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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted various speakers, including social media, travel, and the importance of social distancing. The history and potential of Surah Masha Allah's use of "immpe" in relation to "immpe" and the potential for "immpe" to be used in relation to "immpe" and "immpe." The title of the Quran and its use in various cultures is discussed, along with personal experiences and struggles with Islam. The group discusses personal lives and experiences, including living in New York City and studying the Bible, and express their desire to pray with Allah.

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Are we good? Yes, we're live Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Eleanor settleman. will give me Jani and Asare good and good and good than no good. felucca life No. Kunal rarely Norma and Alison. Is Mika Vu for Han get them get them get them Nana

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has a look at your meal in the big man and wah wah tea blur Hoonah Dr. Ibrahim kaleida it love it has a show next time Ivan Emery Kobe masa

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Well, Taka Shahrukh Khan

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somebody's going to lower the cattle but I have a cool little welcome everyone who is listening to us now from any place in the world. We have hamdulillah a mutual lifestream between Dr. Amber shallot from Cairo and Noah says Norman Ali fan from Texas from Dallas, or myself from Arizona is talking with you and Charlotte today we're going to ponder sort of other baby Lightoller maybe people will ask who collect these views here like many different opinions, and we are just together talking about something in Ramadan. This is the point that we pick something or a topic unites our hearts together, which is a dua which is sort of to cuddle which is the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

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We have to feel this in our hearts for 100 on

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Dr. Phil Minako Hello, I'm Anna Restez Norman addition, regulatory for the leaky roof. Where I'm Dana, Danielle Muslim out of Assemblyman killer Yeah, and you know, a mansion must road Toronto I'm Richard Amreeka who says No Ma'am can you and you know Damon, but we'll keep it fun Charlaine harden Colombina life multimeters good then we'll have our heartbeat says Norman edition welcome, Norman. How are you? How's everything I'm doing? Well, I'm good Elias really happy to have this opportunity to speak to both of you. Love it. That was Ramadan. I was lost to tonight's with you. It is exhausting. But it's very good.

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Especially in the heat of Dallas is that right now the Dallas weather has been cool actually. Wow. Hunger Allah. It's been very easy this Ramadan a little bit next week. Also I want to welcome Dr. Rambo Charlotte from Oklahoma one from the most influencer day in the Middle East.

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I'm so happy that I have him today with us on Amazon. Welcome Dr. Eleanor sandland LMV club. We believe it because I can look it up. Let me start right away with Dr. Rama shell from Iran from Cairo with like his views about cervical cancer everyone is talking about sort of coverage. But definitely I wanted to know a brief about the importance of cervical cancer from Dr. Rambla Farah the Quran was written as Allah Allah Hamid sort of cut the way in cotton coolness with the caliber of the size out of hugger especially middle Doctor armed and Surah

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Yanni who will isn't a will and Kelly metal cut the rugged

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dark mode in an alkaline manner the recommended Laila to category five kilometer metal cook tag in Google the story was very minute Kalama TAFTA amendment Alpha Korea give them a category a macabre Huckabee well my product was

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all over I guess to

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cut the last panel Tyler Oliver I guess to call the delay little work and delay little cardio moves there in the market Tech because we learned a lot in the closure of the toggle the louka will come on Rama will laugh while Mad Hatter of Kaduna he's trying to say hey you submit Leila to particular and Nicole will call them a cup the Raha Quebec failback could limit the web how cool LaMotta this higher tech for the ladder 11 Humanitarian Summit let's have cuddly dog later to talk doc fee for a look at the bullish engulfing lotion the whole black in tensile diversity is so How'd it get in the NZ now who feel a little mobile raka in zinfi How you forgot to Kulu mun Hakeem

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the Laila to conduct academic events at the high end the town with a lot of Ecotile if you had the Leila wakatobi we also have diplomatic rock, Roberto de fille de la Karima wa what yes good way are good wearable health no vulnerable they are lucky insha Allah Costa Rica Santa Galia color raw arugula nila, Roberto do Leila Alia and Thai with Olivia. Mana tell it will officially they little cuddle Catarina bliss

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Allahu EOPS tourists Clemente Hashem work do you

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say the unis Rama Allah Nakamura, Allah Yun Oba, your colleague, biani II Laila to healing

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In a minute it is Amanda who are the products that

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will recommend her. set her up segment Alfie shock. Em and Bo Katara economy dunya feel a little elated to not have my do the 4000. So you've clay Goodman, l Fisher, who means I'll get even higher. Amin al Hasina, to hire fellow little cul de rigueur at 30 Kilometer coverage. Tomorrow, we'll pull the mug between the man and the manically Miguel Cabrera, Cabrera, her career and the law called the refuge, the fear the Lila men called to be a few little fat Hill cabbie who say, I'll give you my short summary of what Dr. hamre said that he translated the word actually linguistically and religiously let us say it and he said, it comes with three angles. The first angle, which is the

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word itself, itself, it comes from God as a value that Yan is talking about the value of this night then his team. Yeah, yep. Yeah. Is it also the cabinet comes as a destiny that McDougal then also he's talking about Qatar as a tightness thing, then Allah subhanaw taala just it's few hours, but Allah subhanaw taala brings fat from these few hours. She's not a man, please tell us about sort of, also, from your perspective, let's let's start with competition with the same word that our esteemed groundhog brought up on the word paddock. I've been thinking about it, we've been talking about the surah for many years, but this year, I had some new thoughts about just the use of this word. And

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you know how Allah says in Colombia in halappanavar, because Allah created everything with precise measure and calculation, and even the stages of the moon will come out of Cadorna human as well. And as I was thinking about that,

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you know, every human being has a very particular lifespan, when we're going to die, what when how long we're going to live what is going to happen in our lives, there's a calculation as part of a less plan. But that's the part that's the plan for one person. But Allah has a plan for the entire Oma. And then by extension, Allah has a plan for the entire world. And then Allah has a plan for the entire universe. And all of that is clutter. And the story of humanity, there was a certain time when the Quran had to come. And there was a certain time that the Quran was going to continue to come to the profit solution. And then there was a couple of studies that Shama was referring to,

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that there was a time when the prophesy sounds time will be finished. And it had to be at that time, and then from it also, we get this philosophy of the Quran itself, everything in the Quran is very tight. It's very specific. The Quran is not overly detailed, like even later on, caught up such an amazing night. But Allah told us even in the worst one that Draka my little cuddle, it's as if Allah is telling us you're not actually capable of fully understanding, it will cover but one thing that might you might be able to process is a little country hydro mineral fish. Because actually, it's folk about like, it's a you can't you can't process it, right. And then I was thinking about just

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Alpha really quickly, I'll mention that

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the average lifespan now, right now in 2023.

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Some researchers say the average lifespan right now is between 60 to 75 years old. So most people don't live at three years. 1000 months, right? Most people don't live that long. And as you go further back in history, the average lifespan was even less. So people didn't live 1000 months most of the time very, very rich people lived 1000 months. And of course, you're going to ancient times and we have stories of prophets that lived many more years. That's because the law, but generally speaking, human beings did not live that long. So the phrase 1000 months also kind of refers to something longer than the life of the average person even it's more than an entire life's lifetime.

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And inshallah I want to hear from Dr. Khalid again but I have some thoughts on why why not just say a lifetime, why say 1000 months Why not say years? Why not say days? Why specifically say months and I think there's wisdom in every phrase that Allah has chosen in this remarkable Surah Masha Allah, Surya and the Quran, Allah

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says, it can be Kelim Allah in Godhra Natsu kilometer cada Robin Agata Hattah fagot Colonia yet konia will come out of Dharma humanism. Dr. Rama Donna side gamble we will just not remember didn't cite any matter what you should Hala Luna Shukla Hala Korea give them and we're pondering that boredom in it mean gambling good and Korean would for Norman be kalamansi hit it in Tulsa al Qadr wherever it Laila Robins Keller Turman L. Fisher Eloah usually in this meditation has been official for can be Kelly, Mrs. Norman Lee, who else should rule

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Each center will assume will you go pack and that's America is hash it left in the weather for Shakhlin halacha. We get them Callaghan claw, their gala Umrah Dr. Rondo, model okra, Trombley, can you please tell us something about the details of the aid itself inside the aid? Of course you have a wandering and you have to get bored of like the small details I wanted to listen from you small details about the surah you will forget in the now Yanni shut off Leila and shuffle Quran shut off Ramadan and shuffle Quran will be clearly a little Al Quran suitable Quran okay and thicker heavy Laila to end were Hadith similar issue Hamas

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de la isla de taco Goodman of Quran where we'll know probably about the Qaeda recommended of Akkad la mana llama who gonna nomination you have to Google benef So we will go home now there are a meter mobile other one in this hotel tuffet Sanibel o'clock Bill Alameen holy woman of the rocket. Yanni Yanni in Tulare to Rico, Otto Ericom. Hi coincheck Louis, but then later to talk to the women alpha male she miss little fishy I'm gonna hazard with Allah Qlm Hakuna normal

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interpretation. ultra sharp, who am and shed the L Shan, who were

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young enough to come double normac nonclinical triple monk into contempt timezone Jonnie Jonnie intell cannula, they're pulling like an auto like a vida de Lena. Hi, ochberg min amo formwork. Misha Dominic will come in taboo. A double, triple Kula colloid where access will be left at the Lena Facundo isn't he and minimum, a woman at alpha pub will maximum length and a half

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That's great. Dr. Ambedkar justice expressing to us the word itself of higher and the word is wanna add rocker. And he said that when Allah said we're madaraka What do you think when Allah says that He gives us attention that we should have attention that Allah is talking about something and he's asking us? What do you think about it? Allahu Akbar then Deuteronomy said that people don't live alpha 1000 months, but Allah even said Hiren it's like more than 1000 a month but maybe dribble or double or triple or maybe 10 times of your age. From alpha. Let me come back right away to not man, I feel this episode and this

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is so amazing. And do not miss it. Because mashallah, we have great views from both of our diets today, Dr. Ombra, new Sudan and Sudan. Give us something from what you have. So

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in a Kahala talked about how the surah began describing the greatness of the Quran itself in that Enza now who, and it's important to note that Allah did not say in that incident of Quran call in the Anza. Now who, Allah Mira shut in what's called in but Allah studies, and this is important, because instead of saying we sent the Quran, Allah says We sent it. And a pronoun always goes back to a noun, even when I say it to you, unless if we were watching the same sports match if it was a World Cup final, and I call you and say, did you watch it? Did you watch it? I don't say Did you watch the match? I say did you watch it? Because it's already on your mind. It's as if Allah expects

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after the Quran came down that it's already on the minds of everyone. And for someone who never knows what it is, and they hear we sent it in the night of power. If they hear that, then it creates the question, what is it? I need to know what is it is, so it's actually Allah inviting curiosity into the Quran, just by the way that the pronoun introduced? The thing I was thinking about for 1000 months in literature in Arabic and English and Farsi in any many languages. There are many ways of saying infinite. So for example, if I told you I told you, Ibrahim, I called you again and again,

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local Mooroolbark. Guevara, right. That actually means endlessly. I kept calling and kept calling and kept there is no end. Like you know, from Madrid, Barcelona, Karitane Yong Yong, Colombia calabasa, it's not two times it's just again and again and again and again. And 1000 is one of those phrases. If I say I told you 1000 times, it doesn't mean 1000 times. It actually means I told you all the time infinitely. So that the word 1000 brings about over and over and over, but the word shatter is also important because with the word shall

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There's kind of a connection made to Sharon Ramadan Olivia Lindsey leftfield Quran if you use the word sunnah, you won't see that connection that Leila already covered. Now, the word shahada brings that connection. But the other is that our life is, you know, we think of Oh, what am I going to do this year? Right after Ramadan, the team says, Okay, make sure you have Taqwa this year until next Ramadan, but a year is too long. If I give you a goal, if I give a child a goal, make sure you finish this project this year the child will not finish the project. But if I say make sure you hand this in tomorrow, they will finish the project because they have an immediate deadline. Right. So

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Leila gives an immediate sense I need to do this high priority project everybody right now, but Shahar also gives limited timeline, like this month, what am I supposed to do next month? What am I supposed to do next month? What am I supposed to do? Because if you think too far ahead, that you get a you know, analysis paralysis, you analyze, analyze, analyze, you don't do anything, because oh my God, there's so much to do. I don't know if you know, but Allah made it Edelman Alfie Shahar as if, you know, life is made up of shoes. You know, it's just one month at a time What am I going to do this month? What am I going to do this week? You know, and it and which is why we will on

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judgment day when we come in Lebanon Laowa right, so we just we were here for just a day so it's a really remarkable way of thinking about time management also that Allah has kind of placed inside of this surah sha Allah Masha Allah No Man, No man is madad Kalama Anna Bahar for her for killing McHale, Melville short.

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Demirel I will Dmitri Raja Allah Elkin will be will have to have an acre so I'm gonna have to kill him. I will look at the shots too much Michelle will look into how lucky to show off to Michelle lucky she often mobile Latino ever seen why can I shape my rules for business? Normanby like his other harmful harmful kill Makena kilometers robot together lazy mill man I'm sure the manner in which lesbian couldn't alcoholic either Hakeem that. Why is he a linen wreck is an old model like a new Haggerty or a hug or Haggerty or hug and how to get Mara okra deuteron I'm gonna come back to doctor I'm Doctor um can you tell us something like story or something that you lived it in Leyland?

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Are we something happen for you something happen in your life in these blessed nights. Also in the beginning I wanted to ask you this. Did you feel a little awkward in last years that you lived it and you will make sure that it was

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Yanni Halina Killeen and old Phil Vidalia, whoever brought him in and nationalism not to get a shot of Ramadan Abdullah Makela que cosa Shang Ramadan O Shah, who will lead the Asif Laila to codon here Leila let your last name forgive the heretic, Yanni hailing the lead masu

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in the Aqsa haga bit had a few hemispheric fill higher in 10 PhD

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interview or listen to Stan Fisher comm multinational lacking lacking in some detail number zero we almost have a cut if you don't move towards better the Leila Leila tiny little mossy Lai La Paz 933 Hyatt I can't give her a winner alum eltra Who Ramadan Allah de on Zillow phenyl group and who then the next webinar terminal Gouda wonderful Khan has a shot of your smile forgive females

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will kill metal for kill nominal sweeter he'll he'll Allah alpha will call let it destroy you get to the Phil higher Samia oh no couple Fargo then Islam Pablo among liberal Islam bado Maria MyBatis OMYA Yeoman Fukada in Islam a beloved Islam by that Shama Ramadan shall have been full communism to children have been killed metal full con in the Shang Deus mind forget the ANA Ramadan, Helga Lucas Nagar Modan Sana alpha for higher development. Jana highlighted the Hawala giveaway in

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Mangal can you be Terry Maga county diet slim? McLaughlin 100 bottleshop center bidet salatu our Vatican says

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enter enter the works and the mood of a Kyani and as a show who is called Benny LM tequila happened and I had the luxury to hear the tone autoflower acting in a critical lady and mobile enacted a lot of targeted

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insulting calls, went on to global what has Michela most such will kill me to now human Alpha humans versatile has an edge where they can female coffee or cold becoming many level give it alpha shotgun shot out of Salah.

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Yet to let fear de la la fecha la cama insane, has actually shed in a ticket to show them I think it's in the Laila to cuddle career woman l Fisher who gave it to me

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last night

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and assume I forget for hire to retain mogul Hakuna

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In some Caribbean a lot of saline or manga diarrheal Islam hungry fill it with data collected on shortfall between tech tip will manga tilta Kenneth Phil carried with they are surely tariffs and the fossil resulted DNA and in business with an anti money own business a leather vegetable mineral warm up suit in an ambulance hostel Have you been with our with our hot colada love Anaka blush well our cameraman Ramadan and he really another ministry which will call the center of the meshi Cooley lady maracas give them Hatha layer is okay yeah, we've added a Shukla here classroom this hour actually.

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A live

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is talking about how these rarely how these nights affected his career even. And it gives him Baraka, it gives it lets him even come back to Allah and start, pray to Allah subhanaw taala it was because of the Bearcat and the blessings of this month. Let me right away go to Norman clan. And this last question, inshallah. Norman, just please tell us something about your career also, or any story happened in this blessed nights for you, you cannot even forget it.

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I think that's that would have to be when I was 18 years old.

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At 19 years old, my parents left the United States, I was living by myself for the first time. And I had no parental supervision, there was no authority over me. So I can and I was living in New York City, and I was I was working and I was going to college at the time. And I don't know how Allah put something in me that I just wanted to go spend more time in the masjid. And I decided to spend the last 10 nights I did my ticket for the first time when I was 19 years old. And I did it in a masjid in New York. And what's the name of the masjid please? The Muslim center of New York and

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that's my first home. Well, Boyle heavy will actually, sir.

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So I went there. And I still remember the nights these last 10 nights. I literally remember where I used to sit and stand and pray. And the you know that we would make a pm in JAMA. And I didn't know a lot of Quran I didn't know much Arabic either. I didn't know anything, actually. And I'm listening to the Quran and I'm just crying that I'm out of out of shame that Allah is talking to me, but I can't hear him.

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Like, that's what I felt the whole night, I would feel over and over again, Elijah talking to me, but I can't hear him. And it's an at the end of it, I would just at the end of every Aloka I would just sit there and just make the eye like Allah, Allah, I need to hear you. I just need to I know you hear me, but I need to hear you. Right. And I just that was probably the most spiritually probably the most powerful moment in my life. Like, I don't really talk about those those moments. I don't think I've ever even mentioned that publicly before. But like,

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to me, you know, that was my little credit experience. You know, I can't even say it was It wasn't, who knows, I was inside the machine. I wasn't even looking at the sky, if it's hazy, or if it looks like you know, I wasn't doing any of that I was just having a conversation with Allah and everything else disappeared in the background, you know, and I look back at that. And sometimes if I'm being honest, sometimes I'm jealous of my 18 year old self. Because you can learn a lot of Quran you can you can study you can even teach. But there was a desperation in the heart that I can remember that it was really intense. And sometimes I wish I had that back at that level, that I had it back then,

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you know, so you know, it's, you would say Alhamdulillah. Now I know I understand when Allah speaks more and more, but actually, is that is it the knowledge that's more valuable? Or is it the thirst of the heart and the crying heart that just wants to connect to Allah? Is that more valuable? And I don't know if on judgement day if all the work that I've done is more valuable to Allah, may Allah accept from all of us, or is it that night?

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Amen. Can you imagine I have the same story. I was 14 years old, and it was the last 10 days of Ramadan. And I wasn't great at that time. And suddenly, suddenly before February 10 minutes before finishing because I don't pray so no need to wait to it. So I went to sleep. And suddenly

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I found myself I want to pray now. Mikado pray

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I have the same story. It was in the last thing days, and I found myself

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your Rob Collini of holiday he told me and I was holding

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and starting from this moment this is my story till now

00:25:15--> 00:25:20

so we brother Norman you took me I have the same story

00:25:22--> 00:25:23

can you imagine

00:25:25--> 00:25:27

14 not 18 I'm before you

00:25:30--> 00:25:31

hello I'm so lucky that

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things happened to both of you very good than I had was the main vehicle she brought home circle in what beautiful minor lesser pleasant mini for honey inshallah with in one minute or two minutes inshallah we're going to make the evening like to add, I'm asking Allah subhanaw taala to accept us I'm asking Allah Subhana Allah to let us attend later to God.

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Hamdulillah he was so that was our motto Missoula. He saw lung levada he was certainly a more mature learner

00:26:07--> 00:26:14

what is throw fun fee Marina with a bit up on them and

00:26:15--> 00:26:24

so na and Coleman curfew routine Allah whom in a car phone to Hezbollah for five on

00:26:25--> 00:26:31

Allahumma in Nokia phone to him one laugh was off one

00:26:32--> 00:26:43

yeah a mall yeah Katie Yeah he yeah

00:26:48--> 00:26:50

yeah, what you want

00:26:53--> 00:26:53

to correct

00:26:57--> 00:27:05

along Matthew Konnikova What do you call in my head as well

00:27:09--> 00:27:12

a long time Donna

00:27:15--> 00:27:18

Rowley Matthew them been in love.

00:27:19--> 00:27:25

What Maddie been in? Chef ADA Muroc Motyka.

00:27:29--> 00:27:33

CRO, Allah Madonnina

00:27:34--> 00:27:35

head wound Allah.

00:27:37--> 00:27:41

Allah Madonnina Manisha.

00:27:48--> 00:27:53

He mean, was a long long was an amount and it'd be even more

00:27:56--> 00:27:56


00:27:59--> 00:28:05

he saw me urging me to turn on

00:28:08--> 00:28:08

the camera.

00:28:09--> 00:28:21

It's my pleasure. And I'm so happy any humbled, let the meal feel like a meal. With women and Nutella alcohol fake. We're building a show called Low hanging a kneeler. Our

00:28:24--> 00:29:10

team has Nomsa and it's an honor to have this conversation. May Allah include this as an act of record for him and make it a means of our forgiveness and like doctrinal said I think more and more conversations need to happen with Muslims around the world, regardless of languages and barriers. And the Quran unifies us in ways that nothing else can. I pray that Allah unites the hearts and has us overlook each other's shortcomings. Has this just look for the good in each other. Because, you know, the, whatever shortcomings we have there, we pray that Allah forgives hours and hours get erased. So instead of us being obsessed with the shortcomings of someone else, let's just obsess

00:29:10--> 00:29:49

ourselves with our own and, you know, look at someone else for the good in them and even ask Allah for hire for them, you know, when we think of them, so I pray that we, as an ummah become more merciful to one another, and more forgiving of one another and correct each other in a way that is actual it's not full of hate. Even correcting each other should be something that's done full of love. Allah himself is a man with us. So you know an ohana but you know home comes from that right? So may Allah azza wa jal, makers of that and soften our hearts towards him and towards each other this Ramadan. I mean, I mean to get to know him and online school chakra and Zeeland Salam aleikum

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wa rahmatullahi wa

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