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The transcript discusses various topics related to religion, including the implementation of Islam's rule of "The one who gives everything" and the root problem of bullying. The speakers also discuss the use of the present tense in Arabic language, the use of the past tense in parables, and the history of the Prophet's teachings. The transcript provides examples of disconnected sentences and quotes from various sources, including a brief advertisement for coffee and a drink.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah alayhi wa sallam be in, or prison thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam said Omar Aleikum, wa rahmatullah to Allah or Bala kettle

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inshallah this can stay stable because what's on that is just the two sort of sort of the chumps and sort of the lane underneath it. It's not really that important to display but I just put it so you can have a look at it. If it keeps doing that then perhaps if you just hold that must have with you. And then you look at sort of the shops or sort of the lane or if not your understanding Sharma as I just explained it, so inshallah Allah. Today we're going to study sola delaine. But I had a new approach of doing this. And so firstly, inshallah to Allah, what I'm going to try to do is establish some parallels between surah lane and surah, two ships that's at the beginning. Then after this

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lesson, inshallah, the next thing we'll speak about is the layout of the soldier. And in the third part, we'll be speaking in sha Allah, Allah about the seed of a tobiah. And we'll analyze each word by its word being related. So to begin in sha Allah to Allah, the lesson shouldn't be that long. The first lesson is only dedicated to drawing the parallels between sort of the lane and sort of the shops. Basically, the point of the lesson is, so you appreciate a loss of hetero attalos word, and you just see something that you've never seen of before in your life. And you know, you understand that the the cohesion of the sword and how the sword are placed in the pool, and it's not a

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coincidence. It's not just anyone just put it in there, and that's why it's a little badass first, assaulted Fattah has first sort of the localized second so then mo and third and so on. It wasn't coincidence. It wasn't put on like this. Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah placed the order of the poor and the way it is in the poorer now. How do we know this because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before he passed away, although the poor and the way it was revealed it's different to its order in almost half the way it was revealed so solid, the smell of bacon, lovey Halak that came first and then later on other ad came and then so on and then sold it and bacala is a Madani Sora

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came in the Medina period, over that is the case, the order of revelation is also from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What proves this is that when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam just before he passed away, he said to his companions, vow together if you sola together, or that also what you borrow together or gather your solar together, okay, in other words, he told them, place this, in this sort of place, this sold off to this and this sort of before this and this and this. In other words, he arranged the program for them before he died, which arrangement the one we have right now. So when sorta 10 shops comes first sort of the late comes after, that is how the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam arranged it, and of course in the visa love Allah usnm anything he says in her in our new hair, it is only about revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Therefore the arrangement of the most half is a wiring from Allah. That's one. The other thing that proves that besides the Hadith of the Prophet SAW said love, the other thing is that you'll see, and this is one huge example, you'll see that how integral Yanni how awesome they related to each other, and how parallels are drawn within one soldier to another, you'll come to the conclusion that no one can do this except the loss of Hannah Montana. So when you understand that when you learn the relationship

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between one soldier and another, to the one after to the one before it, you will most definitely come to the conclusion that this has to be profound from a lot of Xhosa. And so this is the point of the listener Charlotte Allah today to show you how they both relate to each other. So beginning shall not the either. And the first thing we say that in sort of the shrimps, Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the beginning, he mentions one Nahanni that agenda, one layli La La Liga, the very beginning of the third era. He said one a Harry version one lately they have basically he mentioned that they which is unhealed and then he mentioned the night which is a late and he mentioned two

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verbs with them. So he said one ahead either Zhanna I swear by the day as it brights it up here and as it brightens the sun up, and I swear by the night as it covers the sun up. Now in solar, Elaine, what we see is that there's a reversal. So here

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versus the sequence and he said when lady Valle Sha one had he that agenda, so the same verb is retained. Where we see is that in sort of the Shams he began with the mention of the day, then the night and in sort of the nail he mentioned the night first, then the day second, using the same verb for both of them. Now, let's just speak about why did Allah subhanho wa Taala begin sooner or later? With one layli they all share? Why wasn't that why didn't it begin with the day? Why did it begin with the mat? So that they say that of course the ln means darkness, that's the nighttime. They say that this solar solar delaine was from the early sewer to be revealed until Rasulullah sallallahu

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Sallam when he was in Mecca, and early makansutra. Actually, it's the sixth solar in order of revelation, the sixth solar so it's a very early solo. And this is the time in where Cooper was still manifest and spread. So Allah azza wa jal began with it one lane, because it best describes the current situation of Mecca. mk at that time was still in lane, it was in darkness, it was in Kufa and shift. So it began with one lane, explaining the current situation that is around in Mecca. However, sort of the chumps it came way after sort of the nail. It came in a time where Islam was on the uprise. So he began with worships the sun, almost giving that indication that now Islam has

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become like a sun in the middle of the day. That's why it's spread. So yeah. And so Pamela, this began with the sun because the current situation there was that Islam was young, he was growing, and sort of the Lail began with Elaine because it's the sixth sudo to be revealed. And during that time, Islam was still wasn't manifest wasn't apparent, it was still dark days, it was before that was overtaking everything. So it began with one lelee either Elisha, that's one. The second parallel is the second parallel now. So the first parallel is Yani. day, night, and then night day, the second parallel.

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And this is something interesting to note, and it's from a grammatical grammatical syntax point of view, you could say, and that is that in the previous surah, we learned a lot. So Jill said, One namely either young Cher has hair and he said when the hair either

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there's this attached pronoun, burmilla mocassin, they call it and that is the hair at the end. Whereas when you look at Seurat and lay there is no hair. He just says but lately they have one more Harry that agenda. There is no hair, there's no attachment. And so what does this attachment What does it refer to this hair? As we only took in previous lessons, this hair is actually referring to the sun. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala said what my hair evasion let her that may Allah azza wa jal is saying I swear by that day, as it gives brilliance to the sun, how was the sun and I swear by the night as it covers up the sun, the hell was the sun. Now in this surah he only says what layli

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they OSHA I swear by the night as it covers up when the heady that agenda I swear by the day as it gives brilliance. Now automatically that what the benefit of this is when you remove the attached pronoun when that's removed. The benefit of that is that it almost forces you to make a question. So now when a loss is when mainly they OSHA I swear by the night as it covers. The obvious question is covers what what does it cover? And Ally's saying when Nahanni Veta Jelena swear by the day as it brightens brightens, what the question is What? So the answer of this is found in the previous surah when he said the hair which referred to the sun, so what happens here is that solar delaine almost

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forces you that you will not understand the solder unless you make your reference point sold at the shops. This is how it's connected. So Padma so anyone Sora is sort of the ladies giving us the understanding that you will not understand it completely and fully. Unless look, you look to the previous sort of so when he said when lady they OSHA, I swear by the night as it covers, your asking covers what that's already answered in sort of the shops, it covers this up. And so you're forced to make it a reference point and go back to it always. And this is what we're saying that there's a relationship between the two. So that's the second thing.

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The third thing this is also interesting is the two verbs that I mentioned. So when most of Hannah what Allah spoke about the day and how he said gender hair, which is a past tense, also when he spoke

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About the day in Seoul at the Lail. He said what mahadi that agenda? That's also past tense. And when he spoke about or when he described the night he said when layli eva young showerhead, and at the beginning of the sword, I said when layli they are young Shanghai, I'm sure both are present tense. While the agenda Angela has a past tense. So now Why did Allah azzawajal choose a past tense for the day? And why did he choose a present tense for the night. Now this we need to understand this in the Arabic language, one of the benefits of the present tense is it implies incompletion or partiality, something that's yanny, something little by little by little, it's not complete, right?

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It's partial. And it comes in stages. That's what

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this is what the present tense alludes to, in the Arabic language. So now, when Allah azzawajal, used it for the lane, the present tense, you know why, because that's the nature of the lane, the lane doesn't come all in one hit, it doesn't come in all in one go. When the lane happens, it starts to begin from before Maghrib. And it keeps creeping in bit by bit stage after stage after stage after stage until it turns dark. Even then, when it's dark, it doesn't make everything invisible, you can still see things. So over the darkness does come. It's not complete darkness, it's in complete darkness. And you know, the previous sorta told us that there is something of the light

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when Pomery that there is still remnants of the sun, and that is the the moon itself. So although the darkness does eventually come on to the earth, eventually,

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eventually the sun, when the lane when the night overtakes the earth, when the light overtakes the earth, it doesn't come in all in one go. It comes partial, only in stage in stage, and even then, when it comes in stage, there's still some of the light remaining. And we said the present tense, what it implies, is something that's incomplete and partial. Now, when a lot of social use the past tense for the day, one of the meanings of the past tense, what it implies, is something that's complete something that's full, so he used that for the day, because when the day comes in, when the light comes in, all of a sudden, everything is lit up, everything is lit up, there's no darkness

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left. So the day doesn't come in stages, the night comes in stages, but the day when the sun immediately as soon as the sun comes out, it is already they all over the place, right? So it comes in quick. And the lane and the night here is an actual reference to Eamon and COVID, to email and cover. You know, when someone is a gaffer, think of that as being the man when he commits himself to Islam. It's like going from night today, how quick is the process from night to day, it's quick, the firt the moment the sun comes out, it's already bright. So when someone is in deep cover, so much in cover, it's like he's in the middle of the night. And he is exposed to he men and Islam, and he

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commits to it, then it's immediate that the man comes to him. And it's quickly bright, because from my today it's quick. But when someone has a man, think of that as being the day when the sun is out from a meant to cover. It's not a quick process. It's something that goes stage by stage. This is why only there are Hadith that explained this a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for example, he mentioned about someone that leaves for Latin humor for three times, three weeks, you know, from one week, the heart is a black dot, the next week, another black dot, the third week, another black dot, you see how it's in stages cover doesn't come all in one go. It'll be stages, stages, stages. And

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when you're in cover, if someone has gone from he meant to cover this still alone, that means there is still some left in him. And that's known as the Filppula. And after a night there's always a day so there's always this chance as long as he still hasn't died, there is this chance that he can return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we'll clear this idea up inshallah when we begin that the seal of the soul, okay, so this is the third thing, and that is only the present tense and the past tense and how it continues. So he used the present tense for the lane in both Florida and the past tense for the help in both SWAT and this is the type of meaning he gave us along with the Anna Anna.

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The fourth parallel we see in the solar

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and this is the next Earth in solar delayed so when they leave, they'll show you that after it and listen this is very interesting. He says one more follow up available

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Allah azza wa jal is taking an oath. He's saying one matte color. The color of this matter could be understood as matte and masuleh. Or men must Maria, exactly like was somehow a woman banner one on one map or hair. If you remember when we explained one map or her hair, we said that means and how amazing is the one who leveled it? And how amazing is the one who built it? That's if we took it as Mel muzzleloading. If we're taking it as men, Musleh dia, one maharlika vecow Alpha would mean and how amazing how amazing how remarkable is the creation of male and female? That's one that's a parallel exactly the same meaning there's a meaning here. The other thing is that one alpha could be

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men masuleh men masuleh. In other words, one leviosa Haha, and I swear by the one who leveled it, and I swear by the one who bonnechere by the one who created it. In other words, who's that that's a lot. So what a lot of vagabond, in fact, could also mean, and I swear by the one who created the male and the female, who's that Allah subhana wa Tada. So in both swore that a woman referred to Allah subhanho, wa Taala. And it also referred to the remarkable amazing creation of the heavens of the earth, of the sky, and of the earth, and also to the remarkable, amazing creation of the male and female. Now, this is what's interesting.

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In surah, two shams, he said, was cemetery, one, my banner, and he said, What's up, now in this surah, after the lane, and he did not say anything about the summit and the robber, he said something about the male and the female, right, this is what will spell, what's the parallel between the two, there's a huge parallel between them. And this is that the sky and the earth, the sky and the earth, they go together for a larger purpose. So the sky, it works in cohesion with the earth to produce vegetation, right, the earth could not produce what it produces, unless he gets help from the sky, and the water that comes down from the sky. In other words, otherwise the earth, nothing

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will grow, nothing will grow. It needs to work with the sky, so that it can give, produce and give the vegetation and plantation.

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And so Pamela, what we were trying to say is that anything worked together, the sky and the earth, they work together for the process of life to continue. And similarly, the male and female, they work together, so they can continue the process of life. So the plant life on the earth, it's like the earth gets impregnated with the plants, just like the female gets impregnated by the male. So there's these parallels and these parables of the process of life that take two very different completely two different things. But they actually both two things that work together. So yeah, nice of Hanalei, you see that a summit What are they both work together, one drops the water on the

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earth, and then the earth gives birth to plants, and the female and male they also work together, to keep the life going to keep this process of life going, the male waters into the female, and then the female gives birth to what he had wanted inside of her for Subhanallah the sun in the sky, the earth, and the vicar on fact exactly the same. So Panama by

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now, the fifth, any parallel we find in the previous surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He he mentioned different aspects of his clique, the concept of the process of creation. In the in the previous sutra, what he spoke about creation, he said when audibly one was a man, a woman Benner had created it constructed it one out of the one hour per Haha, that he leveled it out, right. He mentioned two things of what he created in Surah delaine. What happens is that he said what

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he said the word halaqa, which means to create social kadala, the word halaqa is much more comprehensive. So it sort of sums up what was in the previous sort of partial words that we're going to use to illustrate something of a last creation. Banana is of utmost creation. Baha is from a last creation. What's a word that sums up all this halaqa the word halaqa. So this sorta came to us a comprehensive word, and in sort of the shamcey came in detail to speak about what type of hump did he make one level Tyler alum for this one, okay. So now the sixth parallel we find is that in solid shapes, most of it came or basically all of it came in third person. So Allah subhanho wa Taala. He

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spoke in third person, when I've seen one master where half and a half

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he succeeded walk

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He, you know this he was in failure, the one who only put him as knifes in the dustbin. So he, it was all in third person.

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In solid the lane, Allah subhanho wa Taala does the switch and comes to second person, for example for them to come down on top of my wall knew of a burning blazing fire. Now, what's what's important to note is,

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what is the difference between third person and second person, you know, when you speak in third person, then any basically that's General, that's general speech. So for example, if I say, a person should be good, a person should be generous, he also should be kind. That's just I'm speaking general. So it could be any person not knitting, not necessarily you, I'm talking in general terms, that's the person. But when I say, you, I'm talking, when I say you, you should be a good person, you should be a good person, then I'm speaking to you. And I'm basically taking universal lessons, and I'm making it applicable directly to you. So the previous sorta had these universal lessons in

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third person. But now we're learning that they're not just there for you to think about, in theory, these lessons apply to you directly. So there's a switch from the third person, which is universal messages to second persons specifically to you to the audience. And the audience began from the original audience, of course of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wasallam. And anyone else that he said, so Solitaire shrimps is kind of you sit down and you're here, and you're sort of thinking about everyone else. But you saw let the laying down comes and tells you those very same messages, they actually for you, right, and so now a lot of zildjian begins to speak in the second person. So

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almost it goes from being general to exactly specifying you in speech. The seventh one we find in this sutra

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is that Allah subhanho wa Taala he told us in Surah, two shrimps, this incredible balanced creation of the knifes and how Allah subhanho wa Taala program that to recognize and gave us the ability to recognize what's bad and to recognize what's good, right when if someone so what if Alabama half was your house?

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That was mentioned in soda shops were told of how amazing this knifes is, and how everyone's been given this sense of ability to recognize what's good and what's bad. insalata ln Allah azza wa jal, he says in Messiah come in Messiah Kuma Shaka, which means all your efforts are all over the place. Everyone does everything, whatever he wants. And what that means is some are doing good, some are doing bad. So what the what we learn here is that, although although we all know what's good and what's bad, and Allah already told us this, each and every single one of us knows what's good and what's bad. In surah Lail, he tells us the reality, although everyone knows what's good and bad, the

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thing is that we don't find everyone doing the same thing. Not everyone is doing the same thing in OSI akula, shut, all your efforts are all in all different directions. So the people that are doing corruption, people that are doing righteous deeds, people are corrupt people are bad people are good people, evil and so on, it will shut down once we get to the I will explain it even further. But this is what it means. all your efforts are in all different directions. We're in sort of the shelves he told us that everyone was given the same capability of recognizing what's good and what's bad, and sort of the lay of the reality that not everyone is the same everyone is doing and everyone

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is in different directions. This is the seventh one we find in lasorda now. The eighth parallel between the two swap

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is that when Allah subhanho wa Taala said what if sin one is aware that's internal that's something that takes place inside the hammer half was he inspired inside of yourself to recognize the good and the bad? That's inside of Muhammad Zakaria? If you cleanse your knifes where's that it's inside? What God Herberman the Sangha. And if you disregard the knifes with that that's inside. So basically sort of the shims was speaking about the inwards of men of the person inside. However now insulted the lady said in NASA comb your efforts were the efforts in the inside or the outside your actions that from the outside. So the sorta sort of the Sham spoke about inside of us and sort of the lane

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spoke about the outward the outward attitude of the human bead at what comes out from the outside. Okay, so now the ninth parallel we find between the two so that in sort of the chumps Allah subhanho wa Taala, he said, but after Herman is

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the one who claims that the one who was able to clean themselves literally, they are the ones who've actually already attained success, but after Harmon

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and Jani in the previous

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Of course, yes in the previous slot which is sort of the chumps Allah subhanho wa Taala he just lifted as a declaration as a declaration as a fact, whoever made an attempt to cleanse it the knifes then he has attained success the How was not answered right the How is a question mark that remained How does one cleanse himself? So now sold at the label came to explain to us the how so he says for amendment appa what taco or for DACA bill Hostnet as for the one who ARPA gave, and of course gave everything that allows origin commanded him to give up our data and he was faithful of Allah subhanho wa Taala was adaptable. And he believed in a listener, which is the Quran and the Sunnah of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So now sort of the chumps told us that the one who tries to clean himself attain success. How? Read on insalata Lane it tells you how a monopoly

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in solid, a sham salon surgeon says walk out the harbor man this hair and the one who fails is the one who disregards his knifes. That's the failure. How do you fail? That wasn't mentioned in sort of the shops. It's mentioned in sort of the laid back in our stealth Matt, what could have been Hostnet for Sonia solo horn in Ursula as for the one who back in it, who we've helped and was stingy and tired, from everything that Allah commanded him to give.

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Back when I was stubborn, there was still a man who had this carefree attitude. I don't need anyone, but just like the mood, the slight mood in the previous surah they didn't care about anyone. That's why they went and committed the crime must have not what kept them in person at any disbelieved in a nurse now, which is the full ad and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. If you do those three, then you can call them and say you have failed and you have any disregard this nurse. The 10th parallel we find in the sutra is that Allah subhanho wa Taala in the previous surah you said cavazza Moodle with hahaha that's a mood light because of the apple here because of their rebellion,

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because they rebelled against their messenger. Now in this sort of sorta lane allonzo agenda, he teaches us the root problem of bullying and why do people rebel? Why do people rebuilt? So he mentioned in this order, and this is in the air

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what mmm backing up was stolen. This as this word is 71 man buckling Yani. In other words, what allows origin is teaching us that the root problem, the root problem of all the end of rebelling against Allah is money is being stingy. When you see yourself with a lot of wealth, and so much wealth, you begin to develop the develop this attitude that I don't need anyone, right? Imagine you're living at $1,000 that your boss is paying you a week you have nothing except this, you're obviously always going to be obedient towards him because you need that 1000 but imagine you you win the jackpot, hour something like this something that of Halloween, someone came and gave you a

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million dollars a little bit by bit you wouldn't care about your boss anymore, because you have a million dollars, who cares about these $1,000 paycheck at the end of the week. So you begin to to build this attitude inside of you that I'm carefree. I don't need anyone. So Allah azza wa jal teaches us that the root problem that causes people to rebel against Allah, is the fact that they find themselves wealthy. The idea of being wealthy is the idea that I don't need anyone, right? So this problem is mentioned in this sutra. And Allah azzawajal says in Surah, Allah Allah can live in an insane Aleppo, no doubt about it, the human being he rebels, when our wha hoo stone that when he

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sees himself rich, and he doesn't need anyone, that's the time he will rebel. So almost the word for him is mentioned there. And the word establishment is mentioned here to teach you that they didn't just rebelled like this, there was a problem there was a root cause of this rebellion. You want to find out what it is read on in sort of the lane, and that's where it's explained mum dakila stoner and how this attitude builds inside of one when he has a lot of wealth. And what it does to him to the fact that he is able to turn away from a loss of Hannah hora de ellos command and rebel against him It doesn't need anyone basically that is mentioned in that sutra. This is the the parallel

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between the two on the one now, this is also interesting. The 11 for in the previous surah Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Forget the Boo hoo hoo hoo, forget the Boo Falco the nation of the mood. They light against the messenger. That's the first crime and the ultimate crime which is the second crime. They they committed. The second crime they committed was that

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they violated the miracle that Allah had sent to them, which was what? The she camel that was a miracle from her from Allah. So what did they do? They lied against their messenger. And they also killed ma turn and then they end they killed a miracle. That was from a loss of Hannah. What? Okay?

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In this surah Allah Subhana Allah Allah speaks about Polish viously because sooner or later we said it's an early makansutra. the audience's kurush. Polish also had the two problems. What did they do a lot of surgeon says in the surah and levy kabza, the one who lied, and they lied against the truth, just like the people of the mood light against solid, forgettable and they did something else, which is

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what the one led what our lead. Understand what I said that Arthur O'Hare is to be killed what the miracle of Allah, the miracle of Allah for the people of the moon was the sheep. The miracle of Allah, for the people of coloration was what?

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The Quran so unless he cares about Allah, they also committed the two crimes they lied. And the one the one means to turn away turn away from what from the miracle that allows social and symptom which was the poorer so therefore, it shows the two crimes were committed there. And two crimes, the same two crimes are being mentioned he which is lying against the messenger and turning away from a laws miracle in both cases, because there was no sheep, there was no sheep. There was no sorry, there was no camel, for any quraish so the the sign the message of the miracle of a lot of them was the Quran itself. Now the 12th one is

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that in the previous surah Allah subhanho wa Taala demanded on the kufeld

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on the people almost demand on the cofounder on the people was stay away from the camel now but the law he was so clear has stay away from the camel, stay away from it, do not attack it Do not come near it. And in the case of the n which is in salt of the lane, Alonzo Hill, he says Alonzo yet he didn't say to

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stay away from the Quran. He's saying come towards the end, but they did exactly opposite to it. So yeah. And so Pamela what we understand is that in sort of the lane, the prophet said, stay away from this camel. In solid the lane they're being told come to the poor. And what are they doing? They're staying away from the poor. So Yanni, in other words, the command both the command of both prophets, Allah and the prophet SAW Selim were disobey one said stay away from the camera. The other one said come to the plant. They said I will stay away from it. Right so this is the and the other ones they came to stay away from the camera they came here come to the poor and they stayed away from it. So

00:32:53--> 00:33:03

you see how yummy they're both in contrast to each other. Now this is also something beautiful that is mentioned in the to soak in sort of the shrimps.

00:33:04--> 00:33:20

The Prophet of Allah which is solid and he said and he said to them now kata ma he Watch out for the camel of Allah, watch out, stay away from it intervalos Watch out from the camel. Now but Allah He wants to go ahead and watch out for its drinking place. Don't come near these two.

00:33:21--> 00:34:04

And he wanted that's what that's wanting. I want you don't come near the camera. I warn you don't come near its place of drink. Now in solid the lane, we find a warning, but not from a profit. A warning now that supersedes that warning, it's coming from Allah azzawajal so he says for annville to come now antonova I warn you from a blazing fire. Now the warning has come from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's of course a warning beyond all warnings of any prophet. So yeah, and so Pamela there was a warning in that soda from the Prophet, but in sort of delay level warning is absolutely coming from Allah and Allah to come down and I am warning you, not any profit. Now it's Ahmed directly from

00:34:04--> 00:34:52

a blazing fire. Interestingly, also in the previous surah This is the 13th a parallel we heard the word a spa in Bath a spa that the most evil the most Richard, from the people of color from the people of the mood got up and went all by himself with a group of any helpers with him. He went and he killed the ship this camel he killed the camel. A lot of coding Mbatha Ashkar had the worst, the evil the most evil of it. Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala he tells us in the sutra, the one that is described as an ashcan. What does he get on the Day of Judgment, so allows agencies to come out on top layers Illa Allah Scott, Laos.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

So in sort of the shots, we heard something of a shot, and we knew that Alaska the one that got up and killed the camera.

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

But what did Mr. Sushil promise him on the day of judgment? Now it comes in this order. He says, yes. Unbelievable. Now, the lava blazing fire layerslider had no one will be thrown inside of it in Alaska except the ashcan. So we read the lush cover and that's his punishment on the day of judgment of the throne in the hellfire. Okay, the other thing is that in the previous surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He mentioned to us the consequence of any of the action of Alaska in this dunya he said for them de la Mora, boom, boom, boom, because they rebelled and they killed the camel, and they only turned away from the messenger and they belied him, Allah azza wa jal destroyed them in this

00:35:47--> 00:36:23

life, how for them de la Hema boom, we already understood and took these words that he fled in the mountain, he balanced them out in other words that they sunk into the earth. That's how much he flooded them, pounded them. That was their punishment in the dunya. For the ashpole. His punishment in the Hereafter is mentioned in the other surah, which is sort of delayed, and that is to come down on turnover. So both swap mentioned a punishment, sort of the chumps mentioned a dounia punishment for them demolish him or boom, and sort of the lady mentioned a punishment, but he's an advocate of punishment on the Day of Judgment.

00:36:24--> 00:37:07

And any Finally, say Finally, the last parallel we find in the slot is not limited to these, I'm sure there's many more, but this is what I can join in the time I was given on the time I had, and this is the last one is that a lot of surgeon concluded sold at the shops by saying one a a handful of Tibet, while I haul for oak Bay. This is this is a lot of surgeons attitude against the Richard against the evil against the corrupt, he said lay a half off the bat, he does not see the consequences. And whatever you feel whatever you you threaten a large zone with, he doesn't feel the consequences of he does what he wants, and he doesn't feel that someone will retaliate and do

00:37:07--> 00:37:31

something similar to what he did, because that cannot happen. So allows origin said one I have one off the bat. So his attitude towards the Richard is in the previous over here, Allah azza wa jal is so delayed, he mentioned the attitude towards the righteous. So he ends it off by saying what a sofa elbow what a sofa. And and so Panama what a sofa meaning that

00:37:32--> 00:37:44

this person will be extremely pleased will be extremely happy will be extremely pleased with what Allah azzawajal gives him. The other difference is that in the previous surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned

00:37:45--> 00:38:27

he qualified his punishment, he qualified his punishment. So in the previous surah How did Allah punish the people of the mood, he said Dum de la Mola, boom, bithumb became first aware dum dum, and so were, in other words, he pounded them, pounded them, and then he flattened them. That was the punishment that was described, it was qualified, there was a specific punishment. But in this sorta when he says, what a sofa, he said, Allah azzawajal any that the person will be pleased. He didn't mention what Allah who will give him that will make him pleased. There was no qualify it wasn't qualified, allows those who just said he will be pleased, meaning it will give him so much so much

00:38:27--> 00:39:08

so much on the Day of Judgment, that he is pleased. And he doesn't even mention what it is, as opposed to the previous solo and he spoke about the punishment, he spoke what the punishment was, and that was enough, but in this surah, because Allah subhanho wa Taala His mercy is unlimited, so he cannot qualify it and put something so he said, when I self I just you will be pleased. Whatever lives Origen gives you as much as he gives you on that day, then you will be pleased with it. And this comes to the conclusion of our first lesson. And the first lesson as we said was the parallels between the two swap in Sharma Thailand next week, we will take the seal of the surah and the layout

00:39:08--> 00:39:20

of the surah. Any the time it was revealed in Mecca, and how the a&e come within each other. And when Lainey Val showed Natty that agenda one maharlika

00:39:21--> 00:39:49

that's the object of the earth. And the subject the response of the Earth is in saya Kula shotta How does the subject of the earth relate with the object of the earth Bismillah heeta Allah that is for next week, and much more inshallah Allah will explain for suddenly a pseudo holiness law or for sending a pseudo holiness law that will be explained next week Bible someone Lahore cinema bellicon and a Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ultramarine