Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #10 I would like to wed you to my daughter

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Well, I will

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the whole fie journey

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Abu Dhabi learn him in a shape on your Ragini Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Pilate if the woman

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is in alpha Rahman is Gyrotourbillon probably you'll I mean Sadhak Allah will love him. So Subhanallah Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam displayed this act of kindness and it was a catalyst of so much good. That followed thereafter. And in biannual Quran, it is written fee and nukkad metal hull De La Jolla and therefore men will come elude that say that our Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam assisted, he engaged in social and welfare work, and the pious were those that would not find it below their dignity to reach out. A man is never so doll like when he stoops to help a child. When you drop down, you help you empower you distribute, you give some food, you put a smile on someone's

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face, you pass a loving hand over and often this is something that is most dear to Allah. The girls of course, returned to home ahead of the regular time and the dead and quiet the reason my Angelica Maya being Teja but today you are your early and they said well, there's been a very kind man who has you know what taken the flock given it water and set us off on our way much early. So the father said my son to my I've been there or my daughters, that's not good of you. When a stranger a foreign man in a foreign land has been kind, then at least knowing the etiquettes of this house. Let's acknowledge him. Let's appreciate him. And then one of the girls will send through. And according to

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Allah ministry in medallic Tenzin, it was the elder of the two In fact, he even records her name, he records her name as SafLok, while the younger ones name was Sophie era. And from the rear, She then gave him directions and say that Musa alayhis salam arrived at the house, he arrived at the house. And that was the note on which we conclude that the previous segment, he was of course welcomed and ushered into the house by the father of the house, who according to narrations was none other than show I am Alayhis Salam Akarma Musa in the home mahkamah Ye Finn Karim. He was given dignity, respect and honor.

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And after some days had passed, one of the daughters said to the dead Dad, I'm just thinking perhaps if you would consider this as an option, verse number 26. Yeah, but this Jira, whoa, oh, my dad, why not employ him? Why not employ him? I think he will make for a good employee.

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And then Subhanallah, she very aptly outlined two amazing qualities that define the best of employees but follow through amazing the adoption and the expression of words and again, the display of modesty. So she says to her father in the Hira, Minister, geratol, probably you will, I mean, surely the best person you can possibly employ is Al Covey, one who is strong, mighty Amin trustworthy. And absolutely, what a comprehensive description of a good employee. Because if a person is strong, then he can work, he can engage in hard labor. But if he's strong and he's not trustworthy, then unfortunately, he would be working hard, but he would be eating up the revenue and

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the dividends. And this is so common that happens in the best of companies, etc. And then if you flip it the other way around in reverse, he might be trustworthy, that he would not pinch he would not steal, he would not use syrup, he would not devout. But then again, he doesn't have mighty doesn't have clout, he doesn't have strength. You know what is too passive he can you cannot engage him in work. So in terms of the best of employees, if there's anyone you can employ, it is a person who has strength and trustworthy. And again, a reference to this here in chapter 27 Surah two normal, verse 39, verse 39.

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When Satan has today man earning his salatu salam, addressing the people in his court, he said, or you can be a teeny bit obviously have papilla Dooney Muslimeen in detail and the narrative of the queen of Saba historical relations refer to her as bilities which one of you has the ability to bring her throne to me before she comes here? And verse 39. Carla, are you free to Minal Genie, a strong mighty gin? And according to the narration of JELA lane, his name was Asif his name was Asif and many argue he had the knowledge of a small ARVA

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Have the supreme Name of Allah subhanho wa Taala through which no prayer is rejected, you supplicate Allah through that and of course your prayer would be answered. He said and it could be popular and you're dead, the lake Ataulfo I will approve, uplift and relocate that entire throne of that woman and then presented to you in a jiffy in a split second in the twinkling of an eye. And what in the alley luck are we you know, I mean, we're in near La La or we use a meme.

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And I have the strength to do it and I'm trustworthy. I would not use syrup or I would not steal anything Subhan Allah. And again, we learn from the words of Abdullah bin Miss Rudra the Allahu Anhu where where he said that there were three people there were three people that proved to be super intelligent throughout history of rasuna salata, you know, physiognomy three over the greatest fuzzy animus of all times. One was, of course, Satan Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Anhu. When he nominated Satan, I remember the Allahu Anhu when you nominated Satan, I remember the Allahu Anhu as the Khalifa. And then of course,

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the person in Mr. Who had purchased, say, the use of Alayhis Salam because he was wrongly been auctioned in a sale, and he was been auctioned, and then he came home and he said, a creamy mouth well, who I saw in yen, foreigner owner who, who holida Oh, my wife, honor this boy honor this lead, he might benefit us or perhaps we can adopt him as a son. And the third was the daughter of SHINee Valley, his salaam, who said to her father is a dear who is dear who in the Hira minister, Jonathan Toby, you will mean maybe my dad, you want to consider employing this man because he has the two most impressive qualities that is strength and trustworthiness. Now, look at this, you know, I've

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quoted this, I've read this, and I've discussed this so many times, but Subhanallah the beauty of the Quran Latin because the idea boom, I just marveled at an amazing deduction that I stumbled over in Bulava in biannual Quran. So it is mentioned there that look at the look at the preservation of modesty. So the daughter says to her father, employ him employ him, right. And then she says that, you know what the best employee is the one who's strong and trustworthy, and then Chicago has an illinit. We Rama Talalay also writes that the father asks the daughter and what proof do you have of his strength? So she says that Rafa Agrippa. So the well used to have like a covering or a lid over

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it, whichever originally commonly, it will take a group of people to lift or move, and he did the single handedly. So that's an indication and a reflection of his strength and his mind. And as for his integrity and his trustworthiness, as we were walking along, he opted to to, for me to walk behind him, so that his gaze does not fall on me. And that's a reflection of his modesty. So the modesty of the sister was and this girl was and that's the beauty of Islam. She did not plays him directly. A strange woman plays in strange men on a direct level. And of course, as as men, we do appreciate and understand a weak point. How in, you know, inflated an ego can become and how

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conceited a person would become or how flattered he would feel if a strange woman passes that comment or a remark or a compliment about him. You know what, it would inflate his ego and he would feel so wrapped up in himself. Look at the modesty

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Waha balmedie Hey Meenal, Marathi little Rajamouli What about Carl hashmark? What about Kahlil HashMap? So she did not say employ him. He's very strong. She didn't say it's general who was he? He was he a manatee? Oh my dad. This is a very strong man. Oh my dad. This is a very honest man. Oh my Dad, this is a man with great integrity. Rather, she used an implicit reference. So she modestly said you know what employ him because the best of employees are those that are strong and those that are trustworthy. So there was a subtle reference you're again wahala after mineral mud Hill ha see what are the Afghan mineral medical classy, and as mentioned in biannual Quran, that this is better

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than making a dialect praise because it preserves the element of modesty. Subhan Allah wa Fatah Kalam was say that the Hawaiian feel can be shady. Well, I can No * chlorophyll masala tea, kava Lydian, so when the daughter made this option and request to the dead, he also had similar sentiments.

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crossing his heart, but thinking as a father, he took it to a different level. Well for Cara Phil Miss elettrica che is in RTL. And he thought this is a noble man. He's displayed such goodness he's honest, he's faithful, you say and I must employ him and surely he has what it takes to be a great employee.

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But why not? Why not perhaps consider a Hakuna Sirhan li that maybe I make him my son in law. Maybe I make him my son in law. What he does with dunya of Ballymena has a sharp and well I possibly find a young man as a prospective you know what? Spouse to my daughter and a son in law to me better than him. A Murphy median fella. Imagine I had an island leisurely knowing the people of Midian and the Mennonites, he knew that there wasn't someone of equal caliber. Well Allah Allah PATA SATA Alfetta. Li Hakuna li swimrun what was Iran and who knows in the greater happenings of things. This could be perhaps that Allah sent him to me, and this could well be a son in law. This could well be a son in

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law for me. For all of you who are in Russia for Putin, recommitting, so with respect and dignity, he took it one step above one notch higher, and he approached Satan Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. And that's verse 27. And he said in order to do an en que haga it double Natalia her tiny Allah and Giovanni samanya Hey, judge in the verily I really do intend and Anki haka to wed you, wha Ha, ha, you need to one of my daughters. And of course, this wasn't the conclusion of the proposal, because when you are getting married, it needs to be specific who you're getting married to, but this was initiating the discussion, etc. I would like to wed you to one of my two daughters, Allah and Jura.

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Nice Damania Hey, Judge, that you labor for me eight years, you labor for me eight years, and that would be the dowry for my daughter. And of course, in the previous Sharia, it was permissible. And even, you know what? There is difference of opinion amongst the jurors, certain jurors say that labor to your wife can be an accepted form of dowry, while other jurors differ with that view. Anyway, he took the courage and he mustered the courage and he extended the proposal. Verse 27, to say you dinner Musa alayhis salam ala and Durrani samanya Hey, judge that you label for me eight years for in at the Mamta Ashran. And if you choose and you opt to extend it by two years, then so

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be it for in Atlanta restaurant, Femina Indic, then this would be a kind gesture from your side, Walmart or into an Ashoka lake. And I do not want to complicate things for you. I do not want to impose upon you. I don't want to make things difficult for you. So 80 years to labor, meaning you know, as a shepherd to graze the sheep etc. This would be the agreement in place. Why am I already doing a shopaholic? I do not want to make things difficult for you in any way. Set. DeJay Dhoni in sha Allah who may know Sally hain, you will find me by the will of Allah amongst those that are noble, righteous, pleasant and polite in our interaction. And Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam agreed,

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and he obliged, and we learn from this a very fundamental principle, a very fundamental principle that in Islam, it is perfectly fine and correct for

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the Bride side to initiate the proposal or the groom to initiate the proposal. There is no harm to this year either or is acceptable in the court of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the teachings of Islam. So it is, perhaps the norm is more common, the norm is more common that the male party or the groom's party initiates the proposal. But if you know that there is a good boy, and you know what, this could be a good prospect for your daughter or your niece. Then why not by all means, by all means, say the Lutheran salat wa salam said to his people. You are calling me how old are you by naughty? Yeah, call me how old are you been naughty? Who not Hala convertible Allahu Allah to Zuni

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feed wifey and ladies, I mean come Raju Rashid, free him, Adam. Adam will guarantee that bill of Adam will fit that bill earth that he told his people here are my daughters marry them, this is more pure, this is more wholesome. So the culture might be the norm might be that people would be apprehensive and saying this is my daughter, but in the teachings of Islam. The key thing is if there's a

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Good proposal go forward. And we know that the owner might have mentioned that there are six instances in which a person should hasten and he shouldn't delay. And as we join the bakery, the attractors, we will be created an advocate, when a young girl is of age and she matures, then you should not delay in going forward. So

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say that I'm Musa alayhis salatu salam obliges, and he agrees. And this is in verse 28, Allah Danika benei obeying the meta is between the two of us I'm agreeing to this, I'm accepting the seal Subhana Allah, just just just rewind from the time where he was sitting beneath the tree taking shelter,

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you know, unknown to him what the next minute holds. And he had done his act of kindness. And I had impressed that point and I want to reiterate it, you are waiting for a miracle in your life. But perhaps that kindness that you waiting for, is actually waiting for you to help someone else. And that would be the catalyst of good coming your way. And he agreed to call Italica benei webinar. This is an agreement between us

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AML Jelenia provide two filler or the one ally

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between the two durations. Whichever one I opt for, follow our Duan Alia, they should be no compulsion upon me, they should be no forced upon me in any way. You know. So this was the beauty of the transparency of the agreement. Say that our Shrayber Alayhis Salam said, Listen, this is my intentions. Eight years, and according to the hadith of Ibn Umoja.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I'm going to be Monday Radi Allahu Anhu narrated the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Musa Al Jazeera NAFSA, who in the Musa Jarrah NAFSA, who he said Allahu alayhi wa sallam praised Satana Musa alayhis salam that Musa submitted Himself to manual labor, for the preservation of his chastity, meaning to make Nikka and to fill his belly, because of course he was then provided with food and accommodation, and he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praised say that our Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam, recognizing his his merit and his virtue AML Agila in Aqaba, Ito Fela or Duan Allah, between the two durations, eight or 10, whichever

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one I up to four, there must be no, you know what force on me or any pressure upon me, walla walla man who were killed, a verse 28 And Allah is a witness, and Allah is a guardian upon what we discuss and we conclude. So yes, he entered the house as a stranger. And he became very comfortable, they became very comfortable. The daughter then said, Why not employ him? And the father said, why not make him a son in law extended the proposal he applied and of course, the NECA was then solemnized and performed, and

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he then labored for eight or 10 years, according to the verse of the Quran, however we learn from the narrations that save now Musa alayhis salam stayed for full 10 years, and as a shepherd, and you know, my brother and my sister, every newbie that came was a shepherd. Every newbie that came was a shepherd. And in that there was great therapy out there was great therapy for the newbie. And this was the Sunnah of Ambia Ali who was Salatu was Salam. And I have a reflection someone said in the Urdu language so amazingly good hola como esta la se but La Liga. moolah coach Issara Save button elega guy but creo que Ciaran ma Lok Shara Mazouz karte or Cote. kugelman, ma pharma su skirt they

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have how strange

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to be a shepherd and graze the flock was the practice of all the MBR but things have changed now. To take a flock of sheep and graze them is a bit of an insult and embarrassing, and it's like a violation to my self esteem. But to take a dog and walk it around the city is a sense of pride and honor. Hello. That's how things have changed. We leave it on this note to say now Musa is now staying here. He is comfortable here. He has been married to one of the daughters. He has agreed to the contract. Let's see what develops from here.