Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Al-Qasas #04 V18-23

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The police use a mix of tactics and tactics to try to get women out of a situation, including Snar Santa's help and Karey Kari's murder. The importance of learning from teachers and language is emphasized, as well as the importance of setting people up and using body language to tell people who are in jail. The struggles of former Israeli artists are discussed, including Moosa and Kalia Moosa's actions and struggles. The importance of not giving drink to animals and waiting until men leave is emphasized, as well as the need to learn from parents and listen to previous episodes.
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Cinema they come to LA he was about a character will humbly level Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Boulevard. So brothers and sisters, were at verse number 18. And now, again, some more dramatic events start to unfold. So let's jump right into it. I want to make this session half of what the previous sessions were. I don't like these sessions to be more than 20 minutes long. And some of the previous sessions I went back and I looked at them and they were like 40 minutes and 30 some odd minutes. So we definitely want to try to keep it as concise as possible. The problem that we're running into because the story is so rich, and it's so detailed.

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There's so much to talk about, I don't want to give you some and leave out other details, because then you won't get the complete picture. And if I try to keep it concise, then it's going to be a very dry sort of experience and study of the story of mozzarella cheese, which is another problem in and of itself, but we'll do our best we'll do our best inshallah. Okay, let's continue. So after musalla he said them pretty much blames the man who he tried to save for setting him up pretty much that's that's that's what ended up happening. He got set up, because they all left all that his particular Israel light that he tried to help he left and ran away with all of his buddies and kind

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of left Moosa alehissalaam hanging there by himself. So we continue in sha Allah hotel Island. I just noticed a very, very interesting name Sr arpha. I see you welcome Mashallah. Tabata cola. It's great to have you may allies soldier bless you and preserve you. For those of you who don't know Sr. is sort of like a good friend and colleague of mine. We've done a number of different projects and talks in the past. Now learn sojo, bless you, whatever it is that you're involved in. May Allah put his bot okay in it. It's great to see you. Welcome to the lab. Carlota be Bhima and I'm Tyler Phelan akun over here a little maturity mean is the last verses that we is that we studied. So let's

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continue from there for us by halfhill Medina de Hall, he fania Tara Cobb, so Musa alayhis salaam the next day has to go back out into the city, and he's afraid, hace fania taka taka from construe the word rakeem has Do you Does this sound familiar to you? Yeah. Is it takota Bakula? z holla poco min nevsun wahida. Well, hello come in has Soulja the first a and soda 10 Nisa in the LA Cana la Kumara Kiba. Allah says that he is upon us a la Kiba are up he literally means grabbing an animal by the neck and steering it where you want to go. And our version of that is you know, when you go to the mall, and you have your kids, and you hold their hands and you tell them don't run off, don't go

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here, don't go there. And you kind of keep them with you. And wherever you go, they go. That's called a peep. masala is Salim when Allah is describing that he is or a peep to himself. He's basically saying that musala Islam walked back now out in the same city. And this time it's during the day it's busy. So he's always looking over his shoulders. He's kind of just as he's walking. If he sees you know, it's just like the criminal if you see a police you kind of put your head over bring your hat down, kind of just blend in hopefully you won't get caught musallam is not a criminal but he's kind of looking over his shoulders every inch that he goes into the city so hot you fania

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Tanaka because why he's afraid this man this is this Egyptian men that he took out the day before he knows that there's a call out who's the person responsible for this? So there's a call out for the person wanted for this particular murder

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for either ledgestone Sato who bill MCs dasari Whoa, guess what, guess who he ends up seeing? He ends up seeing the same guy he helped the day before he ends up seeing him across the road somewhere and the same man is in trouble again. So the guy that Israel like that he helped CS Musashi Salim But this man now has two things for him. He knows mozzarella, his solemn because he was a witness to what Musa did yesterday. And number two, he knows the name of Moosa. So Mussolini's Salim is definitely nervous and afraid to have to stand or be near this guy. And he noticed is that the same Israelite? He looks across and he's in trouble again with another Egyptian guard or somebody else,

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right? So he's in trouble again. So musala Islam sees it and he tries to walk away and just kind of leave it alone, but he's still a bit curious. Why is this man in trouble again? Look what the man does.

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The man

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Goes call that a Moosa

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call Allahu Moosa. When this man saw mozzarella, he said him Yes, sir Whoa, the man screamed out mooses name and asked him come and help me again for a second time. And then Moosa says to the men in Nicola. How are we? You? mubin Oh, we is somebody that takes advantage of people. So musallam says men, you're pathetic. You take advantage of people. You get in trouble one day you call me out, this problem happens. Now you get in trouble again the second day, and you still call me out for the same thing. Because the guy is thinking Moosa, it's me it's your buddy, you know, we go way back back in the day yesterday when you did this, and you did that. So you helped me out once you can

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help me out again. And musala Islam learned? What did the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam say about the believer, he never gets stung twice by the same mistake. So mozzarella, he seldom learns Okay, this is the same guy and he's going through the same problem I'm gonna back away here, fella or other fishability who are I do will let him in. So when mozzarella has seldom wanted to back away, and basically you know, you have this guard who is with this Israel light and this guard is beating the heck out of him musalla his slam can already start to see that the guard is going to take him out and metabolism doesn't want that. So Musa instead of punching the guard, punching the Egyptian

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he kind of just pushes him away yo shabby Lizzy who are the will lahoma. So it kind of just pushes him away to to kind of break up the fight. And that's when the man does this. The Israelite does this. Look what he does. Alia Moosa.

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The Israelite thinks that Moosa wants to take him out, not the Egyptian out Subhana Allah. It's just, it's unreal. So he thinks now that Musa he says Kalia Moosa. So what did he do? He screams out, says name. A todo untuck to me Can Patel 10 FCM bill EMS, do you want to kill me the way you killed a man yesterday.

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So here's the second thing this Israelite did, he gave away Moosa. Now as the suspect. You are the one that took somebody's life yesterday. Remember, there are guards everywhere does a huge commotion. So now the word out the word is out that Moosa is the men wanted for the killing of that, that that that guard yesterday and number two, now everybody knows who Moosa is standing right there. And the person that gave this away was the same Israel like that, that he helped the day before, and he's trying to help again.

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What uh, what do you want to call us? It's like a scumbag. And that's what scumbags do.

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That's what con artists do. their strongest tool is intelligence. Once they have information and they can set you up and take advantage of you. That's what they do. You know, we saw something similar in another suitor, guys, what's the sister soda of pseudo causes? Similar to Yusef when you say finally his salon was in jail. And there were the two men that was in prison with him. Eventually, those two men one of them died and the other one was released, right? When that one that was released, all the use of arlie Sallam told that men that prisoner to do is go back and tell everybody who's in jail. It's me. usif the innocent one, tell them my story. And the guy just

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forgot. He didn't even care once he got out. All he cared about was himself. Eventually, when the king saw that dream about the seven calves eating the seven cat, seven cows devouring seven other cows, when he saw that dream and he wanted interpreter, that's when that prisoner wanted to seek a promotion in the castle in the palace. So he says to the king, I know somebody that can interpret the stream he's referring to use it but here's the thing he doesn't even say use its name to the king. He's like I know somebody let me go get him. So then what he's gonna do now he goes back to the prison where use of it slam is sitting in there and his end he goes, Yeah, are you ha Sadiq Hey,

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buddy, it's me your fellow you know back in the day compadre. You know, I'm your buddy. We were in prison together. We were inmates. It's me. I'm back. Hey, listen to King saw a dream. Could you interpret it for me?

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He doesn't say look, you know, we need you to come interpret for the king. Because this former prisoner is trying to seek a promotion. He wants to look good in front of everyone else. That's what a scumbag does. That's what the current artists does. their strongest tool is intelligence. Once they got information and they

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can take advantage of you with that information. That's what they do. And that's what the same Israelite is doing with mozzarella cheese. He already knows Moosa what he did yesterday. He's the only witness. He knows the name. So he gives it all away and he puts Moo Sally slam on the spot and he says, you want to kill me?

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in Toledo an 11, Tokuda belt and fill out if you just want to be a bully, Jab, Jab, borrowed to force something in its place like a bully. So you want to be a bully? Well, Matt, todo anticodon Milan, Muslim Hainan, you don't want to be somebody that brings good to anyone. So look what this Israeli Israeli does. It's insane.

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Musashi, some time goes by now.

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Musa alayhis salaam realizes what's happening. And he just kind of backs off now. The next day. Lots of things happen between verse 19 and verse 20. But one of the unique things about core n is that when it leaves out a ton of date details it wants you to fill those in. So let's assume now that after this whole scene musar Lisa gets away, gets himself prepared. He's gonna leave now he needs to get far away. He's probably gone in hiding somewhere in a cave wherever it's somebody else's house you name it. So he's left now the city at least far away from the palace as possible. What Jaya ology lumen, aka Sol Medina Ts Hara, and then came all the way from the other end of the city where

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the palace was. So this is a clue that musar lease land went to one end. And this men who took the river so it's kind of like our 401 right, he took the river he's coming down you went through everywhere. He spent nights here and there until he found Musa alayhis salaam. And he says to Moosa

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yes are quite a Musa in Malaya, Tammy Runa be Kelly Aqua to Luke, the administration, all the leaders back in the palace. They gathered and they're having a sitting right now determining a verdict on your fate. Because now they This is real. I gave it all away. So they're sitting there like what do we do with this guy Moosa, he took the life of one of our people. So what are we going to do? And this men seems like he was a friend to Moosa, he's an Egyptian, who says an Israelite. So this man looked like he was close to moosari he had a good heart. So he wanted to just come and tell my son Look, man, this is what they're planning against you. Lee aka to Luke the verdict is that

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they're going to sentence you to death. Because you took the life of somebody they're going to sentence you to death. So what does this man say to musar listen for horloge in Nila Camila nasi hain, get out of here go run away. And then it says in Mi Mi laka to you mean a nasty hand and somebody that's trying to really give you some advice here like I'm really trying to tell you something. So it looked like here's what here's what it looks like it has happened. Masada Islam is listening to this man. And he's like, yeah, whatever you're one of them get out of here. You're trying to set me up. You know, if I end up leaving, there's probably a whole set of guards out there

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that set a perimeter around Egypt. And if I try to exit the city, they're going to be waiting for me Go go go. This man had to sit there keep going and going and convincing, convincing musar Listen, look, I'm telling you the truth. So that's why and tough with three part emphasis. At the end of the day. I'm swear Honestly, I'm telling you for your own good. Get out of Egypt. So after some convincing mozzarella cheese packs up for how to German ha ha infinia turret club. He leaves Egypt afraid Yeah, Tara club. We just saw that word yet. Ah, Baba keep looking over his back all behind him.

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He doesn't want anybody to know. And he and he's quietly as discreet as possible. Leaves Egypt. Where's he going? Carlota Bina Jeannie minakami Valentin Oh Allah give me success giving me strength from a nation that has wronged

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students. That verse I just read to you, Paula or Rob Benin, Jeannie Manero coal Mill Valley mean did you hear that verse in another soda somewhere? Who else said the exact same sentence type it out? Especially the sisters you should know this. I'm sure most of you do. Whoa is the other woman in the corner and that said the exact same Dora or Rob be Ned Jeannie min Elko Nevada the mean? I'm gonna just take a sip of my coffee here

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until somebody types out who said there have been a genie male pole male finally mean? Another suitor

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So type that out and in the meantime, most Sally has said m. is seeing a Dora. But it's not just any door. He learned this from somebody. He learned this from somebody I'm waiting to see very good Sr libnah as SEE A BIT Moza him or the alarm on her, who is who to mozzarella slam his stepmom which tells you what, he didn't just make up this door out of nowhere. He learnt it. He learned it from home. He learned it from his mom, or at least his stepmom at the time. mothers out there.

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The greatest gift you can give your child is the gift of Dora.

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That's the greatest gift you can teach your child is you teach your child, Dora

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and all mothers do this. All mothers spend time

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when you're sitting with your child, even if your child has a baby, and you're about to nurse your child, what do you what do you you know, unconsciously you don't even think about you say okay Bismillah and not realizing that the child although it's that tiny, might have internalized unhurt sounds Bismillah and they learn this stuff.

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And you know, I see this all the time, it doesn't mean that the Father is not doing anything. He's totally useless. No, no, we're just concentrating on what the suta is concentrating on. Okay? This is a sutra about mums. So what's up hustlers story mousse it's all about Mom, you know suited use it was about dad, that was that version. We're talking about mom here. So we're just keeping it in context. You know, when I when I at the masjid. And most of the times 99% of the times when I see the kids getting dropped off on Sunday classes or weekend programs, most of the times it's mom doing it. Now that's busy working or doing whatever, right and mom's there.

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And that's where they get those values, the foundation, all of those fundamentals. So mom, all the moms out there don't trivialize when you're teaching your kids the simple doors when to wake up when to say Bismillah before they go to sleep. When you walk into a Masjid. How to keep your hands together how to pray some words you teach him Don't trivialize this stuff, because look, Musa alayhis salam is using the exact same Dora that the wife of fit our own ESEA his stepmom is must have taught him at least it's kind of hinting as though this is where he learned from Subhana Allah. So beautiful. last verse will sort of right. This is so delicious. I don't know if I want to stop at

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verse 22. But let's see, while I'm talking to Paul and medion so musar Lee slim goes out and I remember everything outside of Egypt is just desert. So he faces towards the city of meridian.

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Pilar Selby says I hope that my master a de sola sob, that He will guide me towards a path somewhere so musala Islam has no idea where he's going he doesn't even know he's going towards the city of men yet he's just okay I'm just going to face towards this direction. Yella Hollis. And he goes I hope that Allah will the whole I hope that Allah will take me somewhere. Take me wherever he wants. So a Sibiu It's amazing. So he got himself all ready. Now, I see some of you is like don't stop Okay, you know what? I got introduced the next thing Okay, just one last day. That's it. Okay. So some time goes by.

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Now when you're in the desert, and you know you're by yourself, you're trying to cross the hot winds and sand what's the one thing you want the most to keep yourself going in the desert?

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Water. So musala Islam is looking for water. While I'm now water there, man, Medina. So he found like a waterway in the city of meridian somewhere. Okay, there was like a river somewhere. And he saw some of the locals watch him watch it. He met him in a nursing school. So he watched and he saw some people that belong to that city somewhere. So it was a nation amongst those people. And they were all there by this river. He a spoon, they were feeding their animals, they had their goats and their sheeps and so on, and they were giving them all a drink. So musalla he said, I'm gonna jump the gun here and say this, okay? He found a tree somewhere a nice shade, and he sat there. You know,

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when you're on such a long journey, right? Just imagine yourself even those of you who've never been to a desert never walked in the middle of desert for that matter. I have. And that's all I'm going to tell you but I have been in the middle of a desert.

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Walking during the day and even during the nights, it is one of the most scariest experiences I have ever gone through. Now what was I doing in the middle of a desert? That's just something we're never going to talk about. Okay. So

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here he is, right. So he's under this tree and he's just kind of Ah, finally at hamdulillah. Okay, good, good. He sits under the shade and he's trying to cool off. You know, when you're that exhausted, you don't want nobody to bother you. And even if you see somebody helping you, you're probably like, what's, what's going on there? Okay, I'm sure they're fine. And you're just exhausted burnt out. Now just keep that thought in your mind for a minute. What did I mean doing him or a tiny turtle down as he's sitting there. So he sees this group of people feeding their are giving their animals a drink all these men. And then he looks up close towards the mountains far away somewhere

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and he sees these two girls. There's two ladies up there.

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And they're trying to pull their sheeps and their goats, but these sheep or goats are winning. So they're like trying to drag them to like let's get away Let's get away but what sheeps and goats when they see water, what do they want to do? They want to go to it and get a drink. So they're trying to fight off these these women and run down and get a drink as well. And the women, these two ladies are trying to pull them back. So musala Islam is watching all of this, and he's like, What in the world is going on there? So instead of him just saying, you know what, whatever, forget it. Two cares. They're fine. tebu dan, so he says, watch it. I mean, doing him or attain eternal dentetsu

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that they're struggling with their animals. So Musashi Sam gets up from the tree and look what he does. Carla Malhotra buku man,

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what's going on here? Remember, we saw this this word earlier on in the surah? Allah Malhotra book man, what are you guys doing? what's what's up with the two of you? What why you guys battling with these poor sheeps like what's going on here?

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Connor turla, an sp, they both simultaneously spoke. Now there's a huge, huge, beautiful wisdom behind why the both of them spoke that comes up a little later. Okay. They both spoke and they said we can't give a drink to our animals to our sheep had to use still. Until they all the men clear out of here until they go because they don't want to like mix with the with the men and their animals and so on, it's just going to be a total confusion. And it's not something that they're accustomed to doing. So they wait their turn, or they wait till the men leave. And then they go. Because again, just think back in that context. Right? If they you know, two young ladies are coming there, they

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get harassed, they get talked to, you know, all kinds of things happen. So they don't want to deal with any of that. And so that's all they say.

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musalla his salon doesn't go up to them. Here's what I want you to pay attention to. And then we're done. There's no small talk here. Students will say our listeners be like, Hey, what's going on? Two of you. What's up? What do you guys up to?

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And they don't say, look, you know, we're trying to feed our animals or we're trying to give them a drink. He doesn't say, well, where'd you guys come from? What city? Are you guys here by herself? No small talk. He asked them, What are you guys doing? What's up, they respond to no small talk. He said we're trying to get a drink for our animals. But we have to wait till they leave. And by the way, and by the way, what a boo Nash chez Han, cabbie. And our father, he's a chef. Remember, Chef, he literally is somebody who is who's an elder, who has knowledge and experience, all of those things can be called a shale. That's why even somebody who isn't an elder somebody who's younger,

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who doesn't have grades and things like that, you still call them a chef because of their knowledge and experience. So what they're saying is our father is somebody of status,

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knowledge and experience, our dad is well known. Okay, mosa, just in case, just so you know who we are done. It's incredible. No, okay. Well, who are you, sir? Oh, Where'd you come from? Why are you talking to us? Nothing? You asked us a question. Here's the answer. And by the way, our father's well known. Our father's a big, he's a big man in this area.

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So that kind of hints that generally, maybe at that time, you know, when men talk to women, or they asked them these kinds of things, the small talk would find their way into the conversation. So they were just setting the tone these two women, they set the tone immediately. Remember, I told you and we're going

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Stop here, guys, remember I told you in this surah, you're going to see some incredible women of the quarter. And we already talked about the mother of mozzarella cheese. And then we talked about her sister, then we talked about Seattle de la Hannah. Now, there's two other women that are involved.

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So it's really a remarkable suitor. And that's just the beginning, wait and see some of the personality and characteristics of these two ladies, how it unfolds in the next few verses, it is absolutely beautiful. We all men and women, all of us could learn a lot of gender interaction, just from this section of pseudo classes. That's what I'm going to focus on tomorrow. But you're going to get I'm going to throw in a little bit of fifth as well. When we talk about this whole scene of how these two women were speaking to and going back and forth with musalla. Some, eventually their dad finds out that some men was talking to his daughters, and see how he handled it. What he said. So

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parents out there who have daughters, or even sons for that matter, and you find out somebody's opposite gender was talking to them and kind of makes you feel a bit insecure and afraid how you cope with those scenarios. That's what we're going to talk about tomorrow inshallah. So stay tuned because we have a very juicy and delicious session tomorrow be in La Jolla. So we're going to stop at verse number 23. So I'm going to change the title of this in sha Allah hotellin from 22 to 23. And yeah, so tomorrow inshallah tada around the same time she's like mellow Hydra and I don't want to make these sessions too too long. So we're going to stop there. May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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reward all of you and bless all of you and protect all of you will love them. I mean, for those of you that missed out all the previous episodes, not sure what we're talking about where we are, please, please, please make some time just listen to those previous episodes. So you get caught up. We're not even halfway in the studio yet. So you're still in a good place to get caught up and continue this journey with us. Bismillah hytera Allah May Allah azza wa jal Bless you all take care was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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