah memorize a whole new Surah whether it be the first three or the first 10 or the last 10 The person has this surah inside their heart and the mind will protect them from fifth at the journal. And as we find these the ratio river read Soto calf on this blessed day yo Mazuma even though Strange is a blessed day after Yom Talat Allah is chumps the best day the

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sunrises Yeoman Juma is the best day is the day that Adam and his son was created is the day he was expelled from gender and it's the day that Yama Yama will be established is the best day but at the same time, Allah you hold wiffle a bird Allah skis human beings to remind them that is glad tidings and also there's going to be scary things that you need to prepare yourself for. So Allah likes to awaken is a bad awakened he servants in that return back to him subhanho wa Taala that this day Yo Ma Juma rejoice sin will also be the day of the standing of your Yama. So whoever recites this surah on the day of yo Maluma and only a few tilde to Allah may try to make these Hadith today but in in

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all fairness the majority of you that roundabout accepting the RE citation are sort of careful yomo Juma from being McCarney he from this place of the citation in a summary, until there have been going up to the heavens, there'll be a note as we began with for that individual in a baited athlete. In other narration that mentions to the final home or the old when they call them the home of a cat but that we find lewd we go the other nations muster an axon. As I said, it will be seven days plus three more will be given to the individual and other measure measure to recite it before the Imam or the day of your Mazuma all is a Hadith they're skeptical in nature. But at any moment,

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and you're Mazuma to recite this surah these 110 verses a map Consuegra because most consumers deal with a flawed character and behavior and apply it and believe it or bad said that Kulu surah. makiya the holy surah is a makansutra mm show, Ken is ready to seed your cool underbidder to Surah Madonia he says that certain is in the beginning of Medina, but it's not the most accurate view. Because he man could we also mentioned the Holy Spirit hold these 110 verses amok in nature, what is the ababu the reason of the narration or the relation of narrating the Surah or sending down the surah because the Quraysh they became frustrated about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so they wanted to catch him

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out on something because everything about him they could not respond to him. So they consulted with the people and some of the the people of Medina Kitab al yahood are those people is and Medina they said that we need to consult with these people that people have Torah when injeel and the book was the board. So if he's really a messenger that they should know about this person, Quran sejati Funaki majare Food Abner home, they know him like they know their own sons. So they said they came travel and they said to the courage, ask him about freezing Salu and sell us ask you about three things. Ask if he's really a prophet, we'll be able to answer these questions. asked him about us

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how we can ask you about the sleepers of the cave, the companions of the cave, ask him about Volker nine, about his individual traverse over the east and the west. And ask him about a roof about the soul. The Prophet Sam he said to them that I will inform you about this tomorrow. But he never said insha Allah. Wallet Akula Nelly shade in Aden Delica gada in the English sha Allah is at SU two Caf. Never say I'm going to do something tomorrow, except to say insha Allah by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah, Revelation stop for 15 days. So he had the courage to that maybe now were victorious.

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were victorious that we can't answer the questions. Allah's panda done is just to show the prophet Elijah

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flocked to slam that couldn't be more be a dealer. Everything is in the hands of Allah Subhana Allah, whether you're newbie or message or prophet, whoever you are, everything is by the command of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Subhan Allah when he wants, when he wishes when he will, he will release the answer of dilemma three dimension this surah Lucila defatted were Heatherton was revealed in one goal, only one goal and among amongst the first of the suitors revealed it remains that the Macan period. So after some time they sought the answer is then given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam about the questions that these individuals they asked about. So you put them on the

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backfoot that everything we asked him about, he answers about them. So the first thing that we said inside is surah Allah Estrada mentors and hamdulillah

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as we mentioned, the old prayed for sugar was Santa was merged. The lady Subhan Allah Allah, that is not the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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is Allah Subhana Allah That's right. There's certain places inside the Quran Imam Sabu is a little silly mentioned certain place that the Quran Allah begins Bill Hamed in the beginning you should refer to her an M inside Alkaff inside Surah Saba and 45 places inside the Quran. Allah begins the sutras by praising or remembering Allah Subhana Allah and hamdulillah and let the unzila Allah abdiel kita

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unzila Allah Abdi sent down upon his seven Obaldia is a high level. So when people take offense of cooling the prophets of a Abd Allah Allah speaks that he's the servant of Allah. Allah said in South Sudan Israel Subhan Allah the Astra be Abdi Allah said glorified Allah who took his servant because there will be there is a station of total reliance and trust and servitude towards Allah Subhana Allah, Allah set aside certain for con, the baraka Levy, glorify the Allah and Allah who descend upon his servant Nazanin for Furqan and abelia, Kunal and Amin and zero who revealed the furqan the Quran the criterion, this distinction between Husky one Bobtail or beta Emmanuel Cooper and abelia

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Kunal in Al Amin and Avira said upon His servant

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to be a warner to mankind. That's what the Quran wotja He to be Jihad and Kabira in South Africa for the end Allah mentions YJ he to be strive against them, these people with what we hear about Amelia road in a Toron with the Quran, with the use of the Quran, really send it across to the people preach the people the book of Allah and Allah.

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This Allah said this book, this Kitab and there's no Awa Jen. There is no crookedness inside his book of Allah Subhana Allah, there is no deviation of corruption, we can use these linguistic words. There's no mistakes, there's no faults, there's no discrepancies. And if they're mean Danica Kuttabul array, Buffy, Lowry, Buffy there's no doubt about it. That's how the Quran begins. And that's why even if you return back what's the essence of us Muslims? The weaknesses we don't read the Quran and even read the Quran We Don't ponder the Quran leave Tamil Quran at the moment for aside, let's just double Quran. That how many of us we read the Quran and we see the Ayat of Allah

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Subhana Allah, we reflect over these areas, we take the lessons from these areas, because that's what these ayat are, that Allah is sending down. These are the lessons upon us. There's a new Mr. Allah mentioned that no nakasu and aikana will narrate upon you as an RC Bhima Oh, hey, now in the best of stories, you're in the right to divine side the Quran. You know, people say we want something to spiritually uplift us read the Quran.

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You don't need fanciful stories. Stories, which are placed inside the Quran strategic locations and places are there to spiritually awakened the individual.

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And if you want to supplement read at the seed of the stories, but you don't need to delve so deep

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because there's certain things that Allah Tala leaves out for a reason. That when people Delve inside the Surah, the name of the dog the type of the dog, the type of people who these individuals where the location the place, cut your feed has in it could benefit some individuals is knowledge but Allah speaks generic terms inside the Quran that take extract the lessons in from the Quran extract the main theme of the lessons that are mentioned inside the surah refer that these individual last prophets spoke about these individuals who these individuals were or prior to Allah mentions Leah blue Whom are you Masson? What? Amala

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to see who amongst them is going to be best in actions. That's the whole intent of Islam

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is not up through ama who does the most actions

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Allah lays out criteria who does the best action to the best of their ability at the end of the surah sends the same message as he because he mentions it to see what is best actions as we get to touch upon that which contains a class, the lady subhanaw taala that which is motivated to Rasul Amitabha to sunnah. That which is following the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So these individuals that we find I'm happy to announce Hubble Caffee were rocky macadam II, Tina Jabba Do you think the people of the TAFE what rocky Malema begin to discover a Rocky River in Scripture the name of the cape or there's a scribe outside the cave? Do you think he's a strange signs of Allah

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subhanaw taala you mentioned that the strange signs of the last day.

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Allah's production can easily transform people change time change certain things change the Essence of Fire, it burns but it never burned for Ibrahim alayhis salam and now it's mites he kills who the person to bleed but he never for Ibrahim so many sacrificing his son does doesn't do anything. It doesn't harm anyone one micrometer is Ramita Well, Akintola Rama but they did on that day, or a battle back to the butter that we finally did on that day. So Allah kinda could change soon and cornea, the natural sooner that we live in to another formation. This is what we acquired, we need to understand. Because we live in such a global world of a materialistic world, we can't digest and

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understand how will the last day be established? How will ever change the phenomena of the world around us? How will they be destruction? How they will be upheaval? How will they be a last day? There doesn't seem that there's going to be last day with the metropolis world that we live around us at the moment. It doesn't seem to be that will ever take place. Or the nuclear weaponry around us. How will it dismantle and be their shields and swords and spears? And on horses? And on horseback? How will that return? The answer is kinder to Eman. The answer is weakness of a faith, weakness of conviction. That's what people begin to stipulate about these texts in Santo Kuranda.

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The journal is a New World Order. It's a footnote NEMA is a control of the world you are doing your duties it is a figment of the mind is ravaged savagery. That's what it is. No, it's not. Those could be plausible meanings linguistically. Now who not who knows who's Alaba hearing her and Asuna take texts upon the clear meaning the journey is a identities individual come out. Yes, you have certain structure that will be given to him specifically, but he's going to be human in nature, he will be killed. Yajima argued maybe not so human in a sense of what we see. But they are going to be human beings from numerous traditions and narrations that we find. We're going to create this carnage and

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pillage and Allah will destroy the once again. So this becomes we live in a secular world that even so called Islamic thinkers and scholars and philosophers, they begin to push this theme away. That it doesn't really mean that inside the Quran, it doesn't mean what it means the end date or the John is going to return or Judea magic going to come this is dangerous.

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Because we as Muslims, as we began with Islam is based on fundamental core beliefs.

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And so the more the person reads the Quran, he or she sees those core beliefs, how Allah describes what will take place. Towards the end of the time, national apostolic another will have a non feature to an airman who pura beam was in Nam Houda. We're going to narrate today's story in truth about these 50 atone these young boys once again a lesson for many of us.

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You know, people think that what what what benefit are young people in society, you know, you read through change, you read through companions, most of them are young men. They're young individuals. And I'm 52 I'm a newbie Robin was a Nam Houda they were young people who believed in the Lord and Allah increased him in goodness in guidance person to take steps towards Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will take steps to the individual guide the individual strengthen the individual that you find 400 years for centuries after East La Silla. milliq de use this key news forcing people to enter to Christianity these young individually stood up some dilemma big image they will maybe the sons of

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the princess or whatever it may be the column not authenticated sandbox of DeviceID in general. But you're just young boys who took a stance in on 50 2am and will be robbing they believe in the Lord. What about no other Kulu be him we strengthen the hearts. We strengthen the Eman and look how Allah made him sleep for 300 or 309 years and preserved their body everything about them. These individuals so when they when they came out again

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In such society and so the changes like go back and read this or read it to see this surah read how Allah describes

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the merits of these individual Hatha demerits that some would have imagined even the merit of the dog at that time becomes praise where you're being guarding the cave.

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That is an if a dog can become if you can use such word righteous by being with righteous people, why can't other normal people become righteous by being with righteous people? Because maybe us righteous people aren't a good word anymore. We're not an example anymore for people that when you rub with righteous people, automatically the people go towards righteousness. The progress let me describe the people who your friends are like how middle misc the person who carries perfume? Who gives perfume and a person nurses on key person the bellow Smith the one that I in Smith the work one who works with iron person who stands with a perfume cellar, the smell the fragrance comes in

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your body. You don't need to physically take any perfume from the individual. The fragrance is enshrouded upon you and if you stand with Empire's people, haram people, there's so many that you have what did they say if we can use the words that people say I only caught with them only move about with them? I don't do those haram things. I'm more sensible than that.

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Yeah, you are just by being with them. It's only a matter of time that their traits and their practices it will rub off upon you. The rubber upon you as a person Allah, Allah Dini, Holly, a man is upon the religion of his friends.

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A man is in a religion of his friends. So let everyone have you seen, see who his friends are. So these young individuals, their friends, they are going to be united in this belief. Regarding towards Allah subhanahu wata Allah. So Allah is trying to protect these individuals, as herbal agenda in the second story, the companions of the two caves, how Allah could have given this parable given his blessing to these two individuals, the wealth of property given to them and they began to both one of them began to boast. So look at me, no, I'm better than you. In my wealth and the world revolves around this. The world revolves around this I'm better than such and such individual

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possess more wealth, more lineage, more children more power.

00:27:22--> 00:27:38

What happened to this individual and look at the arrogance of this individual because you know, arrogant somebody that has no limits. This individual says that when I die, then about what when I returned to my Lord, that even then Allah is going to give me what I own in this dunya

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look at the arrogance.

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That just what I like to possess in this dunya wanna call is Alec, then Allah will give it back to me when I go back to Accra. So I'm going to be powerful in this world. I'll be powerful inside an Earther so What is Allah do destroyed it all.

00:27:56--> 00:27:58

wiped it all out,

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destroy everything, these individuals to send out the message that once again, that Allah subhanaw taala is the one that's what Allah gives this parable about this dunya

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camera in Anzalone in a summer for Allah to be in a battle.

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That is the power of this dunya is like the rain that comes down showers down from the heavens upon this earth. At first Tanaka it mixes with the earth and you find that plants begin to grow.

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Then Allah does what to it. Then Allah Vinci tended to Shimon tended to stubble into dust into remnants.

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Welcome to Lola cliche in Makkah, Dara and Allah has power and control over everything. That is Allah subhanaw taala. When a person begins to boast about their wives and their children in front of Allah subhanho to Allah and Allah mentioned of Allah Serafina if you had the Quran it nurse even called the method

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inside this book will give every type of parable is given inside this book, what kind of insan up Sarah Shea in Cedella

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by look at the human being is excessive in argumentation.

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Inside the Quran about the essence of the human reader and Surya seen the essence of the human being. Look at these iron conical insert Lumina agile Man is created in the state of hastiness, wha hoo Likkle insan Woodbury funds so to Lisa, just ponder over the ayat how Allah speaks about incense. In general Allah never praises the human being. In general, whenever law speaks about an incentive speaks about his essence speaks about the beginning of human may not fit in, I'm sharing. From mix semen we created a human being and an individual begins to boast about who they are and what they are. Why don't you go back and look at the essence of what this human being is, before

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they post in front of Allah Subhana Allah. Then Allah begins to speak about Mashhad, yo multi Yama about the visualization

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of the last day what are our G Bella when you see these mountains that they they lifted away they taken away and we mentioned that these things that we see

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reading the Quran Allah will uplift them will uproot them and take them away. And then when the individual will come on that day

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the individual a merely had the guitar below you are the roofs of the rotten Walla cubby rotten in the saw or what you're doing I mean, how did i What are your dimora Buka on that day when you come in other places the Quran a Quran kita Kapha been a seeker yo Malika Seba. Read your own book.

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Read your own book, read your own scripture. Read it yourself. Sufficient you are as a witness as a testimony upon your own self. And hear a person say man, you had the keytab pass the wall to this book was Matt, what's the matter with this record with this book? Now you heard the rooster the rotten Wallah, Kirby rotten, no small action, no major action in saw her.

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Except for it's all been documented.

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And everything we bought present for that individual. Then Allah mentioned Allah doesn't oppress any individual.

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We stand as a testimony for our own sense, for our own lives, for our own actions is what Allah Tala is warning us about. Then the main crux of the surah Musa will Haider Ali Salam, we destroy that journey. Musa Musa Isla, he said these commentarial rites Well, as I mentioned, when he's asked who's the most knowledgeable person a face of this earth at that moment in time?

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He said, I am.

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You know, the crux of the stories at Tado feet taller than me is humility, in seeking knowledge. Read how people back bodies are a hell of a pallava

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you know, because knowledge in the world at the moment and Youtube world and Twitter and Facebook and whatever it may be that every person is an alum. Every person is a scholar. Every person is a specialist. Every person can refute everybody. And life just becomes that

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as we began with life is spirituality. That's what life is. So Allah, what did you show Musa? You can how can you have any man would have the right to say I'm the most knowledgeable individual, but look up Musa alayhis salam, the strong personality, strong individual who slapped the angel of death in his face

00:32:27--> 00:32:51

when they were frightened of any individual in his life, but look at his humility. When Allah said to go to wherever these two oceans meet and seek knowledge from this individual, did Musa say yeah Allah Allah rasool Allah be useful spoke to me what condom Allah Musa tech Lima? And are you sending me to go and speak to hidden speak to this individual,

00:32:52--> 00:32:59

Mr. hain, he went there and he said to her that you have knowledge that I don't have, that I need to learn from you.

00:33:00--> 00:33:16

So they both embarked on that boat, and a bird rested on the edge of the boat and it dipped his beak into the ocean and droplets of water went into the beak of the bird ketosis to Musa Allison, that my knowledge and your knowledge

00:33:17--> 00:33:23

in comparison to a knowledge of Allah is not these drops of water in the beak of this bird

00:33:25--> 00:33:28

warm out booty to mineral will be in the Alinda

00:33:29--> 00:33:31

over in a bushel and

00:33:32--> 00:33:37

look at human beings today. Because it has led to a tug of war

00:33:38--> 00:33:43

is lead to arrogance. And this underneath that we find that me myself and I

00:33:45--> 00:33:48

to look down upon people does not costume in.

00:33:49--> 00:33:56

costume isn't to look down upon people because we ever as divided that's the most difficult thing

00:33:57--> 00:34:09

in a person's life. Yes is other elements early McCluskey that is speak about Wakulla kmsauto Hatton who attack copper wire and well. His arrogance and it's very shades and colors

00:34:11--> 00:34:44

is very shades and the shades that we live inside our society are visible how people would speak to one another how they express themselves towards one another one another. These are lessons that we exempt from the Quran of how Allah teaches what we need to do inside our life to come close to Allah Subhana Allah and then we find full Kernighan they asked about yester Luna de Ville Kernighan once again this individual he was given power there's a limit right that for individuals conquered rule over all of this earth to Muslims and to non Muslim rulers

00:34:45--> 00:34:54

ruled over most of this earth. But once again, blue card I read through his life 3368 Inside the Quran that he is told to traverse the earth

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

and he could subject people to be subjects and make them be servant, but he only says I'm always

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

again to take revenge or press that when people commit ship belay, Subhana Allah then other than that, it's upon Allah subhanaw taala.

00:35:08--> 00:35:31

And he's has the power he has the ability, but his humility to help the people to protect them here from Judea modules whereby he built his barrier, this wall, solidifies this wall. And that's what the prophets have you mentioned the Hadith. Zaid Bin Joshua, she said when she highlights prophecy and said wait only the Arab world to the Arabs will fit that as a as about to about to throw themselves upon them.

00:35:32--> 00:35:37

He said that everyday. Yeah, a huge amount, a huge, paraphrasing the Hadith that dig up the wall.

00:35:39--> 00:36:01

Every day they got the wall, they come very close. And I said Tomorrow we'll come back and we finish this digging. But they don't say insha Allah. So when he returned back the wall is solidified again. But one day they say insha Allah. So when they returned back the only a few Edmond remnants left for them to burst through the wall and create the carnage and pillage that they do in the face of this earth.

00:36:02--> 00:36:41

That's Yajima juge to the end of time that there will be these identities at these individual caused destruction upon the earth. We find that in general, many sources of the Quran, that the beginning theme is also the end theme of the surah as well as generic, it doesn't mean that every single Surah has the same beginning the same ending but you find that certain sources inside the Quran that how Allah is counter begins the surah we will end the surah would engender the same theme. So hey, Allah subhanaw taala highlights the theme in the beginning of the surah is about praising Allah Subhan Allah worshiping Allah, Allah and are doing righteous actions, and taking the profession as a

00:36:41--> 00:37:21

servant as a messenger of Allah. So the end of the surah full nama Bashar al mismo kumuha eladia, say I'm only a human being like you to certain human characteristics of the Prophet so that we need to accept because we, we have to relate to human beings given the ability to speak, to drink, to eat to live his normal life. That's not being derogatory to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but I saved that there are certain characteristics which are far beyond that we can ever imagine, that were given to him, that we do apply, we do believe in but Allah uses certain words, inside the Quran, we should stop those words. We shouldn't go towards excessive praise that some people enter this world

00:37:21--> 00:37:44

of excessive praising of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and they fail to praise Allah Subhana Allah. So he says I'm only a butcher, a human being. And Allah has given His revelation to me, that there is only one God to be worshipped only Allah Allah is the one that needs to be worshipped. For Montana, they are duly kohlrabi. valea Muhammad and soya while you should be aware that the rugby ahead

00:37:45--> 00:37:49

and over aspires to me Allah subhanaw taala then what should you do?

00:37:50--> 00:38:12

Should you just become stagnant individually that many of the Muslim today we have this belief that I believe in Allah that God would forgive me? God would overlook me yes, that's possibly true. There could be some individuals that Allah Allah will forgive them. But the general Sunnah of Allah is kinda lay down upon this earth, a couple Adeleke of his summary. Is that a certain action that you need to do

00:38:13--> 00:38:39

for that to be given to you inside your life for mankind? Julie corabi for Milan, Milan saleha carry out righteous actions. That's why because at the end of Easter feel these ayat or verse 110 He mentioned that what are these righteous acts and how the person solidified them, as you mentioned, buying sincerity, violence and trying as close as possible to be according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and after finding conclusion key words

00:38:40--> 00:39:19

or statements inside the surah if we could only walk away with these four statements that exist inside this surah then that would be a good beginning for many of us. The concept of saying Inshallah, that a person would ever they say, they have even in the mind at some earlier mentioned a person has that belief that conviction, nothing will happen except for wider permission, a Leave of Allah subhanaw taala Masha Allah as well, as mentioned, regarding us hub agenda tain that there is no Kuva except for wide the permission and the Leave of Allah Subhana Allah, so whatever person has, or they've achieved whatever they've done or they want to do, it should be a Hamed was Shuker,

00:39:19--> 00:39:50

Lillahi subhanaw taala now Quwata illa biLlah I have no power, no Mike no ability at Tofik min Allah, Allah is the one that gives tofi give the person the ability to do certain things inside their life. That's what those young individuals when they believe they took those small mini steps. What about no other clue him that Allah strengthened them, strengthen the Eman strengthen their journey. And the fourth statement, indirectly that can be deduced is Allah alum,

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

Musa alayhis, Salam and Hendra stories they're that to limit our knowledge. They're not to enter to surface that which don't concern that we don't have the knowledge about

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

just to leave it at that, because Allah mentioned Allah Allah blissful ennemi to say Allah knows is actually half of knowledge is half of knowledge to accept one's limitation side, their life. And the other content we talked about under near me myself and I have to remove this from our concept in a language that we use.

00:40:21--> 00:40:25

Also the clearest measure we mentioned that this surah is about arrogance,

00:40:27--> 00:40:31

arrogance, and the opposite of arrogance is humility.

00:40:32--> 00:41:11

That's a key theme is it? So if you look at the four themes of these individuals have will come with find that they could have been the king was an arrogant individual. The youth were humble individuals, like us have agenda Tina one of them was an arrogant individual, the other was a humble individual is sort of a bliss. Inside the surah he was arrogant Adam was humble, recognize his mistake, repented back to Allah subhanaw taala. Musa will favor Musa if we can say that we had the element of arrogance in a literal sense that he had every right to make that statement, but he showed his humility. And will Corinne had the full right to show his mind and his pride but he

00:41:11--> 00:41:35

restrained himself in how to present himself. May Allah grant us all the traffic and ability to understand and dissect the words of ALLAH under the best ability and to live true to these words, and these words inspire us inside our lives to become better individuals. That individuals our relationship, firstly, toward between our souls and Allah subhanaw taala burners to tofi to read the book of Allah and Allah on a daily basis.