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Surah two cough

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it is what the orlimar call the first surah of the solar thermal FOSS solar.

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It is the first surah of the short sores of the Horan

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before saw that path, you would find it majority if not all of the sources. They were very lengthy. They were very long. So it would be very difficult to recite one of the sources that came before sort of path. It would be very difficult to recite it in one rocker. If you were praying and you wanted to recite an entire sutra, in one rock or anything that comes before sutra path is quite difficult because of its length. So this is why the oma even the Sahaba has they named that sort of path it is the beginning of the shorter sutras. This is why it is so now that any sutras that come after surah Kahf until the end of the Quran, it is similar to recite the sutras insalata mclubbe, in

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order that subtle morobe is shortened, but in a shortened in a manner that is proper. You choose any of the sores that come after sort of apart from

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some of the virtues of this particular surah Why did we choose the surah? We come to a very important narration that aroma rhodiola horn who he was asked, What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recite on read prayer? Okay, so their Eagle filter and the eagle of her what sort of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recite in that prayer? It was stoled he replied that he was recited solid path and solid commode. Okay, so these two students were cited during the times of read. In another narration narrated in the Sahih Muslim. It was said that only he Sham or rhodiola horahan. She said that for around two years.

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Our oven meaning her oven, and the oven of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were one meaning they shared the same oven.

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And she memorized sudut path from the lips from the mouth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What does this mean? That she would quickly hear him reciting the surah and she memorized it simply by hearing it from him reciting it.

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And she also mentions that he used to recite this particular sutra on Yama Juma as well as the prayers the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reciting this particular surah in large gatherings, this is their April This is the explanation here is that in large gatherings, this particular sorta he would recite it constantly.

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The question is why? Why is it important for him solahart he was summoned to recite this song, especially in large gatherings. The reasons are as follows orlimar tell us after studying the surah they find that in this particular sort of silver path, you find that there is reminders of the beginning of the creation of mankind. in it. There are also signs explaining some of the things that will happen on the day of judgment in sort of path. There are also indications of what will happen to the people of the Hellfire, and what will happen to the people agenda. So it is talking about jahannam as well as the agenda. It is also talking about the rewards and punishments of allies. So

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again, in sordid past, it is also talking about the things that are encouraged in this religion, as well as the things that are discouraged that are hated by allies. So again, so you can see simply by us mentioning these few points you can see already, Seurat path encompasses a large amount of knowledge in this religion.

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A person who study saw that path and understands it understands that well, we'll understand majority of the topics that have to do with our Aqua Islam. By simply studying this one surah they will have a brief insight of yolmer piano they will have an insight of who Allah azza wa jal is some of his attributes. They will also study what the Koran is, they will also learn about history. They will also learn about the agenda and the jahannam what will happen in the era, they will also learn about the grave. Many, many things will come out only in this one particular surah

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Brothers and sisters, so that path is also classified amongst the soldier. And

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By this we mean the soldiers that begin with disjointed letters. An example is as we mentioned, this particular Sora starts with a letter off, as well as many other sources that start with le flam mean calf Haryana inside, bah, Ha, Ha mean, all of these sources, they are called the source of disjointed letters.

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They important question here we want to know is, what does this mean? What do the disjointed letters mean? We won't only study what sort of what this letter cough in this particular sutra means, but we're going to take a brief lesson of what all the disjointed letters in the poor and what are they talking about? Alright, I'm out of metal law highly have a number, a number of interpretations, explanations as to what this means. Number one, some of the Orient orientalist is the people who are not Muslim who try to explain more and or try to explain so now try to explain this religion of Islam. They have a very ignorant explanation of what these letters mean. As for them, they say that

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these letters are actually signatures of the scribes of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So those are the core and for him, Southern la hottie was Southern, this was their signature, they will just write a letter, and this was enough to indicate who they were.

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This of course is refuted in many, many ways, this was never a practice of any of the companions.

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Another opinion of what these disjointed letters mean is orlimar say that they are motor shabby, they are unclear. Okay, so nobody really knows what these letters mean. This perhaps is the safest opinion. It's the safest opinion that we don't have a clear understanding of what the meaning of these letters are. However, it is important to note that just because the meaning is unclear, does not mean there isn't a meaning. Okay, this is an important point. Just because we don't know exactly what it means doesn't mean that there exists doesn't exist a meaning there exists a meaning to this, I saw a gel commends us in the poor end to recite his book, as well as learn it and understand it.

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And there's no way that we can learn and understand the poor end without having some background of its meaning. So, there is some meaning to it, but it is multi shabby, it is unclear what it is, from the opinions of what these letters are about

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is that they stand for specific meanings. So each letter is like acronyms, each letter stands for something. So you have for example, Alif Lam Meem. Some, some of the people put words for each of these letters and say, Elif means for I meaning me, lamb means for Allah and me means for something else. And so they put these acronyms in each of them. This is of course, there is no proof for this in the core and nor even in the Sunnah any of the sahabas ever did this. So an opinion as to what this means these hodl these letters, is that and this is possibly a plausible meaning is that they were meant to cause

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confusion to the disbelievers gates, it was meant to surprise them cause them to be baffled of the poor end and the miraculous nature of the poor end. So this belief is when they heard something like cough,

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they became surprised and try to understand what is that what is this they know the letter, but the manner in which it's used a baffle them. This here is plausible meaning, perhaps there is some truth to this. Many scholars of Islam accepted this as a possible understanding or insight as to what these hurdles are meant

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from the opinions is that these are actual names of Soros. So as we're as we're talking about pseudo class we refer to relate bites letter sort of off. Then you have other sources such as surah, Yaseen, surah, Baja, and many others. So this is possibly another indicator or reason as to what these letters are for. The problem with this one is it tells us the purpose of a letter, it doesn't give us a meeting. So we still stuck. We still don't know what the meaning of these letters are. Another opinion is that it also shows the miraculous nature of the Quran is that it can never be

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imitated in its style, in its presentation. And from a another opinion, and perhaps this is the final one we will mention is that

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the Arabs, when they heard these letters, immediately they understood that this was a miracle to them.

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Hearing the letters, which they already knew, but hearing them used in this manner, letters were being stretched, letters were being pronounced, hearing it in this manner alone was a miracle to them, in and of itself.

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Perhaps how do we conclude this?

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We conclude by saying that these letters, the actual purpose of them, only alized soldier knows, we do not know what the purpose of these letters are. And we can also claim that

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as a after we mentioned these opinions, we can come we can mention that these letters, they have meaning to them. And it is a miracle from Allah azza wa jal that these letters exist, their actual meaning and purpose. Allahu arland. And so this is why we went to the second opinion, which is perhaps the safest one. Having said that, brothers and sisters, this is just a brief introduction to what sort of path is as well as what the letters the hero film are up there are the disjointed letters in the court and what their purpose is, and how we understand and how we have the people of Quran and Sunnah, how is our approach to these particular letters. So having said that, let us begin

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on a beautiful journey, the journey of understanding what allies So Jen wants to say to us, and we will take this journey in this particular so Surah Surah cough, the fifth disorder in the Quran and we will discuss with you 45 is within the next few weeks