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smell of Hungary Lao salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah He of Uppsala woman, what are my barracks that have already come walking into Lego bought a cartoon. I know it probably looks different, doesn't it? I am here at my workplace. And I was really determined that you know, we get our session done today. So I humbly love for I hope you guys can just at least concentrate and focus that here we are once again and let's just continue our journey through so that EFC is Neela wherever we are. And I guess this is one of the nice things about being you know, being able to do this remotely is that you can literally be wherever you are, and at home to the law we can get through our, our

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journey. First thing that I want to ask all of you can everybody hear me okay? Because in the office that I'm set up at it's, I can hear myself echo in here. So can you guys hear me okay? So if you can just type in the comments there if you can hear me okay or give a thumbs up or something. Just let me know that you are there.

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I'll wait for that.

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Welcome, everyone. I can see all of you. So if you can hear me, okay. Just give a quick thumbs up.

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And I'm assuming nobody's hearing me.

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Yes. Okay. Good. Thank you. All right, folks, I was thinking I'm talking to myself there for a minute. Okay. So I've got everything set up here. Let's get right into it. Now we are at what ownership hula Thomasina Island reunion. And if Allah subhana wa tada whenever he wills and lepo Messner, lepo. Messner comes from the word Lapa, Aleppo mesna. From the word balmaceda. Now, Thomas, that means like, just look at the imagery here. Ally's saying that if you wanted to, he could cause somebody to be easily blinded bonus set is when you're rubbing a rock and you're trying to smooth it out. So you're smoothing out a rock and a stone and slowly it starts to wear out. So Allah is saying

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that I could cause your vision to see the truth to slowly start to disintegrate the same way that you know when you're rubbing against a rock when you're rubbing against a stone and eventually over time, you'll notice that that rock will start to break apart it will start to smooth out it would change its shape. Its color even maybe it's texture. So luck continues and he says i that uni him festival Sierra so they would struggle to find their way aesthetical Sirat, they will really struggle, because, you know, it's actually when somebody reaches a point in their life where they realize that, you know, I've become so engrossed in doing certain things, that it's almost

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impossible for me to turn back. I want to bring your attention to a set of verses Incidentally, is sort of the talk to us about being good to parents, especially when they attain an old age, when all is said and done.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, are a bookworm. And that will be Matthew forsaken. Now when before that particular verse a lot. So Joel says, For him, the whole canon, our being a fool. Allah says that that individual when they lose sight of being good to their parents, they have gotten so many years of their lives, where they haven't been able to do the things that they had hoped to do to be righteous and good to their parents. And for some people, their parents will pass away and they just live a life of regret How I wish I could have done this and I could have done that for a woman that and so they really live this life of regret. It's unfortunate but it's

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happens and it happens quite often. So what do you tell someone like that that goes through those kinds of feelings? You know, that goes through that, you know that level of regret and remorse in their lives, which you say to them is for enamel cannon, a webinar for Allah subhanho wa Taala is our being an exceptionally forgiving. So the question is what is our being, our being comes from the word outward. And outward that is when you go through a long period. So it could be days, months, it could be several years, you go through 20 and 30 years of your life. And eventually, when you pause, and you turn and you look back, and you say to yourself, man, it's been 40 years since I prayed Sala

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my almost my entire life, I've never done anything good for my parents. It's time to change. Mom and Dad, they're gone. But it's time I have to repent to Allah, I have to ask Allah now to forgive me for all that time that's been lost. And it's been no good. Like I've done so much wrong in my life. So it could be either towards parents, some of us will probably, you know, some of us might know people who have never prayed for the past 1015 years, and they look back. And so they say to themselves, so here's where a web comes from. They say to themselves, that there's no way Allah will accept me. There's no way that Allah will turn my life around. After this long, I've done so much

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wrong, why even bother? You're missing the point. Allah says, towards our well being the people who think this way. I am hopeful. I'll forgive them. It's amazing. I'll let you say, I will forgive you. And it doesn't matter how much you've done. So what does a low referring to here? He's focusing on it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter the quantity of your sentence. What matters the most is that you turn back to me and you seek my forgiveness and my mercy. You know how important that is, guys

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know how important it is to give people hope this way. You imagine somebody and I meet people like this all the time, where they go through so much in their life, that they lose hope in people, they lose hope with Allah, they lose hope in religion, they lose hope in life. They need to hear these kinds of verses. They need to hear and realize that as long as you are alive, the doors of hope, the doors of repentance, the doors of acceptance is always open. And it's incredible to me, because I feel like we can all relate to that to some extent, we just adjust this guys that we can relate to that in our own personal way, every single one of us. And so it's really important and it's really

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crucial at the end of the day that people understand and that they realize that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much I've done. What matters the most to Allah is that I turn to him. If I seek His love, I seek His mercy and I seek his acceptance. And this is one of the reasons why Allah says I just want you to Rooney just call upon me to seek my mercy and seek my forgiveness just turned to me as digital so that I can respond to you. Okay.

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I mean, you and him for step up we'll sit up for and now you will see Ron so Allah says that there will be struggling and they'll want to turn back to Allah. But Allah wrote their vision away like they've become they've reached a point where so many reminders, so many talks, so many not so much of knowledge, so many prophets and messengers, and you still didn't get it. Now when it's too late jahannam is right in front of them. Now it's too late. Now they want to run back and go to Allah. Allah says fat and now you will settle it. Now you're begging to see this truth. Now you're begging to see the reality. It's too bad. Listen to a couple more verses right until we get to one verse

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that's really powerful in sort of DSC. What I want to share with MSF now from either mechanic to him metaphor loss paddle what Tyler had willed, We would have trends, figured them on the spot, we would have changed and transformed and manipulate them on the spot either mechanically and for Mr. Robot, or we'll do one angle to JIRA when they would never ever progress forward. They'll never change for the better and they can never go back and change what they've done. So a lot of game reminds us that if we will, we could have literally transformed you and change your state right then and there. But Allah didn't do that. And now you can go back

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And change anything. Now you can move forward and think about Okay, tomorrow I'll do things better. Okay, after this sin after this mistake after this situation, then I'll change.

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guys want to hear a crazy story.

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A while ago, somebody messaged me and this brother, I think it may have told the story before of this brother that

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was on his way to commit sin. He was on his way, as he's driving in the car. He's messaging me, and he's calling me I know this guy really well. And he's messaging me. And he's saying to me that, you know, I'm on my way to do this. And, you know, although my body and my desire wants to do this, I want to go to her house, a water command center. My heart is really, really regret regretful and scared. I don't want to do this, my heart is against it. And I can get the strength to just turn around. And I remember telling this brother, stop the car, pull over somewhere,

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and just sit there and wait, talk to me. Doesn't matter if she keeps texting you or calling you or asking where are you? Is everything okay? We're still meeting up. Ignore it all. Because this is where at some point, you have to draw the line. You have to draw the line, when you commit certain mistakes and say, Enough is enough. You know, it's like, it's like, every so often a sister would ask me to say, you know, brother was like, Can you make a Dora that Allah gives me hijab? That I can wear the hijab? A brother will come to me and say, brother Mossad Can you make dua that I grow a beard? Can you make your eye that I start dressing a little bit better and I start going to the

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masjid? Can you make dua for me? And I look at them sometimes I'm like, What do you want? What do you expect out of the dryer? That if I asked, oh, Allah let her wear hijab? Well, let's get into a mystery that suddenly your car will go into autopilot. And it'll just start driving towards the message no matter what your GPS says. It's just going to turn into the parking lot. A hijab is just gonna fall from the closet onto your head. Just go and do it. Just put this stuff on. Just drive to the masjid man. You know, sometimes it's like, just do the action. Period. stop procrastinating stop thinking stop waiting for the right time. That's what this area is all about. Because you will reach

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a point where you can go back and Okay, let me just try this again. Let me start all over. And I can just say to myself, okay, tomorrow, fresh start. Tomorrow, it's going to be a brand new day, because you just don't know. You don't know when time will run out.

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Now listen to the next area.

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This next area is just mind boggling. This is where I got the title of this video from. Well men know I'm Middle School known as kiss fulfill Hulk, a fella Yaki loon, and who ever Alice kind of with Ireland gave a long life. So people, they've attained old age alesse says that as they got older, nunit kiss fulfill Hulk. We reverse them in creation.

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The elderly, you know, eventually you start losing your memory, just like a baby. You start forgetting things just like babies do. Just like young children do. You start depending on others to do things, just like kids do. your entire life. As you get older, you reverse in creation. Here's another way of looking at it. Baby start their lives on the ground, the crawling, they're moving around, they lay down. That's what they're closest to. And as you get older, and once you reach that stage of old age, then your body starts to slouch. And you start looking towards the ground. And where you came from, remember we talked about in a pseudo we come we're created from dirt, we live

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from dirt, all of our food comes from dirt, even our water comes from dirt, it's sitting on dirt comes from the sky falls on and settles on dirt. And then we're bury and go back into dirt. And a lot created human means that as they get older, you know how they you know as you get older, you start to slouch. And you're constantly looking towards the ground. A lot is reminding us that as you get older, that's where you're going to end up you're going back right to where you started from.

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We start losing sleep. As you get older. You see it's harder and tougher to fall asleep. Why?

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Because this Allah's way of teaching us. Hey, you start getting up in the night. Start praying

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I'm praying time should start making Dora. Start doing extra deeds, start doing things differently change your life. And that's what this is all about. And it's amazing to me that a verse like this even exists woman or I'm mid what Allah says nekoosa meqasa nunit Kisu from the word Nexus that means to turn you back to where you came from. So you're driving, driving driving net, casa, you literally make a U turn and you go back a lesson. That's what I'm going to do with your old life. I'm going to take you back where you started. So panela, net kiss, fulfill hunt, we reverse them as a creation, a finale, our platoon, here's the heart of this verse.

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Don't they ever think about this, you know what this area helps us do?

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A number 68 here helps us to appreciate every time we see elderly men and women, they are an A in sort of DSC, when you see your grandparents, even your mom or your dad or anybody who's attained old age, you know what the first thing you have to think about. You got to think about sort of DSC, now they become an area of Allah subhanaw taala. And they remind you just by existence, just be just by action just by you know, they become agitated, just like kids, when kids don't get what they want. What do they do? They start screaming, they start crying, when the elderly don't get what they want, or they don't want something, you know, if you do something, and it's not exactly precise, the way

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that they want it. How do they respond? Oh, Scotty are off, you know, they lose their temper instantly. You know, I used to help out an elderly man years ago, and I used to feed him change him and bathe him and so on. I remember one time I went over to his house, right?

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And he told me to open the window. So I opened the window. And he's like, No, no, no, that's too much.

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Just close it a little. So I'm looking at him. I'm like, I close it a little bit. He's like, No, no, no, that's too much. Go back again. cycle back a little more. And we did this like four or five times. And I literally have to tap the window and just move it centimeters. And then he's like, stop.

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I stopped and I literally froze. Like, there was like cops behind me or something. I stopped. He's like, Okay, leave it like that. And I said, so Pamela, No, man, no wonder alesse said, incidentally, Surah falletto. Kula, woof. Don't you ever lose your cool with the elderly. Both is an expression when you're getting frustrated, and you're getting fed up. Unless says, especially when your parents have attained old age, don't lose your cool, don't you ever give an expression of oath, like you're fed up. That's some grind, you have to go through when your parents attained old age, you have to deal with that you have to figure out a way to cope with that. And so this a fit if you don't want

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to lose, like, think about this stuff. You're getting there. You know, even for me, the more I started looking in a mirror, the more I start noticing, there's more more graves popping out everywhere. And subpanel line I just think to myself, every single one of those gray hairs is my whole life.

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Like I'm coming to an end, like my body, my lifestyle. I'm forgetting things more. Everything about me is starting to change. I can't run as fast as I used to. I can't exercise the way I used to. I can't eat the way I used to. I can't act the way I used to. Everything changes this a should be printed on T shirts and given to every Muslim all of our kids teenagers. Everybody should have this a on the screensavers on your laptops, you name it. You need to see this a every single day of your life a lot so it'll constantly remind us of our time and give us the ability to live a life of gratitude and bottle Cal low man I mean

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Oh, two more verses guys. Well, Mount alumna who share up.

00:19:24--> 00:19:25

We didn't teach them poetry

00:19:27--> 00:19:33

this quarter. And it's not something that you just invite a guy at your wedding to just recite.

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It's not something that you just sit there and you listen just to entertain you. This is a whole nother problem.

00:19:41--> 00:19:59

There's a whole nother problem. We live in a time and in a culture where Muslims are more focused, generally speaking, more focused on who the speaker is and how he or she speaks, rather than the knowledge that they're trying to disseminate to the community and to the people.

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You'll hear things like oh, I can barely understand him. I the you know, the way he thought he shouts too much, all the way through so boring talk so slow and so quiet. That's not his problem. That's not the speaker's problem. Sure, I admit that there are some speakers that have terrible public speaking skills.

00:20:21--> 00:20:22

So what?

00:20:23--> 00:20:28

Who cares? That's a weakness. They're human beings. That's the weakness they have.

00:20:29--> 00:20:42

They're still quoting the same thing that any fantastic, you know, prime renowned speaker, they're saying the exact same thing that that person would say. So what are you focused on?

00:20:43--> 00:21:07

It's about just being entertained. It's about just capturing your attention. And the a and Hadeeth is not enough to capture your attention. Like these a really put us in our place. Remember, I told you sooner Yes, scene helps us to concentrate on the things that are right in front of our faces that we take for granted.

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One man, an alumna who share, we didn't teach him the Prophet alayhi salatu salam poetry, because now in context, go back to Mecca.

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poetry was eloquence, back then that was their poor end before the poor and that was the thing that they used, that they could express their feelings and emotions at anything that they wanted to talk about. And if you knew poetry, you had like high intellect. You were somebody that was renowned at that time. And even till this day, there's a poetry contest. You have Arabs that will come together, right, the most eloquent types of poetry and presented in front of millions of people. People are clapping and they're entertained by the stuff. Allah subhanaw taala is saying, that's what I sent the hora and for this is sacred. Like, this is serious stuff. You gotta take this thing seriously.

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So the next time you hear reciter, you're praying behind an Imam. And he's just like, in Hungary, Europe, Belarusian and the rough manual right here.

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Maliki, don't just be like, Oh, my God, this guy finish,

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not his fault.

00:22:21--> 00:23:07

That's the way he recites that's the way he recites you know, if you recite using the internet to read and pronounciation that's a separate issue I'm just talking about concentrate on the recitation not the style, or the tone, or how long they can scratch their head. know, when you're listening to speak, or concentrate on the message and the reminder and put everything else aside, you will honestly See, the doors of bottlecap open up for you that you didn't know existed, a man will probably you know, you'll go on YouTube, you'll type in a reminder of patience or something. And you see a video of some person you never heard their name before. And you click on it because why you

00:23:07--> 00:23:39

don't care who the speaker is, you want to be reminded about patients. So you click on it and you listen to it. And and because of that pure intention that you just want to learn and get the remainder from a love reminds you through that individual a story about patience. Hadeeth about patience, a point about patients that literally changes your entire life. You're just going to be like, Oh my god, I never thought of patients that way. Oh, my goodness.

00:23:40--> 00:24:25

I never I never looked at that subject. I've learned I heard so many lectures. So many talks about patience. But the way that person just said it oh my god, and their YouTube video only has like 100 views. Yeah, it's a video you probably would have never clicked on to begin with. If you were just judging based on how good a speaker was, you would have totally ignored this video, which you clicked on it because your art was sincere. That's how Allah allows his guidance to reach into an eye when sincerity is the mouse that you use to click on and search and journey and find information. When sincerity is that energy. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless it for them.

00:24:26--> 00:24:50

It's amazing. Well my embassy Allah, Allah says it's not befitting for the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam to just entertain people with porn. It's not befitting of a Muslim to just use or and and recite it at weddings and graduations and all of that and that's all porn is. You bring out the the guy who's reciting for n and then when he's done, you bring out the DJ. Like it doesn't make any sense cannot do that with a loss book.

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It was in the thick what poor no more being a less as this book is is a true victory. It's a reminder and it's a

00:25:00--> 00:25:13

Clear pour and it is profound, it is clear and it is profound. So treated that way. The last and final verse leave the Roman Kanhaiya. This is to warn whoever truly is alive here.

00:25:14--> 00:25:15

It means both.

00:25:16--> 00:26:04

They are physically alive and of course, spiritually alive. You could be walking around on Earth, but you're still dead in the sight of Allah, how? There's no Amen. There's no sincerity, there's no desire, there's nothing there's no thirst for Allah. So it's like a lesson another sort of citizen and a woman can I make 10 once upon a time, they were dead, meaning spiritually dead. Yeah, you know, and we brought the life to them how we gave them poorer. That's how they became alive again. That's how they found purpose. And things became meaningful. Again, a tree was no longer a tree, a tree was an area of a lump. The sky was no longer the sky anymore. It was at a lot. Your mom and dad

00:26:05--> 00:26:53

and the elderly in general, they weren't just annoying people anymore, that constantly pushed your buttons. Now they were teaching you to be patient, they were teaching you strength, they were giving you reminders, and a yet from Allah subhanho wa Taala, they were doing all of this for you. That's what happens. When you have poor and with you, you're able to take the most trivial things in your life, and turn them into profound life changing moments. You know, I used to tell some of my youth students, I said, when you study all those annoying subjects that you hate in school, those calculus and Shakespeare, and philosophy, when you study those subjects that you can't see any purpose behind

00:26:53--> 00:27:39

it, when you're Muslim, you will still benefit from studying those subjects. Because you know, as a Muslim, is it knowledge is knowledge, the more you know, that's power, that's strength. So you realize that maybe I can't use this to make money, maybe I can't use this in a job somewhere. But my brain is that much more stronger, powerful and more intelligent, because I have more knowledge of something. So now I'm learning a little bit about everything rather than everything about just one thing. I'm learning a lot with just about life in general, it's still knowledge to and you still appreciate it. You'd be reading Shakespeare, and you'll just be like, God, this English is so

00:27:39--> 00:28:29

annoying. But you don't realize that that same English is actually improving your own English that you struggle with. you struggle with your own English but you don't realize that by you sitting there reading Hamlet, reading Romeo and Juliet and you read through all of these stories that it actually improved your reading. That's what a man does. He men makes you find the benefits and the good things in things that seem totally useless and have no benefit to you whatsoever. He men makes you discover and capture the good in that. It's amazing. Only he man does this. Only Muslims can look at grass and be like subpanel love. Grass is amazing. It handles hate snow ice, and it still

00:28:29--> 00:28:34

survives and it's still Wow. Whereas everybody else is like oh my god, can somebody get a lawn more?

00:28:36--> 00:28:45

He just like you know, this grass is annoying. I don't want I want to plant flowers instead. That's what Muslims and Muslims see good in everything.

00:28:46--> 00:29:27

Leave the Roman Kanhaiya nyrA life so this quarter fan truly became a warning and brought life to spiritual life. were shaped by polar alien calf theory. And of course it gave its full decree upon those who are disbelieved. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to increase the senior men strength, knowledge and wisdom love them. And I mean, this is the book that gives us life and sort of DSC is helping to fuel that spiritual life and all those lies which allow us to capture its knowledge and its wisdom of love them and I mean, the second level of fame and everybody you're going to probably see me do videos this way a little bit more, a bit more often. So maybe tomorrow might be the same

00:29:27--> 00:29:45

setup. I will do my very best to ensure that I have my microphone so that way at least the voice can be a bit that much more clear, because Nicolette aeterna does that come alongside and everybody may ally so which will bless you all set up more equal motion to lucky robot account.