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The speakers discuss the importance of protecting one's hair and not giving out too much information, as well as the concept of a partial reward for a woman who wants to give a gift. They also touch on the "monarch" who wants to meet and describes himself as honest, but also honest. The "monarch" is also discussed as a woman who wants to cover his business, but the "monarch" refuses to do so. The "monarch" suggests hiring the "monarch" to cover his business, but the "monarch" refuses to do so. The "monarch" suggests hiring the "monarch" to cover his business, but the "monarch" refuses to do so. The "monarch" suggests hiring the "monarch" to cover his business, but the "monarch" refuses to do so. The "monarch" suggests hiring the "monarch" to cover his business, but the "monarch" refuses to do so.

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Robert. So brothers and sisters, today, we are at verse number 24. We're going to go up to verse 27, and shallow sorts of castles, and lots of really amazing, amazing things will unfold. Now the conversation continues. So remember that, you know, these two women musala he said them, help them, help them, you know, get the drink and get some water for their animals took care of all of that. And then that scenario was done. So what is musar? They do after all of that is said and done. fess up Karla Houma. So he gave them both a drink, gave them all a drink. So all of the animals are taken

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care of from Matala de la ville, then he went back to his shade, here's the hint to what Allah means he was there. And then he went back to well, that means he turned back towards the shade. So that means that musar the salon was already under a tree or a shade somewhere. And he saw all of this stuff unfold in front of him, he saw a bunch of people, a bunch of men with their animals, giving them some water to drink. Then he saw these two women with their animals struggling with them. So after this long, tireless journey through the desert, the last thing that you want to do is offer help to anyone, right? When you go through on a journey like that, the last thing you're thinking

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you're thinking about is I'm going to exhaust more energy by helping other people. He wants to sit, relax, sleep, close, his eyes, rejuvenate and then continue his journey. But instead, he gets up and he's like, What's going on over there. And he goes out and he helps out and then he comes back now to his shade. And when he sits down liquid, he says, For color of B, he starts speaking Dora Subhana Allah in the Lima and delta la yemin higher in Philippine, I am restricted. I am, what ever it is you limit me to Allah, with respect to the goodness that I'm desperate for, and I'm in need. In other words, I am always always as long as I am alive, I am always poor, have righteous deeds, I

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need to do more. I need to push myself more, I need to work more. I will always be poor. When it comes to good deeds, I will never be rich of righteousness, I will never have enough. You see this ending. So verse number 24. Guys, I want to ask all of you capture the ending of that verse. fell, call out or be in neelima and zonta em in higher enthalpy of capture that verse, save it on your, you know, screensavers have it in your room somewhere and just keep looking at that verse every day, every single day, keep looking at it, verse 24, sorts of puzzles. Because what this reminds you and I have, here's the core lesson here is that we're never satisfied, no matter how much righteousness

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we do, will always feel not in need, will always feel poor, that we don't have enough. We need to fulfill more, we need to push ourselves to do more and more and more. When you have that kind of attitude with righteousness. What stops you

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what's gonna prevent you from doing any righteousness? Nothing. Because you'll always be spiritually poor, you're just in need of more. That's the door of Musa alayhis salaam. It's so deep. It's so beautiful. It's so unique. You'll never see a door I like this anywhere else. That's the door of moosari slam. So think of righteousness, think that he's a prophet here. But in a when all is said and done.

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This man feels like he has nothing in the world unless he sees an opportunity to do righteousness, which is the next lesson. righteous deeds is not just okay, here's what I need to do. Let me get it done. It's also about being opportunistic, looking for moments and opportunities to do goodness and you take full advantage of that. That's what Musa alayhis salaam does. He's sitting under this shade of whatever, and he sees an opportunity to help some people. He doesn't say I am. I'm just exhausted, forget it. He pushes himself as best as he could. And he helps others. That's richness. That's wealth for him. Now things get interesting fauja at the home so what happened here? These two

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ladies went back home. So after their animals were taken care of by musar

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selam they went back home, they told her father now these details are not mentioned. But you have to imagine because you know, they're human beings. If they mentioned that eventually they start going back to their house, to their tent wherever they live, and they let their father know. Yeah, we're done. They came home maybe a bit earlier, because usually the struggle with these animals would have delayed them a certain time. So the father's expecting them a little bit later. So they walk home back, and they're there early. And they're like, and he's like, you guys are done. You took care of the animals already. Nick? Yeah. Today, somebody helped us out. Today, somebody helped us out.

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Now the father,

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when he hears somebody helped out his daughters. Who is that? Yeah, it was this man came out of nowhere. Which men? You know, he's protective. Which man? What did he say? Did he talk to you guys? Did he pass any Indian makeup pass to any one of you? Was it was he socially? What was he doing? So the father after questioning his daughters, and the daughters like, No, he didn't do any of that. He just asked us what was going on between with us and the animals. And we told him that we're struggling, we're trying to get these animals to go. And he basically took the animals, gave them their drink, and returned the animals. And he didn't say a word. Nothing is mentioned about musar.

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lay some says, Well, you know what, maybe we can catch up a little bit later. Well, you know what, I just let me know where you guys live, what village and maybe I'll pass by a little bit later, he doesn't do any of that. Nothing. He just gives him vaccine, their animals and he walks away. So they're relaying all of this to the Father. And the father's like, really? He didn't say anything else. That was it. He just took care of your animals and he walked away.

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I want to meet him.

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I want to meet this man.

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So the father sends one of the ladies fudger at the hoonah Which one? We don't know. And you know, something? This is a law protecting the higher of this woman. We don't need to know who we don't need to know is that the one that we you know, gave him the sheep's or get token. None of those details. Sisters, the number one thing you work to protect, especially when you're talking to the opposite gender, is you protect your hair. And right, I've told you this before. modesty is not to keep your head down. Yeah, okay. Can I have my change? Please? No, you don't stand behind a wall. Your stand behind curtains all day? No. Protecting the hair is so much more. Those are all just

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examples are manifestations of a massive picture. It's the attitude. It's the voice. It's the behavior. It's all of those things. That's your gold protector. Don't let anybody share that. Don't let anybody enjoy that. Don't let anybody see that. That's your gold and a lot preserve that in this woman doesn't tell us anything and look at the way she talks to Musa Elisa look at the way she talks to him for genetic demo. So just one of them came back. So the father sent one of these two women back Go get this man.

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And she says

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I listed here in Alaska here is to hear that she protected her higher and her modesty pot it liquid she says to Moosa in Abuja, the OIC, our dad, not me. Our father is calling you. Not me. I have nothing to do with this. And she doesn't even say anything. She's gonna say, hey, suddenly calm. How are you? How's everything you have some time to talk with nothing? She just walks up to musar Listen, so our fathers calling you

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know, small talk, no smile, no, nothing. She gets right to the point. Another lesson when it comes to gender interaction. Stick to the point. If you're learning learn, if you need to have a conversation, you need to have questions as asked and answered. Ask your question. Walk away. This is for both genders. Okay, we're not just talking about women. We're both men and women. Just get to the point. No talk. Nothing else is here is just, this is the subject. This is my purpose. This is the only reason I'm going to talk to you. Because our dad is calling you that's what I that's what I came to deliver in Abuja doke. Now, is it safe to assume that this woman she's nervous? Yeah, she's

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nervous. She's not used to walking up to a man and just talking to him just like that, especially somebody she doesn't know. She's never seen before. And on top of that, her father told her to go and do this.

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So she's nervous. Look how she speaks.

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Lia jesica, so he can pay you compensate you edge total full compensation.

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mess up it Elena, when you took care of our animals, what you did for us, you know eduroam is a partial reward.

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Excuse me juice on, Jessica. So Jessica is a partial reward. Add Joan is the complete full reward. She says both. So it's hinting like she's stuttering or she's a little bit nervous. So it's like saying, Yeah, our dad is calling you so he could just pay you the full like everything, just give you something compensation for what you did for us. She's not used to this. See her hire. A lot of it comes out no matter how much she tries to protect it because why? human being that's the tendency when you when you get involved in something you're not used to or accustomed to. There's always the tendency to be a little scared and a little nervous, a little bit hesitant. You don't know and can't

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find the words don't know how to frame it. So she's like, yeah, part of the whole reward or all of it or something. That's what she say. So Pinilla continues falam

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musala. He doesn't say no, no talk, he just

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doesn't do any of that. isn't what we do. If somebody wants to offer us some food, some money a gift? No, no, you don't have to do that. I did this for a lot. Just Just leave it all. No, no, no. Hi. And I don't care. Actually, the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad Are you slept with him? Every time he received the gift, he accepted the gift. That's,

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that's good manners. Don't make the person feel bad. They went out of their way to get you something, take it. Just like hello, hi. metalizer will reward you thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Accept it. That's the sooner Unfortunately, some cultures I don't know why. I don't know why somebody brings you a gift, a nice pen or something or watch or whatever. It's like, I just want to gift you something because of what you've done for us. No, no, no, no, no, you don't have to do that. I'll just take and give it to your brother, not? How does the person feel that they've gone through all of that trouble. And now you're basically saying to them, no thanks, your efforts, your

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gift, no, accept it, it's a gift. The intention behind it all was for you anyway, so take it and let that person and you know, also part of the sinner is that if you get a gift that you like a cloth or a garment or watch or something that you can put on or use. And you're able to do that in front of the person who gave it to you, you're able to like put on the watch that they gifted you with or the jacket that they gave you.

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You should try to make the intention to wear those things in front of them for obvious reasons, right? When they see you wearing a towel, Mashallah, it looks so good. How does that make them feel? You have nothing to lose, because you didn't buy it, you didn't pay for it. But just at least make the person feel like that their courtesy that they've extended to you was worth it. And that you appreciate it by using what they've given you. You appreciate that? You just dump it in the closet, dump it into drawers leave it at all. And there's like, Yeah, do you still have that thing I gave you 17 years ago that you've never worn, Slava don't make them think those exist. That's what

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shaitan does. shun gets into their mind and be like, You wasted your money. You wasted your time, you shouldn't have given them anything they never were, they never use it. Do you ever see them with a look at that don't give as a matter of fact, don't buy any gifts for anyone because nobody appreciates things these days. That's what shaitan will do to the one who gives the one who's gifting others. So the way that you can eliminate all of that is show that that you appreciate by using the things that you're gifted a profit artists little son was given cloth and gowns, he was given capes and he would wear it. And he would show others and companions would ask him about it and

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he would wear it. This was the adverb. So mozzarella has some doesn't say nothing. He sees this as an opportunity that Wait a minute. This could be the response to my door. Now this could be another opportunity for me to do something for somebody else. The father wants to meet me. Maybe I have another opportunity to do some more good. Maybe this is exactly what I mean. I could probably get a job I could probably work I probably settle because I have nowhere to go. I left Egypt I'm walking in the middle of the desert. I don't know where to go. This could be the answer to my door. So what is musallam react with? Phantom he when he came to the Father by Lem Naja, who will Casali he'll

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cost us musala is slamming the father sat down and he told him everything.

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You know what costs are legal puzzles he gave them all of his life story.

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To the Father. Yeah, this is where it came from. I was raised in this palace, you know,

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they found me I don't know where it came from everything. And he also, it's safe to also assume because of will by now from soda to this sort of we would we have a good idea of just how honest an innocent Musashi Salaam is. So he would have told this father, he would have come clean. Yeah, actually, I accidentally killed somebody. So that's why I left I left Egypt and I was walking away. That's why I'm here. Because I can go back there, um, wanted a verdict was given out for my death. So I was like, it was an accident. This is what happened. This Israel I was in trouble, I intervene. He asked me for help I accidentally hit this guy fell to the ground. He came clean. What's the

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lesson here? Brothers, in particular, brothers, but everyone, brothers and sisters, anything that you know will affect your future relationship with your potential spouse?

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come clean with it. Don't keep that stuff. You know, I get asked a lot about past sins, past sins. You know, brother, Muslim, I've done so much wrong in my life. Now I'm engaged to this guy. Now I'm engaged to this girl. Should I tell him or her everything? You only tell and expose the things you know, will have a direct effect on the relationship. That's it. Everything else that's personal. That's between you and Allah. But come clean in the beginning. You know, why? Can you imagine then if later on in life after kids after several years, he or she finds out certain things about you like watching? Why didn't you tell me? I didn't know you did that. I didn't know you were involved

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in that. If I did, I would have never married you. Does that sound familiar? So so common. moosari. Slim is coming out with everything's like look, this is who I am. So if you're going to kick me out, or you're going to punish me or something, I'm coming clean. This is who I am. This is what I've done.

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But it's gonna have a different effect. Because the flip side of that is not Oh, he's he's This is going to be so risky for him. He's going to become so vulnerable. No, it also worked for him. The father could see that man, this guy is so honest. He's telling us everything about himself. Even all of those skeletons in the closet he's exposing to us. So really honest guy that's very brave of him to do that. So what happens? Pinilla to half the father says don't be afraid to look the father appreciate smooth says honesty. like to have no job terminal pole Mill Valley mean you are safe now from all of those wrong doors. Don't worry, you're okay here. Call it that Homer.

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One of the these ladies. So there's a bunch of these ladies, all of his daughters now are together, they probably heard some of the conversation, etc, etc, right. And they heard all of the honesty of masayoshi son so one of them says. And by the way, we're going to learn here that daughters have a say when it comes to the family business, they have a say, because after all, they're doing a lot of the legwork here they're taking the animals or taking them by the river giving them a drink, they are very much part of the business. So they also have a voice when it comes to taking the business to the next level. So all of those massages and Islamic Institute's that don't have a single board

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member who's a female, learn something from this, because now she's contributing. One of the daughter says to this business to this institute here. Yeah, I bet he Oh, my dear father, is that God? Why don't you hire him?

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Because look how honest he's been with you. You know, trust is the

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is the number one quality for a successful business. It's not skills that can that's secondary. When you can find an employee that you can trust. That's an incredibly difficult and unique thing to find, when you can find a trustworthy employee for your business is far greater, more valuable, more valuable and superior than the person who has 10 PhDs and has all the skills on the planet, but you can't hand them the keys to your business. You can't trust them. But they might know everything, how it works inside out. That's one thing. Trust is always number one. When you have trust, all of the skills come in later. That's automatic. So they see that musar Elise and because of his honesty, we

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can trust him. Why don't you hire him? We've all he's already gone through the probational period. We've already seen him how he took care of our animals and what he did for us and he asked for nothing in return, dad, hire him. You know some of the scholars said this was also because these daughters had so much higher and modesty in them. This was one of them, saying

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I like them.

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hire him but she doesn't say I like him or think he's cute or look at his arms, right? No, no, no.

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She's She's saying hire him. And this is kind of an indirect way that she's interested. Some of the LMS said that why did they say this? Look what happens next? In the hydro minister, Java telco we you will mean the best of the person that you hire is the one that is strong and trustworthy. Okay. Call it in the audio and own caca.

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The father says, I want to marry one of my daughters to you. Whoa, Dad, I just set to hire him. I didn't say wanted to marry him.

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parents know their kids.

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The Father's he This is his way of saying, Yeah, sure. hire him. Okay. I know you. I raised you. You're my daughter. Okay, I get it. And it's fine. You like somebody? And I like him, too.

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So don't worry, I'll take it up. I'll take it from here. So what does he do? He proposes to Musa alayhis salam on behalf of his daughter. What do we learn here? You don't have to wait, wait for the guy to do it all the time. You know, some cultures do that. You'll wait like, until she's gray haired and she's 65 years old, her teeth is falling off before the guy can come and propose. You're just gonna keep her waiting. And waiting and waiting. She's been interest in interested in him for the last like 40 years. But he's a no, you're my daughter. We don't go proposing to anybody who got a weight, that they bring the whole party in the office and everything, all the gifts and didn't

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shower us. And that's it. It's our culture. It's our dignity. Girls, don't ask for guys that never works that way. What's happening here? The father took over the conversation saying I'll do it.

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And he says clearly straight out. I want to marry one of my daughters too. He doesn't say which one? Because if musallam rejects. I was like, Listen, I'm not interested in any of that. He wouldn't know the identity of who. So then she she won't feel embarrassed in front of him. You see, do you see that? Because if he knew who she was, then shaitan wouldn't get into his head and be like, oh, next time I'm going to lift up my sleeve a little bit higher. It's just like, you know, it's like, it's like if the sister sees somebody she's interested in right. And she like, I don't know, she heard she prayed thought all week behind him or something. Right. And she loved his recitation, and bla

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bla bla bla. And later on, you know, the father inquires and be like you like, okay, fine talks to the brothers. So, so how long you've been leading total, we hear blah, blah, blah, and everything continues, continues. And then he just says, you know, what, really, I'm not interested. I'm already engaged to somebody else. He doesn't say to her, yeah, I am the father of so and so you guys are in the same class. She comes to the semester all the time. She's always praying behind you.

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If she finds out that you told him who I am, now I can go to that Masjid anymore. And then all of a sudden, he irons out all of his clothing, he starts busting out his machete or Russian boys, he starts going crazy.

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It's really awkward. And for her in particular, she might feel upset. She might feel a bit embarrassed, she might feel like I don't want to be around. And this table can be flipped the other way too. she rejects him. And he's like, I don't want to go around her anymore. Well, I'm gonna look like a full. I'm the reject. So to avoid all of that, he says, I want to marry you one of my daughters. I'm not telling you which one though.

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So, so beautiful. Let's conclude there's so much to talk about here. Debbie Natalia. Hi, Tina Ella and Jordan etham Ania hedges. So one of my daughters one of these two. I'm not going to tell you who. But the condition is that you work for me for at least eight years. Hedge hedge attune from hedge back then the way that they used to keep track of a year is they would say one hedge because they no hedge what's what happen once a year. So it will be one hedge to hedge and plural hedge hedge. Semenya hedge, you work for me for at least eight years. So my future son in law, I've already got a job for you.

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I've already got a place for you to live. So you don't have to worry about stability in the future. That's all taken care of just work for me.

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So panela

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is not one of those moments. What some cultures do yeah, brought in my son in law, I got to take care of him. Son in laws out there. If your father in law or your in laws in general, offer you a job, take it. That's the initial response is look at it as an opportunity to better yourself to improve and then you can work out all the finer details later.

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But at least consider it. That's what we're learning from here.

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For in Atlanta, Ashland, from hitting from an index panel is like, the father says the Messiah, the Son. But if you want to complete 10 years, that's from you. That'll be voluntarily, I'll appreciate it. I'll take it. That's no problem. So if you want to go to eight, that's the bare minimum. But if you want to go to 10 years and work for me, and was sad, and no problem. Well, now what do you do in a short bar, like, I'm not going to be a burden to you. I'm not going to intervene in your relationship in your marriage. I'm not going to be looking down on you like a hawk, monitoring every inch, every word you say to her and the moment you slip the moment you make a mistake, because

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unfortunately, you're a human being just like everybody else. If you say one thing wrong, I'm not gonna come in, you know, Bismillah, Allahu Akbar, to you, I'm just gonna step out let you guys work through your struggles work through your problems, I'll give you a chance I won't be a burden on you. That's what the Father says to musante, slim

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strategy, do any insha Allah Mila slightly here and you're going to find me in sha Allah hotevilla you're going to find me somebody who's a good person, you're you'll see that strategy dooney, you'll see it, meaning the father is going to show and I'm going to be like, you can trust me, I'm a good man. I'm nice. And I'm kind. It's not just talk the talk, the father saying you're going to see me walk the walk, I will be a good person, I will be a good father in law to you. We're going to pause there and shout low Tyler. There's some more things to talk about. But I just want you to digest some of the things that we've talked about when it comes to gender interaction, when it comes to

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engagement when it comes to all of the cultural barriers, some of the crazy stuff that we do, that makes the process of getting to know somebody or connecting with somebody, for a marriage so darn difficult, so complicated. These are things that we do. I've said this over and over, we make Islam so difficult. And Islam became an Islam in and of itself is so easy and straightforward. Allah subhanho wa Taala out of his mercy makes things so clear Moo bean, as he describes it clear, obvious, no ambiguity in it. All the ambiguous all the ambiguous things, we as human beings, we're the ones that put that into the religion. So I'm going to pause here and shut low Tyler

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let this marinate in your heart in your mind, about the engagement of mozzarella cheese Salaam, may Allah azzawajal bless all of you and take care of all of you in sha Allah hotel Allah murmee tomorrow we continue Bismillah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh