Nouman Ali Khan – Levels of Faith

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan acquaints us with some of the teachings we gather from Surah Taghabun. There is a very particular purpose for the revelation of this Surah and this is important to understand when we study the Quran or try to benefit from the Quran, what context or what background is Allah giving this speech because every Surah is the speech of Allah. So it is very relevant for us to know when was the speech was given, who was the speech given to, what occasion was the speech given at and what made him say what he said. 

In this Surah,  Allah basically says to the Muslim community that there is a mix of people who made a lot of sacrifices and there are people that just came into the religion. Some of them understood really well, some of them really not that well, some of them really don’t have very good intentions for being Muslim. In this Surah, Allah talks to the entire Muslim community, i.e, the strong believer, the weak believer, the mature believer, the fresh believer, and even the corrupt ones. This Surah the Surah of fruits – the benefits of faith. The first half of this Surah is the summary of our faith, the practical summary of our faith and the next half of the Surah deals with the advantages of being a believer and what good comes in our life if one is a believer. 

Allah describes and summarizes one of the most common reasons people refuse to accept guidance from Allah is that because they don’t see that they are submitting to GOD they say why there is a messenger in between? They say that they don’t need a messenger in between and Allah says that is the very source of arrogance. Iblis was not asked to make Sajda to Allah, he was asked to make Sajdah to Adam AS because it was the test of arrogance. He didn’t directly show arrogance to Allah, he actually showed arrogance to Adam AS and that was his undoing.

Hence, it is essential that we keep away from pride and arrogance in our dealings in our lives and submit with utmost humility to the Divine Power of Allah. This shall be the ultimate depiction of faith.

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