Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surah Yaseen #4 V33 – 54

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of planting and harvesting for survival and the potential consequences of the process. The use of "med component" in the context of Islam is discussed, along with the shameless act of the sun and the shameless act of the shemster. The cultural and political changes of the Hol badly are also discussed, including the use of palm trees and the introduction of hada tags. The segment emphasizes the importance of notifying people of death and capturing theirwill, as well as reflecting on the experience and making a positive impact on others.
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We'll be showing banyuwangi

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to lahoma

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to a hearing

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a hydrogen atom in her belly femin coloane or Gianna fee, Jen, Tim min

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Jonah fee Amina

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Leah kulu seminary he wanna Amina to add him a fella

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Suba Han Han Hakan Swansea Kula

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beetle autumn one in forcing him one min

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una sala hoomin

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either Muslim

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wushan Soto God Lima

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the Nika taco de vous la zz Lani. Well palma de una semana de la

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rue Juniper the Leshem, Sweden Bella e la

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to Derry Cal Amara while la

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la cual loan fee fella King is back

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with smil Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He of Paulo Sala woman, Wilder Baron said Mr. Li Kumara to La Jolla about a cartoon

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although I recited up to a number 40 we're actually going up to 54 in sha Allah huhtala so that's a slight correction I think on the video I set up to 45 so I'll change that afterwards inshallah. So we're going up to a number 54 in sha Allah. And once we finish up to verse 40, I'll continue reciting till the end inshallah Allahu taala. So, let's get right into this Bismillah while you're to level out, although you may tattoo one of the eight on this planet is the Mater the dead. Yeah, you know her that we bring back to life? Well, Arjuna minha and we take from it have been Fermin, Jolla, Kowloon, and in it you can get seeds and from it, you can plant things and you can eat from

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it. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about first and foremost, the ground. You know, this entire world consists of land and water, okay? And oxygen, of course, right.

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But it's totally useless to us, that if we put a seed into the ground, that it doesn't sprout into anything useful. We can't survive on this planet unless we're able to plant things so that we can provide for each other. And this there are animals here that can graze our farms that we can also benefit from those animals as well. So the world itself becomes this barren planet unless and only unless the earth is fertile enough that we can plant and we can provide for ourselves and for each other. And so Allah says that's an A from Allah, you know what's amazing to me, we are created from dirt. we survive from what we plant and from dirt and then we also die and go back into dirt. So

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Pinilla so we as a creation, if this makes sense, we're dirt. Right? So at least you understand that that's how important that process has to be. That when we put something in and we water it and we nurture it and we plant things that we hope for something beneficial to come out. I mean all the fruits and vegetables, everything that we have comes from the dirt so panela so that less saying that is an A from Allah that I could take something that you in essence wouldn't even eat nobody would pick up dirt and start eating it. But everything that we need for survival sake comes from the dirt so Pamela

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what's your fee hi jen 90 min the healing one hour nap and we also placed for you gardens love vast gardens, Minh of palm trees what they are nub and grapes well fed Giovanna Fie him in a little human and we cost to gush forth gush forth from its springs of water. Allah subhanho wa Taala. Again, talking about gentlemen, the coloman family he so that you can eat from its fruits while not emila to add him and what you have as a result done and and work based on your efforts and your actions. All of the so these are the basically the consequences, the blessing

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The results of everything that you've put forth in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala item.

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A fella Sharon, aren't they then not grateful sapan Alessi Haleakala as Raja Kula, all tests to be and praise belongs to the one that created everything in pairs. mementos momentum between odd from what comes and sprouts from the ground woman and fusi him woman mela yarda Moon and from amongst themselves we created Allah created us in pairs as well, when we met the moon, and even there are creations out there, you don't even know.

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You didn't even know what's out there. You don't even know what's at the bottom and the depth of the ocean. There's only so far you can dive down but way beneath that, if you continue if you're ever able to get even further there is creation there you have no clue. You know, people ask often asks, ask if aliens exist? Is there life on other planets, women millennia and the moon there are things there that you will never know you don't have knowledge of and some of them are limited, you know, extend this conversation from a it like this that you know, you never know. It could be things out there a lot who Ireland we don't know. But Allah says I have created things you don't have any

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knowledge about

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well yet to lahoma Lael, and another area for all of you is the night nestler hoomin hoon har, it's peeled off the word nest la Salah ha means like when a snake is shedding its skin and it's peeling off that skin. So Allah is saying that I caused the night to be peeled off, so that it exposes the light the day and then the day the same process peeled off so that it exposes the night. Nestle hmil hoonah either Mosley moon. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala peels off and then exposes the night peels off the the the brightness the daytime, then you find shade. In other words, that process of night and day night, and they will never be able to stop or pause or change that. You know, some

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sometimes will say, Oh my god, I can't believe it's night already.

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Oh, this is a legit way of saying that's the way I've designed it. You have no authority over that. When it's nighttime, it's nighttime, when it's daytime, it's going to be daytime, and you can shift around or change that process ever. That's an area of Allah subhana wa Tada, you notice something about the SE. One of the things that yes scene seeks to do for the reader is to ignite the sense of appreciation for the things that we take for granted, the things that we normally don't pay attention to, I mean, who walks out and just looks up at the sky and just be like subpanel Oh, this is an A from Allah. Very few people do that, who looks at when they plant a nice garden. And as a

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result, you know, you nurture it, you feed it, you put the seed into the ground, and all of a sudden it sprouts out into something edible, something beneficial, or it could even be medicine. And who's just says Allah Subhana Allah, look what the dirt just gave me by the permission of Allah. Very few people do that. And so what we're learning here in this sort of one of the things that it helps us do, is just look around, you don't have to look very far to find out yet of Allah azza wa jal of his existence. People ask all the time, how do I know he exists? One of the answers is Look around you look at the things look at the process that we're living in. Look at the cycle that we're exposed to

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look at the things the weather, you know, the night in the day the shade that we get from the night, the fact that the body immediately knows and recognizes your senses immediately recognize that when nighttime rolls around, it's time to rest

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who will let the jar that accumulate later school fee he made the night so that you can find peace tranquility, rest in it, when the How to mobile settle. And then the days where the time where you're supposed to be awake, sit off on bossier, you're looking around, you're awake, you're doing what you need to do, go to work, seek Allah zoetis and his provision that psycho, your body is already in tune. It's in our fifth auto. Even people that work night shifts, they will tell you all day, like it just doesn't feel normal. It's hard. It's hard to completely reverse your cycle. Reverse the routine that the body has been designed and created to do. It's really difficult. And so

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no matter what you do, people say all you know eventually get used to it. Yeah, you get used to it. But you only need one, maybe two days the most and you're back into the natural cycle and routine of how Allah designed your body. You sleep during the night you wake up during the day. So lice telling us reminding us of all of these things that are right in front of you. A Shem swear to god we must have called Rila and the shrimps, this the sun always

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So, it essentially means to swim or to glide Mr. Qadri let her in a path that is specific to it, then he can deal with disease. And Eileen, that is something that Allah has calculated because he is the all powerful and the all knowledgeable. Here's another really beautiful beautiful, I call it a miracle of Sora. Yes.

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So, what I have seen is one of the most recognized, well known sources of the entire poor air. Do you agree?

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On average, layman Muslim even reverts, even if they don't know where suta scns they will hear about because why the average layman Muslim across the globe, at least knows of swear Yes. And this was mentioned in the first episode, this is by Allah's Will, that he caused certain sources of the poor and to be known more than others. Okay.

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One of the central themes of sewage at the scene is that you pay attention to the things that are obvious around you,

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you know, all of the miracles that are around you, the eight that are around you, so that you can acknowledge and appreciate Allah's existence. Now piece those two things together. This is truly from Allah, Allah cause that one of the sutras that is most well known amongst the oma is also the same surah that teaches you and I appreciate the things that are most often in front of our eyes that we interact with all day long.

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Who can link those two things together so beautifully surprised Allah? Unbelievable. It's amazing. It's the most well known and at the same time, it brings you to pay attention to the things that are most obvious. So it's like you're seeing a little bit of pseudo Yes, see when you look up into the sky, when it's nighttime, so what are you asking pops in here? What is data as soon as he pops in here? And is this a lot everything just synchronizes beautifully. Anyhow, welcome Raka, Davina, humanists and even the moon, even the moon, we allowed it to be it specified calculation and specified route men as a lot hotter, either calorie rejuvenate padeen until the cycle goes back to a

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bent curve as what it used to be. So in other words, it received when you when you look up and you see the moon, when it when you when you see the moon Crescent itself, it's kind of like on an angle. So what Allah is saying that is similar to you, when you have palm trees and you pull one of the branches, that is on the palm tree itself, it starts to bend. The reason why we get this specific kind of imagery to relate it to the moon when it's reborn again, and that cycle continues, is that this is how the Arabs could have related to this versus I mean, palm trees and date trees. It's part of the culture till this day. And so they can link to something that again, look how beautiful this

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is. Arabs know and understand what it takes to grow and nurture day trees, palm trees, right. And it's so obvious and it's such a big part of their culture.

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And now you have sort of se the most well known sutra probably on the planet, then it's got a yet that are right in front of your face, including now palm trees. Do you see what this suitor is doing? Because it is magnified in the quarter and it's telling you to also magnify your attention to the things that are right in front of your face. It synchronizes so perfectly. The shamcey embell ila and to Derek alpamayo. The sun can go before the moon.

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It can't step forward. It has a precise time where it will rise and it will set what a lady who served upon the house and the night will never come before the day. Well couldn't know if he felt like he is back on everything is precise. In its calculation in its routine. As we mentioned earlier, you can't reverse the two okay.

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We are at verse number 41. So let me continue with the recitation till the end of today's episode.

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Well, you know whom

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the sinful King mission often upon Miss Lee my own qaboun was in no hurry.

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Sorry hada moto

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mettam Minh woman on Isla he, what he's

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been a de

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la la come

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Total hammer

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woman t him in an 18 min. to obey Him in can one more real blean will either be an

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Akuma law or lengthy nunca fou limousine men who are

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long Aparna who in tune Illa in tune in few moving while una Mehta has a lot to do in

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the pain, man young

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fella is totally

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Isla De Niro cheering when you feel feel sorry for either whom Nina Judah ll be him young.

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Born we are way you learn

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barsana marrocco Gina has

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in in sleep

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is a home gym he or

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she will learn to just tune in

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so Allah subhanho wa Taala continues to love him and now Harmon and another area how many as did we come across the started this way so far? 123 Well didn't start the third one has a in it. Here's the fourth one of the law says ay ay ay. Again, it's obvious it's obvious it's obvious a little bit of salt as seen as surrounding you It's everywhere. And the Vietnam fill fulfill mushroom that we had carried their children their progeny, it's referring back to the time of the story of new Halley his selam

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filfil killing mesh shown in a ship that was fully loaded. Okay, when the great flood King, they were able to carry everything that they needed to carry, and it was fully loaded wahala Cannella mithila he may or kaboom. And we also created similar things to like it like the ship or the Safina of you know highly his sudden that people will also ride they will also board.

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That's interesting.

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Verse number 42 is talking about Allah will also create similar things like the ark of new alayhis salam that you and I will climb and board. What do we have today? We have grand ships. Sure. We also have trains. We also have planes. We have different forms of transportation that when you climb into we have cars that you depend on Allah Himself to carry you from the beginning to your destination safely. Less as what in the Nordic home then if we wanted we could have drowned all of them. We could have caused all of them to fall from the sky. We could have caused every car to crash. If we wanted. We could have done that. By now sorry, Holohan. No one will respond when they cry out for

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help. While you don't no one will be there to rescue them.

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Allow them in except the runner from us will not tell ILA in that they can find some comfort for a certain time. How do you feel when that plane lens and it finally touches down after a 14 hour flight finally touches down?

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Just you and a lot I think about this all the time. Every time you know when I travel. It never ceases to busy my thoughts in my mind that I'm stuck in this tube. With two rockets on the side and just blasted into the air. May I'm sick of winning the lottery, ramen. Nothing holds it up into the sky except alright man.

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And you're just up there. Nothing, you know 30,000 40,000

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feet in the sky,

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you're in the middle of the ocean.

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Nobody can come and rescue you in time, you're just on this ship by herself in the middle of the ocean, and only ally knows how deep what's beneath the ship, what's what's beneath you. And this massive structure, you know, this massive heavy weighted structure is floating literally on one of the most delicate surfaces in existence, water.

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It's amazing how it just doesn't fall to the ground. Unless, as all of that is by Allah's mercy, you know, sure, you can talk about the design and the structure of the boat itself. You can talk about wingspan and the design of the wing, how it creates airlift all of these things. Sure, you can talk about that. But none of that works. So you add this, you add this and add this, it should equal this. What's on the equal sign? Allah is saying that is my territory.

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I allowed that based on all of your calculations, you get the right answer after the equal sign. That's a Orion from me. So hannula do you see Muslims why we have a door for travel. Because it's so rotten from Allah, you're near traveling. And if you get to your destination, that's Allah's mercy on you. So panela

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so every time you land every time you arrive to your destination, even if you're driving, for company cars are on the street, and some of you probably the countries you live in, there's like no order on the streets. People literally are like video games are just zigzagging through each each other anything could happen at any time. And it does.

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The fact that it didn't happen to you, that's a lesson if you're just going to the grocery store. But you're you're you're taking for granted that there are also 5 million other cars that are going places too. So you have to get into that mix.

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All you're doing is going to the grocery aisle, you're just going to Walmart, you just want to buy one thing and come back home and it's right next to your house. Allah is saying it is all right, that you get from your house, you drive 30 seconds and you get to Walmart or minute you get to Walmart and you come back. That's all from me. that nothing happened to you because why? There are literally millions of other vehicles that are moving up and down on the same roads you have to get on to who thinks like that

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again, oh my goodness Subhanallah again,

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cars The most obvious things in front of our eyes planes are always in the sky ships or all of these things are things that you and I see daily. Just like we hear about surah Yaseen all the time and soon as he does what helps us teaches us to show gratitude and appreciation look at the eight of love that are right in front of your face so just like how sooner yes he is right in front of our faces.

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Oh man

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I love when Sora is like this like put us in our place I just I love that what is the Lenovo motor home bainer a Duke and when it is set to them to be conscious of what is right in front of you look what we just said what I just told you that what the AI is going to say when it's said to them to pay attention and be conscious of what is right in front of your hands will not have a home on what's right behind you landlocked or hang on so Allah can be merciful to you my gosh well matter to him in a a team in a tiara became ill again we're doing they're never came in a from the aid of Allah their master except that they rejected it's upon Allah.

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They rejected it. They didn't pay attention more a loon out over they looked and they looked the other way. Don't we do that all the time. Alone wants us to appreciate this stuff. Don't lose sight of these things. What is appealing enfeeblement morozova kumala when it's told told to them to provide from what Allah provided for you, kind of letting in a cafe for those who disbelieve they said Linda Xena M and A to the believer believers and okra mo maloja sha Allah will Allah feed whomever he winds up imma hone in into a left field Bala the movie Of course I will feed them but you're in such a misguided state. You know what this is talking about? When people come up to you

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and be like, how come your God doesn't feed all the poor people in the world?

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Why didn't you do that? First of all, that's not my decision or yours. Unless as a notary moment loja shell of law. Allah will feed whom He wills.

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You're lucky that Allah fed you. You had breakfast this morning you had lunch, you have a snack in your hand you bought a coffee. You should be grateful because Allah chose to give you a coffee today.

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Allah chose for you to go and afford groceries today. a lengthy apartment home in Georgia, he is the one that feeds you when you're hungry, not you, not to you. That's all of us are new to our mo maloja. He will feed me however he wishes up to I don't know who and he does feed them. But when you think this way of Allah into lfu abahlali movie, you're such in a clear misguided state. Don't think like that of Allah. He knows what he's doing. He is alive as easily. He is the one who's in control and he has knowledge of everything. So don't think of him that way. We have Hulu no matter how they're wired to include them. Sorry thing so the next question that usually follows up when you

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answer it like that is okay so when is this promise going to come from a life you're telling me the truth? What is it going to happen? When is he going to feed all the poor children and people of the world? million dollar winner he loves soccer Don't worry that they don't actually prioritize and pay attention that one below one sound to hold the home Mom Yes, Simone can come and capture them while they're arguing about these things. What Allah is saying to you is stop arguing about the stuff you ever even Muslims we do this all the time, we argue about things that none of us can change. Like for example a Why is Allah above us and not in front of us? And then they start arguing and going

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back and forth. subpanel when you talk about Alessia

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you can't do anything about that. Just stop you know what you should be concerned about liquid liquid sort of scene is doing it's saying to us whilst you're in the argument you should be concerned that death could find you was your argument

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Wow, who thinks like this guy's people argue all day every day. I guess I'm saying it over and over sooner as seen is just putting everything that's always in front of our face. And it's putting it's highlighting it for you the things that are always in front of you is highlighting. I I like to think of suit as seen and I wanted to wait until we reached here to say this to so you can understand now where I'm coming from. I think of solidity as seen as the highlighter of the Quran. It's the highlighter of the quarter and because of what it does, it highlights the things that are often disguised or shaded beat right before our eyes. You know sometimes you see it it's right in

00:27:38 --> 00:28:06

front of your face and you don't see it at the same time. So it's like people argue all the time about things that they have no place to argue about. Aren't you afraid Allah will capture your soul at that time? But I still try not to Hosea in while in a hurry him Yoda Jeroen. At that point you won't be have any opportunity to, to, to say your goodbyes. tulcea literally means a will. When do you write a will when you're preparing to do well? When you're preparing your goodbyes?

00:28:07 --> 00:28:26

Let what you do and you never go back to your family. In other words, you can't get to say to them, okay, look that death is coming. It should be here around five o'clock. Take care of your sister. I love you guys. Here's the keys to the car. Here's all the money, goodbye. A letter saying you don't get to say that. You won't have a chance to do that.

00:28:28 --> 00:28:44

Because no matter who no matter who you direct them will melt Avenue where you are death will just come creep up and find you on identity can be a golden time when you have no idea which spot you'll be standing on. And death captures you. So

00:28:46 --> 00:29:12

what if a cliff is sued, then the second trumpet was blown. So once that person passes away when nothing is sold, and the second trumpet is blown, they either mean a death metal behind me and then they are all come out of their graves, they'll come out of their graves. Edge of death is another word for grave. And it specifically refers to graves that have no markings on them.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:42

allowed to be him in Seattle and they again soon is like when water is pouring down a hill and a gathers at a specific spot that CNC door. So all of us will be pouring to our alpha to the plains of get where we gather and on the Day of Judgment. All of us will literally pour there and there's nothing we can do. You know when water is pouring down one direction it's really hard to reverse that and to stop it or to slow it down. So we're all going we can't turn around be like I want to go back. I'm not ready to do this. No, we're all forced one direction.

00:29:45 --> 00:29:48

Either I mean edge of death. Why does that tell us that?

00:29:49 --> 00:29:59

I'll let tells us this because there are millions and millions and generations of graves that are all over us.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:20

We probably don't know that they're there. The bodies may have come and gone and disintegrated turned into dust disappeared and your house is built right on top of it and you don't know that it's unbelievable and then all of a sudden like oh my god there's there's a there's a whole bunch of graves right under my bedroom.

00:30:21 --> 00:30:35

That's what edges death a lesson I will bring out people from their graves that are not marked. You had no clue that they were there to begin with. I honestly can't believe how the Quran talks about this stuff. So Pinilla

00:30:36 --> 00:31:02

well sign up. Kalia Whalen. Masada Palomar saloon Puglia whalehead. m embarrassin. Me ma, ma Kadena. They will say oh my god, Wally, we hear this word a lot. Wait a little more puffy. When is the worst kind of curse that you give? You know, give a gift to yourself or to others. When you say Wait, there's nothing possibly worse than this. So they will start say, Wait,

00:31:03 --> 00:31:44

there's a God This can't be any worse member than Mr. Kadena whoever brought us up from a light sleep, a light sleep meaning from the second trumpet to the third trumpet, there was a brief gap that they rested. Because, you know, the first trumpet everybody dies. So from the first to the second trumpet, there's a brief light sleep for example, right? And when everybody dies, you know, the prophesy sentiment talks about a very elaborate afterlife or life in the grave. You know, believers are visiting other graves, you are seeing gardens of genic cetera like there's a lot happening there. And then from the second to the third, there is nothing where the second we

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resurrected, the third day of judgment begins. So they say who brought us up from this light rest this light period of nothing has ever happened. And this is what Allah ramen promised us we'll set up a motor saloon and all those prophets and messengers that were sent in the previous episode, that they lied about that they said you're just like us. And they made up things about and then they killed them. They were actually telling the truth in Canada love so I had to worry that even if it was one screen for either home, Jimmy or Ledeen, Mr. Baldwin there's nothing that could help them because they will all be gathered together all at once. Last a folio meta total and we'll have some

00:32:26 --> 00:32:37

shade on that day. Nobody can hurt anyone while zone they can reward Elana Quantum Time anyone except based on the deeds that you used to perform.

00:32:38 --> 00:33:24

Everything about sort is seen guys right in front of our faces. Just like sort of seen right in front of our faces. Once you're a Muslim, you know, so what is it you've heard of it at least? And everything that suit is in teaches us right in front of our faces. It's absolutely beautiful. I'll leave you with this in sha Allah, I want you to just internalize. Let everything that we talked about marinate in your heart and really think about and reflect just how many as we have in front of us. May Allah azza wa jal cause us always to be a people who reflect on him. And as a result of our reflection, a large social uplift us make us better people, better Muslims better slaves in a manner

00:33:24 --> 00:33:33

that is pleasing to Him. I love him. I mean, we continue insha Allah who tyla tomorrow, just like Camilla Hydra, or Sarah Miley come to LA he will bark at

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