Turkey Earthquake and Complaining to Allah

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After praising Allah subhanaw taala in sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early will send them we stopped in the eye or the discussion of the verse, while at 10 00 to withdraw okra, no soul will carry the burden, or the blame or the sin of another individual another soul.

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We concluded in a verse from Surah, Mariam, or coulomb to multi Amity, for the all of us will come on the Day of Judgment, as our own entity our own selves, we stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala we mentioned importance of instilling this belief within ourselves that we're responsible for our own actions, for our own repercussions of our life, and what we carry out upon this dunya that we will reap what we sow upon the face of this earth.

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While Lacell insanity LMS when you solve a Euro, man will only have whatever he earned, set, B minor wherever they strive for, whatever your efforts were upon this dunya will be granted for you even inside this dunya in general. So not Allah will add a couple of Santa's the son of Allah upon this earth They will grant you certain things that you strive to achieve inside this dunya oneness, your soul for Euro and your striving, you will see it you will visualize it. Inside this world with a deeper meaning here inside an earth here are the actions you carried out. So this was the base of what we want you to establish about responsibility for our own selves and total reliance on our own

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selves meaning that we know that we are responsible for our own selves our own actions will be set at their judgment. If KRUPKE Tarbuck, read your book, read your record,

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tougher been obstacle Yamaneika has Sieber sufficient is that you are a witness over your own self. That's what we said to us. Read your record, read your book, describe your own book, narrate your own book, narrate your own actions.

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And this leads us on to that if everything that we believe that we're responsible for

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then likewise, even the inner belief within ourselves of complaint,

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of complaining of asking, that should be a core belief for a Muslim.

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Because some of us may be externally we may display ourselves as Muslims etc, that we find that when certain calamities trials, tribulations, afflictions, hardships, as we can visualize at the moment,

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how many people really have that deep inner meaning has been Allahu netmail. were killed.

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sufficient is Allah subhanaw taala as the best protector, that is Allah Subhana Allah Allah and hid in him, I placed my trust in Allah Subhana Allah Allah. So this, this concept of complaining

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towards chakra towards people that we find that total reliance in all of our fears, should be towards Allah subhana de anda

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because problems and difficulties are part of life, Lakota colloquial in Santa Fe Kabah din. Allah mentioned we created the human being fiquei burden, Kibana toil, turmoil, tribulations, difficulties, obstacles. one obstacle after another obstacle, even the beginning of the birth of a child is when Allah won as the Quran describes Cohoon in other places of Quran hardship difficulty, for a woman is to carry the child so this was really my describers cupboard, that when you come in the face of this earth, as a baby, as a toddler, as a child, as an infant,

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you go to manhood radula there's always obstacles in life, difficulties of life. That's the nature of how Allah products created the human being upon this earth.

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The best of those individuals there is no contradiction. So the Quran Allah mentions Lacan colloquially, in Santa Fe as any talk we made the human being in the best structure, meaning biologically everything is unique about the human being, but the inner meaning of this verse, who becomes the best human being, who becomes an elite human being, if you can use such words, is a person who knows how to channel their life

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that becomes the best creation of Allah subhanaw taala that they know that all these obstacles that we face inside our lives, they know how to channel these obstacles, who human beings are the same is made up of a dumb well oak is made from veins and blood. So what makes one individual over another individual? If not, Quran mentions by a gnome Yet Allah Munna can attack the moon. You know, they strive in His struggle like you struggle. You know, sometimes we have this concept and maybe non Muslims don't struggle as hard as we struggle, or they don't have that commitment.

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undocumented for a no Jana Munna Kimata in the moon they strive and struggle like us struggle, and they feel anguish and pain that youth feel it.

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Then comes a distinction what what are doing them in Allah He may Allah your June. What you aspire for is different from what they aspire for. you aspire for a greater reward inside an era, you don't aspire for reward inside this dunya so whatever they strive in His struggle for is for reasserted. Dunya is for to be known inside this dunya to gain some respect inside this world.

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But I believe it strives for Alaska makes those complaints only to Allah Subhana Allah. So how do we release these problems that we that we face inside our lives? You know, sometimes people make this this cliche statement, you need to speak to someone to complain to others, it lightens the burden.

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It could be some element of truth to that if a person complains to the loved ones or people close to them, and mentioned some fundamental element of truth.

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But a deep believer has a different perception. That just like everything externally that I do in my life is committed to Allah subhanaw taala that in turn, you want to have that same focus within myself. And so today's verse is going to speak about that total reliance of Yaqoob and Islam and use of

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whereby he mentioned Jakub call in the Moscow Bothy, what was neat illallah wa Allah Moomin Allah He may Allah Allah Moon, I completed my my grief and my sorrow only to Allah

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and even Jacoba Elisa was we come to he he did some of the element that first he mentioned he didn't complain or mention what was going on in his life.

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And as I said that Allah rebuking why you speaking to people about what you're facing inside your life, and even use of Ali Salam, whereby when he gave the interpretation, a dream, to the to individual enter into the prison with him. And he said to one of them was called, was called me under a big make mention of me to your Lord, be magnet to your master. To the King go back and make mention that this is use of which inside prison innocently placed inside prison

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and majority to eliminate the fussy dimensioned. Allah rebuked use of that's why he stayed in prison for a longer period of time. Because why you are requesting this individual to go and raise your concern to the king or to the Aziz, your plight, you should be asking only Allah subhanaw taala even there's nothing wrong with making that request. But it shows the the deeper reliance that Allah Subhana Allah wants, from his righteous or his pious individuals we should be following their path. So today's verse in the Moscow Bothy were Hosni Illa from Surah Yousef the tough chapter Quran verse 86 Surah Yusuf, a must consider 111 verses beginning from the Tov Jews going into the 13th Jews Tov

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that we find tog sections, Tov Tov Masha he taught scenes or acts are placed inside the surah that's everything that is Surah is unique, because it's the only Surah inside the Quran that follows a chronological story from the beginning to the end.

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And as many of you have mentioned, that if you're feeling grief and sorrow inside your life, read Surah Yusuf be disorder to see what is real what is really grief and sorrow. What these prophets what these messages went through inside their life before that Allah mentioned Carla called with a lighter filter through use of

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the verse before that, they said that the brothers of use of said to the Father Jacobi they do continues to remember use of had to Dakota 100 and out akuna minal handy keen until you you're going to continue to remember use of until you become old and weak. Or you become handy kid deaf comes upon you. Then he made the statement color in a school bus the work was neat, it Allah wa Allah when Allah He may Allah Allah moon, only complain, my grief, my sorrow to Allah Subhana Allah that he mentioned. Yeah, Binya. Yeah, Bernie is horrible for the hustle. He said, Oh my son's go and fantasise will be used to go in search for use of what are he? Well, are they assuming Rohilla? And

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don't despair, from the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah no la la Yeah, so mero Hey, lay in the coalmine calf role. Now when displaced from the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, except for the disbelieving individuals. So as for the reason of revelation of this verse, some of the element of disgust as for the whole Surah a large portion go to review this was revealed in Amel Hosen. So when appropriate, he was going through grief and sorrow, after the death of his wife, his wife Khadija, the death of his uncle Abu Talib, and other atrocities that he faced inside his law

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After the Supra was then sent down to show the look what use of La some went through.

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And likewise other alumni said that this specifically this versus him I'm probably he mentioned in the rates as asked him that what is this that your eyes have become literally Kaiser meaning your eyelids are drooping

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over your vision over your eyes your pupils

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and your your leaning down your back

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was made you become in such a state

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in such a downtrodden state, or to lose Zima and Nakata to learn a long period of time

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and excessive sorrows and grief and worry and burden upon me

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in a cathedral that is the city mentioned from a bursary why why my eyes become drooped in this manner, for Buka Allah Yusuf

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my weeping upon use of where Amma also the hurry as for my back being bent and being in his elderly state, but Hosen Allah Binyamin

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So first, I had the sorrow of losing my love my son Yusuf

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and then losing Binyamin and then he's mentioned it because he mentioned that it was said to us to Yaqoob at a salon. Don't you feel shy? Why are you complaining to people why you highlight you to people, you should be complaining only to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And as you find that, as we mentioned the whole the series of God looking at these verses the impact of these verses, the amyloid, an EMA near the impact of these verses on our Eman and our belief. Formula kappa Imam Bukhari and sarissa he narrates Bab al Bucha Al Imam fistula. The chapter speak about the Imam weeping inside the prayer

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in our Omarosa was a strong personality you know, sometimes we think there may be somebody companions they will we can, and such interviews are made with a strong personality, in a hadith had mentioned that even if shaytaan was to come in his pocket, cross the road, go across the other side because as cloudy means it doesn't mean that he's he's infallible. It just means that a man of America with a strong individual, strong personality that he was, but yet this strong personality, the narrator he mentioned that we could hit Submit to nasheed Omar,

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one fi Philhealth helpful Masjid

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I could hit a sheet and the sheet aroma interpreted in a very hydrated spirit not mistaken you mentioned is that weeping like a child sobbing like a child that you can't breathe?

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You're weeping and you're sobbing at the same time, this woman kappa but he's at the front of the masjid and then greatest I could hear his weeping all the way the back of the machine and he reciting what verse What is he reciting? In the Moscow Bothy was Neil Allah, where Allah will mean Allah He may Allah Allah Moon, I complain in my grief in my sorrow only to Allah.

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It overwhelms them.

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That's what the Quran does. The Quran overwhelms a person. That's the power of the Quran. You know, people asked how do you change a human being? It's the Quran that will change the human because it's though it's the words of Allah. It's the speech of Allah Subhana Allah that has an impact. But if some of our hearts have become collegiality, oh assured, do us well, that's one of the first parables in the beginning of subtle Bacara Allah describes

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that some people's hearts become hard as rock.

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But then the parabolic continues that some rocks, you find that water flows over them, some rocks, you find water gushes out to them. And some some rocks, they say Allah, how can a rock fit Allah Subhana Allah

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because it's the creation of Allah to Allah. Let's remember said the parable is don't let your hearts become hard as a rock.

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That's when you find that many times you mentioned that the impact of sins and a person's heart, what happens it blackens the heart and deadens the heart and weaken the heart. Just like the other haram things out there, they weaken the human being, they affect the body. Likewise, since they affect the body, in turn, the person could be pristine physically, externally,

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but the heart could be corrupt. The heart could be corrupted. That's the importance of, of visualizing the heart. Allah in the field, just the Medaka indeed, the body is a piece of flesh, that flesh is whole, wholesome, complete,

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purified, then the whole of your body is purified. And then a prophet shall be pointed. Allah he'll, I'll called. He pointed to his just as he pointed to his solder to his chest, he said indeed is the heart. That's the freedom to focus upon inside our lives. That's where you find other ayat inside the Quran, which carried a similar meaning of complaining only to Allah subhanaw taala in South Sudan, Ambia you but it never

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are a bow and knee Macedonia door we're under Arham Rahim in

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a you've La Silla

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he should Oh my Lord and knee Messenia Bucha even alumni have a log Allah will speak misogyny. It just touched me it is a afflicted. I'm going through this hardship.

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He said some adversity has touched me. One Takamura Hamid Are you the Most Merciful One? First Egypt Nana who Photoshop and Photoshop them I believe in Dorian. We responded to him and we remove his calamity away from him. That's where sootel Ambia the 21st Surah read the surah as well. To see all the way of the Gambia the prophets, the difficulties they went through. Then also Allah mentions about the noon Eunice and A salaam so I will hood Companion of the whale is now Daffy lumati Allah Allah in the under Subhan Allah in the Quran to me nobody mean universalism Kula in the realms of darkness is the darkness of the storm. The darkness of the ocean, the darkness of whale of the

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cold out to Allah. Allah Illa illa Anta Subhana Allah in the consuming of volume in Tirana with them

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called out to ALLAH SubhanA that darkness What is it looks Panteras subhanaw taala say first job now who when a j no mean alum. We responded to him, responded to his coal. Faster job Nana who when a J No. Minakami. We took him out delivered him out of his hardship. They look what Allah's fundamentals after that. What Gallica noon Jim Mini,

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likewise will rescue the believers costume and they are behind the DUA. Whoever concept Allah has partnered with this do abris application layer Illa illa Anta Subhana Allah in the container body mean, whoever cools that

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will be responded by Allah subhanaw taala. That's why the tuxedomoon yesterday mentioned for what Kashi will do, we will better the one who removed and veins hardships, adversities calamities difficulties is Who is Allah

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made Mujibur Tala either da who he or she was Sue?

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Who is the one who takes away Kelabit his and hardships and difficulties. Who is it? Only Allah

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so that's why the creed of the believer is full within oneself in the soul of calling up to Allah subhanahu wa taala

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kala Yaqoob so yeah called made this dua that's like a limited fussy the major look at these Ambia Yusuf Eben yaku Eben is Huck Ibn Ibrahim these four prophets Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim Ibrahim hurry to Allah.

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He's had for excellent prophets read through all of their lives. Look at the adversities, they went through look at Abraham at a certain being thrown in the fire being rebelled by repelled by his father expelled from his land.

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Then coming to is his son being told to be sacrificed and he accepts the sacrifice then coming to Yaqoob the sorrow the hardship and he goes through then we find to use an Elisa when he goes through his life.

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Musa La Silla we find Rahim Allah Musa earlier we accept even heard that for Sabra, the prophet I mentioned about Musa he went through so much inside his life, but he was patient, and then our own prophet, the prophet Muhammad doesn't where they find he mentioned these verses right at the end of his conquering that we meant you read the Sita how he came into Mecca, he didn't come riding into Makkah showing his mind and his power and his strength. He came into Mecca resting his blessing neck with the neck of the camel with a riding beast

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stall to toe to submission. And then he said to the people and Kampala your own free, I'm not going to take revenge against any of you just like we began with amble prison, a year of grief and sorrow.

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He doesn't retaliate against these people. What does he say? He says the words of use of La Silla, letter three by a comma Yong Yong for Lola coma who are from Russia mean no reproach no blame upon you today. Allah is found out as one that's going to forgive and to pardon you. And as we find that yaku for several Jamil twice Allah mentioned this concept of Saba inside the surah

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both times in relation to Yahoo first when he lose his use of then secondly when he uses loses Binyamin

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and even the whole Surah even use it I find numerous forms of formats or Sabra placed inside the surah and normally you're talking about your spirit for in Allah Allah you deal with Agile Masini

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In Whoever fears Allah is patience. Allah never lets the the actual the dues of good the pious people go to waste. And when somebody Anwar, there's various forms of suburbs, the suburbs are Kadoorie

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what Allah has decreed upon you, you have to be patient about about that which existence of the suit and what yaku went through then this Sobral Strv sobor of making a choice to be patient. What was the choice of patients? It was use of Ali Salam, the temptation

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of the wife of Aziz, full of lust and desires and beautified herself. Call it hate Tilak

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she said approached him come in another another crowd I find him Teluk be mana I prepared my soul for you.

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And what it will look at the words of use of any subject listen to many of our youth, and we sometimes think the Quran is far away this language where it speaks about kala Morales Allah, I seek refuge from Allah Subhana Allah

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straight away his devotion and when it means you that he's one amongst a sincere servants

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these are repercussions inside the Quran again and again when Allah speaks about the message of the Prophet, that data righteous servant there are good servants they will Mukhtar keen, they will do is of good Why does Allah mentioned regarding all the prophets, because we can't reach the level of the prophets in what they achieved. But Allah concludes the lesson that you can be amongst them with Dokin you can be amongst them merci nein that's why use of a Salam use place and environment to teach us a lesson. You know, Islam isn't far away. This is a book that speak of guidance far away. It speaks about things that we face on a daily basis. What young people face on a daily basis inside

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their lives for equips you. The book of Allah subhanaw taala equips the individual to overcome these challenges. So Jacoba they some callable song will have local and fusarium Umbra for Sobral, Jamil Walden, Mr. Anwar Allah matassa phone. So the first time when he took use of away from him, he said for sovereign Jimmy, what a beautiful patience.

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This is something that you plan yourselves to take use of away from me.

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Wallah Mr. Anwar Allah ma see food I seek only Allah's aid and assistance of what your attributes and what you've done inside your lives. Then the second time callable, so we'll have local man Phu Kham Umbra for sovereign jahmene. Again, he said that this is taken with Binyamin this is something you plotted you're planning yourself as Celine Dion EBM Jimmy and in no whole Alleman Hakeem, but perhaps NASA, NASA whenever Allah mentions I saw regarding the Prophet, it doesn't mean perhaps it means Indeed, Allah will return all the back to me. He's all knowing the old ways is Allah subhanahu wa taala. And then he mentioned his verses we mentioned in the ASCO Bothy, what was neat. What is

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Bothy? If I'm totally mentioned is hammy were Hagerty.

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My grief. My worry my need is only to Allah, if I'm quoting mentions a shutdown causing severe sorrow that only complained to Allah subhanaw taala. Remember, we mentioned that birth carries the meaning of exposing and Yahara who, as we began with about speaking about your worries, speaking about your sorrow, so he saying that I'm not going to speak about it, whatever I want to utter about my worry. I'm only going to make it mentioned it to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what I'm sad is that is the CD mentioned, Matt a buffo middle column, what I spread from speech, what I make a part of speech, I'm only going to make it directly to Allah subhanaw taala that's where I'm probably

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mentioned, the tusky Mara, Doc, don't complain regarding your sickness. Don't complain regarding your calamity. And don't, don't purify yourself. Complain, make sanctity for your own self is how Imam probably describes the meaning of this verse. And you find Alberto Kythera to che is to spread something.

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When Allah mentioned the creation of the male and female and beginning of certainly said that we find what betheme Were both them in Houma region and Kathy Romani sir, Allah spread from Adam Alayhis Salam and how many males and females that's what birth means to spread.

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And Allah also describes total Bukhara as well,

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to spread the across the earth. The rain to come across the earth for the animal to spread across the earth that we find in another theory mentioned lions stopping if he doesn't, I'm not able to conceal

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the sorrow. I'm only going to make mention to Allah Subhan

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No to Allah. That's why it's mentioned if the person is able to conceal this the sorrow or the calamities that they face that is known as Houston with Allah Miyako Deray ketemu. For Heather Bethan person can't control their sorrow con

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Faisal mentions their sorrow that this is bad this is speaking about their sorrow towards people towards humanity that we find that certainly cathedral mentioned a hum me wanna fee only complain it Allah He was the WHO Subhana Allah are you complain only to Allah subhanho wa taala. And as we find that this sort of was so much of your work, I know who made and whose money for who will convene.

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His eyes became white,

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because of the sorrow for who convene. He's almost said it means repressing his sorrow.

00:25:55--> 00:26:23

He's holding his sorrow back. That's another place that the Quran speaks about the mercy and the duty of good people. That's what many of us were very fast to do certain external traits of these are good things to do. We don't focus on those inner things. Allah mentioned while cow the menial hive while I have seen her and the nurse follow you hit Burma, Sydney, after elementary during the righteous and these are the good actions Allah mentioned will tell the mean Aloha ease those who repress their anger,

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who control their anger, while I feed her and the nurse and they pardon people, just as we mentioned about a profession, pardoning his people. Then Allah concludes that I have I mentioned Well, lo you hibel Merci, nein. Just as we began with this a deep traits that were far away from these traits.

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We can't control our anger. We can't control our sorrow. We can't control our worries. We can't pardon we can't forgive, we can't overlook.

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We are away from these traits.

00:26:55--> 00:27:18

These are the traits and characteristics that we began with over joola of manhood that we need to instill inside our lives. And that the filmic boss or even the Ibis mentioned that the fetus attribute has been adverse from the law and humor. He said that this the chakra, the chakra, who will be bad, will be narrated this chakra isn't a complaint in all honesty.

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Because remember her saying of linguistics and to see the thing is not complaining. It's actually dua

00:27:26--> 00:27:36

he's calling to Allah subhanho wa taala. He's asking Allah Subhana Allah, and they say that remember the discuss that a bird that it has an impact upon you.

00:27:37--> 00:27:58

When you find out the impact upon your body, when you pray as an impact upon your life, whatever it may be the money to get in whatever it may be as an impact upon you to get up in the morning to break your sleep. Early morning, Fudger in the summer, and the evening to pray, it has an impact. So they highlight the reason why he lost his eyesight.

00:27:59--> 00:28:02

Because he was in all night in prayer weeping.

00:28:03--> 00:28:25

He's he's in a state of a bed that is weeping so much that his his eyesight became weak, his body became weep. And there's an evidence for this because the prophet Elijah had some when his wife Aisha said to say to my mother said to him, that why are you praying so much? In a hadith inside Buhari, and his feet had swelled up. They were swollen.

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That was the impact of standing inside salah. His feet was swollen. What did he mention sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I found out a cool new abdomen chakra. She said to that your previous your past, whatever judgments, whatever statements, whatever you done inside your own pardon, forgiven by ALLAH SubhanA Dannah.

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But look at the response to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said, I felt I couldn't what I've done shockula shall not become a grateful seven. You know, imagine one of us today.

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Some some format is told you're going to Paradise, most of us is going to walk away. And that's it. And actually, some of us that's what some of us we think about ourselves inside our lives. Some of us we actually walk about with a chip on our shoulder that we think I'm going to paradise to hell with everybody else.

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You know, once again, look at the companion book or said that there's one person that's left

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who's not made it to paradise. I think I'm that one person. That's Abu Bakr Siddiq,

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who's the first person after the Prophet and it's not something of the prophets, who is going to go to paradise with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he's worried and look at our attitude inside our lives that we find. And as we find also that this some of them will speak about the reward. Even though there's some these narrations are not authentic in its essence, but we can depict the concept of how much reward that yaku went through that Dubray Elisa mentioned that he was given to us when he entered into prison. When you submit

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Side prison, and usually some recognized him. So you asked him about about my father, what is the condition of my father? How is he he said that he's inside this condition that he's worried that he's making door and asking about you.

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So uses his words, what will his reward be? In some ways it's mentioned several things are already mentioned. 100 Shaheed 100 martyrs because you know that the loss

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you know, maybe some of us, we can bear the loss of a parent

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but the loss of your old son

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you know, loves hunting strange in the Quran.

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How, in Allah places strange tests upon Zambia knew his own son,

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Yousef now Yaqoob and Youssef. So the sorrow of losing a parent or loved one is, is hard.

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But you lose your direct son and you're leaving.

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It's unimaginable. But they overrode those times. That's how they became great individuals, great personalities, great prophets, that you seek inspiration from them. And that was Yaqoob at a setup Lamjung be Veblen alum yawns will be by now No, no calamity came upon Jaco except for your cold at the hospital than been there, except what Yahoo came with the best thought regarding Allah subhanaw taala the conclusion part of the verse that mentions where where Allah will mean Allah He murdered the moon. And I know regarding Allah's pantalla what you don't know. That's why we mentioned at all is this, these hardships that these prophets that they went through, they knew at the end, there's

00:31:42--> 00:32:12

going to be certain blessings which are granted to them and not going to be granted to other individuals, or the inspiration that they had. That's what I'm probably mentioned going back a bit Abbas that Jacobi knew, Adam underwrote your use of sadhika he knew that the beginning of Surah use as you mentioned, go back and read the Surah Surah the Quran when use of begins the story that I've seen the sun and the moon, where the sun is the mother or the Moon is the mother whatever Allah different regarding but the sun and moon means the two parents. And I've seen the 11 stars

00:32:13--> 00:32:50

right only Sajid in prostrating down to me. So when he narrates the beginning of the story and rewrites it to your job. Your code now knows that what is going to be the meaning of this dream later on that he's going to unite with, with you sir. Even all his heart to the use of goes through inside his life, he's going to come back and meet where I never mean to lay man on the moon. I know regarding Allah subhanaw taala that which you don't know. And I know also another tafazzin mentioned that I know the Mercy of Allah and Allah that will reunite me back again with my with my son Yusuf Ali Salam. And as we find that Allah Subhana Allah has promised these individually prophets that

00:32:50--> 00:33:03

certainly will take place upon the face of this earth. That's why we mooses mother was taken Oh Musa was taken away from his mother. Allah mentioned what at the haffi wala Zanni in

00:33:04--> 00:33:10

do who la ke Allah mentioned while at the coffee will at that has any once again look at the context.

00:33:12--> 00:33:30

She has given birth to Musa la semana you're always there hunting all of them, the male children. And Allah says places place him inside the basket what even today's call the Moses basket placed him there and put him inside the river. What are the Harpy? What does any don't fear don't grieve?

00:33:31--> 00:33:38

Then comes encouragement from Allah Subhana Allah in raw do la Ke, we're going to return him back to you.

00:33:39--> 00:33:42

We're going to bring Musa lism back to how the Musa is and come back.

00:33:44--> 00:33:49

Now Humann is able to breastfeed him. He never drank the milk of any mother, any woman.

00:33:51--> 00:34:32

And he came back to his own mother, look at the blessings of Allah has come to Allah. She didn't have to go out. She said to to the pharaoh only said that I can't leave. I've got other children inside the home. So they stipulated the time that Musa will come back to his own mother every single day and meet his mother. That's the promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala for that no Illa omy Keita Cara I knew her. We bought him back to his mother, that she may rejoice her eyes may find that peace and comfort of a son returning back to her. Likewise the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala mentioned that that column the mercy of Rama insha Allah and meaning when he saw this vision this dream that

00:34:32--> 00:34:42

he's going to enter into Maccha you entered the MCC in a state of peace. Mahalo tiene Russa como serene under your head the shaven are they going to be cut short Latifah food no fair.

00:34:43--> 00:34:48

The professor we had a dream is going to come into Mecca is going to come there one day it's going to return

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

World War Two to Ambia Why don't dreams of prophets or revelation from Allah subhanaw taala and that's all the prophets that made this this claim

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

That will mean Allah Allah Allah Dynamo new Elisa mentioned that I know regarding Allah is trying to adapt which you don't know. Sure a belay so we will call it up Biala movie Mata I'm alone. I know what my Lord is going to do, would you would you people?

00:35:13--> 00:35:26

So in conclusion we find that our grief and our sorrow as we began we did no harm at times to express it but a deeper concept of Eman is to complain only to Allah meaning make dua Illa Allah, that's the lesson.

00:35:27--> 00:35:36

That person go from here to there complain to this person, that person the right to this person or to that person. The amount we spent speaking to people, why can we speak to Allah?

00:35:37--> 00:35:44

Why can we ask Allah? So this color in nama ash Gu bhith. You obviously, as you said, this format of DA,

00:35:45--> 00:35:55

O Allah, I'm complaining only to you, my grief and my sorrow towards you. I'm complaining and asking you Allah and Allah. Secondly, fine. Many of us not being content.

00:35:56--> 00:36:01

Regarding a situation, we can see what's taking place in the world at the moment.

00:36:02--> 00:36:23

And we still grovel, we still complain. It's so strange. Allah's kind of shows us all the signs around us. Look at these hardships that people are going through, what hardships are we going through? What difficulties are we going through that we feel we're going through some great turmoil and great tribulation, great hardships, compared to what these people are going through at the moment that we will visualising.

00:36:24--> 00:36:34

So we should be concerned about a situation about what Allah has bestowed upon us. And greater reward requires greater patience greater tests.

00:36:36--> 00:37:17

So greater reward we expect a greater ending inside paradise a requires greater patience. It requires greater calamities, greater hardships to overcome, to gain the extra reward. May Allah is pumped out of give us and grant us all the Tofik to call upon Allah Subhana Allah in moments of solitude and secrecy, and complain to Allah Subhana Allah regarding our own state of affairs, our own heart, our mind, our actions, our own lack of obedience towards Allah Subhan Allah Allah, that is a Dorado is answered by Allah Subhana Allah, in the realms of darkness is in solitude, and a person is on their own to make that complaint make that request to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah is

00:37:17--> 00:37:31

trying to deliver all of us from the hum and the hum the hose and the sorrow the grief that exists in every single person's heart, whatever form of sorrow and grief, it might be to alleviate the sorrow and the grief and the and the hardship inside this dunya