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smilla rahmanir rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala nabina Muhammad are Allah early he was a busy woman, Temasek abbyson Dottie Ella yo Mateen Amma bad welcome back dear brothers and sisters to continuing our journey with gems of guidance of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Today's Hades takes a different dimension away from an element of spirituality. But in essence it does contain spirituality by the codifies how to carry out the actions of spirituality and obedience towards Allah subhanaw taala. Thus we find out the key words, or the key theme of Allison, well, Gemma are people of the Sunnah and people of congregation and unity. The key

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word here being one of the people of sun and those individuals who begin to deviate away from that path.

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Because some of us that we think that worship of Allah Subhana Allah towards Allah Subhana Allah, or devotion towards the prophets, Allah Selim is based upon the way that we feel befitting or the way that we feel that our inner inclination should tell us to how to show love towards Allah Subhana Allah, and then the prophets of the long run you send them and then this opens up to every individual, being free to practice their own way of life or their own format of a birder towards Allah subhanaw taala and thus, we find that these ahaadeeth are these various formats of different types of studies that we find topic, various broad chapters, and topics. And that's why we selected

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this hadith to teach the Muslim Ummah and to benefit them. And that's this today's has become a key principle amongst the principles of Allison novalja about how we conduct our worship, and our relationship towards Allah subhanaw taala in this hadith as narrated by a mother, Isha do not Alana, whereby she mentioned that the Fiorina had Mandisa men who for hauraton obviously the writing from the prophets a lot of Salaam, she's narrating this hadith. Another word in refinement, Amina Amman, Lisa, Allah, he and Marina for whoever

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whoever introduces into this affair of ours anything which is new, it will be rejected. Another version whoever carries out an action, which does not have our seal of approval or acceptance, then it would be a word and then it will be rejected by us, rejected by Allah subhanaw taala and then rejected by the prophet sallallahu sallam. So as we mentioned that Islam is not always what conforms to my desires and my feelings, and my intuitions of love and obedience. Some people think some Muslims have this belief unfortunately at times, they let any Muslim or every Muslim practice their own faith, they own a bird that they own worship, how they feel free, that this will bring them

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closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this, unfortunately, is an incorrect understanding. We are not free to worship Allah Subhana Allah, how we deem fit, how we feel that we this is the way to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala sent down a book, he sent down many messengers, and for us, he gave us a final messenger to codify the teachings to tell us how to worship Him, how to obey Him. And that's we find if we use left to the desire or the feelings of each, every single individual of how they feel, is the path of proximity of closeness to Allah Subhana Allah, then there will be folder there will be disruption, there will be evenness on the

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earth that every individual is performing the burden the way that they seem fit towards Allah subhanaw taala where certain Takahashi and wahiba highroller como hacer un to hug Bhushan was certain to hibou Sharon overshadow la como la la la, la la la mon, inside social Baccarat that we find that perhaps, that you dislike something and it is good for you, and perhaps what are certain to hibou shayan? What was Chateau la common? Perhaps you like something and it is even good for you? We'll learn more and don't let that amount of Nanos, you don't know. So Allah knows what is the best thing for the human being and how the human being needs to worship Allah subhanahu what Allah Allah,

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Allah moment Hala quality hobby, does not Allah subhanaw taala know what he's created. He's the most subtle, the most aware. So this is the beginning of our discussion today about the importance of a birder

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being free from any format of innovations, innovations inside the Arabic language is a term that I'm sure that many of us that we've heard and is thrown around on various individuals. The concept of albida of carrying out an innovative action, which has not been legislated inside the Sharia has no essence has no foundation, something extra which may be added on or something encouraged without any foundation that people need to carry out inside their lives, in their belief that brings him close to Allah subhanaw taala. The first thing that we need to understand is a bird that is dopey fear. A bird as jurists, Islamic scholars mentioned unanimously that Riba is codified it's restricted a way

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to worship Allah subhanaw taala has been legislated and a person needs to worship Allah subhanaw taala in that format, to get close to Allah subhanaw taala person cannot go outside those parameters and make their own form of worship and say this is the way to Allah Subhana Allah. So when something becomes dopey or something which is restricted, that becomes a foundation, we cannot now use the argument that what is wrong with me doing this action because the foundation is there. And as we began with the title and Asana, the people or sooner those people who adorn themselves with the Sunnah who hold fast to the sadhana, in imitation of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, a person who is

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going away from that is May Allah forbid, is a person who is deviating because now they are saying, I want to practice this, to bring myself close to the profits of the law and sell them or bring myself close to Allah subhana wa Taala. Allah is the de or semi working with Allah is the originator, the Creator of the heavens, and the earth, head word body is used here is create created something without any preference or any model that existed before something from you. What Allah Subhana Allah created the heavens and the earth without any replica, the same word linguistically, is used in the format of innovations. That whereby unfortunate whereby we are trying to invent

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something new and attribute it to the deen of Allah subhanaw taala inside the beginning of certain metadata that we find the fifth chapter, the Quran, verse number three, Allah mentioned Aloma Admiralty law comm Dina come to la comunidad Mati. What are the two locomole Islam Medina this day, I've chosen for you, Islam as a way of life perfected or my favorite, throw my favorites upon you, and chosen for you Islam as your way of life. So hey, Omar hottub, he wept when you heard this verse, because he knew that now, Islam will diminish in a sense that people will begin to drift away from the pristine teachings of Islam, whatever, is more closer to the time of the Prophet alayhi

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salatu salam, and that practice is the closest practice. And that practice was delivered by the best of the creation after the prophets and the messengers is none other than companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that a person should follow them. And once again, to highlight as we mentioned, adolescence is the consensus person should look at the general body of actions interpretated and practiced by the companions, person shouldn't fall prey will person may bring a certain duration or certain action. And let's say on face value, it is even authentic, that a single companion does a single action, which goes against the majority theme of the rest of the companions and goes against

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the practice of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, what we see is common practice and what was deciphered by his companions, then we don't say I'm going to follow this one companion. This proves my point. We look at the majority of the practices of the companions because they saw and visualize, on a regular basis, the practice of Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and in uniformity, they saw that this was his general practice. So a single companion can be mistaken. And an understanding. That doesn't mean that we are being derogatory towards any of the companions. But we know that companions, as a single entity are fallible can make mistakes can make wrong interpretations of a

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text or incorrectly understand something. So we find that this is the ultimate This is a great, a great big principle of Islam. This verse in the Quran inside some sort of middle fifth chapter Quran verse number three, and likewise, this hadith about staying following Islam and staying away from any form of innovations, or practicing innovations inside our life, we find that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam mentioned therapy to come lm hugetlb VEDA, I left you upon the open plains, the clear plains, it's night and day is clear meaning area

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is clear, I've explained everything to you what is Hillel, what is haram? What you need to do inside your lives has been explained, we have a deviates from that follow goes away from that, then that person only destroys their own self. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam has told us about a god about worship, that this these are the actions that you need to do to get close to him and the best worship of Allah Subhana Allah was the prophets of the law salon, there will be no saint, there will be no chef, there will be no path, there will be no methodology, there will be no individual who can ever Excel, the worship of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and if we can say say such words beat

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the format that he presented, and told us this is the path that you come close to Allah Subhana Allah via this path of obedience. Mr. Malik would mention Mr. Malik del Hydra, the Imam of Medina who never ever left Medina, except for to perform Hajj. That's why some of the earlier mentioned on the go to the viewing the Maliki feel that the rulings or the actions of people of Medina the most closest to the Prophet, so lesson we should adopt that inside our lives is a strong view that exists inside the medical field. This against shows, if we took this view something which is very, very powerful, that because obviously the people of Medina know best, the actions and the practices of

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam anyhow, he mentioned that everything, whatever was not dean at the time of the prophets of Salaam is not to be classified as Dean today. And once again, people tried to misinterpret such statements and say, well today, you you ride a car, you ride an animal or you use modern forms of transport or whatever it may be. Here the key word is in affairs of religious behavior. deed, we're not speaking about the dunya because the dunya when whenever last parentage speaks about the dunya he uses to panels panel panel to Allah, generic terms. So panel lady, Sahara has a

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praise be to Allah, Allah who subjugated this for us. He said had he never said that form of transport is going to be a riding beast, or is going to be a car or caravan. He just left it as her that this

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that means that in the future you could be using any form or mode of transport. So when you when you embark on a transport you make this to Allah Subhana Allah is left open. Likewise inside the Parana mentioned Jimmy I mean who everything is from Allah subhanaw taala that he subjugated us to use upon the face of this earth. But when it comes to a bird, then we become very specific that Deen is whatever the perfect hi laser at some told us to practice and to carry out inside our lives.

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Amongst the tasks of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is to explain to mankind that we find verses inside the Quran and Sunnah ilica dekra you to be unilin Nascimento Zilla Allah him, Allah Allah whom you yet a couple. We've sent down the dicker upon you, Vicar. He carries the meaning of one of the names of the Quran, that you may explain to mankind that which has been sent down to them, that they may begin to ponder and reflect over this. So amongst the tasks of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is to explain the Quran to live the Quran to be an embodiment of the Quran to teach people the Quran to explain the Quran to tell people about the Quran and to interpret the Quran to show people

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as we find a hadith in Bukhari, once again narrated by Aisha mother, meaning or the a lot of Anna Cana hollowcore and his character was the Quran. He was the embodiment of the Quran, whatever the Quran, preaches or teaches or says he tried to live that or did live that inside his life. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he lived a Bader he carried out a burger and showed us that this is the path to worship Allah subhanaw taala and explain how we become worshipers of Allah subhanho wa Taala in other places are the Quran and Sunnah. So to me that once again, we find a last point I mentioned your your soul building my own zita aleikum, Arabic or messenger convey to the people that which has

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been sent down to you. Were in Atlanta, firma, bollock Teresa Lata who, and if you don't do that, you have not conveyed the message of Allah subhanaw taala. So hey,

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we can say that Allah Subhana, Allah is rebuking the prophet Elijah some that your task is to deliver the message. And if you don't, then there could be an element of that you have not fulfilled that trust. So the Prophet Allah Islam has fulfilled the trust of delivering the message of a loss panda to mankind and telling us how to worship Allah subhanaw taala. Now here, once again, we find that people will come and say, Well, if we carry out an extra action, or innovation and they

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We use such words unfortunately, that this action that we're doing, we're doing it for the sake of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, we're doing it in his honor, in his dignity, in remembrance of him, we're doing this extra action, they will even acknowledge that the action that they're doing isn't innovation, but we're doing it for him. Some have even gone to an extreme view, they say even they know that some they know they are lying, they are hiding for the worse they attribute era saying they are lies, they are fabricated, they accept it. They then make this another action of blasphemy by saying learn Luca de la Luca zebra who were not lying upon him, we're lying for him. We're lying

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for the sake of Islam. We're lying for the prophet of Islam to encourage people to become good individuals or people to practice his sadhana etc. The strange thing about this mindset is that Allah Subhana Allah answer this inside the same verse inside SoTL Merida, whereby he mentioned Subhana, Allah conveyed to the people that which has been sent down upon you. He concludes this verse opponent Allah by mentioning or low, yat similkameen, a nurse, Allah will protect you from mankind. And ishara pointing to the fact that your task is to deliver the message, whether people accept it, people rejected people speak, elevate, speak, people speak good if it you have to deliver

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the message, and the only people who will not accept it, Allah will protect you. And that is the path of Allah sadhana will allow you to come in on us. Our task is to deliver the message, present the message, people may accept it, people may reject it. We don't beautify Islam, as they say, for as we began with for the needs of the people for the tastes of the people. Obviously, there's wisdom, there's etiquettes to teach people. But sometimes, parameters need to be placed and need to be highlighted. These are limits of Islam, and this is the path of Islam. And a person who deviates, falls into a path of innovation. Not that we apply the opposite, the person who's adorning

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themselves being as close as possible to the sun. That person is attributed as being a person of innovation. And a person of innovation is given attribute as being a person to sadhana when they hold nothing of the sun. They openly accept that the narrations that they use, are weak, are fabricated, are we just trying to encourage people encourage society to return back to Allah subhanaw taala. And here, encouragement to people should be via the Quran and Sunnah. People try to use another justification, justification excuse that the modern world that we live in, we need to have other elements to encourage people. The courage has had many of the things that we share in

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today's society, of lewdness, of wickedness, of grave worship, shrine worship, of doing heroin that existed there. So did the prophet Elijah some compromise a message and present it to them, obviously use wisdom and the best speech and best words, but he told them bluntly, that this is the message of Islam. This is the power of Islam. This is the teachings of Islam. This is Helen, this is how wrong this is what is the Sunnah action you need to do to bring yourself closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And that is a hadith as we began with mentioned, whoever introduces in our, into this affair of our something which we have not introduced or not mentioned. For who don't and it will be something

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which is rejected by Allah subhanaw taala are the words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, why is he making such a statement? Is he trying to upset us as he tried to upset this Muslim Ummah, he's laying out the limits. He's laying out the boundaries that do not disobey or do not come towards a path of worship, whereby you deviate away from my path, in not fulfilling the way the characteristics or the behavior that I told you to obey Allah subhanaw taala another excuse that some people may give is that we intend good intention is good. And we've already laid out the foundation that actions are judged by the intention based upon two principles, that the person is

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sincere and there is what is known as motiva that the action they're doing is in correspondence with the son of the prophet Elijah Salaam, and then it'll be accepted by Allah subhanaw taala. Likewise, you find the famous statement of the lead Miss road, how many people intend good, but never get to that good have a good intention? But the what they're telling the people to do, is it in conformity with the teachings of Islam with the teachings of the prophets Allah son, but then that's all it does never achieve that goodness of trying to any conceit or trying to convince people to people to come towards a path of Allah subhanho wa Taala and how many people in 10 good but never get to that

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good. We find also inside the Quran, one of the most famous verses of the Quran Surah Al Imran sub verse 31, or so that we find Paul in contempt to hipbone Allah, to be erroneous.

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Yo, babe como la jolla, la quinta Nova con la who are for Rahim Hey Allah Subhana dimentions call in kuntum to hibou nom de se if you love Allah subhanaw taala is a claim that not just non Muslims make but Muslims make that claim as well right for you that we love Allah Subhana Allah. So how do we show our love towards Allah Subhana Allah? Do I show my love just by by chanting his name that I show my love by just prostrating when I feel like at the end of the day? Do I show my love just by clasping my hands in the depths of darkness and just calling upon Allah Subhana Allah to forgive me? Do I show my love and my devotion just by holding a some beads and praising him on the tip of my

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finger or via these beads? Do I show my love just by listing some citations or on listing to an A sheet or listening to my alphabet a song and say this is love of Allah subhanaw taala? The answer is given inside the Quran well in contempt hipbone Allah, but only if you love Allah subhanaw taala then what you need to do to show that love is make it TBR Follow me Follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, does he find a mammal Wahidi in his works as baboons zoo, a book of speaking about reason, a revelation of the verses? He mentioned, this verse is known as the verse of empty hand or

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the verse of testing. This is the testing verse, the exam test, the exam question, you really love Allah Subhana Allah, then the answer is given. Unfortunately to all of us, follow the prophets of Allah Salaam and what will happen then Allah will love you and forgive your sins will local for Rahim Allah is the Most Merciful, the most client Allah Subhana Allah in another place inside the Quran inside the beginning of surah Allah, Allah are off the seventh chapter of Quran. Last Pantera mentions it tiberiu monzi la Kumara become Waller, Dr. BARROWMAN. dooney Alia Allah mentions it to be Roma, de la, la Kumara be calm. Follow me on de la Kumara become follow that which Allah, Allah

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has sent down your Lord has sent down upon you. So what does it mean to make a T bar to follow as we find out the lowest mentioned, make a T bar and don't make a T dare

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follow and don't make innovations. So stay close to following the Quran and the Sunnah don't follow the path of innovation, and do not follow the only others besides Allah subhanaw taala. And even if we take this, this, this verse, or this portion of the verse, linguistically don't follow the only year look at a society or Muslim society at the moment. throughout this series, we've been speaking about not overpraising individuals and personalities and praising even religious individuals to such a degree, that some of us Muslims, may Allah forbid we worship them. We believe that they are in some form, they are divine, and what they utter needs to be followed and we show over reverence.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he disliked that people should stand for him if he entered into a gathering, he rebuked it. If there's any individual that we should stand for this any individual going far beyond that, we should sacrifice our lives for his for the prophets, Allah celebrate he did he disliked that he rebuked his companions. He used such words about himself telling his companions, that I am only a servant and a worship of Allah Subhana Allah He never used such magnified titles and praises and expected his companions to address him in such a manner or to praise him in such a manner. And as he reminded, even towards the end of his life, he he reminded

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his companions do not extol me and praise me, like the Christians began to praise Jesus la Salaam. vada. I am a servant and a worship of Allah subhanaw taala this in no manner so should people begin to feel that this has been derogatory towards the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, because Allah Subhana Allah uses such words about the prophet Elijah that Islam so panda lady Astra be AB de Laila middle Masjid Hiromi Allah, Masha Aqsa in the beginning of SoTL, a Surah Surah Bani Israel that we find a lot and I mentioned Praise be to Allah. Allah who took his seven gives him the title of being the servant tabernacle, Lady Nasrallah and Abdullah nozzle for Kannada. abelia coonan al Amina de la,

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Praise be to Allah, Allah who sent the revelation upon his servant. So one is not being derogatory towards the Prophet alayhi salatu salam or dismantling the respect that belongs to him.

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We love the prophet Elijah immensely, to such a degree that it should penetrate our hearts and our mind. And maybe you all have been Mina men and forced him the Prophet is closer to believers than even their own selves. The verse that we find inside the Quran and viola been meaning men and push him the Prophet Alayhi Salam is closer to believers even in their own selves, inside sortal as the 33rd chapter of Quran which has numerous passages, numerous verses inside the surah, praising the Prophet alayhi salatu salam speaking about his rank, his honor, and dignity that belongs to Him and to emulate and to copy him a day, which we all accept. But the key element that we were trying to

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instill within ourselves is the belief of Allah sadhana, of how we worship Allah Subhana Allah, and then how we obey the prophets of Salaam inside their lives, so that he warned us about innovations and to stay free from innovations, whereby he mentioned one after the other than our most distant family law he subhanaw taala Hadith in Bukhari Muslim, whoever introduces a new innovation inside this affair of ours or a person who shields or protects a person who is an innovator upon the individual is the curse of Allah subhanaw taala is something severe, as you can see the how some individuals may become emotional towards people who carry out innovations. Obviously, the etiquettes

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to rectify people who carry out innovations we mentioned many of these people they intend good, they have a good love and a good foundation towards Allah Subhana Allah and then the Prophet Allah son, but they may have slightly misguided away from the path and environment around them teaches and this is the way of showing love and reverence towards Allah Subhana Allah and then towards the prophets Allah sort of an odd task is to remind people to divert people away and bring them back towards the foundation of pristine belief in Allah Subhana Allah and pristine orthodox application of the Quran Sunnah in following the life and the teachings of the prophets Allah Salaam that is the foundation.

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Thus it becomes very strange that people who mentioned begin to label people of sadhana as people innovations, because we bring the Hadees to mind

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drinking from the fountain of the prophet or some whereby we all will gather there, whereby we find that the cops will be like the stars, many that be there. However, the prophet Elijah Islam, the prophet of mercy and compassion towards his own mentors, his people as a Quran mentioned in the sort of Toba How will it be that on that day, he will begin to he will begin over he will be some of his creation will be stopped by Angel, Jabra, la San Jose, let them come let them come on moto Moto, let them come and be with me. But he will then be diverted. Because your brain Allah will say that you don't know what these people they done after you these are people who carried out innovate

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innovations, these are people attributed these innovations towards you. So will now the prophet of mercy and compassion and love towards his followers really say to him, let them come, let them pass by rather unfortunate he will use such harsh words towards these people who say so and so can be of be of you have nothing to do with me. How will that be possible? How will that be? Is something for us to reflect upon that the path of innovations is a dangerous path. People are following the Sunnah. Why are they being defamed? Why are they being slurs and derogatory terminology has been used against them, when they are only trying to follow the foundation and the essence of the

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teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and that's we find that beta in his various formats has been described as finding among shot to be in his works at a time in two volumes begin to describe the various formats of innovations that a person should stay away from. And obviously we do accept the fact they are various gradings of innovations that existed. There is a grading whereby a bid for a bidder which we could take you outside the fold of Islam in terms of a person's belief, if they invent a new belief or they attribute incorrect belief towards Allah subhanaw taala or towards a prophet Allah says Allah can lead them to expel them outside the fold of Islam. And then

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we find other innovations that existed. If you can use such words, which are minor innovations, which are still innovations person should should stay away from them, and warn against them and encourage people to stay away from them. But here comes a key element of many of us in our zeal and passion, in things that we learn in things that we want to deliver to society, that we become very harsh in the way that we want to rectify the affairs of the people. And as we find that the water becomes murky, as they say, and and people of goodness and righteous or people of the Sun are then tarnish via the actions of a few individuals of the zealousness towards society.

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rectifying people, that people begin to get labeled as being exactly the same in what they want to reform and place inside society. People have sadhana should be people have sown of love and devotion and commitment and kind and good words and good intellect towards the people to bring them back towards following the teachings of the Quran. And the Sunnah to instill that with them. person shouldn't become one who tarnishes people who labors, people, who throws derogatory words upon people. And we can see that unfortunately, how some of the youth in what may be called the world of reputations are few teaching people, how people begin to go beyond the limitations. And it's very

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sad to mention this in his blessing month of Ramadan. But if you look at some of the views, and you look at some of the comments that Muslims will make about other Muslims, a person's hair stands on end, these are Muslims who are making such comments about another Muslim, using such words about another Muslim, it becomes troublesome. For for us first teachers and practitioners that what are we teaching inside society, if this is what the masses of the people are doing, and these are the words that they use towards one another, and these the actions are used towards one another. We should be refining ourselves in all of our ways, in trying to encourage people to come towards us sooner, and

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the practice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that's we find that obviously at times, there will be people who have false practices. And we need to highlight this false false practices inside society to teach people with goodness, there's many practices inside the society that Muslims may do which have become common culture common practice. That doesn't mean that this is now something which is acceptable inside Islam. Something which goes against the Quran, Sunnah, has no basis for it. It is a fabrication that a person needs to speak out against it and tell people advise people to stay away from this practice. Because we find that the beta becomes common practice inside

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society and people begin to think that this is an action sooner and an action sooner begins to become classified as an action of innovation and begins to be something which is strange inside society, whereas the sooner should be dominant inside society. The sooner should be powerful, the sooner should be visible and people should know that this is the Sunnah of not a personal individual. This is the Sunnah and the practice of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we find that at times, we can give an excuse for certain individuals who may carry out certain actions or innovations whereby they may have been mistaken as me Tamia. ruffle Milan and I metal

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alarm has written an aerosol a famous book speak by lifting the blame from the scholars. And in the he mentioned various reasons whereby scholars may go to certain view or they may do a certain practice. Likewise, we find tshabalala Yola dairy is written a similar book as well speaking about giving excuses for older men who may have made mistakes, whether it be inside the creed inside their belief, a person, when we started to see this many famous earlier mother inside their creed, they had a creed, which was not in fine tune with the creative, Alison novalja are slight elements of the creed deviated, does that mean now that a person now

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expels all of their good works, all of their tasks. And just to highlight that point, to just to help us to understand the book that we're reading at the moment of ml no way that we find that he slightly to a certain degree inside his belief did deviate away from the path of Allah sadhana. Does that now mean that we reject all of his good works? We are now his as we began with mentioned, that amongst one of the books that has a total acceptance amongst the Muslim global, the Muslim world at the moment is

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a no we are getting to know who we are. And also history are the solid in God and the righteous whereby every machine, or every house has this book. So this shows acceptance from Allah Subhana Allah, and a person needs to overlook whereby a person may have deviated because of the environment they live in, or an interpretation that they fell into. Or also other reasons are given, for example, a Hadith, they may see the Hadith as being authentic in front of them. Some of these elements are scholars of Hadith. So they may have taken the view that the Hadith that they're reading is authentic. So they use that as the basis to come to a ruling or to come to a judgment,

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and that we should be very, very careful in having a deeper reading of Islam, not to just take a single view of Islam, and then begin to apply that upon other individuals. And to say that these people have deviated are these people away from from the path of Allah Subhana Allah, many of us in prayer that we find there's a vast difference of opinion in certain elements of the prayer that a person needs to be tolerant towards

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

And accepted person cannot say that this is the only way. And anybody that deviates from that always away from that is a a person who's deviated, as we know, various movements inside the prayer, placing of hands inside the prayer, ways of bowing that we find exist inside, we will mark different where the person should go down on their hands or go down on the on the knees, where they should place their hands, how they should move their finger, all these points, which exists inside the Sharia, whereby the Sharia is flexible towards this and is tolerant towards this like was also a nice, pleasant month of Ramadan, that we continuously have this argumentative nature amongst

00:35:41--> 00:36:21

ourselves to debate about the falling of Salah to throw away whether it's 20 Raka, or whether it's eight rocket and extremities are both from both camps, whereby those who offer 20 will set people off for offering aid. There people are better than people innovation there are straight away from the path people are offering aid will make the same slurs and slogans upon the people of falling 20 a person this debate has been been taking place for maybe over 1000 years, whereby fuqaha have been dissecting and coming to various are trying to extract what is the correct view even though the Hadees inside Buhari is clear, that the prophet Elijah he prayed in the month of Ramadan outside the

00:36:21--> 00:37:05

month of Ramadan, he only prayed 11 units of prayer eight of the of the of the pm and three of witted that he offered is the general ruling if a person takes this view and they adopt this view, then they should offer the prayer in that manner. If you take the other view of earlier mentioned whereby I mentioned method our method not to and to and pray as much as you want. So person can go even beyond 20 and you follow the Malik effect go beyond that into 33 or 36 record. But the key element being off of unity upon that which is benefits the Muslim Ummah, as we began with an Asana is spirituality here, whereby the reading of the Quran and listing the Quran, and the following of

00:37:05--> 00:37:28

prayers to develop a devotion towards Allah subhanaw taala which is the sadhana that we should be practicing. May Allah Subhana Allah lead us to follow the Sunnah and the teachings of the Prophet Allah Islam to the best of our ability and keep us free from any innovations and not keep us away from drinking from his blessed fountain particle or vehicle. That when again hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen