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The Saudis are makes this statement that's documented here. That's going to be the theme of today's discussion, that he makes the statement into the boom for in Namibia intact for longer in NACA until Aziz al Hakim. If you punish them, then your servants and if you forgive them, indeed, you're the almighty the old ways.

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And the reason why we're highlighting is verse of the statement of Isa and a Salam because this is the verse that a Prophet alayhi salam spent all night reciting this verse throughout the night prayer

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into our the room for in normal rubberduck If you punish them, then they're your servants. When Tukwila home for Inaka until azizul Hakeem, if you pardon you forgive them indeed, you're the mighty the wise, the old nine Allah subhanho wa taala. So what is the relationship between isa Ali Salaam and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam we find and Fatra by no Houma that the time span between both of these two individuals is similar to me a sinner 600 years and a hadith in Bukhari and our olan Nancy Marisa Ali Salam on the most closest in proximity. Where do we take that it is literal meaning a time of a timespan that is no profit between the visa Islam and the coming of the

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam, in other hadith of Abu Dawood we find mentioned laser bein your Vayner isa Nebby. We're in no nerves alone, between myself and the coming of HLA Salam, there is no messenger. We're in no nursing and he's going to return back once again, as you mentioned in the descent of Isa Al Islam that he has to return to carry out certain actions of this dunya and to die is a normal profit. But these profits are these TOS profits just like the rest of the profits are defined inside ahaadeeth Omaha to shut while I continue Moorhead that their mothers are various different mothers they all had these messengers. But what unites them together while I continue why

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hate one deed one religion, one way of life and Islam that's what unites all these messenger they preach exactly the same thing well occurred birth Nephi Coolio Martin Rasul,

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we send amongst every single OMA and messenger and what was the proclamation of every single messenger and the Buddha Allah? What study Buddhahood worship only Allah Subhana Allah and stay away from anything that's to be worked out his worship besides Allah subhanaw taala whatever that power, heat whatever that thought hood may be, because tahu this module would not do an ally Subhan Allah, Allah Subhana Allah de who does anything is worship besides Allah subhanaw taala so these messengers, they shared exactly the same message. And recently Salam when he highlighted to his people that we find the concept of forbidding them

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from excessive praise. This is the more closer link between the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and esignlive Salam. He said he generically said to his people, yeah Halal Kitab

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are people the booklet dahulu fidi NuCalm while at the Kulu Allah He ill, Huck

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lotta Hulu fi D Nukem Don't be excessive inside your religion.

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And the Hulu 15 that we find when you take it to the highest ever, extremity of excessive praise that we find what they've done to resell a cylinder, they call him, the Son of God.

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And just like even Muslims know, they find become so over passionate about our faith at times, where the prophet item he warned us to be at ease to be at rest. Because when a person tries to exert themselves to such a level,

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they're not going to be able to continue inside their life. They're going to break them so definitely have these outbursts of faith in our society that people when they discover Islam, or they discover the Sunnah, they have these outbursts of overzealousness. And then it just withers away.

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And may Allah forbid, some of them even basic fundamentals of praying five times it may become hard for them difficult for them. Why? Because they become so worried about the superficial display of Islam, that they lose focus about building a solid concrete devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, and it's possibly not their fault, because we're just full of trying to exert upon people influence upon people that this is x y Zed, how a good Muslim should be. So everyone thinks that's the benchmark.

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But that's not the benchmark at times.

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It's fundamental principles of holding fast and throughout your life

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and being committed to Allah subhanaw taala. And specifically, I eternalism said in the Abdullah, he said, I'm the servant of Allah. So that takes away the claim of the Christians what they what they attributed to me

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Salesianum in the Abdullah if you study all the messengers, Allah gives him his macam OBEDIA that's why there's no Gulu regarding even the Prophet alayhi salam, because even when Allah is trying to speaks about the Prophet Allah so He says Subhan Allah the Astra be Abdi Leila Mina Masjid Haram, la masala Aqsa, what is the law say from SubhanAllah? The Astra be Abdi Cooley his servant, his abd that's the early man said the highest title for messenger is to be called the servant of Allah.

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No Halle Salam and no Kenya Abdon chakra, he was a grateful servant of Allah Subhana Allah Allah. And then he say said in any Buddha, Allah be what a bekam indeed my Lord and your Lord is only Allah worship Him. Subhana Allah Allah.

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And now look at that in proximity to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you know, amongst his final word, that's why it's important to study Hadith

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and to understand Rudall Hadith, just to give us Babel, Newzoo reason of Revelation, certain verses, there's reasons and statements why certain statements are made at a certain time and place.

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Amongst his final words of the Prophet alayhi salam, ah, a solid a solid, why Malakut a man NuCalm the prayer the prayer and what your right hands possess, amongst his final is concerned has led to to Rooney cannot attend NESARA a sub memoriam? Don't extol an over praise me. Like the Christians began to praise the son of Miriam

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for in no manner Abdo for Kulu Abdullah, he was a soldier who

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in the army servant, say the servant of Allah and His Messenger, as we mentioned, look at the context, this hadith is to the end of his life, final days of his life, why is he making this statement? Because you know, the prophecy of the prophet Elijah, he knows certain elements of the future what people will do about his name, about his identity, so he's making this statement.

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That's why it's at the end of his life. Don't extort them, praise me to such a degree, to become overzealous and your love towards me towards a Prophet alayhi salatu salam, in other Hadith in Bukhari that we find Muslim, now and Allah Yehuda, when the Surah it tougher to Kobudo Ambia him must Sajida

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towards the end of his life, why do you make this statement, let alone Yahoo, there were no surah Allah is cursed these individuals who've taken the graves of the prophets or shrines and places of worship,

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reflect over that closely look at the Muslim world today. If he was allowed to make a shrine of any individual, it would be the shrine of the prophets. That's when many the prophets they have their shrines a hidden

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the authenticity of whether Ibrahim is inside Philistine at the moment or Musa is in Mount Dora, or whatever location is hidden, it's unknown. The only prophet that we definitely know is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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That's the only prophet that we know the rest of them is all hidden. So why did why did you warn people? Why do you say Allah has cursed these people? If it's allowed, you would have been allowed the prophets grave to do that?

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But couldn't lumen hub powered up by any individual? We find these great big shrines built over these people, that their righteous people we know hate to question their righteousness. That's not what we're doing. We're not questioning the right to the people get authentic. You're questioning whether a person's righteous or a saint or not, that's not our concern. Our concern is the prophetic tradition. They said Allah has cursed of individuals who take the graves of the prophets as shrines mean anything less than that is not allowed.

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Until the end of his life, what do you say to Ali? Raja Yoga and we said, Any grave you find overhand span desecrated, dismantle it, demolish it.

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Any great overhand span, you find it destroyed. Why did he say that?

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For what? Because he knows that people are going to come, they're going to cluster around the shrines. They're going to make a birthday around shrines. They're gonna base their life around these shrines. And then somebody who tried to use excuse No, we don't do that. We just go there for Baraka. We go there for blessings, but that's not the truth. Because listen to what the masses, the people, what they do at those graves, they implore they call and they ask the dead person, help me, give me a child, rescue me, I'm sick, I'm in.

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I have this problem in my life. They physically address there's not something hidden that people can say, no, they're not really doing it. You can hear their words, they'll say it openly. And they say why we've made this journey not to subdue Rehan. The problem is don't make a journey to any location

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except for three masajid.

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So if you happen to pass by machine, let it be so but to go to a message, there's going to be extra Baraka or this person is buried there, so I'm going to gain some extra blessings.

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had the healer for sadhana that's against the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to think that I go to the shrine in his location. So we find that all these prophets gave exactly the same message.

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And as we find that then we find that the statement of Allah subhanaw taala and to add them for indomitable that you punish them in your servants, and you forgive them, you them Almighty, the old wise,

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this this verse 118, from sort of May the fifth chapter of Quran sort of my that contains 120 verses and Medina in surah.

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Primarily speaking about

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rules and regulations. Yeah, you lead in an awful Bill record. That's how the surah begins one of the rare suitors that begins with such instructions,

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fulfill your vows your covenants,

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because it's all a covenant with Allah subhanaw taala

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and the surah is all full of halal and haram can rules and regulations. That redeemer of Alumina Quran say the final surah in terms of rules and regulations Surah tilma Ada

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and the final surah in terms of revelation item is the first number three from certain NIDA a yo Mark multilocus Medina come what ma'am to Allah commitment T What are the two local Islam Medina this day fulfill my favorite upon you are chosen for you Islam is your way of life. submission to Allah Subhana Allah Allah really master this is classified as a final verse in terms of outcome. But in terms of Revelation, because the Prophet is only for 81 days after this verse from social media was sent down. But a final verse in terms of Revelation is what Taku Yeoman told your owner feel Allah for me to offer Kulu Nuptse Matheson but don't lie you have the moon from SOTL Bacara was 281

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Watt taco Yeoman torture Runa fie in Allah. Look at how deep the Quran is even a final verse of Revelation what it is speak about what taco we open to the Aruna fie il Allah fear that day you're going to return back to Allah. I know individually repressed on that day, and won't be given to do justice will be given on that day. And the main theme will be Suraj Arpita people the book and II Sally Silla, Jesus,

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like many portion of it inside the surah I speak about isa Ali Salaam. And as we find even prior to that, there is a semi dissolves himself. He said, Oh Allah, I've only carried out the commandments you told me to do.

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And tell them to worship only Allah subhanaw taala. And then after Allah mentioned called Aloha, the Yom Yom for Saudi leaders to go home, that those who are truthful

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that Allah is going to give them the Jew rewarded as true for individuals who believed and obeyed Allah subhanaw taala. As for the reason of Revelation, or the virtue of this verse, As we began with it narrated Barbuda, Radi Allahu Anhu he said, the Prophet alayhi salam. On one occasion, he began to recite this verse verse, Hector, yes, Baha and your career, what used to be her that even his prostration and his and his bowing, he was just repeating this verse, And to add the boom Vietnam Roberto went up for longer in Naka, Anton Aziz and Hakeem, imagine all night to someone who, just to pick that in your mind all night, one verse in standing in Morocco, in sujood. That's what the

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prophet Elijah was doing. So he said in the morning, I asked him that you carried and reciting his verse throughout the night.

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What was the intent behind this for color in nice Ultra rugby as our July is my Lord Allah subhanaw, Taala

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Scheffer to the Almighty intercession for my for my ummah, for my nation, for our Pania while he and Illa tune Insha Allah, and Allah is kind of granted it to me. And it's something we definitely is going to come pass that the Scheffer, the interest my intercession will be granted to me.

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But look at the clothes

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as you began with lemon law you shake Billahi che

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will be granted whoever associates no partners with Allah, Hadith in the serene MSA and is that the Muslim Imam Muhammad? That's what many of us we skip out the clause can many of us right when we jump to Shiva of the Prophet alayhi salam, yes, we should rightfully. But we forget the exceptions. The clauses that he highlighted clearly

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is going to be given to whoever does not associate any partners with Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that ship with Allah subhanho or pride that other verses inside the Quran, which are similar to the concept of, of servants of Allah, who may earn who may sin

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as long as they repent before they die, they will be forgiven for nothing in the end of Soto for that we find the 25th chapter Quran where a bad man Illa Deena Yeah, I'm sure none of the Hohner read the SIFAT of Allah

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I was describing a bad man, just I hate to tell my EDA, that they are Your servants into the room for a normal a bad look, who are these bad who are the servants of Allah Subhana Allah and the description dimensions are suited for Khan. These are the servants of Allah is trying to walk on the earth in a state of humility that he mentioned that they don't commit * with Allah subhanaw taala what is known, they don't commit adultery, they don't fornication, they don't kill innocent people.

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And if they did carry out these actions, what will Allah or do to these individuals element tab our aim and our Amina Amberlynn saleha for all our EQ below C team has an advocate on the logo for Rahima

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whoever even you done those actions in your life

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you've done those actions inside your life. Allah says except for the one who repent and extol by turns back to me and on top of that more soul for Allah aka you put the the low senior team has 100

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Look at the favor of Allah Allah will change their bad deeds into good deeds. Who can do the only Allah

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to a person should a despair that I've done this this this inside my life that Allah will forgive me as long as you're breathing you haven't died? If you can be shipped belay. Subhana Allah you repent

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you turn back to Allah Allah will forgive you with pardon you another similar verses of the Quran surah for today find my eldest Nikita but Latina Stephane, I mean a bad dinner.

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Then we gave inheritance of the book Al Kitab the Quran to our servants. Lookout Allah describes the servants, the servants for minimum Blarney Malena fee. Well, meno Matassa, Domaining, Serbia Camilla Hydra TB if

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you know some of my servants, what they're going to do for men whom Lolly Molina see, some of them are going to oppress themselves.

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They're going to sin. They're going to make mistakes, while men who mocked us they don't and some in the middle, just like many of us, sometimes good deeds sometimes bad deeds, good day bad day that most of us have human beings. And then there's those who excel what minimum sabich Humble hieratic is the those who excel by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah. This is to help us to understand the depiction of servants of Allah were not angelic in form.

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The human being isn't angelic.

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The human raises above angels. How do we raise above angels? Because Because dinner will be Kulina via our intent that we purposely decide to submit and worship Allah subhanaw taala

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that's what gives us angelic format.

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That we go beyond the angels because angels Soon Allah amerihome Whatever I know now, not all angels never disobey Allah. Never ever. So that's how we rise over them, because they have no choice. They've been programmed to worship Allah Subhana Allah. So that's Allah Subhana Allah will forgive the seven who make that effort to return back to him subhanho wa Taala and as you find it this concern of a Sally so that was his concern, that day Your servants and this was reiterated by the Prophet alayhi salam that these are he made this application that these are our servants are these are your servants. And it had been such a Muslim is collective I'm called to be in Saudi succeed. He

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said that the prophets have recited another verse, the verse from Surah Ibrahim, another prophet, who is also requesting to Allah's pantalla that to pardon my followers, those who carry out bad actions with collibra him or her the better the meaner. Ibrahim Anissa made his dua Allah make this land, the land of bucket a land of maca, Makey, Alon, Amazon, Allah and of peace.

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Woman does Hulu can a million whoever enters into hermit murky can a minute state of peace, tranquility, rest Sakeena contentment, tranquility that's all Haram al murky either a person enters at all your worries go away. All the persons worries go away to enter inside the the noble precinct of Allah subhanho wa taala. Then he made this. What do you do when he were Bonilla and that Buddha Aslan.

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I remember the context of this he's leaving his son is my leaving his wife in the barren land.

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What's it what is it? What does he pray for?

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What you knew when you were born here and not boodle a snom. May Allah I implore upon you make never

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myself, my progeny, my genealogy my children, whoever comes after ever to worship statues or idols.

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That's what our worry should be. That our children don't become atheists. Our children don't become shrine worshipers grave worshipers reject Allah subhanaw taala bowing for the statues, idols

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temptations desires that we should pray that keep our children away from that.

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And then he made then he carried on robbing Don Abernathy Ramana Ness, you know these people were adulterous. They've taken many people of mankind away from the path of Allah for Mantovani for in Normandy Whoever follows me from among amongst me, woman I saw a need for in Nicaragua for Rahim. And Whoever disobeys me you're the Most Merciful the Most kind. Allah subhanho wa Taala so we fight we stay with Ibrahim Ali salaam of warning his people about *. That's what some people have you say you keep after harlot I'll get very offensive the way we speak about Tauheed

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Why are we so overly worried about what people are doing? Because this is the crux this is the line between Jana and na

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that's why inside Surah hergestellt we find who NASA Galileo Moshe keener be the cameras monotheists

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associate no partners with Allah subhanaw taala

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and then it's mentioned what made you stick belief Okay, Anna Maha Ramana sama?

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The person who commit ship with Allah Subhana Allah. Fernanda Mahara Mina surmise as the person dropped from the skies of the heavens.

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Oh that you find for Dr. Hotel. I'll definitely be re fi Metallian sake.

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And while he's dropping from the heavens, a bed snatches him or the when take blows him away to a faraway place.

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What is his parable mean? A bill came on Josie highlights. And in a ship now you are Rebekah in Allah subhanaw taala you buy a Dukkha Adela ship never brings you closer to Allah.

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It takes you more and more away further away from Allah subhanho wa taala. And as you find Allah mentioned twice, inside so to Nyssa in Allah La young Pharaoh and you Chaka be well young Pharaoh Medina dialectically mania SHA,

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Allah will forgive every single sin

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except for shake Allah the mat that Allah shed whoever dies upon ship, Allah will never ever forgive that individual and so to Nisar Verse 48 And then 160 Twice inside the same surah and he returned back to Surah tilma in the

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the words of Isa la sera

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is mentioned in Noemi you shake belief occurred haram Allahu Allah Jana wombat Welner woman live Bali Mina mean and soar

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in Noma, you shake Billa This is a speech of Allah Subhana Allah, this is a speech of a people or certain group or certain sector certain understand the speech of Allah

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suited man either the fifth chapter, verse number 72, or soul in no way you shake beloved Hara Malala Jana, whoever commits ship with Allah standardize upon that, that Allah has made it haram for the individual to ever go to Jannah.

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That's the speech of Allah.

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Then the people have to make tau with that said, No, that was a salsa speaking to His people. That's concerning Christian, it doesn't concern us Muslims.

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So what is left with the Quran?

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There's a generic principle that majority if not all, renumber or lumen Quran said in the Quran and Abraham be removed. We love the love because source is Samak. The lesson is to be taken from the generality of the verses and not from the specifics of Revelation. So even though speak about Jesus speak to his people, there is nothing preventing these verses speak it as Muslims as well.

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If not, then SOTL mustard, Allah surah khoresh surah feel it doesn't concern us. How does it concern as he's speaking about the elephant that came to destroy the Kaaba is speaking about Quraysh is speaking about Abu Lahab how does that concern us today then? So majority of Quran doesn't concern us that's a wrong understanding of the Quran. The Quran the Quran does a man when he couldn't even return when he couldn't eat a horse. Quran is every place every time every people into the list of Quran up at the end of time. That's how you approach the Quran. You don't commit *can try to hide behind the Quran and say no, that speak about the Christians.

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And you can see the akule their mentality, you know, they celebrate the birthday of Jesus. So we celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Allah deen is based upon what they do. They don't believe in Christianity anymore.

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So why don't you follow the rest of the things that they carry out inside their lives then they don't believe in it anymore. So that logic that month because they do something we should do it. And as we began with the Prophet warned us don't follow these individuals. In other Hadith he mentioned you're going to follow the People of the Book, you're going to follow them footstep by footstep, that if one of them was to go into lizards hole

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you'd follow them.

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Companion the show called lumen your rasool Allah who is speaking about where we're going to begin to copy these people.

00:25:08--> 00:25:35

Allah Allah who'd won the surah will be revived in okra and Faris the patient, so you study this, we as Muslims that you begin to imitate, whether it be the Jews, the Christians, the fire worshippers, the people commit adultery, you know, because for some reason we think that grace is greed, greed on the other side, that's a moose and we spent years speaking to His people and it got to the at the end at the end, what did they say?

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Make us a God like these people have a God that they worship. Musa Reza is banging his head all these years I've been telling you to worship Allah spider but still you're still asking the same questions. And that's why this OMA will continuously follow the people of Bani Israel and tell you don't come out of the ship with Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala mentioned into zip home that if you punish them or to be in Saudi tipsy dimensioned into a stable home lemon Mata minimal puffer so if you punish them those who have died upon disbelief

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that that is fair to punish these individuals who died in a state of disbelief on a state of competing * with you yet Allah Ya Allah Allah mean, why in Tukwila, whom, he mentioned that any of you pardon these individual home Lehmann turba minimum capital mode are you forgive the needs of those individuals who repented before death came upon these individuals that he mentioned? Well, Aamir Khan and Allah's partner didn't say for Inaka until Gaafu Rahim

00:26:36--> 00:26:42

the Quran is deep and accurate Allah didn't on this station didn't say that He is the Most Merciful, the Most kind.

00:26:43--> 00:27:18

For in Naka until Aziz al Hakim, Yoda, Yoda Mighty, the y's, that if you punish them, is a justified punishment, and you've forgiven you pardon them, for those individuals who repented before net would die without committing shift until Hakeem you're wise, and what you do actions that you carry out. And so the Quran is very unique in the way that he places certain phrases, let's say, on Saturday and Sunday to see dementia and that are hung up him. Allah is more merciful than our own selves when unforeseen, well who will be worthy him Allah knows our state in a condition

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that Allah Subhana Allah, he's Allah please. The most subtle, the most aware, Allah Ya Allah woman Holika will not be full Hubby, there's no Allah know what he's created. He's the most subtle, the most aware. I like what you find Mm hmm just Jezza inside to feed. You mentioned that until Aziz Galib and unreal, that your mighty Khalid, your powerful that's Allah subhanaw taala to show his power, that you break the hurdle of Allah you find a hadith that you find the hadith of Allah, just like a shepherd who places a fence around the hill is a piece of land.

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And if you're your sheep, your flock goes out of your, your pasture,

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crosses the barriers go goes into the other person's do unto bombing, you're responsible for that.

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And these are her duty of Allah halal and haram. These are the barriers of Allah when you cross them.

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Just start the person sheep has gone into the other person's area, you're now responsible to pay them back. And if you break the blows of Allah, you're responsible, take the punishment of Allah,

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you're responsible take that punishment. And that's why you find a say some of the companions, they willfully wanted that punishment

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because they want you to atone themselves, because they'd rather take a punishment in this dunya than a punishment in southern Africa where it continues upon the person. And as you find until Hakeem unless he had the Akula Shafi mulberry Allah wise places, every single thing is that his right place and his right location that is Allah subhanaw taala another Hadith we find the Prophet alayhi salam, he wept Allah Allah Almighty wa Bucha

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he wept in a hadith such a Muslim, wept for his ummah for call Allah did your brain is have inner Muhammad as a goat said to Dubray go to Muhammad says I'm going to ask him, even Allah knows. Allah knows why he's weeping with asking for call in center, DECA for O Matic

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whether you make happy about your alma mater going to a flick uni and you hardly have anything wrong upon you. That is our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam,

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but he's over questioning, over trying to understand Allah subhanaw taala we can't understand Allah Subhana Allah because that's a non Muslim concept. We need to understand the Creator we understand God then we submit to God. That's not the Quran tells us to do. The Quran begins right in the beginning, when even the angels ask the question,

00:29:49--> 00:29:54

are you going to place a viceroy upon this earth? What's the simple answer Allah gave

00:29:55--> 00:29:57

me, man

00:29:59--> 00:30:00

I know what you don't know.

00:30:00--> 00:30:00


00:30:01--> 00:30:39

the angels are asking this question Why are you going to create the human beings and placed upon this earth Allah gave you a simple response in Jana Malhotra and a moon and then asked her again Allah mentioned in NACA until and even Hakeem when it was discovered to the angels shoulder and this is why Adam is given preference over you, the angel said in the cantle, Aleem, will Hakeem, you're the old nine year old wise now we understand Subhanak glorified Are you yeah Allah Subhana Allah. And inside sootel Bhakra harmattan twice Allah mentions wallow Yara Lebu unto lotta Allah moon. Allah knows and you don't know. That's it. It's a closed book. It's a closed chapter. Don't try to

00:30:39--> 00:30:42

decipher people to have to look into Destiny.

00:30:43--> 00:30:46

Or my destiny is like this. Why is it like this? Why is it like that?

00:30:47--> 00:31:23

If you tell me I said, the opening the doors of your destiny, trying to decipher and try to understand your destiny leads you towards misguidance lead you towards not being content with your life of questioning your life. Why do these people what that's what they're questioning? Why am I in this state? Why did this happen to me? Why am I suffering? And the sad thing is even amongst some Muslims, that's what they come and they asked this question, why am I suffering for why am I thankful this hardship? The default position first, you can't understand Allah subhanaw taala Well, no, yeah. Number one to Natalia Moon things happen on a shape on the face of this earth that we can

00:31:23--> 00:31:30

many times we can understand this even at the end of sutra Bucher, What is Allah mentioned? For young Fuli mania show who you are at the moment Masha.

00:31:31--> 00:31:43

Allah forgives whomever he wants. And he punishes rightfully whoever he wants. And many times you have to make the statement because so many of us Muslims, we play God in the face of this earth. We like to play God.

00:31:44--> 00:32:04

We like to read and study something and say right this person that this he must be punished. He must be going to the Hellfire he didn't deserve punishment. That's not why he studied new suits of the Quran. That's not why you approach the Quran. That's not why you read the Quran decipher the Quran. You don't go around applying the Quran to people around you, especially your loved ones. That's not your approach of the Quran.

00:32:05--> 00:32:17

Application Quran is only for Allah fuqaha Kadar judges, people in authority is not just for any one of us is go pick up a verse and say right my father done this he committed shakey must be a mistake. Nah.

00:32:19--> 00:32:55

That's not how it works. Because it's a sickness inside our society. Can we do pick up things black and white, we apply them with the people around us and throw people in paradise and throw people inside the Hellfire that we find. Allah mentioned at the end of social insert, or even as he's in Hakeem has mentioned five times it's not suited Bukhara in various formats and 12 times throughout the Quran, and insipid every single McCobb every single station we Allah mentioned that he's as he's in Hakeem studied great in great detail. Why Allah ends the center's with Aziz when Hakeem you can see why would a context is what he's speaking about.

00:32:56--> 00:33:06

And Allah mentioned and also to insert in the LA Cana and even Hekima you will see pneumonia shouting rahmati were volley meaner adenoma, Durbin, Alina,

00:33:08--> 00:33:13

Allah subhanaw taala you didomenico shelfie rahmati enters whomever he wants into his mercy.

00:33:15--> 00:33:16

This is Surah two in son,

00:33:17--> 00:33:27

so to speak about mankind. Allah is the one that will judge mankind and bring him or given him to do punishment and as an conclusionary find is over reliance upon people.

00:33:28--> 00:34:02

That someone will pray for me someone fast for me, some will make dua for me. Even the Prophet alayhi salam, yes, we do believe many times mentioned we believe in His intercession, but this concept of over reliance, you can see what many Muslims become. The prophet is some people will intercede for me. Just like Jesus died for the sins of mankind. The Prophet ism is the best Prophet prophet. So I just have this belief, and I know I'm not worried he will come and intercede for me. You shouldn't be worried. You shouldn't be worried. What if you're not selected for the intercession? What do you have not fulfilled the criteria of intercession? What if you don't fulfill

00:34:02--> 00:34:24

this somebody told us to do inside his life? What actually told us to do? That's what we should be worried about. If we try to do that, then then we can have some hope that yes, we're going to be close to that Sherpa but a generic terms of the Quran who's going to be affording discussion while at 10 00 to withdraw, okra, no soul will carry the burden of another soul.

00:34:25--> 00:34:33

No soul to carry the bed another so no, no thought that carries the sin of his of his son. No Santa is a sin of his father.

00:34:34--> 00:34:46

No prophet who is a sin of his people. This is we began with the ISA ism is Shaheed and a nurse. And likewise as a witness, just doing the job doing the task