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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah He follows sada woman wala Barak Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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first and foremost I apologize last couple of days not being around just very busy lots of things happening and things just stuff to do really in and out with the kids and I apologize inshallah hotel, I'll keep trying my best to be as close as consistent as we can. And moving forward. Of course, if we miss sessions, then whatever, whenever we have the following session, inshallah, we'll extend it. We'll extend it so that at least we can make up for some of that last time but is named a Tyler. Anyhow, lots of things to talk about. Let's get right into this. And then afterwards we have a couple of other things to discuss in sha Allah. Well gem in Uppsala Medina theological. Yes. There

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came mmm from afar city somewhere. Roger Looney aside this man. Again, we don't know who he is, what his name is, we don't necessarily know much information about him. But Allah says that this was a men. And he came What don't you only Yes, sir. And he wasn't walking, he was running. He was in some kind of rush. There was some sense of urgency behind whatever this man had, or whatever he was coming to say or do. He hastened himself upon a homemade web motorcycling, he came to a particular city and he said, people, all of you, you have to follow the messengers that were sent to you. So it seems as though and this is the majority opinion, this man came to support the messengers, the

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previous three messengers that were sent in the previous edit. This man is sent in addition to support them, because, you know, they were having a really difficult time with the people that they were being sent to remember some of the things that we were talking about they, they accused those messengers of lying, then they accuse of them making up stuff, then they accuse them that okay, you're just like us, you're just a regular guy like us, why should I? Why should we believe you What's so special about you? And so they Allah subhanho wa Taala out of his blessing and mercy sends this individual to help to help support and add towards that message. And so he says to them, it who

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mursaleen follow those messengers it who mela is eloquent eduroam who motto don't follow those that don't ask you for any reward. They're not asking you for money. They're not asking you to fundraise. They're not asking you for donations. They're not asking you to

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Extract, you know, a percentage from your annual income. They're not asking you for nothing in return, Millennials elecom hrr wahoo motor Dune, they are people who are rightly guided. So you should follow them, especially the fact that they're not asking for anything in return. You know, this is one of the questions sometimes you get when you're trying to give Dawa to people and try to encourage them to look at Islam in a different lens. What's in it for you? What do you get out of this? Why should I listen to you? Or it's going to make you look like you're going to paradise and I'm going to Hell no, forget it. No, no, no, I'm not asking for it for anything from you. Zero. You

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just need to know that this is where guidances this is where he de is. This is what brings you towards righteousness and towards obedience. This is how you live life in accordance to a path that is pleasing to our Creator. This is how you live a pure and decent life.

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Woman Lila Abu lathi Fatah. Ronnie, what la hora jerilyn. And as for me, I don't worship except the one who I was originated from the one who created me, what a lady total jerilyn. And he's the one I eventually returned to. Now here's what we're learning about this kind of technique in Dawa, you're going to notice that this man is going to talk just about himself. He's not going to say, you guys should worship, because you guys are ABC this this and that is a key point, he doesn't point the fingers to them and say that you guys are messed up, you're following the wrong path, you're doing this, you're doing that. That's not all that's gonna happen, he's gonna put himself now is like,

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Look, As for me, I follow this message, I follow these messengers. I worship, I'm the slave of the one who created me. So I'm doing it. And it's changed my life. It was a really, really important technique.

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Often when you're trying to reach the hearts of your listeners, and this is where I get the title from.

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Most of the times what helps is that you start off by telling your own story, how Islam changed you how it encouraged you how it inspired you, you know, one of the best conversations you can have with reverts is asked them to share their story. How'd you find a slump. And you'll see their eyes will light up and they'll be so happy 99% of the time, they're so happy to share with you their journey. And believe me, it's wow for them. It's even more wow for you when you're listening to. And you're like that's all it took. You know, I've heard stories of people who watch how Muslims have if bought, and how they can have if thought they can have this beautiful meal, everything is laid out.

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And in 10 minutes, everybody eats, it's all cleaned up. And they're all standing in rose praying, and they're amazed by that organization. And they accept Islam. They're like this has to be the truth. I've heard stories of Muslims, that after they've seen when Pete when Muslims finished praying, and they see that how we greet each other, we sit, we talk we laugh, it doesn't matter what color you are, what background you are, we're just sitting there, we're probably sitting on the floor in the lobby somewhere. And they're like, this is insane. This is unbelievable. These people hardly know each other, but they just talking. They just connect. There's brotherhood here. This is

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the path I want to be on. Like the stories are endless. But it starts off share your own story. Share what worked for you, you know, in the previous series, I believe or the one before that I shared with you some of you some detail of how I began my journey through seeking knowledge. And what were the things that helped me along the way. And one the one thing that really, I guess you could say, you know, ignited some energy and some fire in me that I wanted to learn my Deen is I just heard a reciter who came from Libya came to Toronto lead us in total we and I was so moved by his recitation. I had never heard recitation like that. In my entire life. He was reciting in Walsh.

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You know what's really interesting? Watership is the kind of recitation that encouraged me to go on the path of seeking knowledge.

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And what Ash is eventually the clearer that I learned myself. So the thing that started me to seek knowledge, eventually became the exact same thing that I had a desire to want to learn. I wasn't required to learn watershed anywhere. I just wanted to learn it because I fell in love with that style of recitation. So it's incredible when you tell your story. You never know how that story resonates with your listeners.

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So it is important for us to pay attention to this pattern and we're going to see more of it. He continues at definitely the woman dooney he added her, he originated Rockman will build relazione Anisha to whom she was on his own. You know, it's not for me that I would take anything other than him as an idiot as a deity worthy of worship. Because my master if I did that in your original rock, mandible doctrine, it won't benefit me it would misguide me it would harm me. that taught me I'm Nisha Farah, to whom these idols and these ILA has these deities. They don't benefit me. They don't uplift me. They don't do anything for me. They can't intercede for me, Chef Artyom shave while you

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pedal, they can even harm me, I'll stand in front of a statue and say do something, it just sits there. It's just made out of stone or wood or some other material, they can do anything. So this next A is the showing to them. Look, just pay attention for a second what you're actually bowing to what you're actually worshiping what you're actually trying to touch what you're actually feeding, just pay attention to it. It's not doing anything to you in return.

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So he calls them out. He calls them out of the chute again, the sense but he does it in third person, he's like, Look, look at these idols. He doesn't say, look at you people, what you're doing is like, okay, all of this worship, all of these prayers, everything that you've done, would you get in return? Nothing, nothing happened.

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In either Luffy or Bala removing, I would be in such a misguided state. Had I done this? I would have been in such a misguided stick. You know what the? Sorry, guys, give me one second.

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One of the things that

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is really interesting about this pattern is he says in the the left field wall alley movie, he puts himself right into it again, in the complete opposite. Now he doesn't just talk about the things that had helped him come to this path. But he's also sharing with them. had I gone on to sit on a similar path, it would have been really bad for me. How, how would have this? How would this have happened? Let me give you a couple of examples. I'm sure all of you can relate to.

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Number one, the one who has a law never complains. When I say complain, they complain because that's human beings, we complain about things. But those complaints never overpower or control them control their ability to make certain decisions, or to understand why certain things happen. It never controls them. It's one thing when you're a human being you complain, I complain, you complain, we do that because that's the way we are created. But our complaints have certain parameters. There's only so much that we would do. And so much we would say at some point, our emang kicks in and you know what we say to ourselves, Allah knows best, you know, alesund control, Allah is going to

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decide, you see that moment. That's one incentive. That's one important reason why if I went on any other path, I would never get that level of ease and satisfaction in my life. Nothing could give that to me. And we saw this from even fit our own fit around when you know, the plague was coming in to the people of Egypt, and Musashi Salaam was showing him over and over Look, if you don't stop this, if you don't release many of the Israelites, this is what's going to happen to you and to your family. And he kept going to all of his idols, all of his magicians and he's like, do something, change this, overpower Moosa do something. And still he couldn't see that there were certain

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limitations. And at some point, he came to a dead end, he realized that despite that none of these idols none of these magicians could do anything for me.

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I realized that there is one true creator out there, but still he didn't believe. As I told you, as I mentioned in the previous series, he still wouldn't accept it when it came time for him to do this. And it was time for him to at least c'est la ilaha illAllah instead, what did you do so that the universe captured La ilaha illa Allah the m and b he benu is Surah II. He is like okay, there's no JT worthy of worship except whatever they're bending is sort of Illa saying, it couldn't even say Illa Allah.

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What a guy. He couldn't even do that. That's what in either leftfield Allah, Allah mobian is talking about, like you get yourself to a point where you become so irrational, you can't see clarity in things in life, and every little miniscule thing can really overpower you.

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So in the men to be Rob be confessed. Now he tells it says himself again to all of these people. I believe that I had a men and men to build a big home. You know what it's really remarkable the language, he says, I believe, build up become, in your master, he doesn't say B or A B, you see the difference, he doesn't say in my master. Because he's already when it comes to mentioning a last name, he includes who he's talking to. He includes all of them in that conversation. But when it comes to his own personal journey, he concentrates on him step self really beautiful pattern here, really beautiful technique. These little things are really important, especially those of you that

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are passionate about giving down and talking to non Muslims and so on. These are really, really important and beautiful patterns that we see in sort of yacine. In the end, I believe in it, I'm committed to it, I see certain certainty in it. But just remember bira bequem, he's also your Creator, is your master. He is the One True deity worthy of worship to all of us, first marathon. So listen, pay attention to this stuff. first marathon,

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is literally just stop what you're doing and concentrate for a minute. Give this a chance. Just be open minded for one second, and just listen and see what you'll see how much this makes sense. You know, what we're learning from this is when people are introduced to the core and properly, you know, through a gradual process, and they're shown certain aspects of the core and that can help develop some foundation in them. festa mountain is like you know, in sha Allah, once they come with the with an open mind and an open heart, Allah will show them Islam, Allah will show him the light of the Quran itself. He led a holy agenda.

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Now it was said, enter Jenna,

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who's a lot talking to

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the same man that was sent to support the messengers.

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They killed him.

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So he was told it was set to him to enter agenda.

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What's the habit when they're hearing verses like this is that when you try to uphold reserve and protect the message of Allah, be prepared to die.

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And to lead Holy lagenda this man died, he was killed. He was a martyr.

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And martyrs don't have to wait for anything they intergenic immediately, at least according to this verse, some of them will assume and mention that martyrs, they enter Paradise immediately. They lead the holy agenda, because there was nothing in between. Okay, they were resurrected amongst the pious. They were given Jen a lot order that they were given gender on the Day of Judgment, all of that's been eliminated. A lot just jumped to. And we said to him into paradise on a taco Meola, moon,

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the same men as he's in gender, he's saying, Oh, how I wish, my goodness, if my people only knew if they only knew the results of worshiping you, yeah.

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Look how I'm sitting in genda. Now, I'm in Paris, you know, some of the LMS said that this men is the fact that he was told to enter Paradise. He's there right now in gender. And so some of the scholars have Tafseer said that one opinion states that this is evidence that there could possibly be people in gender at this very moment. As you and I are talking. Allah knows best. Allah knows best. But the fact that he's still look what he's thinking about when he's in Jenna, how I wish people could get this message. You know, that's amazing to me. Not Oh my God, I finally made it on hamdulillah Whoo. Look at the rivers look at the rivers of honey. Look at these beautiful trees.

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Mashallah. No, no? What's it? What's he thinking about?

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He's thinking about you and I.

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He's thinking about people that haven't received the message as well. It's like, Oh, my God, I wish only they knew what was waiting for them. If only they knew how real Jenna is.

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Just if only if only he's thinking about everybody else in this world, fully, they knew what scholars derived from that is one of the greatest blessings and satisfactions of gender is companionship is when you're there is no such thing as an individual alone in genda. There will always be companionship, nobody will be alone in paradise. And so these are some of the verts verses that hint towards

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That it's actually not just the default but one of the greatest pleasures of genda is that you're amongst people. Amazing. How is our massage it's structured. There is no method without the community.

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There's no mustard without a Gemma. There's no prayer in a Masjid without a gemera. There's no Juma without a Gemma. There's no taraweeh there's no fasting there's no hedges. There's no

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there's no worried almost our entire religion is built amongst a long congregating our entire religion is built on congregation.

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So panela What does that mean?

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It means that just the fact that you are Muslim, you're already sampling a flavour of gender. Just the fact that you become Muslim. You're already tasting. What it's like to be in paradise. How? Because you're amongst so many other Muslims pray shoulder to shoulder

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pray together you do all the movements together. Bow down together you go in such den prostrate together, fast together, celebrate together, go to pilgrimage together. Every single act of worship literally. We do we do it together. We have a man together because we believe in the exact same thing. We give charity together. Everything we just do together. So we are actually getting

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a sample of gender just by being Muslim in this world. Amazing sapan Allah Subhana Allah these are the yet that make you say Alhamdulillah for being Muslim Alhamdulillah

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Maha fatherly or be what you are in any mineral mocker mean if only they knew with what my master had forgiven me the forgiveness of my master well Charlie moon and Mercury meaning he may be amongst those who were chosen who were favored who are noble. Well Matt in the setting that Allah told me he mean badie

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Min Joon demeanor semer email Khun Nam when CDN and it wasn't for us that we had sent down to these people, and after them a nation or an army from the sky, why am I putting them when city and and it's not something we would send to them either in Canada in LA sigh Hatton wahida. Even if there was a loud sound for either home call me doing and as a result because of their disobedience, they fell to their death. You know how you doin comes from the word Hamada.

00:22:47--> 00:22:54

Hamada is when you light a fire, and it slowly starts to die out.

00:22:55--> 00:22:59

Like if you take a match and you light a match, right, you older

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you notice how the match just goes lower, lower, lower low, and then eventually it just dies out. That's called Hamada. These people when they fell to their death, as a result of some loud sound, so I had an unbearable sound and it was so loud, they fell to their death.

00:23:21--> 00:23:47

And Allah subhana wa tada says, they didn't die immediately. It was a gradual, lonely process. They were just left that was hommy Dune captures that you know, he the the body becomes cold. Comes quiet. You start losing your senses. And slowly but gradually, their life comes to an end.

00:23:48--> 00:23:52

So heinola that word alone look at the imagery it captured.

00:23:54--> 00:23:56

Yeah, Heseltine either Larry bad.

00:23:57--> 00:23:59

Luck says it's such a shame.

00:24:00--> 00:24:06

Such pity that these slaves that this is the way they have to go.

00:24:07--> 00:24:14

It's It's so unfortunate. This is from Allah Himself. is a lesson so sad. So unfortunate.

00:24:15--> 00:24:27

You had two then three. And in addition, and another guy comes along, you have all these individuals all these opportunities to be warned. Still, you didn't get

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such a shame. May t him mineral soil in electron will be here stassi own. There never came a messenger to them except they they they made fun of him. It says he started laughing at him. started making jokes about him. Our version of this, you start making YouTube videos about him to start making Facebook posts about him. They start ridiculing, mock mocking him making fun of him drawing cartoons about him. That's what they did with him. This man was watching

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Totally I mean, that's how they treated him. He was just trying to come and convey a message.

00:25:06--> 00:25:22

And that's it. He wanted to establish certain rights for people who never had any, you know, rights for women, rights for the poor. He came in, he said, the slave and the slave master, they are now equal.

00:25:24--> 00:25:39

He came and he said, women who never got a chance to inherit, now you inherit women who never had a say in marriage. Now you have a say in marriage, now you have rights, established the stuff, the corruption that was happening in Mecca.

00:25:40--> 00:25:48

He came in, he eliminated and he eradicated all forms and levels of corruption within the government of Mecca at that time.

00:25:49--> 00:26:32

People who were stealing or doing Ron wrongful business transactions, since this is all done interest is how long now? You can do that. Can't take advantage of people that way. Just because they don't have you can't do that. So when all he came to do and instead what did they do in return? Yes. Does he own his to his own? They started laughing. Give women rights. What are you talking about? Crazy, you're mentioned? Don't? you're somebody who's mentally insane. Something's wrong with you. That's what they treated him. That's how they treated him. And our version again, as I said, we we still live this a until this day. Some of us live this area, even with our families. Try to tell

00:26:32--> 00:26:53

you kids, let's go to the masjid. Why? Let's go pray. Why? Why? Why do I have to wet my limbs? Why can't I just get up and pray? Allah sees what's in my heart. I'm clean. I already showered. So what's the big deal? Now I have to go wet. My limbs are wet my face at 4am in the morning before the sun comes out. Are you crazy? And you're like

00:26:55--> 00:26:59

I don't know what else to do. You're making fun of Allah's Dean.

00:27:00--> 00:27:25

Allah prescribed this stuff to us. We don't have all the answers Why? We don't know why. We don't have the answers to every minuscules question about why we do things the way that we do. Because why we are an owner of semolina. What Alterna we hear we obey you at some point is this like, I don't know, Allah knows best. I'm going to do it because I am seminar Noel tarna. I'm from that group.

00:27:26--> 00:27:29

So I trust it. And I submit myself to

00:27:31--> 00:27:50

lm er, oh, like now popular hoomin and co D, mineral, Korean mineral koroni unknown la him, la yours your own, don't they see how many of past nations that we had destroyed a new home, he lay him lay on your own and look at them. They're not coming back anymore.

00:27:51--> 00:28:06

All those pyramids, all those statues removed. Remember the kinds of people that were living there, all the mummies that you dig out, and you salvage that where they're buried for two and 3000 years old? Look at them now.

00:28:07--> 00:28:13

People now just walk by and they're nothing worthy of talking about or remembering.

00:28:14--> 00:28:23

Nobody knows their story. Look how we destroyed them. And nobody came back to those cities and inhabited those cities again, that legacy.

00:28:24--> 00:29:00

You know, that tradition of fit around and what he did with his people doesn't exist anymore. They they never came back and started it again. So don't they see? Look how many nations before us We destroyed them. And they never returned. There was only remnants of structures or buildings or something that they had created that may have survived and now tourists combined. They just look at it like oh my God, look at that. Look at this. Look at that statue. Look at that pyramid. Look at this. Wow. Okay, let's go home now. That's it. It's all these become

00:29:01--> 00:29:33

allies saying that because as a result, they chose to not only disbelief, but they killed the man who came to remind them about Allah. So now the only thing that the only thing that they left behind is they became maybe somewhat a tourist attraction for a selected few people who are interested in looking at that kind of history came to see that was it. It wasn't something that was appealing to the general public and the masses of the world. No. Look how a lot destroyed them. And finally,

00:29:34--> 00:29:55

well in Cardinal lemma, Jimmy are led in a bottle and even if, on that day, we will bring all of them together more thoughtful and they will be together. All at one place on the Day of Judgment. They will all be together more about one, everybody. So despite that they had been destroyed previous generations ago.

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

They will still be present together on that day.

00:30:01--> 00:30:06

I'm going to pause here in sha Allah because the next set of verses so we talked about the past.

00:30:07--> 00:30:32

And so Allah reminds us of look what happened in these previous generations. Now the next set of verses moving forward in the next episode, Allah is going to talk about the future and the present as well as the future. And Allah is going to shift the attention now to some other things that we can think about and reflect on. Now we're going to talk about in next episode, inshallah, tomorrow is we're gonna talk about animals. We're gonna see how soon at the S scene talks about animals.

00:30:33--> 00:31:16

This remarkable promise you you'll never look at animals the same way you look at them. Now, if they're just something worthy of admiration, they're just like, wow, look, how they look how they walk, how they act, okay, let's go home. It's going to be much more than that. Animals are going to be giving hookless to us. After we go through these verses, you're going to be like, Oh my god, I feel like I'm literally sitting in a hole by just watching this animal. It is an A, it is an A A of Allah. And all of these animals and these creatures now become little Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala little remembrance of Allah. They just, that's that that's the thing. That's one of the wisdoms why

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Allah created all of these animals. Some of them we use them for certain things, and others we don't touch them. And then there are others we've never even discovered or seen that we know that might be there, but we don't even know how they look. Why did Allah put all of them on this earth? Because at the end of the day, what are you to learn when they are a on this planet for you and I? So I promise in sha Allah huhtala tomorrow hopefully be Islam as soon as seed will change your perception and your outlook when you see creatures and animals of all shapes and all forms and shout Allahu taala you're going to really appreciate that. So I'm going to pause here guys, may Allah azza wa jal

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continue to teach us this beautiful, beautiful surah male lies so we'll continue to bless us and honor us with knowledge of his Deen and as far as today's lesson is concerned, may Allah subhanho wa Taala preserve and protect the lessons the reminders that we've gained from this particular episode from these particular sets of verses May Allah so which will preserve and protect the message of the poor and the sooner in our hearts and in our lives alone, I mean, so with that being said, I pause in sha Allah hotelera such a second level Hydra was sent Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato