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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashraf al anbiya you emotionally Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala Edie he was happy he intermarine on a standard be soon Attila he Allah Yomi Deen, Baron Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Thank you all for joining us. Once again, this is part four in our journey through soldier to hoogenraad. We're going to get right into it as you can probably tell from the title. It's pretty intense. And we're going to look at three verses today but majority of our conversation will revolve around verse number nine. So we are at However, at verse number seven, while mo n fi Kumar

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rasulillah. Now, when all was said and done, remember in the previous episode, we spent a lot of time talking about the tongue, the etiquettes of the tongue. And when you get news, what you should do with that news if you hear rumors what you should do with rumors how the court and teaches us how to deal with that stuff. Now, at the end of the day, once you've made an effort to confirm things and you realize okay, this wasn't said or this wasn't true, or this was changed and all of that stuff. You've gone through all the nitty gritty, Allah subhanho wa Taala then tells us wireless MO, N fi como rasulillah. realize and understand that amongst you is the messenger of Allah, why? What's

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the connection between this and the previous verse? If you're going to speak about anything on behalf of the messenger RNA, so to speak, or on behalf of Islam, then understand that he is amongst you. So in context, it makes perfect sense because he's right there. Don't talk about him. Don't listen to the rumors about him. Unless you confirm this stuff, because he's right there. He's living amongst you. He's eating with you. He's praying with you. You can walk around, you see him in Medina all the time. He's right there. Now the question is, how do you and I relate to this verse? Because he's not here with us. While he's not here, physically, but his knowledge is here. His legacy is

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here, body, Muslim, even the Quran is the voice of the Prophet it is salatu wa sallam. And this is something we talked about quite a bit in the introduction of the surah. So we have his teachings, we have his knowledge. And when you have, the knowledge of the Prophet Allah is sought was slim, you preserve and protect that knowledge, you protect his legacy, by doing one by implementing and practicing those teachings. So even though physically he's not here, his teachings and his knowledge, his legacy is still very much alive.

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No usually or appconfig, a theory mineral Emery learned to him if he was to obey everything that all of you would ask or expect of him, learn into Allah subhanho wa Taala would send his curse upon amongst all of you. In other words, that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam did what everyone expected him to do, said what everyone expected him to say. Literally just followed the desire and the commands of all people. A lot is saying Leo had no chance. You had no choice because why? Even common sense will teach you, you know, everybody will have their own opinion. Everyone will have their own approach. Everybody will have their own way of doing things. Everybody, what could be the

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truth to one person is a complete lie or false hope to the other. What is dark in one person's eyes is brilliant and bright in the other person's eyes and vice versa. Like there's just no stability, there would be no consistency amongst the land. So this is why a less as if he was to actually do what everyone else expected him to do. There would have been no future period. Well, akinola have Baba la como, amen. But instead what Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Either what loved for all of us is that you all had faith in his message. You had faith in the Prophet artists on to Islam you loved him. So you practiced his teachings, you devoted yourself to his teachings. You were in love in with his instructions. You did your best to internalize and create a lifestyle that reflected the instructions of himself alcohol use of you did everything you could, and you have the life to show for it, to prove that you're doing everything you can. That's what Allah says I loved for you instead that you have Amen. And that you inquire and follow Him. Salalah Harley who was selling them was a Yahoo philippou be calm. I love this part of the A. And he

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made it beautiful in your hearts. You don't sometimes it's difficult to practice a Sunnah. But your heart is 100% practicing the sadhana. Like you want to do something, you want to act a certain way you want to respond a certain way you want to do something that you know, is a reflection of the Sunnah of our Prophet, army salt with some but for whatever reason, it could just literally be weakness in faith, or your lack of understanding. You want to be close to him earlier, you slept with some but you just don't know how or you're trying and you're making tons of mistakes along along the way. What Allah is saying is that, that's okay, I still made your love for him beautiful

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in your heart. You still love him. I love your slaughter. So that's a great start in the sight of Allah, that at least in your heart and look at the words that Allah uses Xena from the word Xena, Xena, made it beautiful. When you think about the Prophet Talia, subtle Salaam. Now, let's all do it for a minute. Okay, let's all do this for a minute. Just think about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and everything that you know of him. Just Just do that for a second. Think about the way the Prophet artists little son would eat the five etiquettes of eating right. So he's sitting down, uses his right hand. He has a small portion of food, he eats the what's closest to him, says Bismillah and he

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eats in small portions, enough the three of your fingers will will grab whatever amount of food that portion is the center portion. It's almost exactly equivalent to the amount that is in the an average size spoon. So when you're using a spoon and you're eating that's the Sunnah of our Prophet is a little slim. And then when you're done, Sal hamdulillah let the barman what's up Ah, now what's your island even animals? And you know, you start saying the Dora. And then you go and you rinse. And you're thinking about all of this stuff?

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How do you feel?

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probably feel that there's something about the way you're eating now. That connects you to to him some love while he was alone? Don't you feel like you're connected to him in some way. feel like he's a part of you feel like you you know you've invited him to your home for dinner. feel like he's right there. So the love while he was alone, think about how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would groom himself

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who would groom himself, always his clothing is beautiful, fragrant, clean. He once saw companions sitting on the ground. And he saw that his hair was very untidy. And so he asked this companion, don't you have a comb? Don't you have a tool?

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So he's literally or indirectly asking them at like, Don't you have the ability that means so that you can groom yourself?

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You know, the profit are these little Samson other men. clothing was very dirty and asked him Do you have access to a bucket of water to wash your clothes. You love to groom himself. So the lahardee was his beard. He used to put olive oil in it and groom it. His hair. Same thing. Before he came to Medina. He had three braids at the back of his head. Right? His hair was very long. So when he was in Mecca, His hair was very long, so he would tie it in three massive braids. And that wasn't just like a style thing. That's how he kept it together. I mean, anybody who lives in the desert knows when you have a long thick hair, it's really difficult to manage that with the heat and the dust and

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so on. So what he would do is he would tie it into three massive braids. This is a hadith in Sahih Muslim, he would do that. And he was beautiful. They still compared him and said that he was more beautiful than a full moon. Then he comes to Medina and his head is is bald Salalah Harley was said sallam. Then when you go to the next time you go to the barber and you think to yourself, I want to try something like that.

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Or at least whatever hairstyle I have. Let me groom it. Let me keep it

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tidy, because the prophets are nice little scented. When you do that. You're standing in front of the mirror and you're grooming and combing your hair and you're doing all of these things. You feel as though you are connected to him in some way. That's was a yenna who feel called to become a love Bure beautified love for him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in your hearts, even when you're doing daily and trivial things. Subhana Allah, what cutter Rahu what cut Rahu la como el Cofer, and he caused for you to dislike Elko for disbelief. What if we assume corruption while our LCN, very Seon disobedience he caused in our heart. So how do you feel when you commit a sin? How do you feel when

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you say something wrong? How do you feel he's a hamdulillah. Man, I just committed my third sin for the day and we don't do that. It feels devastating.

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It's an awful feeling. If you say something to someone the wrong way.

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If you accidentally hurt someone, whether it be you know by words verbally or physically, it's an awful feeling.

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And so Allah says that I've caused in your hearts to dislike this stuff, you dislike hurting people. You just like making people feel bad about themselves in whatever way shape or form you he's caused that in our hearts. Nobody had to teach us that hurting people was wrong. We were born with that fitara from within. Then I'll look at concludes oola iica humann rashie. Dune. These are the people who when they have these qualities of the things that are beautiful to them, and the things that they should dislike, unless as you are those are the people that are amongst the Rashi Dude, what are you doing or Russia, they're headed in the right direction?

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So if you ever want to test your emotion, and you want to decide okay, am I doing things right in my life, though dealings I have with people, am I dealing with people the correct way? Am I talking to Muslims and non Muslims, family and friends? Am I dealing with everyone in a way that a love would be happy with and pleased with? If I died today? Would Allah be pleased with the way I dealt with and interacted and communicated with people? How what's the litmus test? Will he come home or rush you do? It's this a number seven in Surah Al Hayat test your etiquettes and your luck with verse number seven. And if you have these qualities, then Allah says you're heading in a good and the

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right direction Rashid, you're heading toward Russia is when you have several options, and you end up making the right option, the right choice that Allah is pleased with and pleased with that's Rashid. So Allah says when you have this you all Rashid male lies which will count us from amongst them alone. I mean, for Lem mean Allah one era, that's such a virtue and blessing and noble nobility from Allah subhanho wa Taala. While la Hollywood Hakeem, Allah has complete knowledge and all wisdom

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now, verse number nine, it's a bit long, so follow me, okay.

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We're in LA, if I tell you mean, meaning, however, if there are two groups who are believers

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and believers, that's interesting. So you have two groups that are believers, they're Muslims. So everyone else pushed them to the side a lot is saying there are two groups of Muslims

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but if a 10 minute mean in London say Muslim mean, these are people who claim to have everything that was mentioned in this previous previous a yet as a matter of fact, they are you a lesbian amateur, they passed that stage now. Now they are. Allah says, Now you'll have two Muslims and two bodies of believers. Equal Tatupu equal to 10. They're fighting with each other. Now,

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I've got a piece of paper Actually, I've got let me bring another one here. I'm gonna bring up two pieces of paper.

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And then I'll write two things on them. Okay. I have another marker somewhere. Oh, that's fine. I got two. So let me write one thing here.

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And something else here.

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Okay, now take a look at this guy's.

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you'll have no I don't know how this looks in front of the beam. I probably look backwards, right? So you have a and you have B. So you have two groups of Muslims, a and b. Now they start Fighting. Fighting away they're fighting away. Right or arguing? They're going

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Crazy, they're just fighting away. Then Allah says, For us lubaina homeware then try to bring some sense of reform and correction between the two of them. So Allah is saying that these two groups here are fighting. But now there's a third party that has to intervene to bring things to an end to settle whatever problem is here. So we grab

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another piece of paper

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and write something on it.

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And actually, what I'll do is I'll right at the top of it.

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It might be difficult for you guys to see it, but I'll explain. So now you have

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you have a and b Fighting, fighting, fighting. So here's what happened. C came into the picture. And see now said, Hey, you too. You guys need to stop stop fighting. Okay. And see, as I wrote at the top, you probably can't read that. Well, I wrote the negotiator. Okay. So the negotiator This Is Us little bainer humor. Us little beta humor came in. I made Oh, what do you guys doing under fighting a fight? Hey, stop, stop, stop, stop. And that's what happened.

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So now I'll slip who bainer whom I came in and intervene. And once letter C finished and you know, Newton negotiated between the two they were able to settle their problems then see walked off and is out of the picture. Now there's peace here.

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Okay, fit in but the human Ohara

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now if one party of the two

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for started a problem again. So now there's peace between the two. Now let's just say a was the first troublemaker that started the fight between B.

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C came in and solve them the thing right now see left and got out of the picture. They're supposed to be at peace, aren't they? But then all of a sudden, the next day, be

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punched a

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bee spread a rumor about a bee stirred up some trouble with a so what just happened? They broke a peace agreement or a treaty or just you know, whatever peace negotiations that came about, became and messed it all up and be is like, you know what, even though we're supposed to get along, we still hate you. And then they start going out each other again. So now what do you do? You have a there's tensions here, then C came in and resolved all of that. So then B now started and picking fights with with with a so tensions continued on and on. Now see comes back. And now V and a are going at each other and sees like what in the world is happening here. Now both of you are fighting

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each other both of you hate each other. First, it was just a now it's B. So who's supposed to tell who listen to the A A how the area will solve this right? A lead then continues and he says for call to let eatable he had to fee ella amarilla. So what happens now? See and who and a will now team up? See, this is the time I wish I was like an octopus right?

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A and C will team up and now deal with B because why? b wasn't wasn't so there was already peace between the two a admitted their false a was like you know what we were wrong. We didn't mean to say what we did. We didn't mean to stir up any tension blah, blah, blah, we're sorry. And they moved on with their lives. But then B out of nowhere decided you know what?

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That's not good enough for us. And so v started picking fights with a so that's why Allah says now A and C because now they're the innocent, they didn't do anything at this time. The did not accept two things was a problem here. B did not accept and follow the first peace treaty or negotiation that was settled. And number two, be initiated and started a second fight a second problem. So that's where the negotiator now see comes in and they team up with a and they basically say hey, listen, you've got to stop. You cannot continue doing this. And be might be like why are you guys ganging up on me? Well, this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says and logically it makes sense, right? You had

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stable waters. Everything was fine, but

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B just decided let's just kick it all up in the air all over again. So that's where a can say we didn't do anything. You know, we we admit our faults the first time but this time now they broke the agreement and this is what they did. So that's why c says Okay, you know what a Come on. Let's go. Let's sit down and deal with them. Now. Where do you go from here? So that was kind of my little stage show guys. I hope you guys enjoyed that with just to kind of bring the lesson to life here. Unless says flokati lety tablea. Hector taffy Ella Emery left. Now last thing, we bring back up my paper puppets here again. Last thing now. You have a and c that are dealing with B. What is the

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lessee? For called t le t w e hat at Fie Ella Emery left taffy factor means that you negotiate to bring about good at the end of the day. So in other words, a and c cannot be pouncing down and blaming everything on B and before you know it B starts crying. We hate you guys. We're not never gonna come back here. No, no, no, no, no, that's not the right way. B and A and C literally sit down with BMB like look.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says this, the Quran teaches us this. The Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam did this. This is how he kept himself together. This is how they negotiated their problems. You've got to come back to Alice Dean, you've got to follow his son again. You've got to take advice of our dean. And, and and what is Alessi? ILA and moorilla. So what are we learning here, when you disrupt peace, you are actually disrupting the command of a law where I were being reminded of that, to maintain peace is to preserve and protect the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's where being now should be like, you know what, we were wrong. Let's all get along. And everyone sort of

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hopefully lives happily ever after. Right?

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For In fact, at fall asleep, who bainer whom? Bill addley? Well, we're up to then Allah says if there were any other issues, if there was a fallout at the end of the day, and be just said, Hey, you know what we're out of here. We're not coming back to your message no more. We're not coming back to your house. No more. We're not gonna be a part of the family no more. So what do you do in this case, be just voluntarily decided we're leaving? We're out. We're not doing anything. We're not doing this anymore. Allah still set for us. lubaina. Homer? How many times did we see a slew? Twice? It's gonna come up a third time in tomorrow's episode and shallow, right? But this time, Allah says,

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Bill addley, while we're up the co2 test, idol is open justice. So let's just assume that this was, I don't know, you know, a problem in the masjid. You have different groups of people. One could be administration, what can be other employees, what could be members of the community, and they're all just going at each other or see could be the administration right. And this is just members of the community. Unless says the first thing is, while helplessly falsely who baina Huma belied at least deal with these two groups in an open just manner. In other words, keep all the disagreements and the nitty gritty that happened that caused the friction that caused the problem, keep that private.

00:23:44--> 00:24:13

Don't publicize that stuff. Don't let out your as we say, don't expose your dirty laundry, leave that internally, the administration the mess, the management is already caring for that they understand what's the problem between the two, the rest of the community doesn't need to know. But here's the problem. Here's the problem. One last time we're going to do this, okay, I'm going to write something else. So you'll have a, b and c. Now you have D

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all the way. So here's the problem. Now, we're going to talk about this. So you have C you have

00:24:25--> 00:24:26

the masjid.

00:24:28--> 00:24:59

The Masjid is going to deal with these two members of the community that have the problem. The rest of the community was this by the way, D all the way to the letter Zed the rest of the alphabet. Because what ended up happening, someone from a or b recorded their meeting with C the management. They recorded it then they put it on YouTube. So when they were in the meeting with see everything was great, it's a hum delay. You know what we don't need to let the public know we don't need them to hear about this just like a low height. They walk

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But somebody from here

00:25:03--> 00:25:24

was recording it. Or they told someone else one of the letters of the alphabet. Hey, you should have heard that meeting, you should have heard what they said. And another letter of the alphabet told the other letter that told the other letter and it went all the way to Zed. So now the rest of the alphabet knows what happened, and what was supposed to be internal. And now,

00:25:25--> 00:25:41

the rest of the alphabet says, comes up to see the management. Hey, we know what you guys were doing. That was really unfair. Why did you guys treat a and b, so much so bad? Why did you say this? Why did you and C is looking and saying, Wait a minute, how did you guys know all of that?

00:25:42--> 00:25:52

And D all the way to Zed said, Actually, there's a video on Facebook. There's a video on a recording on YouTube. We everything's out there.

00:25:53--> 00:26:03

So that's where everything collapses. And now see has to figure out what do we where do we go from here? The answer?

00:26:04--> 00:26:05

What up acetal?

00:26:06--> 00:26:17

Opposite Oh, so there are two words add alone is open justice. Show everybody and openly that everything is done. Everything's been taken care of

00:26:18--> 00:26:20

Apple co2 from the word This

00:26:22--> 00:27:14

is private, as well as public justice. So in other words, C will release a statement. This is what happened. And here's how we are going to rectify. C will also hold hold townhall meetings with the rest of the alphabet, including a and b will hold a town hall meetings, we'll send out emails, we'll have discussions with everybody else. And they will deal with this both publicly as well as privately. See, we'll have private meetings, anybody who wants to meet the management, the administration, everybody's going to be there, and they're going to handle it. That's up to what does the law say? In the law? How you boil maka CLT? Allah loves what, and those who publicly and

00:27:14--> 00:27:21

privately aim for justice. What is the title of this video, and this is what I'm going to conclude with.

00:27:23--> 00:27:43

When we as Muslims don't strive for justice in life, then all of the rituals that we perform in Islam become meaningless. It loses its value. If you think about not, why we pray, how we pray,

00:27:44--> 00:28:33

we stand shoulder to shoulder and they touch one another, at least you know, not now but inshallah we go back to that, right, we touch one another, our feet are next to each other. There's no such thing as private space anymore between you and your fellow brother or sister. And you're doing the exact same thing. We're all synchronized with the exact same movements. We're saying the exact same things. What does that mean? It's indirectly teaching us that we are all one body just like the Prophet alayhi salatu was seldom taught us Ken just said didn't wahida we're just all one body. How do we maintain that? That spirit of one body we maintain it? Because at the end of the day, we are

00:28:33--> 00:28:38

striving for both private and public justice for all of us.

00:28:39--> 00:28:44

sudo Jolla It is so beautiful in this regard. So beautiful.

00:28:46--> 00:29:32

I don't want to jump the gun but the next day and how many times did we hear fall asleep fall asleep fall asleep. We'll make amends repair reform twice. The third one is coming up in the next aim. And tomorrow's session when we go to the third one. That's what I'm going to really explain to you what honestly, who means what does it entail? What is this term? And why did Allah mention it three times within two versus three times it's it's very rare in poor Ed where you have the exact same command mentioned that close to each other. Usually the same words and commands are scattered throughout a large chapter that that close to each other.

00:29:33--> 00:30:00

That's interesting, and I'll share with you why inshallah hotevilla tomorrow. So today we got active didn't mean right. I had my little paper puppet show for you guys. But the most important thing all jokes aside is that I hope that you understand this verse and what this verse strives to teach us in shall love how to resolve our issues or problems at any capacity, whether it be within family, whether it be within massages and communities and administration.

00:30:00--> 00:30:13

Or in life. May Allah subhanaw taala continue to teach us this beautiful surah Allah whom I mean, just Kamala who Hira and I will see you all tomorrow in sha Allah wa Salaam while equal water into law what what a cattle