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The transcript describes the meaning of "has" and "has not" in various context, including the meaning of "has" in relation to "has not." It also touches on the importance of avoiding confusion and misunderstandings in graveyard and the importance of learning and remembering important tasks. The transcript describes a conversation between multiple speakers discussing the meaning of "has" and "has not."

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while I leave you Asahi woman Wallah.

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Allahumma alumna Maya and finer and finer Bhima alum tener inika Simeon Mooji would do along my knee I will be coming in Milan amfa, Albania FC Latisha What do you smell? Robin Allah is Upolu banaba in her de tener una mela don't call Rama NACA until Wahab, Robbie Shockley solder yesterday Omri melissani. Yakubu Kohli me five hectares of Tamil macabre tell you visited the graveyard?

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What was said visited the graveyard.

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you ever asked yourself this?

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Does that mean let me ask you this question. Does that mean till you died? Or till you really went and visit the graveyard? No, I mean, did he mean till you visited the graveyard and you're still alive? Or you died and went to the graveyard when you died? How many say when you died?

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How many seyboth?

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How many say it is dunia. I go on visits. Everybody knows no hands what I don't know. Let me ask you this, how many ladies we have here?

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It's very small. It's very easy. And you do not even Can you need to read to read more than just the translation. You know, you're so busy with having more till you visited the graveyard. That's fine. That's going to tell you the general meaning but you need to go a little bit deeper Yanni gets a little bit more a little bit more. The main meaning of it is when you die. Why? Because Allah look at the sequence. What is he saying you can last oferta 11 you will know when let's our own the hyena Yaki, you're gonna see it when I'm going to see it after I die, hectares of Tamil macabre. And Allah says when you visited the graveyard, meaning I'm already dead? What does it mean? I am dead. But I'm

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visiting the graveyard. Meaning the graveyard is not my home

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is not my home. And that's the commentary of one of one of the explanations of the commentary that's on my glasses. He said Allah said, Zoo Tom. That means it is not my final place. It's a place I'm sitting in, momentarily says so anytime you say a visitor mean, they do not stay hot desert thermal macabre, meaning Allah is telling you and me for sure. a graveyard is only a station. It's not the final abode. You get to love these questions from people. It's not the final abode. It's a stage I will now go to the death of the birds on all this thing but you need to think of it. It's it's a stage and they tell you that the dunya is this is how some of them teaches you about death and Latin

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hereafter. They think it's exactly like you have three rooms in the house. For you dunya is one room, then you open a door and you close it and you're in the second room. That's the dust the graveyard which is basically life of the birds. Then you leave it another door open they have judgment and then we go and close the door and we are there being the law Hall engineer or Allah knows where are you so so the final one is that one this one is momentarily and this one is momentary, haphazard, Tamil macabre, till you get to the visit the graveyard. You became so busy and that's one of the commentaries about you're so busy till you were perished. You were very busy to

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you perished. Busy, busy and busy and the writers see how many of us the norm comes out of our mouth. I don't have time.

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I don't have time is the norm the no answer number one

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number if

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then the question comes in which I have to ask myself before any one of you pay you the time Allah gave me what I'm using it for. And he was someone comes until you tell you please come and visit to me. And you say one lie I'm very busy. No, which is true. Well I don't have time. What I am busy with and what I am spending my time in in from the 24 hours. Remove eight hours for sleep maximum

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and you have 16 hours and you look and says I'll Hakuna Takata are no

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number one number two, even if it is Aloha, cometa casa, I am going to move myself now I learned and I'm going to switch on

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again because that's a very practical point. move everything that's making me busy. Change it from habit to a bad then I am not of that category. I'm still doing the same but I'm not from that category.

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It hasn't been bursary said this beautiful saying says layer or run NACA kathrada catarratto monterra horlock by NACA tamatoa. Autobots, what to her so

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don't be deceived by the number of people around you. Don't be deceived by the number of people around you. Because you will die by yourself and you will be resurrected by yourself and you will be asked by yourself

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Don't be deceived because it's all this is deceiving. That's what makes us busy. What people one of the reasons we are busy and we forget is we are so busy with the people around us Don't be busy Don't be busy by the people around you. I will die alone I will stay in the grave by myself I'll be resurrected alone and I will meet my I'll be alone No one will help me and we said this again and again jambalaya

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the day that there will be no benefits neither money nor children for you so I'll Haku Takata macabre meaning when I get to the graveyard it is too late.

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Too late I can't remember anymore. It's too late.

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The door of the room is shot as long as I am in the room. I can be in the room and do whatever I want. Once I'm out of the room and the room is done is closed I am done.

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Cannot sofa talam that's the either twice repeated name you will know

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sofa tala moon and Allah didn't say set Allah moon when you start learning the language of the Quran in the Arabic you know he said so far meaning after a while

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in Arabic When I say sir meaning it's going to happen very soon. But this is so fatale after a while

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and meaning you will for sure know

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for sure you will know Canada sofa Talamo so McCulloh sofa tala and name you will know

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what does this is putting you?

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What is getting you

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fear number one What else?

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Fear definitely feel

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or regret. or,

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or, or from death, or from where I will be, or I hope I'm not gonna be those who will regrets and absolutely off from Allah. Can sofa Ptolemy, meaning the commentary is after you are so busy with dunya. And when dunya will be severed, you will know the results of what you have done.

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is exactly similar to this parable. Your son, this is the time of the exams right?

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Getting ready.

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Your son, you keep telling him study, study, study, study. If you're not going to get good marks, you're not going to go to whatever school you're not going to have good bright future for you. What you at one point say you are too busy. One day you will learn

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you are too busy. One day you will know

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what are you telling your son

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You will regret it. And in other meaning I have done my job

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I have explained and talked and gave you there is nothing else I can say suited to Calculus at the end of the Quran.

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Right? It's in the 30th part and of the Quran. You had the 29 parts of the Quran to remember and to have

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to learn and to have

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Yeah, I need to have a Buddha to have the lessons. That's the word to have the lessons and to remember and to improve and you're not doing it can last over time.

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You will learn

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so it's a it's a statement of warning. But the statement of no more.

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Once I learn and I know it's too late. It's absolutely too late. You will know the result of what you were busy with. What you were busy with one of the says it says the following

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the wise person right this one and go on it's every now and then Allah kilo Metallica dunya popular enter Toka

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while I'm Mara Cobra, Cobra annual tala while our la Mola kubla annual.

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The wise person she or he, wise person is the one who furnished his or her grave before she or he answer

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kubla Ania tala you move to a new house do you move to an empty house? Or you start buying your furnitures and make sure at least what you need is there. Allah a wise person, man Amara Cobra, habla Nicola, furnish your grave and my grave before I get in? What's the furniture of the grave? cultures?

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For featherbeds cars, children, jewelry, gold.

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What is it? Good deeds, good deeds. And it's my choice what I buy, like I go and buy or go to the mall and buy furniture. It's my choice. What I want to furnish my graveyard with Allah. Man Amara Cobra. Cobra Ania tala. I'm sorry before that. Yeah, teraoka dunya kubla and Toka left to dunya before dunya

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leaves him or her

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leave dunya What does leave dude yummy. Don't eat don't drink, don't buy No.

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Have it? But like are a su Elisa to sit on? The duar he said Allahu Allah dunya Idina what Allah dunya fue kulu Vina, yo Allah make dunya in my hand,

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meaning I have it. I had wealth, money, children, power knowledge, homes. Alhamdulillah but make it in my hand. What does my hand mean?

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What does my hand mean?

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I'm sorry.

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You can control it. That's one way what's the other way? Because the second part will explain to you what he meant is Allahumma Jalla dunia Thea Idina Wanaka dunya albina Illumina your Allah makes dunya in my hand, don't make it in my heart. What does it mean? If I have it Alhamdulillah if I don't have it Alhamdulillah if I had it Alhamdulillah if I lost it after I have it, nothing change in my heart. That's how you know that you are not attached to the dunya

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we can say and claim and do whatever we want. But see when you lose something valuable,

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what happens? That tells you where it is dounia you lose your wedding ring you lose your watch May Allah protect your homes you lost your this whatever home that you worked for it for years and Allah decreed that is not yours anymore. What happens then you know where is jr? For you? And we can all sit down and say, I don't care about Danny Alhamdulillah gave it to me. Okay, sure. But the moment you say this allows us to so Killa sofa salamu kandla sofa tala moon. I don't want to know later I want to know. Now, I had the knowledge allow men taraka dunya. cobbler and tetra left the dunya before it leaves him or she as they refer to dunya and the feminine one Maracaibo cobbler Nutella,

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furnished the graveyard and the last one was Oliver Mola habla espanol annual call pleased his Lord

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before you meet him, how I'm gonna make my Arab be happy.

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What do you think now Allah is looking at us. Have you ever thought of this thinking? Have Ever this thought came to you? You're sitting and in you says your ob are looking at me. What do you think of me? Have you ever talked to yourself this conversation

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between you and Allah No, but you're not praising yourself. You're not boosting yourself. It's you and Allah. What do you think of me?

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What do you think of me? Am I like Allah describe the ambience or the Shara near my lab doing

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she is, whoa, he looks at you your biani looks at me or biani and he looks at me and says Whoa, that's Allah, not human beings. Right? Or looks at you and so near my lab, NEMA in Arabic That is very pleased. Very pleased. And the reason is because

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Because in our world you always turns back to me so all vamos bla bla and yell car please the Lord before so Kela so

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what we're going to learn

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Kela sofa Tell me something you're going to know what I'm going to know

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what I'm gonna reality okay what's the reality but what else might aboard you will be but what is he meaning humans is killer so fatality, you know how much time you wasted? What else? Remember the same as yours you're telling your son you'll know

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Meaning what? What did you buy? And what did you lose? What was was it really worth it was a trick you will know you will know all these forever and what you lost instead of it. And I have been saying it to you and that's a law in the Quran again and again and again and again. Right? How many times he described Jen, how many times Rob what is engine and we still love the dunya and that Allah says Allah repeated it twice.

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Killa Sophia sofa Talia moon Kela sofa tala Moon is absolutely award not for us. It's a statement of warning. It's absolutely a statement for warning.

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And we want everything the way we wanted. And some Allah tells you even the dean, the dean these days, these days, the dean, we wanted the way we wanted.

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Do you know what I'm talking about? When I say like we tailor the dean, something we tailor the gene to our convenience. That's this general understanding. I asked the alum and if he said what I like Alhamdulillah, and I'm doing it. And if he gave me an answer, I don't like what do I do? shop for an island?

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till I find someone who's going to tell me what I'm looking for. But what is the things that we take? So I'm wearing the hijab, I just said this the youth before you I wear the hijab, I call it you know what I call it? That's my my terminology. From my observation. I call the tight jeans. Hey, john.

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Have you seen it?

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Beautiful. Here, Allah, no makeup. Beautiful, covered? Yeah. Right. To us, some of us, to me, covering my hair was easy, it was harder than covering my body. Just like you took the love of showing the hair out of her body, from her brain, take the love of showing her body out of her because it is not right. tailor the team, and then they tell you if you talk to him since I'm covering my hair

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True or false? Talk to the youth. Right? I'm not talking about you talking about the youth. Some of you are still young.

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So tailor the gene, tailor the gene is one of the ones going to say so Fatah, Allah moon, how you changed it according to your desire. domain, what's the usual things don't make it too hard? At the use of the usual line, your deen is useful, why you're making it so hard. It's useful. But the way Allah made it, not the way I make it. Absolutely. It's useful. There is nothing easier than this G Allah is my witness, the more I study, now the more I study the science of DNA, not not I study the details of it. And I look at our size subhanak you made it so easy for us. Just study the *er and see how he gave us things that it will know when you cannot do your Salah, for example. colossal

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patala Moon, you will know you will learn how you change things to your desire. But when I learn it is truly it's absolutely too late. Twice it says name, name name. What we know when somebody says now you know, what do we I say I know I know. The majority of us know.

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We know donia more than we know but they're here. If I asked each lady here, each lady and I'm not going to be wrong if I'm asking every woman here. How do you make rice?

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Is like of course I know how to make rice. What is rice? don't hear, right? Maybe even something later. Do you know how to swim all these things about dunya then I come and ask you something about the euro and see how many of us news that's what allows us new will know Kela sofa tala mu you will know you will do

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so I need to know and to learn dunya and I need to learn. I always have it together. Remember the bridge. It's the bridge to the era. I cannot go to the era

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Without this bridge, but I cannot stay all the time on the bridge because if I don't want to go to the other side, I am going it's not my choice.

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I do not have a choice about death. I have choice about a lot of things that I don't have a choice. I don't have a choice about my name or a name I can change it I don't have a choice about the way I look where I was born, and I don't have a choice about dying. I am dying for sure.

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Kela sofa salam, nota Allah Muna

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what's low talamona and malarkey?