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And today, we start from there the story of how to model because here

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your head will spin as well. The story of how to attend model.

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Of course we said the correct opinion Allahu Allah is that they are indeed angels, even though there are a lot of professors who said otherwise because they were trying to exonerate the angels from teaching magic

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and furthermore that this was given to them by Allah. Allah Allah mela Cain.

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We mentioned the opinion of Illuminati and many others, that this is on a test from Allah subhanaw taala and Allah gave it to them as a test. So

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and we will get to that part.

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How about an MT? Who are they? Is there a story behind them? We mentioned the opinion of Imam is hearken others that out and merits time is way back from before the time of no Halley's.

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So there's a huge timespan between the time of Prophet Sulayman and al Maliki and Weaverville how to about

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there are many narrations

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that gives us a story that goes something like this.

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When Allah subhanaw taala, created

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an A Salah

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and then sent him down.

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The Allah subhanaw taala allowed the angels to see what the human beings were doing on Earth. So they were amazed.

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And they said to Allah subhana wa Taala look at everything that they're doing, despite all of your blessings upon them over ALLAH.

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So he said to them, If I send you down,

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in a similar way that I said them, you would do the same.

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Meaning that obviously Allah subhanaw taala, in that case would give them the same desires

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that human beings have, and would also be subject to the insinuations and whispering of the shape one and the shelter in for that matter.

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So the angels chose to have them, Houghton mouth to be set down. And Allah subhanaw taala commanded them,

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not to worship anyone but him, not to steal, not to drink, not to commit fornication, not to kill, and so on.

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The story goes that

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as they were busy, judging between people,

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a woman came complaining about her husband.

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And they saw her, and they were attracted to her, and they desired her.

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And when they asked her, she said, she refused. She said until you worship an idol, and you drink alcohol. Some narrations mentioned that they first refused. But eventually, they did that in order. Well, I had a biller to commit fornication with her.

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So they drank alcohol, they worshiped idols, and

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they committed fornication. And because someone was passing by that might expose them,

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they killed him. So the narration mentions that in one day, they had done everything that was prohibited upon them. And they are the ones that were shocked by what human beings were doing.

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upon that,

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they taught her words, maybe words of magic that she could see, in order to ascend into the heavens. And when she made her ascent into the heavens,

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she forgot the words that would bring her back down and therefore Allah subhanaw taala turned her into

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a planet or a star.

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Okay, the narration mentioned that her name in Arabic is Zora. Okay, the planet that we know

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coca Zuora

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for them, they were not able to go back and ascend into the heavens, and therefore they stayed on Earth. And they taught people magic.

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This is the

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basic idea of the story behind habit and motherhood that you may read in a lot of the books after I've seen.

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Of course, scholars had issues with this narration.

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It smacks clearly, of the stories of Dennis Rodman

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with a lot of strange things that

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may lead scholars to say this is weak just based on the content rather than the chain of narration.

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On the other hand, it has been narrated by many

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directed by some of the Sahaba as well. It will pass and Abdullah ibn Massoud Abdullah bin Omar.

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And of course many of the time you're in like Mujahidin Qatada stood the and Robbie and others Okay.

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When looking at the many different ways that this was narrated, Imam Ibn Hajr believes that there's some foundation for the story. It's not completely fabricated, even though scholars of Hadith may

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accuse even hijab, Rahim Allah of being a little bit easy and flexible when it comes to judging the authenticity of narrations.

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Even cathedra

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comments on this?

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And or before that

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when you look at the different narrations,

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you may find that actually,

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when you look at all of them, it's not correct to attribute any of this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but possibly to underline aroma

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of the Allah on Houma, who took it from whom Cavalia?

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Who is, of course, one of those who came one of the Jewish scholars who came to Islam and is known for narrating many of these stories of the nice Ronnie.

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So, you go this way you go that way, in the end, it seems to be based on the narration of carbon. So it is in the yet on the end it is right yet and this is why I've been confused says yes, it has been narrated by many of the Tabea in and as I told you, actually even some of the Sahaba he mentioned it has been narrated by many of the tabby rain, but it is clearly off the bar of many strongly. And there is no authentic narration from the one who does not speak of his own volition or of his own desire the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nothing is properly and correctly attributed to him. And therefore he says Allah azza wa jal mentions it in brief, without any detail, we believe in it,

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as Allah mentioned it with and we are not obligated to believe that everything else that happened that we just mentioned. And indeed, of course, as you can see, the the embellishment in the narration is very clear, right? Furthermore, it does seem to

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contradict the rest

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of the melodica in this aspect, that the we believe that the angels do not

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sin or disobey Allah subhanaw taala. Of course, the retort might be of someone who says otherwise is that this was an exception and that Allah made them like the human beings so it's kind of an exception, Allah, Allah. But as we said, when you look at the whole narration, there is a lot there that makes it hard to believe. And this is the difference Subhanallah between the fabricated narrations and a lot of these embellished stories of Dennis Rodman, and what is actually true and authentic.

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But it's actually true and authentic is usually immediately believable and logical, easy to swallow and accept, as opposed to some of

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these stories. So it seems to Allahu Allah that

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at least the way it has been mentioned is not true. Are they fallen angels,

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as this narration seems to indicate, Allah, Allah, maybe they are fallen angels, maybe that part is correct, which is that the angels were shocked and Allah allowed them to

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try it but maybe without the rest of the details about meeting a woman and killing that man and all of that. Are they fallen angels, Allah Allah.

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It's an issue about which scholars may differ.

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The safest thing might be to say that this is the way Allah subhanaw taala mentioned it without details. Has he been confused mentioned but a lot of other

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things are mentioned sometimes in the Tafseer. Without the detail, Allah mentions it in brief, but we are to

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look into it and research and try to discover. So Allah Allah, Allah is telling us there are two angels, their names are hydrothermal root. They are embedding and they are teaching magic

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Cold Mountain Zilla Harlan mela Cagney, the barrel

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Ruta, one route, by the way, other

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narrations mentioned that they were

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when they sit on earth and they were teaching magic, they were punished by being hanged from their feet.

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And you will find pictures online of them being hanged by their feet.

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And you will find stories also amongst the Jews, about two Fallen Angels so Subhanallah it's Allahu Allah subhanaw taala

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Well, Mom Zilla Allah will occasionally burden her router, one route