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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim see

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a legend ijarah.

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Our ancient Lady

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of the body we call

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Bella Honda.

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So we're going to be setting is number 80 and 81 from A to Z today, I decided from

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I decided from number 79. The reason for that is to iron number 80 and 81 are basically expounding on the

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general answer that was given number 79. Now going back a couple of people or more I out all the way back to

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I am number 77. Yesterday's lesson basically, a watchtower teller told us about this human being this arrogant, conceited, deluded, self important human being who actually thinks he can sit there argue with a law and His Messenger and the Quran. Not only that, but then gives examples and evidences and as a whole theory, a whole argument constructed to try to establish the fact that he's right and align His Messenger.

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And so this individuals spoken about this type of a person, these people were spoken about, and alesse power, tada talks about how arrogant they are, and illustrata refuted their their delusions and their their arrogance. And he answers their objections in a very powerful manner, which was number 79. And we'll watch this when you tell them say you have the one that will bring because remember, I mentioned how a man these individuals, these people like Abuja, and Nevada, and the way that these people actually would pick up like, dead, they would pick up like, bones decomposed bones, and they would bring them to the profits of Watson literally like rubbing his face, it would

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stick that these bones in his face, and they would say, you're trying to tell me someone's gonna bring this back to life? Who could do that? So this arrogantly to illustrate our data addresses, respond to them by telling the profits a lot. So you answer them, you tell them. And once again, going back to the beginning of the sutra, there's an education in Dawa and endow a methodology here. Now, we are supposed to be very humble, and we're supposed to be kind. And we're supposed to be generous and thoughtful and giving Dawa. At the same time, we also need to be assertive. And we also need to be very intelligent, and very clear about what our messages. And this doesn't mean that we

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engage in a confrontation. Don't push them back. You don't punch them in the face and start a fight. No, no, no, but you didn't talk. You didn't speak up and you say, let me let me answer your questions. Let me answer your objections for you. Let me tell you where you're confused. This much needs to be said must be said. That's the whole essence of clarifying people's misconceptions, trying your best to turn the toxins into people who have no sense left within them. So pull, say to them say you he had the one that will bring these back to life, these dead decomposing bones are literally turning to dust when you touch them falling apart when you hold them in your hands and

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learning. And Jehovah explained this yesterday, the one who not only created them, but raise them grew that in the first instance in the first place. When we when we have the army, and he is completely informed at all times of everything that he has ever created. All of his creation is completely informed of any keeps tabs on it all the time. He knows exactly what's going on.

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Now this answer has been explained in the last panel attala is going to provide two thoughts or two lines of logic or two lines of reasoning, to substance to substantiate this answer and this idea that has been presented to them as a rebuttal to their ignorance and their arrogance. The first one is denial.

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So the first line of reasoning or the first proof

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Evidence of the answer that's been given to them, that alone is going to bring it back to

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a level. I mean, what's what's so hard for you to understand about that? You know why it shouldn't be hard for you to understand that? proof number one, I remember at a loss has led Generico minor surgery. Now, he is the one that created for you that made for you rather, he's the one that made for you, from the green tree, a potter. He's the one that made for you from from the green tree, he made fire fruit. Now, what does that exactly mean? It almost sounds like I'm speeding the code, he made fire for you from the green tree. That's a literal translation. Let me explain exactly what this means shutting after the green tree. So tree is very obvious what it means what what's meant by

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a green tree is this isn't like a figure of speech. This is an idiom within the Arabic language is an expression, if you will, it actually refers to a tree that is still very moist, it's still very full of life. And it's still capable of growth, not like a tree that's withered up, and it's dried up and it's old, or not a tree that's been cut down, not a dead tree. But a tree that's still alive, that's still rolling back in springtime, leaves are still budding.

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That branch of that tree that in Arabic, they referred to it as a green tree, or a green branch is very obvious why because it can still grow. So it's so moist, and so full of life. Now, the explanation of how does fire come from that. So the first interpretation or understanding of this is, there were two types of trees that were famous in the in that area of hijas. In the Arabian Peninsula, what is called the tree of month, and the other is a tree of alpha. and the air of these trees were very unique, because the branches of the tree, even though even when they were still very alive and very moist, and capable of growing, the Arabs, they these two different types of trees,

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you could take one branch of this and one branch of that, and when you rub them together would work like Firestone, they would start to spark against each other, even though they were still moist, but you would have to take one from month and a branch from the tree have a file type of tree called alpha. And when you rub them together, then they would spark and they could create a fire. And this is how the arrows were very conveniently and easy. It was very easy for them to start a fire to basically light a fire for themselves. And so a lot of that is pointing this out. Why? Because of the contradiction that or the contradiction that this machine, this disbeliever he sees is that this

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is dead. This is so dead, it's beyond that. It's just gone. The bone is falling apart, it's turning into dust. It's finished, there's nothing left. What What are you talking about? How is life going to come out of this? This is the contradiction that this machine cannot get over. You're saying this will come back to life? That makes no sense.

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It's gone, it's finished. It's ancient history. What are you talking about? So let's power them. They're saying that, you know, you see life coming from this dead object to be something that just it's two opposites. So they can't have anything to do with each other, when all you simply have to do is when you light a fire for yourself tonight, when you light your stove tonight, and you use these moist branches that are, you know, typically fire can be started with them. They're not the typical type of wood that is used for Fire For Fire as fuel for the fire. But you're still able to bring fire out from something that is still moist, it's still green and still got fluid water inside

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of it liquid inside of it, but you're bringing fire from it. That in itself is also two opposites that are coexisting

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you know and they're all around us. So for our points out other places as well. That was kind of analysis you can do

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a lot brings a living from the depth and the depth from the living this as a spiritual application that you know, when somebody takes Shahada, somebody's attempting Bob is literally like a dead heart became a living heart. And when somebody loses their EMR, it's as if the living heart became dead. But it also has a physical application as well.

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That every spring these trees they die in the winter and they every winter, they dry up and they die in the winter and every spring brings them back to life. This earth seems barren during the winter in the lower bringing back to life in the spring. So there is this constant system that was put into place. So this should not confuse you in any way.

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This is something you see is something you use on a database. So very practical proof, a very practical evidence has been given to them and that

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is made for you from

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The green tree, the moist branches, he a lot, he makes fire from there. And the second understanding or second interpretation, which both meanings both interpretations can coexist. The problem is that even has layers to it is that some of the scholars also going down that what a lost power Tara is alluding to here is that the same branches and leaves and trees that are moist during the spring, and they're green, and they're growing, eventually, when they dry in the winter, and they get in the die, those things become the best form of fuel for a fire. So let's bring it around. Also, at the same time, like green leaves, What color did they start to become, when fall occurs, it turned

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yellow and orange, red and yellow and orange, they turn these colors, which is the color of file. So you see literally going from being green to the color of file. So all these different meanings are built into this ayah. But the scholars majority of the scholars of this year, more specifically pointed out first explanation I gave that you're able to take the bread from the tree of love a tree of bread from the tree of our fall, rub them together, and they're still moist, and it's literally like Firestone sparks start to fly. Because the law says I shall

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he makes a very specific model, such as the green tree. So he's specifically referring to that the moist tree, the moist branches of the green tree. And then the jhana recommendations is roughly in our VEDA antamina moving on. There all of a sudden, what happens? You start using that to light a fire torpedoes you've been using that to light a fire, and you keep using it to light a fire in Allah subhanaw taala already said, fire comes from that, then why does he then go on to say fire either and

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all of a sudden, you just start lighting fires using it. You started using it to light a fire. Because this work either I've explained this before. It shows shock and surprise, shock and surprise, I talked about this yesterday. Amazing. That isn't it amazing that you as human beings automatically knew to go to this tree breaker branch off of here, go to that tree and break a branch off from there, start rubbing them together and make fire just to cook things and to gain warmth and to make light at night. Like Who told you to do that?

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Who told human beings to do it this way to start using these wrenches and to build a fire lender who taught them to do that. This is something like naturally Allah subhanaw taala programs, the human being to know how to survive. This is very big. This is a very lengthy discussion. But this is explained in a few items on our last panel which Allah says hello

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Matata, Allah created each and every single thing and then gave guidance.

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What not guidance in a way we understand as a spiritual guidance, Emad and amaan. And none of the guidance has been basically programmed every form of creation to be able to exist, to be able to live to know exactly what to do, who teaches the child to suckle

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or to cry.

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Programs who taught the child to do that? Who teaches the child? Nobody does. It's as if it's instinct naturally, the human being knows how to do that. Phaedra Delilah De Fuca Amazonia, this is a fifth row, that alleged program within the with me, and this is part of one of the greatest blessings of Allah.

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How does how does that child know aside from even looking at the people around him, but just instinctively, the child knows that when he wants to pick up something and put it in his mouth uses an egg on his foot.

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He just knows.

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And so this is that the blessing of the last time, they didn't let us just rolled around on this earth like wild animals a wild beast, trying to figure things out. rather a lot of what Allah has programmed his creation, he gives a guidance of what to do and how to do it and where to do it, and how to go about fulfilling and satisfying the needs of the human being. So for me that

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request naturally one day got upset. This looks interesting. Alright, that also looks interesting. Boom manga. So this is the blessing of Allah. Think about this for a second.

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This This leads you back to one logical obvious conclusion a lot.

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So that's the first line of evidence the first line of proof that that has been presented. And this is also alluded to in Sudoku alpha. I number 71 and 72 or one says

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Don't you see the fire that you that you liked and you burned and you continue to fuel it? Until and Chatham shahzada?

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Are you the one that basically grew the tree that you use to fuel the fire? Or are we the ones who grew that tree? Alexa

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mini Alleghenies making that connection. A tree is representative

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of life. It's a symbol of life, it's representative of life, it's green and grows, provides food. It's a last round. That's why he even uses as a metaphor as an example, the parable of the free man, even spiritual life. But at the same time, showing that you also use it to light a fire, which is, which is a sign of death and destruction, fire. But there's a connection between tree and fire. So these opposites can coexist like this. This is by the wisdom, the decree and the design from the last time. So don't let this confuse you that dead people can, you can come back to life this is very easy, it should be easy and simple for you to understand that I can bring people back

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in the next day, and I was found out about number 81, he says, He said that

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he will

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Allah says that is not the one isn't the one who created the heavens and the earth

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isn't the one who created the heavens in the earth fully capable, because it is the fully capable, the one who created look at the heavens and look at the earth. This has already been spoken about earlier in the sutra, like I told you, this is the conclusion of the sutra. So it's kind of wrapping up everything that's been talked about before in the passage about the pain, the oneness of a lot, it talks about this, what I had to learn.

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Coming, we are going to look at the dead Earth, that also gives it life. And small grains start to grow out of the earth, few blades of grass, a few things start to go into there, then what happens which

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also, before you know this whole gardens, there's data at the pumps, and then there's grapes, and there's all these fruits and vegetables, everything that's growing from all this vegetation that's going

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well, if you haven't heard before you know it, there's spring shooting out of that same piece of land, the same chunk of land that was there a while.

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And then you're eating from it, you're enjoying it, you're benefiting from it, I felt like

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I was if I had to

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look it up, look up at the sky. And

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so we pulled we pulled the day back away from the light. Slowly, slowly, slowly the dangers decrease until it becomes

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Alright, then our last look at the look at the sun was 13 he was to

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look at the sun is so obedient following exactly the pattern and the timings that Allah has set aside set for it. That look at the moon.

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Because we go through the different stages, I explained, it's there's even a spiritual lesson here, how like a human being grows and goes through these different stages of life, because the moon is also going through its cycle.

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So Tara already told us in detail, explain to us look at the earth, the coal mazing illustrated here, look at the look at the sky. Look at all the amazing creation of a law that you see about the sky, the sun and the moon and the stars and the day in the night and all these amazing things a lot created, observe them, appreciate them. And let them lead you to a lot if it should lead you straight to a loss. So let's not just concluding here. And he says when they

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go back and read those I read throughout the go take a look for yourself, this amazing ground and this amazing sky that ally has created. So the one who created the sky on this earth, and everything that's in it, and everything that's between it

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is any capable and young

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that he could create the likes of these people. Meaning he could reconstruct their bodies, you could give them similar physical forms, as they have right now.

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Isn't it possible? The one who could make all of this, what difficult to this week. This human being that's five, six feet tall.

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And it's very amazing the body of the human being, but just look around you look everything else was created. This is human being this arrogant, that he thinks that Allah created everything, fully capable, controls everything, runs, everything sustains everything provides for everything, then it can't just reconstruct this human being after he's dead after he's died after he's decomposed.

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Is he dead simple.

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That's why the law says we'd like to let you know that.

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People that do come to these realizations, we are the ones who have been guided by lawless guidance. And these are the people

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Intelligence, thinking, these are the people who were using their minds and brains or function. Otherwise, as it says, if these people have the full potential, like I mentioned earlier, in the doodles I mentioned earlier, one of the lessons that these people are fully functional, they're going to work, they're going to school, they have jobs and careers and degrees and families and money, cars, houses, bills, they're fully functional. But it says if when it comes to this area, this, that it comes to understanding their purpose of life, the one that I love the greatest of all, it says if their brain shut down, they just don't function.

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So what somebody said, and the

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is, don't you think he's fully capable of creating the likes of them. And the reason why I was powerless is miserable. Mental means just like something like an example of something, the resemblance of something like a mirror image of something.

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All right, that's why you can reflect on it, you can look on it. And you see the resemblance as you see similarities. Because another place in the poor answer to a Yama, we actually decided in the in the portion of Tel Aviv today. Last, Allah says Allah, so we have another

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nedjma ru llama.

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Human, this human being really thinks

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a little is married.

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He really thinks we can collect these bones back together.

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He doesn't think we can put it back together again. But it most definitely is wrong. No doubt most definitely, we can totally put them back together again.

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to the extent where we can even put his fingerprints exactly back the way they were.

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So there was a fingerprint scanner on the Day of Judgment, you come right up in that database.

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All right, all your parking tickets will come up.

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Put you right back together, just the way you were in this video.

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The last parameter that says response. But now, this is interesting. This is a little bit of a discussion of language, rhetoric.

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You know, everybody knows real rhetorical questions. That's the whole point. You don't answer the rhetorical question.

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Yes, I think

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it's a rhetorical question. All right. But at the same time, so it was part of the asks rhetorical questions throughout the

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previously lost continent in this world

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hasn't been considered hasn't been realized. Yet or haven't been thought about the fact a lot has asked me rhetorical questions so far.

00:22:51--> 00:22:52

Now here at the conclusion

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illustrata is not leaving even the slightest room for any misunderstanding. You know, sometimes somebody when they ask a rhetorical question, just the tone of it is a little bit confusing. So your honest answer, you know, you get confused a little bit. So let's look at leaves no room for confusion here? Not at all. He answered. He is asking the question that he definitively conclusively finally just answers, answers the question gives the answer, no room for confusion. I don't want you to try to figure out whether this was a rhetorical question or not, what is the answer? What's not the answer? Allah answers very, very definitively. He says what but uh, no doubt

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that they do they really think our nation that he is not the one who the one who created the heavens in the earth Isn't he fully capable of recreating them, making them back the way that they were? He was definitely he is. There's no doubt about the fact that he is fully capable. But now, what will happen

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in fact, he is an

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astronaut. Everyone turned to the word holiday. From the names of the attributes for the holiday.

00:24:09--> 00:24:16

So on holidays, when you create holiday huldah is exaggerated form of that word

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as hyperbole bravado.

00:24:20--> 00:24:46

Alright, so it's that it's exaggerated form of the word. It basically means the one who created it was created everything, the one who creates everything and creates things beyond your imagination. He can create better, more, and just so much that you can't even fathom depending on imagined and he's been creating since the beginning and he is still creating and he will continue breathing

00:24:47--> 00:24:49

everything at all times.

00:24:50--> 00:24:54

In such and such a scope at such a level that you can even imagine.

00:24:57--> 00:24:58

Allah Allah

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Not only is he creating everything, and this is how the attributes are love very beautifully, they complement each other.

00:25:07--> 00:25:11

Because one thing is somebody might make a lot of something, somebody might make a bunch of things,

00:25:12--> 00:25:21

and then sells them. And then does he keep tabs on every single product that he made, every single unit that he created that he made, but not realize, I mean,

00:25:22--> 00:25:38

he creates each and every single thing. And then he's fully informed about it. He has full knowledge of he it's always under his control is always under his eyes. He's watching it, listening to it, he knows about it, he's keeping tabs on it, it never escapes his knowledge.

00:25:39--> 00:25:55

He's He's always in control. A lot of oligopoly shape a lot is not just a creator of each and every single thing. Well, what happened the shape, or key, but into responsible for everything, he's keeping tabs on it, it's like he's got it on a leash, pull it back whenever you want.

00:25:56--> 00:26:03

Everything's under control. So there's no such thing of a law creating something and then it just kind of existing on its own.

00:26:04--> 00:26:27

Everything alone creates is fully under his control, completely under his watch, in his knowledge, and is completely dependent, and in need of the last contact. It never becomes independent, it never becomes an independent entity. It's constantly in need of a lot, and it cannot exist for a second. It can't do anything without the will the permission and the decree in the knowledge of

00:26:29--> 00:26:55

what was Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah honey, and this is a this is the progression of thought, this is a progression of this idea, this answer that's been given to these people. That's why I kind of restarted back to line number 79. Because at the at the end of it number 79. I was on Automat answered them by saying what will be good be huddled in I mean, that is fully knowledgeable, constantly knowing of everything that is created

00:26:56--> 00:27:08

all of the creation, he's completely knowledge of everything at all times. So last month, I said that before. Now it's as if it's just been completely it's it's been said an even stronger tone.

00:27:10--> 00:27:52

It's just the argument is being sealed that finish no more, no more room for discussion. What was allowed. Not only is he the one who created everything, but he created things you can't even imagine, you don't even know about. He's even creating right now at the second without, without you even realizing that and he's constantly informed, always knowledgeable, always watchful over each and every single thing that he has created. So you saw this enzyme number 81. Tomorrow, inshallah we'll be doing the last one. And then, so on Tuesday night, we'll have some concluding thoughts and kind of a recap of the sutra and kind of make an observation of the placement of the sutra, how the

00:27:52--> 00:28:04

sutra is placed between other sutras and how it relates in connects to the themes and the concepts and the ideas are presented in the suitors. They both come before and come after. So we'll have some concluding thoughts on that.

00:28:05--> 00:28:06

So how

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should we learn