Murtaza Khan – Gems of Guidance – #04 – Your Endings Matter

Murtaza Khan
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smilla rahmanir rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad or other early he was a busy woman Temasek obeso natella Yomi Deen ama back. Welcome back brothers and sisters, in our journey of gap gems of guidance, whereby we'll be discussing the prophetic traditions of the prophets Allah love Ali Salim. So for the previous three Hadith we mentioned some fundamental principles of Islam or teachings of Islam. And these teachings, in general are for every single Muslim, and there's no exceptions towards these teachings, what we need to carry out. That brings us to today's Hadith, which I speaks about it, there's something that all of us that we

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share, is that all of us are the creation of Allah subhanaw taala and via being the creation of Allah subhanaw taala there are certain rules and regulations by default the before all of us, that we need to carry out to show our obedience towards Allah subhanho wa Taala so this hadith in general begins to speak about the creation of the human being, how the human being is created by Allah Subhana Allah or the placement of the human being inside the womb of the mother in a header comb. Huge barrel halco feeback Naomi, Urbina Yeoman, indeed one of you is brought together in the womb, or the stomach of his mother 40 days to my akuna Allah cotton Mr. Dalek. Then he becomes a piece of

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cloth for similar period of 40 days, from a akuna Matata Mr. Dalek and he becomes a chewed piece of flesh for a similar period of time.

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Now, this pattern of discussion that we find is mentioned also inside the Quran where Allah Subhana Allah mentions the various formats or the various

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levels of the creation of the human being. But before that we find in this hadith mentions the Abdullah bmus Road, he mentions that this is what he heard from Assad the calmest dog

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ability to serve as a famous companion, amongst the most famous individuals to make the seed of the Quran and likewise known as a great jurist of understanding of Islamic sciences. And we find that he's mentioned these words that he is the true full one, the one who is to be believed in and the words that he say says are true. Why did you make such a statement when the companions know that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is a truthful individual and one who's to be believed in? And some of the LM have given a reason for this amongst them share what they mean, Rahmatullah Allah mentions. Likewise, other olema explained this collection of 40 a Hadith, that the reason being possible

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reason being that here he's speaking about something of the unseen and obviously, is to speak a knowledge of the unseen to speak about the creation of the human being, and how the human being evolves or how the human being changes and becomes a complete human being. So finding this Hadeeth why the title or saw the common stock has given to the library code, or given sorry to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is because he is narrating something which is of the unseen, which may be something not comprehensible to the Bedouin Arabs at that time. So lest they pose the question that maybe this is some form of myth, or a fable or tale or something that He's exaggerating, he presents

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the Hadith by mentioning this is something which is delivered from the truth for one. And we know that a name that title Assad was given or Siddiq was given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, prior to Prophet whether he was known as Assad and mean, the true for one and the trustworthy. One was a title that was placed upon the Prophet Elijah Islam, before even revelation, and they knew that he was not one to tell lies, or invent stories, or to fabricate to impress the people. And that's the Quran itself. It mentions 1 million Depo anila Hawa in who are Illa why you knew her, the beginning of sort of najem that we find the 53rd chapter, the Quran, he speaks 1 million tieguanyin however,

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whatever he speaks is not from his own desires, or from his own speech, everything that he utters in terms of divine revelation words from Allah subhanaw taala, is from Allah Subhana Allah that He is delivering this message to mankind. So that's we find that the true for words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam remained for throughout time, one shouldn't fall into an element, that these words are no longer applicable, or some words that can be questioned about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, anything he may

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In about affairs of the unseen or affairs in relation towards our Deen towards Islam. If they have not been discovered at that time, or discovered today they remain true. There may be discovered at a later stage person believes in the authenticity of the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and does not wait for science or other people to testify to his words the truthfulness of his words inside the Quran. As we mentioned a last round I mentioned these various stages of the human being. Amongst these passages inside the Koran that we find is inside the beginning of sort of Hajj, to 22nd chapter of the Quran whereby Allah subhanaw taala addresses mankind by making the

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statement yet you lead into your natural in quantum theory mineral bathy for in Hakuna comb, mean Torah, or mankind if you are in doubt regarding your creation, or your resurrection or bringing you forth for in Hakuna komentar Rob indeed we created you from the dust from the earth from them and not far. Then from the * from Amina aloka then from the cloth from motika McCullough, then we created you from the formed piece of flesh to flesh, okay mohalla and that which is unformed, and some of the elements the fasciae dimension, the form becomes one whereby the soul is blown in or begins to carry on living and the unformed is the one which is deformed, or the one that can be

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dropped or does not fulfill its time period that you buy in in Nakuru fill our HMI, Manisha Illa. Allah Musoma, we made them begin to explain to you the creation of Allah Subhana Allah the way that he creates human beings and then we place this individual or this this child for is born in the fetus of the mother, either until an appointed time. Likewise we find that Allah subhanaw taala also described inside so to be known, another place describing the 23rd chapter of Quran, the creation of the human being, how the human being is created or the format's of the human being, while catalana in cinnamon Salalah to maintain, indeed, we created a human being from an extract of clay. This

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refers to the original creation of the human being referring to Adam Ali Salaam, from Nigeria, no, not fatten to karate McCain. Then we placed him on the rest of the human being to be created from the water from the liquid and placed him inside the warm place of the womb, and of the mother and then the ayah to begin to mention them we enshroud him with flesh, and we will be bones for unshare no Holloman aka Fatah, Baraka low as an holophane. And we make him the complete format of a human being, and will praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah and the creation of the human being. So we can say that this is to certain degree, a certain element of a scientific prophecy, speaking

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about the development of the child in the womb of the mother, for the first 40 days, then the following 40 days, then the following 40 days, a period of four months of 120 days and after the soul is born into the child and as you find scientifically as well. It shows that these are the growing stages of the child in the womb, of the mother. So this is all nothing but revelation from Allah subhanahu what Allah then Allah Subhana Allah, thumb, your solo illegal mullet, then Allah Subhana Allah sends in the angel and here's some of the unimarc begin to discuss that whether it is any angel that comes or is there a specific angel that comes for this task, and some have gone to

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the view that a specific angel comes and the angel tasked with this angel is to blow the soul into this into this piece of flesh for young for coffee here in the soul is blown into into this body where you will be automatically matched in and then four commandments are given regarding this child be cut to be crispy or jelly he formerly was shocking Oh salad for things elements are written about this. The to be born child is the person's provision, their time span, how long they're going to live for Warhammer, Li his actions, and whether this person is going to be in a state of happiness on a wretchedness in this world or inside the hereafter. And as some of the mentioned, a sad

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publisher will add that happiness is before birth, meaning that a las pantallas Destin will take place for every single individual. So Allah subhanaw taala also mentioned other places or the Quran, were called Holocaust Comm. Ottawa we created you in stages. Now here strangely some modernistic interpretations of the Quran. They try to make decisions

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Speaking about Darwin's theory about the human being was was evolves and becomes the perfect format as we know what his theory is. However, this is incorrect interpretation of this verse in the Quran and even the whole SIOP the context of the verses, all speaking about the human being and the beginning of the human being, etc. and here we find your called Hala Kakuma tewara is speaking about the stages as we mentioned from those passages from SoTL, Hajj and soltamox Moon and this hadith and he as well, who will already you saw rockenfeller hammy kaliesha in the beginning of sort of earlier marohn Allah subhanaw taala mentioned he is the one who forms you, gives you the depiction gives you

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that image here referring to the creation, the human being, fill, fill our hammock, a finisher, he molds you every once inside the womb of the mother is the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala also working in a soracom he is one he makes your format makes your images makes you as human beings and he has beautified or perfected the image or the human being like thus we find another place in the Quran laqad Hakuna in Santa Fe eseni the Queen indeed we've created the human being in the best mode in the best structure. That is how Allah subhanaw taala gives reference to this creation of he Subhana Allah and as we find that the the ultimate or the best creation of Allah subhanaw taala is

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the human being that's the last undermentioned side sorted is Surah welaka the car from ebony Adam Warhammer novel, but we will have

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a bit of fun dunelm Allah Cassie remember Hakuna Matata Dida, Wanaka, Rama Benny Adam. Indeed we have given nobility, rank and honor and dignity to the children of Adam. We take them over the land and the ocean. And we've given the children of Adam or the sons of Adam and Mark preference over everything else that we've created. That is the mark perfect has given to human beings because a human being is the ultimate species or the best creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala this mankind is addressed inside the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah speaks addresses mankind, not the believers or the disbelievers. He addresses human beings. He says yeah, you're Yeah, you're insane malhar Raka arabic

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al Karim and Lady holla pasa worker for Adela fee surah t Masha Allah.

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Allah says to the human being all mankind Malhotra Kabira Big Al Karim, what has deceived you from not turning to the most noble one Allah subhanaw taala that keeps you away from focusing and turning towards and recognizing Allah Subhana Allah, then Allah Subhana Allah gives a if we can use the words a logical argument towards the human being a lady holla Kaka facade worker for the lucky one that created you and perfected you and gave you the mode and the structure and gave you the format as a human being fee a sort of commercial or a cabinet whatever format allows complete, for that human creates you in places you however, we find that many of us fail to recognize the creator and

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see that these are signs of Allah Subhana Allah and the way that the human being has been created to such a degree of loss. And I mentioned Wolfie unphysical a fella taapsee rune and even in your own selves, the creation, your own your own cells. These This is something for you to visualize, to see, to recognize Allah subhanho wa Taala who will lead the Hala cocoon for men come careful woman commitment. He is one that created you, all of us. And unfortunately there is going to be amongst us, those who are believers, and those who are disbelievers will love will be ma maluna Busey and a lot is all seeing and all knowing regarding what we do, so all of us, as we mentioned, share the

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same element of being human beings, being the children of Adam, being the sons of Adam, being the human race, but the preference comes for each individual, or how one individual becomes better than another individual is via the obedience or prior to that the recognition of Allah Subhana Allah, one who submits becomes always given more honor and dignity. Firstly in front of Allah subhanaw taala obey Allah subhana wa Tada. And then that dignity begins to spill over to the angels till eventually is placed down upon any the earth.

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The Hadeeth and mentions regarding carrying out actions for the human being, for la de la la la, Perla de la Ilaha hierro in

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la mano de la gender by him in his hand

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Is my soul one of you begins to do the actions of the people of gender had my akuna bainer webinar in there our person begins to do so much of the action agenda that between that person and between Paradise is only an arm's span an arm's length. And he had this is an Arabic terminology doesn't mean that physically, your your foot span or hand span away from Paradise is a form of speech inside the Arabic language that the person is as if they have the right to enter into paradise, or they're very close of being entered into paradise. However, we find that this individual that is effort or the eggs that they exert themselves, they don't make it to paradise.

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Or prior to that I find some people may pose a question that if each one of us is destined to go to Paradise, then what is the point in carrying out actions? If I'm destined to go to the Hellfire, then there is no point in me changing there's no point in me doing different actions. So this is something that even the the companions, they posted a prophet alayhi salatu salam, that what is the if every individual has been destined, and the final destination has been

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placed for that individual, the what is the need for carrying out or doing actions upon the face of this earth?

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Allah Kowloon Yamato Lima Haleakala, who olema you said Allah who every individual will do whatever the individual has been created for our last panel make it easy for the individual to do the actions, whatever the individual that path the individual is heading towards. So in general, if a person is doing good deeds, then this is a good sign that this is a topic from Allah Subhana Allah for this person to do good deeds, to be heading towards the path of Paradise and have a person love a bed is disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. This in general, is a bad sign or a sign for the individual, that they are heading towards the doom the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw

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taala and that's in the Quran I mentioned fasten, fasten your seat, who who will use raw, we will simplify make easy, the path of ease of doing good deeds for the individual. And the same sort of last point I mentioned that the opposite person, yes sir, who also will make it hard and difficult for an individual the path meaning they will carry on remaining in the path of disobedience of Allah Subhana Allah. Also, people may also may pose the question, is it fair that a person is doomed to the Hellfire or person is given paradise? And people begin, as we mentioned previously, begin to ask questions or they begin to question Allah subhanho wa Taala. And here we need to bear in mind is a

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principle mentioned inside the Quran that we need to understand or verse inside the Quran. Now use Allah, Allah alone, Allah Subhana Allah can never ever be questioned about what he does, rather, we or they will be questioned us by Allah subhanaw taala so no one has a right to ask the creator ask Allah Subhana Allah, that why is such and such individual being destined to paradise or why such a such individual being destined to the hellfire. And this doesn't mean that Allah Subhana Allah is, is going to oppress His servants or press any individual, every individual, according to their own choice, will make that choice and head towards that path of obedience or disobedience towards Allah

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subhanaw taala and also the Hadith that mentions that the person is doing the actions of people have paradise, but towards the end of his life, or they change and become the people of the hellfire. How is it possible a person who spends 2030 years 40 years of their life obeying Allah subhanaw taala and then Allah Subhana Allah then sends them to the hellfire. Various explanations have been given this hadith and combining of other Hadith, you find such wordings as female Arab dueling nurse, that that which begins to seem apparent to people, that this is a person of paradise. But as we began with the inner intent could be corrupt. That's some of the realm of Hadith I mentioned. This Hadith

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is speaking about, for the reason this hadith is speak about individuals who face value, who just died as a martyr. So the companions began to praise this, this individual, but rather the Prophet la salatu salam. He said, Well, woman and a nerd he is amongst the people of Hellfire, the companions was startled that how can the Prophet alayhi salatu salam mentioned this individual or condemned this individual to the Hellfire, because apparently, he is a person who's doing actions, which are noble actions, but we find the core element in the element of corruption with this individual and some other narration mentioned that the person eventually takes his own life or cannot bear the pain

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of the wound that he's facing.

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We find that also that the change from good to evil is something very, very rare. The normal change that takes place for the human being is machinery a little higher, that's a normal procedure, that a person will move away from bad deeds and come towards goodness is the normal norm, or the format that we find on those rare occasions where a person moves from good deeds to bad deeds. As we mentioned, there could be an inner element that exists within this individual, that Allah Subhana Allah now destined for that individual to be taken in a state of disobedience. amongst us reasons, we find there could be an an ailment a sickness inside the heart, as we mentioned previously, that

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they are only obeying Allah subhanaw taala, because of the environment around them. But when they're given the opportunity to disobey Allah subhanaw taala, then they fall into that trap, or into that desire to hide within themselves and a loss plan that takes their life, while disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. And also, what we can learn from this hadith is a concept of being fearful about our ending, because some of these Hadith they mentioned, the wording in number

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Malou ll have a team that indeed, actions are to be judged according to the ending. So it's always this way, remember, I mentioned always look at the end of an individual. And don't look at the beginning of the individual or in the middle of the individual look at the end of the individual, of what they passed away upon. And that's what that's the golden rule, that people who have left this dunya a person should be very careful to speak about them, unless they're speaking in a knowledge basis about certain knowledge, mistakes they may have made, a person can present them in such society, but other than a person should be very vigilant about speaking about the dead individual,

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because that could be a form of backbiting about them and losing one's own good deeds, and becoming a loser on the day judgment, speaking ill of other individuals. So, this sickness inside the heart that exists within the individual, and this could be any one of us, that a person should not become full of themselves that they are free from sin.

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The Prophet Allah is not Islam, he even warned his own companions to not place himself inside environment, which is which is questionable. Some of these ahaadeeth they are weak in nature, we find such wordings just paraphrasing the Hadith, that the person can only blame themselves, of placing themselves placing themselves inside an environment which is blameworthy. So if a person surrounds himself with something which is haram, or places himself inside the harem, they should not expect people to think well of them. If the person is continuously found in such an environment, if it's a rare occasion whereby a person may have to walk through an haram environment. For example, in

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a pub or something of such a nature person needs to walk through a date and person should think well of the individual. But if a person is is continuously caught or seen an environment, which is not pleasing, which is not something praiseworthy, then how can a person think well of that individual and maybe give this individual an excuse for this individual. Rather, this could open up the doors for the individual to fall into sins if they place himself inside such an environment of temptation. And thus, we find that use of Elisa when he's placed inside that environment, even though he's free from any blend blemish from any any sin, but we find that some elements some elements are fussy,

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they mentioned that some element of a feeling may have developed inside the mind or in the heart of use of La Silla being a young individual he was, but if had not been the evidence that he saw, then he could have fallen prey like any other human being. But as we know that all of the prophets, they are infallible, they don't make any form of kaback major sins and nothing of any sin can be attributed to any of the prophets. But here we find that that the what we can learn from this is the human nature, that the human nature of the human being the heart of the human can sway at any time, that if they're exposed to something which is sinful, or disobedient, that could go towards that.

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And may Allah forbid that the person their life could be taken and that could be classified as soon hajima. a bad ending. So as we mentioned, there could be some core element of sickness or corruption inside the heart of the individual that plays on their mind plays on the heart to eventually begin to do an evil action and may love a bit of loss panda takes them while it's carrying out that bad action or the evil action. Also, we find that from this hadith that we learn, one shouldn't over judge people over praise people. The inner affairs should be left with Allah subhanho wa Taala in general principle is that we take people

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by him upon their face value upon their words and their speech and

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etiquettes that they have we take them upon that. And also we should be very careful at the same time that many of us become very judgmental. If a person does make a mistake, that we begin to attribute slogans and titles towards them. We find them in such a hadith mentioned, either Hadith or if the person had better clarity about the person speaks and their life a person's trust or something, they don't fulfill their trust. The key word here is either which is too broad becomes continuous nature. So once in a while we could not meet someone at the right time, fail to not fulfill the promise, not carry out what you're told to do. That doesn't mean that the person now

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becomes a hypocrite have been given that title. Here it becomes habitual than on a regular basis the person is not trustworthy or breaks their promises on a regular basis. So that is a symbol of hypocrisy for that individual. And as we mentioned, the golden rule is anything is mentioned inside a hadith. One should not try to apply that to another individual. Even if such harsh words are mentioned. suburban Muslim Cofer to curse and revile a Muslim is coffered disbelief. So, if person swears or says something person shouldn't go and say to another individual you are now Cafiero your disbelieving individual. such words should not be used upon another Muslim person should be vigilant

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about taking slogans and titles and placing them upon other individuals rather person should show some element of trying to encourage the individual to remove themselves from their sin or disobey disobedience towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. As we mentioned, the context is Hadith is some of the realm of Hadith mentioned, is referring to an individual who on face value, seem to be a praiseworthy individual, who was fighting and struggling in the way of Allah Subhana Allah, but there was an element within the individual, that this person was not being in that full element of sincerity towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's we find that a person should be always worried

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about the amount that they're taking from this dunya or death comes to them and not in a state of Eman that we find amongst the most excessive supplications of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he would make his year more comfortable kalu submit calbee Allah denecke are one who controls the heart make my heart to be firm upon your deen and obedience towards you. Another Hadith we find

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Yama, serif or serif called be unapologetic. One who changes the format of the hearts change my heart, divert my heart, towards your obedience in fulfilling obedience towards you. So we find also inside the Quran urbanna to the da da da da de tener una mendonca Rama indicando hub are what led to the collusion about data data, do not deviate our hearts after You have guided us. So a person is always excessively asking Allah Subhana Allah for is the karma, for steadfastness, and asking for good ending when they leave this world in a state of obedience towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. And thus, we find that various stories are mentioned about individuals who lost their Eman towards the

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end. And obviously we should highlight here These are stories, they can be accepted or they can be rejected, but there is a moral fiber inside them that some of the historians and collectors of Islamic history have placed your stories for quite possibly a benefit for us to look at these stories and to begin to remind ourselves because the human nature needs various formats of reminder from the Quran, from the Sunnah, from spiritual experiences, from real life examples to strengthen the mind and their faith. So a mammal has an A bursary, he mentioned about an individual who was the mother at that time. And while he climbed a member or he climbed a lofty place and began to give the

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call to prayer, he's he's eyes fell on a young lady on a beautiful woman, and that distracted him from giving the other end of completing the added for us may be may sound something extreme or something you know, that's not possible. But this is, as we know, that Islamic sciences and texts that they warn us about certain instances about the glance and refining some narrations, that indeed, that indeed, the glance is for monks one of the poison arrows of shape on of the devil even though this hadith is not authentic, and some have accepted his authenticity, but the meaning is there the I the glance can derail the individual and this is all based upon the verses or the Quran

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inside so to know where but last point I mentioned, are called in meaning your domain I'm sorry him say to believing meant to lower the cases to lower the eyesight and then it mentioned to the believing women as well because the glands could lead on to other temptations and feelings within the individual. However, what is what is also definitely authentic is whereby the

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Prophet Elijah Islam mentioned to earlier on the local anhu lukan, Allah, Allah Azza, Catania, that may be you may have the first sudden glance that may appear of something which is not acceptable, but you don't have any right to continue that glance to look at something which is forbidden. So this more than his eyes fell upon this young lady. And then he stopped giving the adonijah not completely done. And then he wanted, he presented himself to marry this young lady. And she said that you know, that I am the daughter of the of the local priest, and my faith is Christianity. And so if you want to marry me, then you will need to abandon your faith, and you need to enter into

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Christianity to marry me. And this individual, he gave up his faith of Islam, and then he married this lady, or he became a Christian, and then he married his lady to fulfill the last hour, the designer may have entered within him, as we mentioned, these a story that exists that person could accept, no person can reject them. But the moral fiber is there that a person could may love a bit. And that falling to some sin and falling into a sort of heart human evil ending, another famous story that I'm sure that many of us have come across the story of the famous Abbot, the famous worship by Caesar, that you find that this was a famous worship of, of Allah subhanaw taala, who was

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or he was known to be a righteous a pious individual. And you find that the certain individuals inside the village, as they were traveling out, they or they went to, to perform warfare performed Jihad at that time, they had to leave their daughter behind. And then they saw the sister behind entrusted the sister under the protection of Bursa, and told him that your task is to take care of her. So obviously, I'm sure that many of us are familiar with the story, whereby that she wouldn't be living in a separate house and and he would just come and present place the food for her outside, outside the house. And then after a short while, shavon whispered to him that, you know, maybe she's

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lonely, maybe you need to converse, or maybe to speak to her, ask her how she is, so that He will speak to her at the door, then after a short while, shaytan again, aroused his emotions, feelings, that maybe it's not good enough just to sit there and to speak to her that you should go inside and, and sit with and speak to her and make her feel comfortable, etc.

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So we find that Barcelona was tempted by the whisperings of SharePoint lavanchy entered into the room with this strange woman. And then he carried out this evil action of fornication with her. And then they say that a child was born and he killed her, and he killed the child as well and buried them and denied he killed the woman. But anyhow, the story at various versions of story are given till eventually, to rescue himself or to free himself. shaitaan comes to try to help him and tells him to prostrate in front of him. And then he eventually dies from being a worshiper to just to being the worship of his lust and his desires, and a worshipper of shavon. But a key message that we

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can extract from from the story is a lesson for possibly many of us are many of our youth around us about the temptations that they're surrounded by that in general, as you mentioned, people the inclination towards good is the general norm, but the environment around them could lead the individual tempt the individual to begin to enter into a haram environment. And as we find that many young people in today's climate, want to live a good life, but the friendship or the comrades around them begin to incline them towards that they want to just try something or do something till eventually, they become addicted to many forms of evil that we find around us inside society, which

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they themselves cannot even imagine how it led to an addiction. And as we mentioned many times or the Prophet Allah mentioned, about the type of friends that we keep a model Allah Dini Holly Lee, a man is upon the way of life, or the faith of whoever his friends are. So let each one of you select to see who his friends are. Because eventually, it will just be sitting with your friends, then you begin to imitate them, you begin to emulate them, you begin to carry out and do the same practices or the actions that they're doing. And as they say, one thing leads to another, till eventually the person becomes May Allah forbid a sinful individual, and may even pass away in a state of sin. And

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as earlier mentioned, that a person who dies whilst doing a good deed is a good sign. person who dies reading the Quran, performing the hajj, reading a Salah, doing a good deed, will be resurrected upon that in front of Allah subhanaw taala and also the opposite. A person who dies, Allah forbid disobeying Allah Subhana Allah will be resident

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acted on the Day of Judgment exposed the sin that they were doing. So this is also linked to this hadith about the person may be looking externally to be a righteous or good individual, but they die in was carrying out even action or person could just be a normal individual who lives a life of sin and doesn't pay heed towards their life. And they feel that they are disobeying Allah to Allah or they live a life of secret sins that no one knows about them. They could be resurrected in their judgment exposed in front of the whole of creation exposed by Allah subhanaw taala. On that day, and as we mentioned, the whole aspect of this hadith or the main format, this hadith is to remind the

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human beings about the creation, that we have been created from despicable liquid of water, the essence the beginning of the human being, and then he becomes the Supreme, or the ultimate, the best creation of Allah subhanaw taala that greatness of the creation of Allah Subhana Allah, the greatness of the human being, should lead towards them, complying and worshipping Allah subhanaw taala and recognizing that the real greatness belongs only to Allah subhanaw taala and that is a real human being. That is a format that allows pantallas laying out inside the Quran. And inside the Sunnah, the prophetic tradition, the prophet of Islam, to this the real evolving of the human being

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to become a worshipper of Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah give us all a trophy and ability to recognize the beginning of creation and the purpose of creation and to fulfill our role of creation upon this earth, wellness pantalla accepted from all of us that we're now and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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