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AI: Summary © The upcoming series of "IT" will feature various animals, including humans, animals, and pets, and will also include a brief advertisement for coffee. The speakers discuss the benefits of animals for health and medicine, including their ability to control and own them, and the importance of protecting animals and avoiding harms. They also touch on the struggles of religion and the importance of acceptance of the pandemic, as well as the importance of building one's life through acceptance and action. The surah reminds people of stability and the importance of acceptance of the pandemic, while also discussing the upcoming series.
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Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He a fellow Salah woman wa salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa what a cartoon and as you've just heard, or at least tried to hear I don't know I've been losing my voice these last few days guys, so I apologize for that. We have now come to the conclusion or the final episode of solidity sc and and for those of you that are joining us for the first time, just keep in mind this is a two part series. So the first part of the series is sort of yes seen and inshallah huhtala tomorrow we start pseudocode ramen. So the second part of the series will be sold ramen and that will be tomorrow in sha Allah. So let's get right into this

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lots of wonderful things to talk about. LLM, yo don't they take the time to observe. Remember when we say when we say when we said in previous episodes that every time you hear a verse that starts with an LLM or lm euro, our lm euro, our lm euro insan our lm euro LL OUT every time you hear a verse that starts this way it says Allah calling us take some time and reflect look around. And now Hakuna Allah home mimar amulet a dino Allah created them with what we had taught them with our own hands and Ireland and for whom Allah hi Maddie Khun that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the ability and the HELOC nella whom we created these animals Mima amulet a Deena from what our hands meaning

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from our abilities from our power and authority and Narayana cattle for you For Whom the ham and the corn and you're able to own these cattles, you're able to own these animals. So what do you own them for? What do you hope to do with them? Well, the law alone, I mean, how Roku boohooman Hi, Kowloon. velena from the word Villa is that sometimes you ever watching like some of those TV shows where the man is sitting out, son is about to rise and he's just looking at his farm. He's looking at his animals and he's looking at the beauty You know, when you when you drive by a highway you pass by farms you see these, you know, little sheeps just kind of walking around the farm beautiful horses

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swinging their tails just walking around cows in one section. It's just a beautiful scene that's called Viola where the learner left him alone.

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made these animals your farm animals, your cattle. He made it beautiful for you. Sometimes you just sit there and you you just look at them. You just observe the way that they move. How gentle and how calm and how peaceful. They appear. Fermin Howard or cool boom. There are some that you would actually climb you would use it for transportation you would move around with them. Women how you Kowloon and you also consume them

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a lot then tells us well on fee how many men if you're a woman Shetty, there is so much for them benefit men out there, what are the things do we benefit from with these animals, make clothing we make leather shoes can build our homes with some of the material you get from animals. One machete, you can also drink from them. So why is a love bringing all of this to light? Remember what we said? soda tea has seen? You know, I like to call the theme of this sort of the obvious or the apparent. This sort of highlights the things that are right in front of us that most people either don't notice or take for granted. Who takes the time to appreciate where milk comes from. You know, when

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you milk a cow, you just expect what that it will produce milk you expected what Ally's bringing and highlighting for us here is who causes that to happen. Who causes that this animal here that its stomach may have the filth of the animal, but at the same time, it harbors something that you and I consume. And then the meat than the skin, the bones all of these things are beneficial to us. And then we use it for medicine. We use it for food for drink for other things. So all of this Allah highlights highlights it's right in front of you, a fellow fish guru, aren't they grateful? You know, part of this a these eight when a lot talks to us about these kinds of animals is that the way

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that Allah designed them that you can climb them that you can eat from them that you can control them and Allah says For whom Lucha manly cool and you can own them. You know, these are domesticated animals. All of this happens by a less permission. If Allah wanted, the cow could be a vicious animal. You know, all he would have to do is sharpen its teeth a little bit, give it a little bit more strength, muscle speed, and it'll be one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Alissa's, it's by his will, that you're able to consume, own and protect these animals, you're able to own them, they're domesticated, you can control them, shift them around, move them around, wherever you

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wish. This is all by Aliceville.

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So it's remarkable that these things when we expect them to act a certain way with these animals when we expect them to behave a certain way, not realizing Wait a minute. That's a luz will, why this animal is the way that it is. White eats the way that it eats. White produces the way that it produces all of these things. It's from him subhana wa tada

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What does a woman do Lila he earlier. Instead, you know what they did, they took other than Allah as a date of worship worthy of worship. Now alumium Soto and in hopes that these de tes would aid them and help them in some way. lay still tayrona not sort of whom they will never be able to help them. Well, homeloan jundo martone and instead, all of these idols, they will come on the Day of Judgment present in front of all those who worship them, like massive armies, you're going to see the magnitude of all of these idols and they will all be placed right in front of their faces. Because why part of the judgment process for idol worshipers is Allah will now ask them go ask your idol now

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to help you on this day to give you some shade on this day to provide for you on this day. There's only the doors of Jenna, there's the doors of the jahannam ask your idol to save you from this from one or the other. get you in Jenny, save you from the Johanna, go go do it in front of us now. It's a challenge. And it's also humiliation May Allah protect us from them.

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Finally, some cupola home Alyssa says, Don't allow yourselves to be upset or grieve over what they say in an earlier moment. You still ruin a woman you already know. We will certainly we have complete knowledge of what they keep in secret and what they make a parent. You know what our parallel to this is? You know, the other day I was watching a video of a priest in the United States. And this man stood up and he started blowing out of the microphones. You start blowing up the microphone like this, and he was blowing away the Coronavirus. And there are people in the audience that actually believed in this stuff. Allah is saying that you're still to your own and

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they will never be

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To help fillet zoncolan Don't you have a grieve over what they're saying? Because we know deep down inside why they do it. You know, the same priest eventually started saying that he predicts this year, they'll raise millions and millions of dollars in fundraising. Allah says, Allah knows exactly why they do the things that they do the influence that they've created around themselves. And these poor people that actually fall for this stuff. start believing in this man start believing that he could just blow away the Coronavirus and it'll disappear. And then 10 minutes later start the fundraising. Allah knows when you're alone, Allah knows well how eloquent they are when they preach

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Allah knows the deep secrets and agenda that that hide behind all of that. LLM you're all insane? Don't mankind take the time and observe and the Hakuna hoomin notified that we created them from a simple drop of fluid for either hoo ha see Mo Mo been then they had the audacity to start arguing about Allah.

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This a number 77 Wow, unbelievable. Look what a love brings to light now. Look at mankind.

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You were nothing you came from fluid you were nothing.

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And so Allah, you know, placed you on this earth. You had parents and people around you that helped raise you grown, you've matured, your health, your bones, everything matured. And here you are. Now, for whatever reason you have the audacity to question Allah's existence. You know, it's really really, it's like the deepest level or the peak of shame. When somebody reaches a point where they question the creator that question life, they question their purpose, or they deny Allah's existence altogether. That's how seem Hussien here in the form of the word also entails it illustrates that people who argue about these things, do it constantly. You know, for me, as a speaker, I get this a

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lot all speakers get this no matter what religion, no matter what field you're in, we all get the same thing. You'll always have a group of people once in a while they'll come to you after your talk after your presentation. And it'll just look to stump you or to argue with you. You said so and so well this is what I think what's what's your take on that and it'll just turn into a back and forth that's how seen how seemed they're constantly looking to argue about anything and everything particularly in context here. The existence of Allah or anything to do with Allah. And there'll be pretty eloquent about it. In every so often if you scroll down and you know social media, you'll see

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videos of so called experts and thinkers around the world question Islam question there, the existence of Allah, the need for religion, the purpose of life, and hold these massive, massive gatherings. They'll have huge conferences, and they'll You know, when they listen to them, they'll use really fancy words and just like what we said, in soda than the hell while at Taco Lima tasi for elsina to come with him.

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Don't ever be fooled by the people who toss seafood who describe with their tongues just pure falsehood, lies and manipulate the truth in an eloquent way, just like the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam warned us about in nominal Banila cetera that eloquence part of that is magic. People can be lost because like, wow, look how brilliant he is. He's making perfect sense. You know, he just denounced religion as a whole but the way that he did it men, 3 million views on this video. Wow, it's got to be real. It's got to be the truth that says Don't fall for the Don't fall for this stuff.

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You know, at the end of the day, look, I'm Dino camillia. Did you have your way you have your path. I have mine allies are judge. So it's really remarkable that Allah says and now again, our version of this a imagine a mother. You know, she goes through all the pains of pregnancy and delivering the child and raising that child. Eventually when that child matures, child starts arguing back with mom and dad.

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And the mother looks at her son and say, you know, I used to carry you used to feed you. I used to change your diaper. When you were sick. I was up all night. You put me so much I almost died giving birth to you. And now you know, I've seen you mature you've grown up you've started school.

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And now you think you have the right to talk to me this way. Wow.

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No mothers and fathers out

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There, these are lines for you. There's nothing more humiliating to to a child. And when their parents literally just say to them, Look, look at everything I've done for you. And you still argue and fight with me.

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Well, where would you be?

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I raised you. And I've given birth you, by the way, love a love. Of course, I've done all of these things, your father worked day and night to pay for your tuition fees, to buy you your first car, to do all of this for you, to protect you to give you a place to live. And now you fight with us.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, You came from a fluid, you were nothing worthy to be mentioned or talked about before you were born, you didn't exist. Now all of a sudden, you have the audacity to question my existence. Who in the world do you think you are? That's what a lot It was really putting us in our place.

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Well thought of Elena method. And when I see a helper, they'll give more examples after examples, and forget themselves, that they themselves were created. Go back to all of these, like so called thinkers and experts, very eloquent in their speeches, millions of views on their videos. And Allah says, You forgot yourself.

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You forgot who you are. I've got a lot designed you and created you and gave you all that you have. What about yourself?

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Look, continuous parliament, your Hillary Obama. We're here amin, who's going to give life to your bones when they become mean. But I mean, when your bones become old and frail, weakened, who's going to give life to it? Another way to understand this versus how are you going to regain strength? When your bones become frail and weak? When you turn 60 and 70 and 80 years old? How can you regain strength again, how can you reverse that process? You can't you completely just my existence just by the way you develop under a less controlling authority. So why would you argue about him or his existence? Why would you do that?

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Pull up a lengthy pull up lezzy and share a well a model he is the one say to them, that he is the one that brought life to you the first time and I've said this before, if I could do it the first time What makes you think you can resurrect and do it again? Well, who would be quickly Hello, hello, can I help him and he is the one that has complete control over all creation and complete knowledge over his creation. Alessi geralyn akumina szegedi after he is the one that created for you green trees, now all that you can burn. You know the trees is one of the most remarkable remarkable creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, on the one hand, this is the thing that helps us

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breathe, cleans the air, you know, and at the same time, it harbors moisture and water it needs water to survive to grow and to prosper. And at the same time Allah is saying you can burn it and use it for fire. Water is the thing that extinguishes fire. But here the tree is made up of water and you can still burn it and ignited into fire subpanel unless talking to us about just the fire in your home. forest fires fires you see outside like it's remarkable. It's right there in front of us. What's the theme of this soda? The apparent the obvious, all of the signs of Allah's existence, it's surrounded all around us so panela

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either gentlemen what to do and then you can of course take this would light it up and use it for other things. Our laser let the Holocaust center watty while Arnold is in a T the one that created the heavens and the earth because it in either in your Luca mithila home with the ability to challenge those to create something similar to it. Bella who will holla cool Eileen, by no means he is the one that has complete knowledge of all of his creation in Nima mo who either are either shy or indeed he is the one that commands if he will something out either. If he simply wills something Shea, Shea on is the smallest form of intention. It's the weakest form of intention, but in the

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sight of Allah, when we're talking about Allah, even the slightest and most miniscule intent to do something is enough for Allah to make it happen. So Allah can take something that is next to nothing and turn it into reality. You and I we can't we Our intention is called nia. We have to connect that with action. We have to go through a process and build ourselves until it becomes a reality. But she is used here because it could just literally it's literally referring a thing if Allah wills for a thing to be together.

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Come into reality, there is no process for that with Allah subhanho wa Taala, it just happens.

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And he akula who can, he'll just say be fair Kuhn. And it is credibly incredibly powerful language, this apana lezzy, BIA de melaku, to cliche, then Praise be to the one in whose hands all of ownership and authority belongs to what Allah He told geralyn. And he is the one home eventually and ultimately, is our final return. This concludes suta Ts seen the surah that brings to life all the things that are in front of us and around us things that we overlook, the things that we may not pay attention to, we take for granted really come accustomed to, there's so many trees, there's so many animals, there's so much people, there's so much you know, so much of the skies, so much of the

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earth, so much grass, so many plants, like these are just things that have become part of our life. Sorta TSC brings those things back in front of your eyes and said, Look, your he don't forget this stuff. And on top of that, when I see a Hulk I don't forget to you,

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you can concentrate and argue about everybody else and everything else around you. But in the process, you lost yourself. You forgot you, you forgot the design and the fashion that Allah created you and designed you with. Don't forget that. And so one of the things that I really tried to do my best in highlighting with this surah is sometimes you don't have to delve deep into theology, or into lectures and talks and so on, to find a law to connect with him. Sometimes it's right in front of your face, it's the reflection you see in the mirror. It's the first thing you see when you step out of your house. It's the first conversation you have. It's the first argument argument that

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you're involved in or you witness or you hear. And immediately you're reminded of Allah subhanho wa Taala it remains weakly connects you to your faith, it immediately encourages and inspires you to become better.

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So these are all good tools to help us start and to maintain that level of stability that we all crave for and want and we work hard for a lot of people think that stability only comes when I'm in a Masjid when I'm in prayer. No, it's not the only place you can get that sort of the FCM teaches us that you can find reminders and as code of a lot you can find millions of hotbeds all around you. When you look at a tree and you reflect on some panela look at the design of this tree. It's all built. It's its growth. Its nurture its health revolves around oxygen and moisture and water. Yet I can light it on fire and it burns and dries up into dust. That's, that's this is a sign of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala.

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When you can do that, now the tree becomes a hotbed to you. When you look up into the sky, you reflect on what sort of the scene taught us about the sky, the transition from the night to the day, the day to the night, and how that cycle can never be broken. Then you're like wow,

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the Hulk but now you get a hope from the sky.

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And then of course don't forget yourselves. Well men know I'm middle who knew that kiss fulfill Hulk, as Allah causes us to continue to grow and get older and older in life. Allah reverses us as a creation the previous episode.

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No, we start to slouch down, our posture changes, our habits change everything about us changes. And Aled then mentions here, maybe you're here if I'm over here, I mean, who's going to give who's going to reignite life and strength into these bones after they become weak and frail Subhanallah

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after they become so weak and so frail?

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With that being said, brothers and sisters, I hope and I pray that I ask Allah subhana wa tada always in forever to accept from us this effort of going through, you know, this beautiful surah perhaps it could be the hearts of the poor and who knows. But certainly all of its reminders may align so which will allow us to receive its reminders to implement its knowledge the best way possible, that is pleasing to Him alone. I mean, and so I'll leave you with that inshallah. Who Tyler maybe tonight or after suit, all right, man, we will, I'll inform you how you can have access to all of these videos. it'll eventually be on my YouTube channel. So you can go back there, you can

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check out some of the other top CEOs then the other series that we have done since this pandemic had began. So I encourage all of you who if you haven't done

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So to check that out inshallah Lolita Island, so Sudan right man guys tomorrow insha Allah I'm really excited for the sorta I love the rhythm of the surah I love the audience of the sorta lots of remarkable things to talk about in sha Allah, Allah. And so with that being said, may Allah azza wa jal accept our efforts male allies so we'll accept all of you male lines, so we shall bless all of you and reward all of you for being there to being with me watching me and supporting me as I continue to just share a little bit of reminder, you know, with respect to this beautiful way of life, our Deen and Islam and I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts it from us Aloma I mean,

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just from a low Hydra and I will see you all tomorrow be in the Lehi Tyler was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh