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arrowwood will be learning Amina shadle on your wangi

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali Abdullah Saleh woman wala barbaric Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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So today, we are at verse number 10. In our journey through sorta testing, so let's get right into it. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and tells us now after he has reminded all of us that there will be nations that come before you and after you and in the future as well, is that no matter how much you remind, no matter how much you teach, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We placed a barrier in front of them and behind them no matter what they become completely insensitive of what is the right thing to do, what is the right thing to believe how, what's the right way to act? All of these things, they've become completely insensitive to the I'll show you now one formula you will see

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wrong. So as a result, they become blind and confused, and they can't see or understand what's right or wrong anymore. Then Allah subhanaw taala continues, what's our gnarly ends, I'll tell him and it doesn't matter whether you want them to their home, or you don't want them meaning you just ignore them. Law You mean, they still won't believe, you know, this is talking about a deeper issue that happens in our communities and across the globe. When somebody gets used to something for an extended period, and it becomes habitual, no matter what you say, or do, for the most part, it's impossible for that individual to see anything wrong. You know, some people drama, no matter what

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they do, they love stirring up drama, they love being part of drama, they love being surrounded with drama, just their whole life revolves around drama. And one that's a perfect example to capture the lesson here because Allah is saying, no matter how much you tell them, just get out of drama, stop creating drama, stop causing problems. And or even if you leave them alone, they'll still continue with the same way because why it's become such a part of them, that they're totally convinced this is okay. It's okay to create drama. It's okay to be part of drama. It's what makes life exciting. It's what makes life interesting, etc, etc. Even though society and culture and the world and

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generations that have come by have deemed that this stuff is just simply not right. You can't upset people's love just to entertain yourself. You can't do that. You can create scandals, you can be involved in scandals, just because you want something to spice up your own mood or your own life. Unless, you know they won't believe it and regardless what you say or don't say

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In them at two zero many Deborah decra however, you will be able to remind those who choose to follow Alice remembrance while she yelled ramen a bit of hype. And they are afraid of Allah of ramen even in, in, in the unseen bill hype also can refer to even when everyone else is absent and only Allah is watching, they still possess that, you know, presence of fear and consciousness of Allah, you know, this a kind of puts everything into perspective that true amen is when somebody preserves and protects Amen, when no one is around when they're alone. And actually, our Prophet Allah who Salatu was Salam did tell us that one of the seven categories of people that are shaded on the Day

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of Judgment is going to be someone that remembers a low when they are alone had that fall both IE now until their tears until their eyes well up with tears. So they're moved, they're emotionally moved by the remembrance of Allah and reflect reflecting on a lot of thinking about the day that you know, you'll meet him, you'll be accountable, everything you've said and done, and they start thinking about these things so much, that they're moved emotionally with tears, and they're become frightened and sad and because they know they could have changed certain things they could have done better. When somebody is in that state. That's when you know that they are true followers of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. So the litmus test to see if your email is authentic and real, is how strong and real your email is when nobody is around. It's just you and Allah. And some of the LMS said, that's one of the ways that you can break the shackles of heedlessness you know, you know how you find yourself when you're praying or you're listening to or when everybody else is crying except you everybody else is moved emotionally except you. Well one of the ways to crack that and to be able to soften your heart so that you can respond and react with similar you know, levels of emotion is that you can you constantly remember Allah subhanho wa Taala when you are alone, because if you can do it

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when you're alone, then it becomes a piece of cake when people are around you.

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Frobisher will be Mo Farah to one digit in kitty and look how much Allah loves it when you remember him by yourself. And you remember a lot and as a result of that, remember to follow His commands you follow his teachings, look how Allah subhana wa Taala loves us so much, he says, will further shootable congratulate them be more of a pharaoh with Allah's forgiveness what a jetting kitty and a noble reward based on every single deed member as your own. This is one of the many words in the Quran to describe reward as your own means for every deed you've done the reward that is equivalent to that deed, whatever the reward is in response to that deed, that's called enjoying. So one deed

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one reward or 10 rewards whatever the case is, hassle net and fair web are a little bit more a lot is saying, I'm not going to leave any stone unturned. Every single act of goodness and righteousness you've done you I promise you you're going to get the reward Bismillah May Allah subhana wa Taala count us from amongst them alone. I mean, in no hidden melter, we indeed are going to give life to those who have to the dead, when not to boo Malka who is our home and we're going to write down everything that they've put forth what auto home as our is actually footprints. So everything you left behind Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even the legacy that you left behind, is brought forth and

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accountable in the sight of Allah, what do you do? What kind of teachings did you leave behind? You know, this is actually something particularly for parents, when you have children. And the only thing that they can remember about you is how long you know, you were on the phone, how much TV you watched, how you never taught them, the religion never sent them to classes. They wanted to make hedge. Some parents discourage their kids from making hedge too early. No, no, no, no, save that when you get much older. Why are you thinking about that? Now you're only 19 you're only 20 get to school. You know, I can never understand and I mean, over time, I started to realize it learn just

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how you know, our priorities, how much of that has shifted, that, you know, till this day, there are cultures that are so inclined to you've got to work, you've got to go to school. These are the priorities. These are the things you should be concentrating on before marriage before hedge before before this before that. And it's important to balance the two. I'm not saying that one is completely unimportant has no

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relevance to lead it is important. And generally speaking, when parents want you to get an education and get a good job, they're looking out for your best interest, they have good intentions for you. What I am saying, however, is that there should be about, you know, when your kid has an opportunity to go and perform Hajj or Umrah, or has found somebody that is pious that is good for them in marriage, and they've attained the age and the time of their life when they can get married. You should consider getting them married. You know, it's a great chance it's a great opportunity for them. And in certainly you know, once you do it for the right reasons, it will be it will be nothing

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but good for them in this world and in the Acura and so you try to support all of the good things that Allah subhanho wa Taala places in front of you and utilize them as best as you can in sha Allah hotel Allah. So in an ideal melta when a double Malka demo, photo maquila Shea and everything are so you know, sign up from AXA means we're going to meticulously count them. fee mammy Moo been in a road that is so clear mmm one of its meanings is also a clear path or road, a low will document and keep track of everything that was put forth on this path of set out on the stepping wildly below home method and us herbal potty it is just a little more subtle. Allah is going to shift his

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attention now to a different theme. We'll do it at home and strike for them the example us habit Korea, a group of men from a particular village is more saloon, they came as messengers to them. Now Who are these people? Us habits in plural. So we know that it's more than two? So let's say for the sake of argument, it's at least three or more. Who the Who are these people? Some of the scholars of Tafseer said these were followers of a Sally who said them. Others said well, why them These were actually messengers. They each were messengers themselves. Who are they? What are their names? We don't know, a level Arab. And you know why that's important. Because a lead doesn't want you to

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concentrate on who they are or what their biographies are. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to concentrate on their story.

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That's where your your focus should be. That's what you should be thinking about. You know, very often, when we listen to conversations, lectures, and we look at narrations and stories, we have a tendency, and again, when I say we were just generally speaking, some students have a tendency of asking all the wrong questions. You know, when you hear us have a partier, you know, the people of the village, how old were they? Were they any women involved? What did they eat? How did they get to that village? where it was what what color were their camels? Did they walk? What kind of shoes did they have? You're missing the point. You're missing the point. Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't give

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us any details. Why? Because that's not what's important here. What's important is the story. So we know that at least three of these messengers, whomever they may be, they were sent to a particular village is all of a sudden that he lay him with name now that tells you exactly we sent two of them if I kept the boohooman everybody accused them of being liars. So who are these two individuals? They were messengers of Allah. And they came to teach these people about worshiping Allah, spreading tau hate spreading the oneness of their Creator. People said you guys are liars. What do you think you are to come and tell us that the way that we worship that the way that we live that the way that

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we act? All of this is wrong? Who are you guys? Get out of here? You guys are a bunch of liars for the boohooman they blatantly call them liars. This is where I got the title of this video from and it's going to add to it they're going to call them even more names to get accused them to their curse that they're messed up. So it starts off with you guys are liars. What are you talking about? And you know, till this day we have this. And sometimes when we will talk about Jenna an afterlife. How often do you hear people say to you, you Muslims, afterlife? resurrected? Are you kidding me? guys are crazy.

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And Allah subhanaw taala over and over, we've studied these suitors and we've studied these verses in the past. And how many times Allah subhana wa tada tells us that if I've done it once you're alive, aren't you? You're walking on the earth, aren't you? before you were born, you were nothing worthy of being mentioned. So if the first time I've done it, what makes you think I can't do it again? a second time. It's so logical and so simple when you think about it that

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Yeah, you're right. I was born. I came from nothing. Here I am alive walking around. I haven't named my

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Have a life I have an identity. And then eventually I grow older, weaker and I die. Why can't Allah do that process all over again?

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It makes perfect sense. But you know, for a lot of different reasons, endless amount of reasons. You know, people and generations over time denied this whole idea. Worship a creator, can I talk to him? How does he look? Okay, can you call him? Can you send an email to him? Maybe he'll respond. What's going well, what's going on? So all of these things are critical. They are absolutely critical when you discuss the subject here of why we have prophets and messengers that teach us certain things. Forget the boomer for asthma be fellas. So when they lie to these two individuals, Allah subhanho wa Taala added a third messenger, Pfizer's NAB booth that is for corlew, in La commodo. saloon. And

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they said, vises, nebby, 34 pilu. They responded and say, and said the exact same thing for pilu in LA, Marcello, we are just prophets or messengers that were sent to you. Now here's the thing, guys, it sounds like it's redundant. If they've said it first. If all of a sudden that is more sudden, now in electromotor salon, they keep saying, look, we're just messengers. In other words, we are our job is just to relay this message to you. That's all we're doing. We're not here to, you know, stir things up and make life difficult for you. We're just here because our job is to relay the knowledge that Allah gave us to all of you. The result of how you internalize this knowledge is between you

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and Allah. We can say or do anything about that.

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Padma and to elaborate on with Luna. So here's the next argument. So they claim they accuse them of being liars. That didn't work, Kadoma and to elaborate shadow myth Luda. You're nothing except people just like us your best show just like us. So they expected them to be something different, I guess, an angel or some sort of human being that possess special powers is that you're just like us. Go to the bathroom like us. You eat like us, you act like us. You talk like us, you look like us? Like, what's the difference? We're Is it a What is it about you, that would cause us to see more. By the way, this is one of the reasons how idol worship is born. When something becomes too normal, you

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want something that's abnormal, that's different. So you can touch and feel and relate to a differently, you know, human beings are attracted to that sort of thing. Right? When it's different color, different texture. So if it's as convenient as you can carve out your own idol, and just associate some sort of belief system to that item. Why not just go ahead and do it. And it works. We just learned that when you train yourself to believe in something, you'll end up believing it.

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Or you'll end up believing it. And then it continues woman ensalada man woman chain into Illa tech, the bone and nothing that outright man has sent down to us except that you people keep saying that their lives will not end sell off, man. They didn't say woman ends on a long chain of man. Because why? This is the way to connect Allah to people is to show the merciful aroma side of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's your starting point. All the students out there that spend time in Darwin giving down and talking about dharma. This is where you start that at the end of the day, you're starting conversation is showing the rhyme and mercy and forgiveness and acceptance and love all of the

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wonderful attributes of a last panel with arella that's where you start the conversation and ally sojo continuous Paulo or Buddha Allah more in LA Kula more saloon. They said our master has full knowledge that we were sent to you as just messengers. Well now I mean, a little Bella horror movie. You know it sounds like it's just going it's saying the same thing over and over. We are nothing but people that all look we can do is just a related one Marlena lol Bella. Bella from the word that believes is to convey a message openly and clearly explicitly. Our job is not just to tell you stuff but to be explicit and clear. You know, when you ask when you have misunderstandings about Islam, my

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job is to clarify that and to make sure that you have the correct authentic information about Islam. So when you hear things like you Muslims, you guys want to take over our country. You

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Want to take over our city? You want to take over our homes? What kind of religion is that? No, no, no, I'm Eileen, little Bella who is moving. Look, my job is to clarify things to you and do it in a way that you really see with complete honesty and clarity. no ambiguity that this is exactly what Islam is. That's not whatever you saw on the news, whatever you saw on the internet. No, no, that's wrong. That's not my religion. This is what my religion truly is. And, you know, brothers and sisters, I want to add that the starting point to that

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is, remember, the extended community outside of Islam. They don't necessarily have the time. And nor should they, you know, pick up the porter and or head Ethan, just start reading it on their own. That's not how people learn about others. The starting point when you learn about other religions and cultures, where does that learning process begin? by observation?

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People see how you act. People see how you behave. People see what you do, and how you do what you do. People see those things. And when they see those things, that's when they realize, Oh, that's interesting. I heard on the news that these people were messed up but they actually are just as normal as anyone else. They're so kind, so peaceful, so civilized. These are the things brothers and sisters that you want to concentrate on. On inner Tatyana become like a lamb tenta hula navagio mundo como Elena Sunoco manera de bon Allium. So what did they do? They accused them of being liars. Okay, find that didn't work. They accuse them of Okay, you're no different from us. That didn't

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work. So then they said you people are cursed you messengers, you're just cursed. But you're gonna be called the inland tent. And if you don't stop preaching this stuff, Lenovo. germander comm we're going to stone you or Lou la MSN documentary, or we're going to capture you and punish you with a painful punishment. Now the threats begin. Because they know the resilience, the patience, the strength of these messengers, nothing was going to stop them. So now, you know, when somebody starts to become more loud, more aggressive and argumentative, argumentative, then that is a sign they are running out of things to say and do any argument, you know, when people start shouting, and the

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voice escalates. And it gets louder and louder and louder and you start calling names, we calling names of threaten each other, and then it turns into a fight. That's how you know that the that the confrontation is escalating to the point where neither side knows, or at least one side is running out of things to say and do. So what's left except just to insult, threaten, and that's what's happening. They know they can't stop it anymore.

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pilu for Eero kumarakom, in the Kira tomb, the curse is actually with all of you, they responded with the same thing. They were accused of these messengers in the cab to Mel into pomocy phone, if you would just take the time to remember because you are a people, you're just wasteful. Mostly phone, you're going above and beyond the limitations Allah gave, if you just take the time to think about this stuff. Just open your mind, open your heart and just think, look what you're doing. You're crossing lines here, you're crossing crossing boundaries, it's too much. We're gonna pause there inshallah, because the next section is going to lead us into an interesting story about a man

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that was sent to a particular city and he came rushing. So who is this individual and why he was sent. That's what we're going to continue with in sha Allah, we're still going to capture some more lessons of today's episode in the next episode, just so that we can keep the connection keep the flow of the sutra, as beautiful and as consistent as possible in sha Allah. So in conclusion, really, and truly, the lesson today is very simple. People will accuse you of falsehood, you're making up stuff you're lying. You don't know what you're talking about, what kind of religion is Islam all about? You Muslims don't know nothing, you Muslims don't belong here, cetera, etc, etc. So

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they'll accuse you of lying. What What makes you so special? What makes you so different from all of us? They'll accuse you of just being a show just like anybody else. Why are you why why do you think you're the chosen one. And if that doesn't work, then the threats come out, prison them, capture them, restrict them, monitor them, etc, etc, etc, and just continues. And if you notice, none of these messengers compromised their commitment in their message.

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They were steadfast, they held on, they didn't give up. That is what you and I must do, must continue to do

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is that we don't give up. everything that's happening with Islam and Muslims across the globe today is nothing new. It might be, you know, it might be a bit more complex and happening for different reasons. But the fact that all the things that we have to confront on a daily basis just because of our religion, and our identity is nothing new. But the one thing that helps us navigate and go through all that we do that we go through is that we have to remain steadfast, we have to remain committed, we have to stay focused, have to stay strong. That's the lesson of today's episode, and what sort of the scene is giving us So after we went through all of the foundations of the deen and

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we learned about who Allah is, now it was time to preach it to others. But that's not going to be easy. That is one of the most challenging tasks in life being Muslim is when you have to try to teach it to others. All of the challenges and hardships that come along with that, however, remain focus and remain steadfast. That is the key in sha Allah hotelera Allah so it will keep us strong keep us focused, give us the patience and the resilience to hold on to our Deen amen can wherever we are alone, which is like mellow hydro will continue tomorrow but if they let eterna was solid why they come? What are the two lucky What about a cat two