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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various types of black magic and political events related to praying for good luck, including CRS and a study on the effects of a sudden change in attitude or mood in marriage. They stress the physical and mental effects of insha Allah and the importance of avoiding discoloration, including pink lips, dark skin, tender skin, and rough skin. The speakers also mention the use of pictures and videos to show the condition and emphasize cleanliness and avoiding discoloration.
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We are looking now at

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the discussion of the witchcraft itself. Now this here has many different forms many different manifestations. Some of them the some of the people who practice black magic can use your name and do bat magic on it can use certain objects about yourself. So like I mentioned, you know, they'll, they'll use like your toothbrush or your sock or a piece of your hair or something. And they can perform black magic with that

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crystal balls as well, they can use the Weegee board that we have in our time, same ideas also used for black magic as well. witchcraft is defined as a sailor in Arabic, which is to show something other than what it is, or what it should be. This is what sad is defined, is to show something other than what it is or what it should be.

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And this here, automatically now, it should paint a picture of what kind of what kind of issue we're dealing with. So for example, an example of a type of security, of course, we'll actually we'll talk about that when we get to it in sha Allah in a few moments. Now, the types of SEO, we want to mention a couple of

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a couple of points here. The first type of if you'd like ways that magicians used to do see her is a concept called LR EF. F is to read flight patterns. So basically, if a bird was going in different directions, you would read the pattern of that bird and how it was flying. And then you would determine that you're or attach a superstition or a belief to that. So this is a type of sale to itself. So you look at that. And then as a result, you start obtaining omens and different things. So

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I don't know of any I don't know if any of you guys might know like, in some traditions that if a bird is flying east, it means that it's going to rain. And if they're flying West, then it means that there's no rain. So something something along those lines, that's the first type. Another one is what we call a political a political is drawing lines, especially drawing lines, like on piece of paper, or in the sand or in the dirt. And looking at certain patterns behind the these of course, all of these have held on and as a matter of fact, is a form of shelduck. Then there are also other types of wood that involve these physical objects. So like the whole concept of good luck and bad

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luck attached to certain things. So for example, in some cultures, if a mirror breaks, it means like something bad is gonna happen to you. Or What's the idea? What's the other one about throwing the salt on your left side or something like that. So all of these things here, in terms of good luck and bad luck, same idea is attached to them. horoscopes as well fall under the same category. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned this to us in an authentic hadith, that the person who only reads any type of superstitious comment or sentence or anything along those lines, there Sala would not be accepted for 40 days as authentic it is, how do you interpret that? This is literally

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if a person goes to a sorcerer or witchcraft or a psychic, and you just listen to what he or she has to say. You don't necessarily believe it, but you just listen. prophesize Selim says very clearly, men semirara, whoever hears it alone will not have their Salah accepted for 40 days. So if you happen to be flipping through the newspaper, and you come across a horoscope and if you're like a Scorpio or something you just said, Okay, oh, that's interesting. And you just turn the page. According to some our lemma 40 days of your salt, I will not be accepted. That's how, that's how strict This is. Now, the question here is, I'm sure I can see from the facial expressions of some of

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you, I know that this may have happened to maybe one of us, you know, once upon a time. So the question here is, if this has happened to you, does that mean that 40 days of your Salah does not count? Now here is where things get, you know, into a gray area? I mean, scholars differ on how this ruling is is placed. I mean, what you don't know some scholars say if you didn't know then ask a lot of forgive you. Other scholars said no, no exceptions to it. You'll have to just accept the fact that 40 days of your Salah is not accepted by Allah. Obviously you still have to pray Don't get me wrong. person can just say well, okay, they're not accepted. So forget about it. No, they still have

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to go through that. And they still should ask Allah for forgiveness.

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giveness throughout those 40 days, but the question here is, where does this leave you if you've if you've had this problem? Well luckily, the best advice that I can give you is the advice that was given to me when I asked the same question, just repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala and leave it at that Allah will judge you at the end. So if you were sincere about it, you honestly didn't know that in sha Allah, May Allah forgive you, and your Salah is left between you and Allah azza wa jal.

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This here all falls under a certain field or science that is titled astrology, which is of course, the study of these of these different things. astrology is the study of the movement of the stars, the skies, the planets, so it's actually like a physical sorry, this is astronomy, astrology is your life is affected by the movements of these things. So if you see a shooting star, then you might say to yourself, oh, my God, something great is going to happen to me. So the movements of these natural elements is going to affect you somehow, this is what astrology this type of study is, as opposed to astronomy, astronomy, is to just study the movements of the planets in the sky and the horizon. This

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is permissible, there's no issue with that. It's just a physical science that you're studying, it's just something knowledge, and it doesn't have an issue there.

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In terms of the effects of co2 itself, the effects of sale itself, the effects of this are both internal and external, as well, they are both internal and external as well. So internally, a person might be very unstable, very unstable in the way they think. Because as a marriage counselor, like I mean, these these issues come to me very, very often, one of the easiest ways you know, that you've been affected by sales in your marriage is a sudden change of attitude or moods within the husband and wife. So for example, before they got married, before they got married, they were happy patient relaxed, whatever problems they were dealing with, they were dealing with it just, you know, normal,

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no big deal. So for example, you know, if she came home and her mom or dad or somebody, you know, didn't have any food, radio or anything like that, it was okay, no big deal. But the moment they got married, if he or she comes home, and there's no food there, it's world war three. Right? You know, I mean, it's just a huge problem. She's, you know, he or she's gonna start breaking things start screaming, start yelling, insults, like they're just mood just flipped completely upside down, it's a very, very strong indication that somebody may have done similar to that marriage, here, in this case will lie, I can tell you just based on my own experience, it's 5050 50% of the cases end up

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being absolutely nothing, but just as much ended up actually having some type of secret attached to it. Remember, brothers and sisters, anytime you get married, there is always going to be somebody that's going to have some type of jealousy, or has it for you doesn't matter what age you get married, as long as you get married. For the youngsters, you have this, you're more vulnerable to this than anyone else, just because you're young, you're good looking, she's practicing. She's beautiful. She has all of these qualities. So these two young, beautiful human beings get together. He's an alum, she's a scholar, she's a half of herself, they come together, people are going to do

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something, or you might be vulnerable to this. So the question here is, how do you protect yourself from all of this, we're going to talk to you about that insha Allah shortly.

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So we have the internal then we also have the external effect.

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What are the external effects of security, and we're going to also add gin possession as well, how do you know, just by looking at somebody that they are possessed? Now, before I mentioned this, please, please, please do not go up to your friend and start analyzing them and seeing if they have a gene or not. Okay. So number one, leave this for a person who's an expert in this field. And these I'm just gonna throw this to you in a general in a generic way. Number one, is you're going to look for pink lips. Now, these pink lips are not lips that are, quote, unquote, normal for this person. In other words, you know, this individual that they never had these dark pink lips, then all of a

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sudden, one day, you see this, you know, pink, you know, bloodshot red lips, all of a sudden out of nowhere. And then you'll ask them, like, Did you eat something? Are you allergic something? They're like, no, everything's cool, everything's fine. first indication. So there are two types of lips we're talking about here. You will naturally have pink lips, you're not possessed here in this case, as opposed to somebody who just wakes up one day, dark pink or reddish lips. Number two

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teeth that are stained. So teeth that have like brown stains, dark black stains, reddish stains, these again are not natural. If a guy or a person doesn't brush their teeth, that's a different issue, right doesn't keep themselves clean. That's another issue we're talking about the person, generally speaking, has good hygiene. But the stains won't leave and they go to the dentist, they try to get a cleaning doesn't go away. This is another indication, okay. Secondly is the eyes itself, the eyes, and basically, you would feel as though when you look into the eyes of that individual, you could see your reflection from them very, very clearly. So in other words, you'll

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see sort of like a water leak water, the gray glaze over the eyeball. So it's as if they're about to tear, but when they're blinking, there's no tears. But if you look at them, and you're like, Are you crying, you know, you look like you're about to tear. So you see like a you know, some water and you see that clear glaze over them. Again, this is another sign as well. Also, the the pupil itself comes completely dark. So I mean, this is actually really like, it's, it's pretty scary when you look at this part of it. I mean, it's rare, but it does happen to some people. Now, just mind you, all of these signs are different for every person that's possessed, not every single person is going

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to have this one may have that the other one may have something else or a little bit of each. When it comes to the eyes, you're also looking for the dark shades beneath the eyes as well, dark black shades there, it's as if they've never slept for for a long, long, longest time. The next one is the most common, and that is a strong odor. So person just has a strong odor, that it's very difficult to sit and stand beside them. Very, very difficult to talk to them one on one. So that strong odor, this is the most apparent one, because bad odor is perfume for the shell teen. So that's why they cause you to become unclean. That's why we are told that half of our Deen is completed by how clean

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we keep ourselves. So this is why cleanliness is extremely important. It's an act of very bad in and of itself. Another sign is a discoloration in the nails as well. So the the Rafi should be able to look for this, this discoloration in the nails is obviously on the fingers as well as the toes as well as the rock if he needs to, he can request to see this. Now if it comes to a woman, he has to do it very carefully. You cannot just ask a woman who's possessed Let me see your feet. Because it's her health and right that She protects that, as part of her modesty, she's not going to show her feet to just anyone. This is why the orlimar have difference of opinion whether a woman's feet is or

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out or not. So what you do here, though, Doctor has to be very careful how he does this. I've done this before where if you have ever have to see the feet, you will only expose the nails of her of her feet and nothing else. If it's an older woman than some scholars permit that you can see her entire feet without her knowing about it. But when it comes to a younger woman, you can only expose her toes. So if this is her toes, you're basically gonna hold a cloth or something there and you're just going to see that the toes itself, look at them very briefly and look for that discoloration. What color is the discoloration, two folds, it's either a dark yellowish color or brown itself.

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another sign in Shell and this is the one that we will conclude with is

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the skin itself. Generally that person may have soft, tender, you know, smooth skin, but that skin becomes very rough, very hard to handle. It's not comforting, so she wants to hold his hand or he wants to hold her hand and it's just uncomfortable. really rugged skin. You know, it just feels like I don't know, I don't even know what to compare it to. But you guys get the idea. There are many many, many other physical indications of gin possession, but I think inshallah we will pause here at least for the solar. So May Allah azza wa jal protect us from the shell teen and in sha Allah after the sada we will conclude with this discussion of the witchcraft what after Darwin and in hamdu

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Lillahi Rabbil aalameen