Nouman Ali Khan – 4523 And Our Current Reality

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the responsibility of believers to protect themselves and their feelings. They emphasize the need for constructive criticism and letting people know what they want to see, even their actions. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of false negative criticism and the importance of letting people know what they want to see and not just what they see.
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Allah azza wa jal has given us some fundamental principles in the Quran on what it means to be a believer. And one of those fundamental principles is that we have to be people of thought, our religion, criticize or criticizes people that refuse to think and refuse to analyze. We are supposed to be people that arrive at this faith, not just because our parents are Muslim, not just because you're born in a Muslim culture or Muslim family, but because you are actually deeply convinced yourself that this is the truth. And this is actually something Allah claims himself and he says, so Liam iOttie Neville FLP coffee unfussy him, had there been a long enough and hug, we will show the

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miraculous signs in the skies and even inside of themselves, until it becomes absolutely clear to them that it is in fact the truth. When Muslims overall become complacent, meaning we're Muslim, because our family's Muslim, because our tradition is Muslim. That's all I've ever known. So we're essentially civilizational Muslims, then we become in our convictions, we're no different than civilizational Christians, or civilizational Jews, or civilizational, Hindus or anything else, because the only explanation they have for being that way, is what's the number Mau Jana Alayhi Abba and what we found our father's doing, that's what we're doing to the Quran directly condemns this

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kind of thinking Alhamdulillah for many of us, the majority of the Muslims were born in a Muslim family and hamdulillah for that. But you know what, that's not enough. That is absolutely not enough. Allah warns us of people that came before us that Allah gave a book to they came to Eman and after some time their hearts became hard work cathedral min home fast you can also Google Home for Kathy Roman home Farsi upon their hearts became hard. Most of them are corrupt. In other words, they're Muslim, basically by name. They don't really have any any real deep conviction on this thing. Now, how do we know that we're actually deeply profoundly convinced of this faith that which

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is what we call Eman itself, the strength of conviction, any man itself, just compare it we I believe as a Muslim, that this word of Allah and these teachings of my messenger sallallahu alayhi salam, they are the ultimate description of reality that everything I see around me, I see reality through the lens of these words, through the lens of this message. And without that lens, I can't see it for what it is. So while for example, everybody else sees a tree or everybody else he's a mountain everybody else he's a plant coming out of the ground. What I see is you know, when Allah describes people who are in any doubt about being raised after they die, that they should

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contemplate on a tree they should contemplate on the earth it does that's what that's what matters. It shakes it rises and it sprouts new life and a lot more and Allah you heal or Baba devotee ha You Should Know Allah gives life to the dead earth after it had died. Right so and he gives it gives it new life. What does that

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Telling me every time I see greenery in the world, it's reminding me of resurrection. And it reinforces my belief that the same one that can create this life or every day, and he said, sends a command from the sky, he says rain from the sky, and the dead earth comes back to life is the one that will bring me back to life when his command comes. So my belief system gets reinforced, by the way that I see the world. And that's one of the things that the Quran did, it changed the way that we see the world. Now the thing is, we all know what conviction is, if you see a fire burning, there's no way you're gonna stick your hand in it, there's just no way, you know that it's going to

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burn as you get closer, you're going to feel the heat, you're convinced you're not going to touch it. But then there are things that Allah says that are taking you into the fire. There are things that Allah says that are absolutely bad for you. And we're not as convinced that touching it is such a bad thing. Because somehow that fire is it as real as this fire that the temperature you can feel that's an indication of a weakness of one's conviction, right. And it's really absolutely critical that we develop the strongest kind of conviction from an early age into our kids. And if we haven't had that, then it's time we developed it, it's really important to know it's really important to

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have because otherwise, the only reason the average young person is a Muslim, is because their mother says it's time for Salah, it's time to read Quran, hey, don't eat that. Make sure you eat halal food, etc. And that same young man or woman, they go to college, Mama's not there anymore. Baba is not telling you to come to Juma. Right, and they're their campus. And everybody's doing whatever they want. And if they're not absolutely convinced that they're doing this not to make their parents happy, not because some other Muslims are watching. But they're doing this because they know this is the better way. This is the absolute truth. And what everybody else is running

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towards is tantamount to fire. I'm not going to touch it. I'm not saying everybody else is going to *, but I'm not going to just dive in along with them. I'm going to stop myself. That's that power will not be there, that that ability will not be there. If the absolute conviction isn't there, our focus has become on the watch of Islam. All we teach our kids all the time is what to say? How what the *? How do you clean yourself when you go to the bathroom? How do you make wudu? How do you pray? How do you fast? How do you eat? What how do you eat with you know, what do you make when you go to see all of those are good things? That's the what and the *? But you know what more

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important than both of those is? Why are we believers? Why are we following this? Why am I doing all of this? It's it terrifies me to meet young men and women that have memorized the entire Quran is kids, they memorize the entire Quran. They were put in a health program by their parents. And by the time they got to college, they're no different than other non Muslims. Why? Because the parents assumed that if you give them this, what you make them memorize, you make them recite Quran properly, right? You teach them how to pray. Now they're, they're wearing Islamic kinds of clothes. That means inside of them, they're absolutely convinced of this. No, they were just conditioned.

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They were in an environment. They did what the environment was telling them to do. There's no internal conviction. So when they're in a new environment, they don't see a real reason to hold on. And then we say our youth are getting lost. No, are you from getting lost? We're not giving them guidance. That's not their fault. We're not providing an avenue. And for a lot of parents, they find themselves in this crisis. Parents could your kids will ask some some of your kids go to public school, your kids will come and ask you, Hey, my friend, he's Christian, his family believes in the Bible. And my other friend is Hindu, they have their own religion. And I have other friends that

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have no religion at all. I wonder in the end, who's going to be right, like how do we know were the right ones? Right? And you know what scary a lot of parents say, I don't know, either. But don't ask that question. I'm gonna hit you. If you ask again.

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You know, I better take him to some, I better take him to somebody who has a really long beard.

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And then they can just recite some, you know, laws and further canals on this child and and then their questions will disappear. Or this child has Shabbat on him. Or they'll say, oh, stuff from I don't know, I don't know what to do somebody fix this for me. Somebody go talk to him. Well, you know what, Allah on Judgment Day will not just, you know, ask us about what we didn't pass on to our kids. But this idea of learning your deen and being internally satisfied, here and here, here and here. That is a responsibility of every believer. And it doesn't matter what age you are you everyone has to wake up. Everyone has to decide, You know what, I don't know. I need to learn. I

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need to study I need to arrive at this conclusion. So what does Allah do it is sorta like a Jessenia which is what I actually wanted to talk to you about today. In the opening and I recommend every one of you to read some to jatiya Today, over over the weekend. Just read it for yourself. So So number 45. Okay,

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In the beginning of the Surah, the ayat continue to talk about people that arrive at the conviction that Allah is real, that this revelation is real, that Islam is true. And what do they think about that leads them to that conclusion. So it's it's, it's the opening passage is about thoughtful people, then the next passage is about people that refuse to think. And why don't they think? Why do they refuse something? Why did they ignore and what's going to happen to them because they refuse to think that's the next passage. And I and I want to talk to you about is right down the middle of this, this remarkable surah. And I wanted to talk to you about it because I've been reflecting

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something that I've been observing for some time, and I've only mentioned it in passing here and there. But I feel like this idea deserves a lot more attention, especially in our climate. Allah azza wa jal has a term Anita ILAHA. Who have you seen someone who has taken his own feelings, his own whims, and turn them into their God?

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So this is not talking about people who worship an idol, who worship the Son of God, who worship some other false deity, you know, some myth? Some some plethora of gods? No, no, this person has created a different kind of God, their god is their own feelings. They worship their own feelings. What in the world? Does that mean? How does someone worship their own feelings? You don't make a giant statue of anger, happiness, sadness, and do searches onto it. That's not what this means. What in the world is that world does it mean that someone worships their feelings? You know what, when your ultimate truth, because Allah, you know, in Allahu Allah, Allah is the ultimate reality. But

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when you replace that ultimate reality with anything else, then that becomes your object of worship. That becomes the thing that dictates what you're going to do, what your priorities are, where all of your energy is going, what your goals are, what do you want to accomplish in your life, all of that's dictated by the ultimate reality in your mind. And for an individual for a man or a woman, even a young man, woman child, if their ultimate reality becomes how they feel.

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Then they've turned that feeling into their God. And Allah describes this person in the Quran as a single idea. He describes a person who takes takes their their feelings and their whim to become their God. And Allah says, what Allah Allahu Allahu Allah Illman. And Allah allows this person to be misguided, even though they have knowledge, even though they know better. So you're gonna have a scenario in which someone says, you know, I, and by the way, I wanted to take a shot at this because in, in modern social media culture, there's a lot of, you know, self declared psychologists, right. And there's a lot of people that are giving you advice about how to, you know, pick yourself up and

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how to take care of yourself and how to boost yourself and don't listen to anybody. And don't don't worry about what other people say to you. You're number one, you're the greatest feel good about yourself. You have a right to your feelings. You, you you and you like a grand dicing you right and everybody else is wrong. You're the one that's right. Everybody else is a narcissist. Everybody else is an abuser, you're the victim of all of them, you must rise above it. And there's this narrative where you constantly see yourself as man, I got to take care of myself, and all these people are out to get me. Right so your mother says something to you, Hey, you. How come your your your sleeping

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utensil? Oh, don't be an abuser. You're abusing my personal space. This is my you know, why are you being such a narcissist. So now we start throwing these terms out that are used in the field of psychology and are well studied. Now we're turning these into labels against people, mindlessly, mindlessly just throwing these labels at someone. And you know what's happened. Now, our religion says that we don't pass judgment on anybody, we only pass judgment on actions. Listen to that, again, we don't pass judgment on people, we pass judgment on actions. So if somebody stole, then we judge the fact that they stole, but they are not forever called a thief. That's not our religion. If

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somebody killed if somebody killed, they paid for their crime, whatever is done is done. You know, it's happened already. Now forever. They're not called a killer anymore. That was an action that they did. That doesn't define them. That doesn't define them. That's something that's a mistake that they made. Otherwise Musa alayhis salam to this day would be called a killer.

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You understand? We that's not our religion. But you know what's happened in this new self declared, you know, create the new ego and the new self as a god. Well, now you get to call somebody with these psychological terms and forever. Your husband is a narcissist and your mother or your cousin, or whoever is, you know, it's toxic. And we use these kinds of words, throw them at them and forever, this person's toxic, everything that comes out of their mouth is somehow nuclear waste that you must get away from. Right and that this is an oversight

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amplification of what I need to protect myself and my feelings. And whoever tries to challenge me. Nobody can say anything to me, nobody's works better. I don't care about anybody's opinion. All that matters is I feel good about myself, Wow, well sounds like you, I've made my my knifes and my feelings and my Hawa into my own god that nobody else can come over. And when you do enough of that, you know what happens, then, now that you've removed people from the equation, and I've removed people, because their words don't matter, their criticisms don't matter. And by the way, criticism in our religion is actually a fundamentally good thing. There is such a thing as unfounded

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criticism, you're ugly, you're short, you're a loser, you'll never make anything of your life. That's not the kind of criticism I'm talking about. But if some, if your brother comes to you, your your parents come to you, their spouse comes to you and says, Hey, you said this, it wasn't a good thing to say, You should have said this, instead, it was hurtful for you to do that, or you dealt with this child in this way. I think you should have dealt with it in this way. It might be better if we do that next up constructive criticism of we all need it. Everybody needs it. If there wasn't constructive criticism, nothing would improve in business, nothing would improve at work, nothing

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would improve in education. Nothing would improve in your family. So actually, we welcome constructive criticism. And in fact, even when somebody gives you a criticism that's unfounded, that we try to find if 99% of what this person is saying is nonsense, that 1% That is true, I should contemplate on that. Instead of saying, Who are you to tell me or we don't we don't get our ego spike because somebody criticizes, you know, Allah describes one of the one of the states of the monastic. He says, Yeah, so Buddha could have had an early him and sort of Mafia code. They assume that every outcries against them, would you say about me? It was about me, are they taking a shot at

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me? I think that was about me. They're paranoid that everybody's out to get them, you know, and the people that sing the song, I don't care what anybody says, the more they sing it, the more they're proving they really care about what everybody says. Yeah. It's really getting to them. It's really, really getting to them. That's that's a state where the only objective you have is to protect yourself to elevate yourself to rise above and you say, You know what, people don't matter. My family doesn't matter. My friends don't matter. Nobody understands me. I'm a unique, special individual. I've seen enough tick tock videos to make myself feel extra special. You know, I'm above

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all of this and everybody else I've got the labels for all of them. narcissist, toxic, abusive, this manipulative, you know, psychopath, sociopath, I got all of them labeled. I don't even use their real names anymore, you know, on my phone. But once you get above that, and the only one left for you to deal with is Allah is Allah Himself. You know what happens? Well, I made dua, and I really wanted Allah to do this for me, and it didn't happen. You know what, I don't really believe in Allah so much anymore.

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Because it's not going it's not Allah is not surrendering his will to my feelings.

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Because I'm not getting what I wanted.

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So right, Amanita ILAHA Waho, have you seen someone who takes their feelings and turns them into their God? Allah did not put us on this earth, you know, this, this false narrative, snap out of it, snap out of it. Allah did not put us on this earth to seek happiness, to seek happiness. You know, Allah put us on this earth to live by a purpose. And when you live a purposeless life, when you realize your job on this earth, is to serve your robe. And then by serving your robe, you're going to serve humanity, you're going to do something good for others, that is not about you, that's about them. You're going to build, you're going to build a well, in a village, you're going to build a

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school, you're going to help your neighbor, you're going to help stop a crime, you're going to do something good. You're going to add value to the world. And it's not about you. When you read when you don't have that in your life, then slowly but surely, the the when your purpose is lost, then the only way the purpose can be lost is our connection with Allah is going away. It's disappearing, it's fading. And eventually it fades enough and my own self becomes so inflated, that even Allah doesn't have room in my heart anymore. And so Allah says Allah, tada ilaha illa, Allah, Allah Who are their element, and Allah allows this person to be misled, even though they know because Allah is

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now making a distinction between our which can be here in the chest, and the alien, which is here. So logically, I know what I'm saying is wrong, but you know, you hurt my feelings. My feelings are hurt, therefore, and I'm justifying all of my behavior based on my whims, even though I know better, even though I know better. And the arrogance can get to the point where we even start making lies up against Allah. Allah knows how I feel. And I know what I know. The book says it's how long but my feelings have Allah and I have a special connection. He'll understand. Really

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Not too early when Allah Hobbico what Allah says you're going to teach allow your religion now, you're going to teach allah how this works. That's the position your you got that special status. Now, this is what happens when, when the how, when the inner state becomes a God. He says Mahatama Allah seminary he will call me he, he places a seal on such a person's heart.

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And first first deep, this is a seal on such a person's hearing. And then on their heart. What does it mean to place a seal on their hearing? That means every time they have to hear something that can guide them back, they block it out, they tune it out. I don't even want to hear this kind of negativity. I just want to hear a positive message. That's just too negative.

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You know how, if you're just looking for constant positivity, and you can't deal with negativity, you know what that means? You're not able to deal with your own flaws, because you've already deemed yourself flawless. I've already considered myself so beyond criticism that I can't hear anything that seems to put a Casta cast an image I am forced to see myself in the mirror. No, no, that's too much negativity. Right. So in the name of actual abuse, actual narcissism, actual verbal toxicity, and in the name of protecting yourself from those things. Now you've put yourself in a new kind of pedestal, a new extreme has been formed. And I've seen this extreme. You know, on the one hand, we

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have Muslims, unfortunately, who have no conscience, no awareness of mental health issues. No awareness of there is such a thing as verbal abuse, there is such a thing as narcissistic behavior, or toxic me with no awareness of it. And on the other hyper aware, to the point where you're just becoming your own self declared psychologist, eventually your own god, you know, you know that and that's the extreme that I want to save myself from and all of you from Allah xojo Protect us, or terminate DACA either Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that element Mahatama 70, he will call me he was also here to shower. And he places a cover a veil over over this

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person's eyes, over their viewing, you know, what they call that nowadays, they call it an echo chamber. If you're not familiar with the term, what that is, is anything, you can't hear anything that disagrees with your view. You can't observe anything, you can't place yourself in an environment that challenges your preferences. So you surround yourself. Like the algorithms that like the manipulative Eric, algorithms on social media, you surround yourself with content people, environments that only reinforce what you already believe that you only want to hear that, and you cut yourself off literally, the Hutton on summer, and Basa. The visual on the buzzer is now

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algorithms on social media. They make sure that you actually are inside, you're veiled from anything that will keep you out. And there are studies of people that you know, when they listen to when they watch a video on one conspiracy theory, guess what shows up next, you know, this, this was highlighted for you, on your feed the next one, the next one until you're just so dive, you're so deep inside, that you're living in your own reality. And where we're falling trapped into that there are studies by non Muslims on this stuff on these echo chambers that are that are extremely dangerous, extremely, extremely dangerous, that are manipulating us and all of this I started with

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what Allah made us Muslim, one of the conditions of it is that we are free critical thinkers. So the idea began with us with the ability to think clearly. And so I'm going to end by tying this concept to one more idea. By the way, Allah says in this ayah I didn't complete the ayah familia de even bad Illa

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who's going to guide this person after Allah?

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If they've even put Allah aside who's left for them to be guided with? The ultimate destruction for this person was themselves? familia de humans?

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Aren't you going to make a real effort to remember this? Are you they're not going to make real direct karoon is different from death. karoun is the firewall. You know what Allah is hinting here. This reality is something I have to remind myself of, consciously over and over again, this is not a subtle or a casual thing that you just hear. It's something that has to be reinforced over and over again. If I let

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you go to Soto Lisara Allah azza wa jal says, when I talk for my lesson, I can be here. I've given other hubbers about this before but not tighten this. Don't Don't pursue something don't fall something fall follow something that you don't yourself, have direct knowledge of. have knowledge yourself, have not know for yourself. Allah wants that for you. Because when you when you know something for yourself, then whatever you do is based on conscious action. You're not doing it because someone else wants you to. You're not doing it like a zombie. You're doing it like a thought thoughtful, analytical.

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calculated human being what I took from Alexa

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in the summer, when vasara While other kulula econ and homeschooler. No doubt about it, the hearing, the seeing, and the Fouad, I'm not translating for idea all of them will be asked about. So we know and Judgment, Allah will ask us about the things we heard, or the things we chose to hear versus the things we chose not to hear. That's the summer being question. While bustle, Allah will ask us about the things we saw, and the things we refuse to see the things we refuse to see, I was giving you an example of the tree, anybody can see a tree, but a believer can see a tree and remember the outcome. Right? Anybody can hear the event, but I believe we can hear the other and say it's time for the

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prayer and leave whatever they're doing. So what we saw and ignored will be questioned. What we saw and we shouldn't have seen will be questioned, will be heard and ignored will be asked about what we heard and you shouldn't have been listening to will be asked about what what are you sitting there listening? What am I sitting there listening to talk about people talking about other people, this is all life has become. But then the word I didn't translate that I wanted to conclude this hotel is Alfred, as well as in Arabic actually means the heart. It's one of the words for codon in the Arabic language. And for soon in this ayah, I became a little bit perplexed because Allah says He will ask

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about the hearing. And he will ask about the seeing, and he'll ask about what sounds like the heart. So many said no, he what it implies here is the mind, not the heart. But there is there are several words for the mind in Arabic and for others, not one of them. For outcomes in the Arabic language from Florida for the Latin, or Latin one for eat. When you roast meat on an open barbecue flame, when you're out in the desert, and you make a fire and you're you know you're you're rotating the meat, the meat, right on a skewer, that's actually called Lamb for eat the meat that has been roasted, this expression got used for the heart, when the heart is over, engulfed in flames. When

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the heart is overwhelmed with emotion, so typically your heart is your con. But if you are enraged, then it's a flood. If you're extremely excited, it's a flood. If you're extremely scared, it's if you're extremely depressed. It's, in other words, any heightened emotional state takes your unbanned turns into a fraud. Now check this out. Allah is saying even the fraud is going to get asked about

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even before and will be asked about you know what people do. Like I said before people take their feelings into their turn into their gods. We justify the worst, I justify the worst of my behavior based on my feelings.

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I say yeah, I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't have lied about you. I shouldn't have done this, this this. I shouldn't have hit him. I shouldn't have done it. You but you know what, I was really angry at the time.

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That wasn't really me. That was that, you know, this is me, that was a different, you know,

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or somebody will be really abusive, you know, and hurtful. And then come back and say, you know, I get like that sometimes well, but that's not really me. This is the real me, you know, you know me. That was just my fraud.

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I hate that guy too. But you can't hold that against me. Because it was I was just feeling really lonely. And that's why I did what I did. I was just really sad and it made me do it. So what do we do we take all of our behavior that happens as a result of our heightened emotions. And we say you know, what is justifiable because I was really stressed out is justifiable, because I was just excited is justifiable because I was really scared.

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And now those those that fraud is now above reproach above question. It's above question. What Allah is telling us is that you will not hide behind your feelings on judgment. I will not hide behind my feelings. You can turn them into your God in this life and worship them and say My feelings are valid, I will do whatever my feelings tell me to do. Right? Turn them in Tamela but you and I are not going to escape on Judgment Day. It's not going to fly on judgement day when you say why did you say these words? Why did you spread this lie about this person? Why were you humiliating to them in front of others? Why did you do this? So well, you know, they hurt my feelings two years ago and I

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had to this was just me venting because you understand feelings, right?

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No, the facade will be interrogated before it will be questioned it will be held accountable. We don't get to justify our actions just based on our emotions. That is why we are any people have restraint over and control over our emotions. That is one of the most fundamental teachings of our deen you know, Allah uses the NFP radica IRP I think Liuli NUHA healthy Danika custom only the hedgehog Falletta word after word after word describing these are IOD for people have no ha You know what no means? It's one of the words for the intellect for this

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Why is he called Noah because it prevents you from keeping letting your emotions run amok shaking taking over that's why it's called Noah. Healthy Danika Casali the hedgehog isn't there a miraculous oath in for in these ayat for people that possess hedges hedges at the possessors of rock? You know why Iraq because the mind is solid, it doesn't fluctuate like the the waters of emotion, it's solid they're, they're clear in their thoughts. This is why these words are used for us this is what the Quran is for, for us to develop solid, critical thinking, for developing restraint and control over ourselves and not fall into this trap where it's not being celebrated, that our feelings should

00:30:42 --> 00:31:18

actually be the object of our worship. Our feelings are the most important thing of all, and nothing can get in the way of our feelings and no negative no criticism, no correction, nothing can come in it's, it's the ultimate god of worship beyond reproach Allah azza wa jal protect every one of us in our youth especially and and the elders from from allowing their how to turn it into their love and Allah azza wa jal continue to guide all of us and set us on the correct course. And may Allah give all of us the ability to make sincere Dawa BarakAllahu li Walakum Hakim on a finally we are going

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to hamdulillah Heba Kapha are salat wa salam o Hyderabadi loveliness taka, Posada, volley Hill, Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Amin Le he was saying he has been called Allah Azza wa Jalla wa Karim Vida Annapoorna Aruba bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim in Allahu ala ketahui Soluna Allenby

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Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad cabasa later Allah Brahim Hema Philomene in Majid, Allah bedika ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed COMM A lot of talent.

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I mean in the academy Majid about Allah, Allah, Allah in Allah What are we waiting for? You will look up one of the Kobayakawa Allah never matters now. consola in this video

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