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are we learning you know Shantanu Raji this middle manual he called loom and normally have

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why NGO call which was wrong because

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he won a call on Furby a

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you're on being cool man. The ban yes

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she's gonna want to one out of Calais min one fee Shannon schatten Furby a

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big man to Kenzie ban Cena fudo whom Lancome a

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yo you're being home to the

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smilla and hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. And he offered who sought a woman while my parents said Mr. Li Kumara to logical Baraka to everyone. So we're continuing this is part five of sorta Top Ramen. And we are at verse number 26. So for those of you that are following along, we're at verse number 26, in sha Allah, so let's get right into it because there is so much to talk about today, in sha Allah kulu mentally have now will last panel and Tyler teaches us something about him. And this answer is a really, really important question. And that is when when people ask, why is it that

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there's so much suffering in the world? Why are their weaknesses Why do we age? Why do we become sick? Why do people get cancer? Why is the Coronavirus even here, all of these different things? One of the ways to answer it is we're going to really, really tackle this question, you're going to see some of the verses that we have today how it helps us to understand and answer some of these questions. First things first, is that the word kulu men, men here, Allah subhanho wa Taala is referring to us. So Allah is saying that all of us, I lay have fun, we are going to be fed. So what is fan, a fan here literally means something that is meant to die. So we as a creation, we are meant

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to age become weaker, you know, we get sick, all of these things happen to us, and eventually we pass away. So one way to answer this question is Why did Allah create so much suffering when a non Muslim asks these things, this is one of the ways to respond, is that this is how we are designed and created when we're not able to get out of that realm. To get out of that journey. We can change it, we can twist it, we can turn it we can do anything. That's just who we are. And this is one of the strongest points that how Allah subhanho wa Taala This is one of the strongest points of how you prove his existence is the fact that we can't reverse our aging process. So our bodies are literally

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and this is where I got the title from for this episode. Our bodies are like rental properties. The soul is the only thing that never dies, but everything rots away. And then of course Allah subhanaw taala brings us back resurrects us once again. And that process begins but only in that case, in the F here on this skin and this body that we have will become permanent. So it's really important. That's one first way that we answer this question so first step towards them. So kulu men really have fun way mo Paul what tooled up big and what will remain is the face of a lump very Jalali Well, a chrome with gelatin and a Chrome. So what's Jelena chrome gel and literally means glory? It chrome

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nobility. Now, here's the next part of this question. Why does Allah How does it benefit me to glorify and praise Allah? subhanho wa Taala? Like, what does that do? For me? This is a real important question. Lots of Muslims even ask this question, what do I get about praising Allah? What do I get from you know, speaking of him and making door out to him and saying that how do they learn soprano all the ethicality that we have? How does that uplift me and make me and benefit me as a person? So here's the thing. First and foremost, let's understand Jelena Gln. When we say glory, I want you to think about somebody who is in a competition and there's an audience. Now if they were

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in the competition alone, it's really hard to find that motivation.

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And to be able to get the validation and the satisfaction that you know, you've worked really hard, you've trained, you've learned, and now you're in this competition, and you want others to at least see and recognize that wow, Mashallah look at what he or she is doing. Look what they're able to accomplish, look what they're able to achieve. That's glory. So they can at least feel the glory and the satisfaction, the happiness and the joy that others recognize and see the fruits of their efforts. Mobility is when you complete the competition, and you're given a gold medal, you're given a prize, you're given a trophy. So that's Noble. Now you've been separated. Now you're given status.

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Now you're given honor. Now you're in the Hall of Fame. Now, all of these wonderful things that gives you a status and nobility. Here's the point of all of us. The point of all of this, when we ask, how does it benefit me, that I glorify a lot. Everything that I've just mentioned to you,

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we need people around us to feel that glory. And to feel noble, we need an audience. We can't do that on our own. I can't feel the glory, and nobility of achieving things in my life, by myself. I need people to recognize and to see that, you know, the other day, my son painted a picture. And he came to me and Daddy, Daddy, this is for you. And of course you don't want a five year old draws your pain to something, you've no idea really what it is. So I'm like, oh, how what is this explained to me, come tell me the story. He started telling me the story. And I'm super mario. And you know, I'm jumping here. And I got into this tree and I found a fruit. And he's sitting here and

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he came in, he caught me. He had this amazing story. Now if I hadn't responded and said, well, son, I don't see any of that. How would he feel? How would anybody feel? No, you've worked hard for something, and you don't get the response, that glory in that satisfaction. But instead, I respond to like, wow, you do this all by yourself. This is so amazing. And I put these pictures in my office, and I keep them and I'm like, I'm gonna put this in my office and would remember you, thank you and give him a hug. And he feels the glory and he feels like he achieved something. So we need an audience to have gelato and have a Chrome. Here's what Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us, here's

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the lesson. A lot doesn't need audiences. Allah doesn't need you and I to have gll in Chrome, he gets that with or without us. So in other words, in other words, we can never achieve these things alone. We need a last panel with our Allah. And Allah. This is his way of saying, Who needs who here? You need me? I don't need you. Because I have jellen and a Chrome, even with out you, soprano law.

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Unbelievable. I have no ability. And I have glory, because I'm the possessor of these two things. With or without you. It doesn't matter. So the full dependency that we have, is completely and solely upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. So how does it benefit to you? This is the point. The benefit here is, first and foremost, you don't need to get anything in return.

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You don't need to get it when you do something for a lump. You do it for the sake of botica for the sake of reward for the sake of blessing for the sake of trust, for the sake of building that relationship. These are the things that you do but don't think that Allah needs the glorification from you. Here's another point. Here's another point. The next area is really interesting. Because then the last panel entirely says febby a lot. You're a big woman to get the ban, which we've already discussed. And like I said to you, I won't translate this for the rest of the sorta Yes, Memphis somehow went he went out of everything in the heavens and earth asks a lot.

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You know, yes, literally means to ask. But set it also means dependency. Because when you ask you're dependent on that person to give you a response. So there's that dependency is there so literally the word so that's why in Arabic, when you say set you you're referring to the dependent one, the questioner, the dependent one. So now Allah shifts the attention and says everything in the heaven

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An Earth asks of me. In other words, we need a law.

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We need a law. So how here's another part of the you know another answer to the same question? How does it benefit me? So this is where Allah says, You asked me for everything.

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You know, when the doctor says, we can't help you, we can cure the sickness, we can cure the cancer. When the doctor says to you, you can't have any children.

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You're too sick. There's too many complications. You simply can't. And you're thinking to yourself, you go into depression, it's stressful, it causes problems in your life. And here you are, and you're like, what am I going to do? So you start praying to Allah.

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You start praying, and you start making dua, and then all of a sudden, you know, you go for that last round of chemo. And doctor says, whoa, wait a minute.

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A lot of this cancer seems like it's going away. Seems like you're healing as soon as like the treatment is working with you as a believer, you know, fully Well, it's it's not just the treatment here. No, because I asked a lug to cure me ish fee, and a Chevy ish fee, and a chef Shafi cure me, you're the source of cure, cure me, you're the source of cure.

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That's what you did. When the doctor says you can get pregnant, that all of a sudden, year later, there's a baby on the way. Doctors even shocked you know, I tell you the true story of a brother years ago, told me a story and I never forget it. That's how he went to the doctor. Doctor said that you know, you're so sick, you don't have much time, I give you about three to six months to to live, three to six months. start saying your goodbyes let your family know cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

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About three months later,

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the doctor that diagnosed that patient,

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he dies, he gets a heart attack and he dies. And the patient from what I know even till this day is still alive.

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Yes, Allah who Memphis summer word he will out everything in the heavens and earth. They ask a lot. So what did Allah do for you and I go back to the beginning of the suta. Look at all the gifts that Allah gave us, of Rama and he gave us mercy on them. And he taught us the

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Holocaust inside, He created us he gave us the gift of life. I love what you buy in. It gave you the ability to communicate, and just the gifts keep going on and on and on. So what benefit does it do to me to glorify Allah, look at how much I have than the fact that you're able to grow and mature and live work, do all of these incredible things. These are all part this is all part of the journey of gratitude. You know, these kinds of conversations you can't have with somebody that doesn't appreciate anything in life that doesn't have the quality of gratitude. All that I'm saying here is just gonna sound like a lecture and he is just going on and on no big deal whatever. last verse guys

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Coolio woman who a few schatten so last part of this verse, Coolio man who if he shed every single day, Allah is in shetan. You know what shetan is? Shut in is when you perform a task. Only you can perform it, and no one else can do it. Except to you. That's called schatten. So all of us have shetan the mother has shetan with her kids, only she can feed them. Only she knows what their appetite is only me. She knows what their favorites are. Or she only she knows when it's bedtime when all these things that relate to her kids. You know how we say my mom knows me the best my father knows me inside out. That's called shetan you know, business owner that starts a company he

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has to, you know, connect all the implications of starting a business and no one can do it better than him at least at the beginning. He has Shannon. So Shannon, you're the only person that can do a lessons every single day. I am in shetan

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you know how humbling and beautiful The word shetan is to all of us. Only Allah can cure me. Only Allah can take care of me. Only Allah can gift me. Only Allah can love me. Only Allah can answer me. Only Allah can care for me. Only Allah can provide for me and only Allah can protect

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To me, only online can feed me only. And you just go on and the list never ends. That's all called chef.

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That's all called chef.

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Friends so you'll never get into that college you'll never get in the grades you have, forget it. Three months later, the acceptance letter comes in comes in the mail. Only Allah has shortened it to this magnitude, we have our own versions. But when it comes to complete * and over all of our affairs, Alissa's every single day, I am responsible for you, and I take care of you, this is my duty, I am busy with you.

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Remember this word, everyone shetan schatten quillow women who have a shed, you know, these are verses that I like to call a universal type verses, these are verses all of us should be aware of, we should all know and remember verses like this. Because when you have these conversations, why am I doing this? Why am I pray? Why am I doing all this? Why am I reciting Quran? Why, why why these verses help us to understand why we do, what do we do? Why do Muslims pray five times a day? Well, this is why because we ask alone, we need him, he doesn't need us, we just need him. And if you try to explain this and get into all of the nitty gritty, it's really tough. Not everybody's gonna get

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it. Unless you're grateful. Unless you're grateful with what you have, let's be grateful for life. Unless you're grateful for the ability to comprehend it understand, you'll never get this to be a you know, it'll be cool to catch the band.

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And the last verse, son of a son fo who will come at you have to learn a lesson I will always make time for you follow home means I have some time, I will make time for you or you have

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multiple planets referring to to the jinns. And the humans, I will make time for you. How Allah makes time for us and what he will do. The point is, you know why this is so special.

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If you think about like president, somebody who's you know, very busy, but very powerful at the top of the ladder, and you want to spend some time you have some questions you want to ask you want to sit down, you want to be able to have your concerns addressed, you have ideas you want to share. And it's really hard to get to the person who's on top, you have to go through their managers, you have to go through making appointments, you have to wait six months before you sit down. And when you do, you can only sit for five minutes. And it lists into you know, all of those challenges go on and on and on. What is a let's say, I'll make time for you.

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Don't worry, I'm here.

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What does alone want you to do?

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Just talk to me would normally just call upon me.

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That's it. I'll make the time.

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Despite that I could lay oh man who have you shetan every day, I'm busy and responsible for so many things. You know, you humans, you jinns but also the animals, sea creatures, all of these things in the ocean, things that you've discovered some things you don't have a clue about. You're responsible for all of that nature, the earth, everything.

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But if you call on me, son of Roulette, whom I will make time for you.

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And then it concludes Well, at least we conclude for the A, your A B coma together the ban, are you still going to deny that I exist? Are you still going to deny what I can cure what I can do for you? Subhana Allah, these verses are just, you know, really put us in a state of humility. Really make us humble. So next time you wonder and you think about do you reflect Why do I do what I have to do? Why? What does it benefit me to glorify and praise Allah all the time? What What does that do to me? Well, this is how you develop appreciation and gratitude, you know, how we say to each other? Did you say thank you, because at least you could show that you were grateful that you're kind that you

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appreciate, say thank you show some courtesy, you know, we say that to each other, we expect that kind of gratification, that kind of you know, prays to an extent with one another.

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So what about the one who gave us life who taught us the poor and who cures anything and everything? What about him some how to with Allah, you know, the world is now coming towards, you know, the light at the end of the tunnel with respect to this virus. You know, more and more vaccines are coming out. A couple more days. I believe it was in the UK. They'll start defending

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ination now things are starting to come around insha Allah for the better. how all of this happened wasn't just because of incredible scientists, doctors, specialists, it wasn't just that slowly but surely Allah will send his cure. Slowly but surely Allah will bless you with the knowledge, the resources, the ability, you will get through. But you have to be grateful with what you already have. And by doing that you exemplify and illustrate that gratitude by praising me a gave you life gave you all of this, don't take it for granted. So here's where we're going to pause and shout love Tara. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala always in forever count us from a limited shaqiri those who

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are always grateful for all to him, Subhana Allah, Allah, may Allah azza wa jal continue to keep us stable and continue to bless us with the strength, the ability, the motivation, the knowledge, the gratitude that we continue our submission towards him. I love him I mean, please stay safe wherever you are male or soldier, bless you see, you are all tomorrow. Insha Allah, Allah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh