Musleh Khan – Meaningful Ramadan #07 – The Quran Touches us

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how the Koran is a part of every month and gives a recitation of it. They encourage individuals to recite the Koran in a timely manner and not regret it. They also mention that the Koran will open doors and cause hunger for individuals.
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How the Koran touches us.

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said Mr. Li Kumar Mittal law he will Barakatu how does the Quran touch us? How does it inspire us? How does it help us to become better people and better Muslims? Every Ramadan is a month of the Quran. After all this is the month in which the Koran was revealed to us. And Subhan Allah by Allah as Will it became the most important month for all of us. So everything that the Koran is a part of it has become blessed. So what does that mean for you and I this Ramadan, this Ramadan make it a point, a promise of focus, that you spend extra time simply reciting the Quran. You know, our scholars have put aside all of their books of knowledge in the month of Ramadan, and they would just

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concentrate on the recitation. So even the Tafseer and the translation all of that is amazing, but everything has its time and place. This is the time for the recitation for the reward for reciting each letter of the Quran is multiplied, especially in this month. This is why we go the Torah we it's not just to pray the extra rock out but it's also to listen to the Quran. So what does that do for you and I? When you listen to the Quran, and you're reciting it, Allah subhanho wa Taala opens the doors to the Quran. This is how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam started his relationship with the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala inspired him and taught him to read before he understood before

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he was given its knowledge. The prophet Ali salat wa salam was guided to recite and pronounce the letters of the Koran properly. When you do that, Allah azza wa jal opens the doors of knowledge and all that the Koran entails. So this year, this Ramadan to really make it meaningful. Take the time to set a poor en recitation schedule or a routine for yourself and for your family. And you'll see by the time that month continues, and by the time it ends, Subhan Allah you will not regret it. The Koran will open the doors and cause that bit of hunger in you that you want to learn more you want to do more you want to experience more in this beautiful way of life and Islam. May Allah subhanho

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wa Taala make that easy for all of us. Love them.

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