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Musleh Khan
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This is a good question. So if you're just happen to live in a home or an apartment building where you're sharing it with someone else, and they have their own pictures of their families hanging hanging up against the wall, but you you just happen to be living there. Now this here, this is okay. And simply because this is really not something that is related to you in any way, you're just forced to be in a situation, the best thing to do is to get out of those situations as best as you can build an environment that is as highlighted as possible, as much as you can. If it is possible for those pictures to be removed, try to remove them, if not Allah azza wa jal origins as to Allah

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Mr. Tato, Fear Allah to the best of your ability that you can allies, the vigil knows your situation. So inshallah as long as that's there, then allies so a gel can forgive us for those know.

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If you give a wrong mother name, if it was requested from you from the side himself, it can still happen. This is a good question as well. If the person asks you for your mother's maiden name, and you give them some, you know, bogus name, someone else's name, it can still work. The only problem is, is that if you give that name to that person, and it ends up being the identity of a real individual, then guess what happens, that car might be done to the wrong person, and it might just suddenly go on and affect an innocent couple. So it's very, very important that if you recognize this from the person, try to stop it immediately. either get out of there, don't don't ask for none

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of their services anymore.

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order them advise them to fear Allah as religion and leave them alone. Don't give them any more information about you. Yeah, actually, let me see, is there anything from the sisters?

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Go ahead.

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Evil I, to be honest with you, scholars differ on exactly what this is. And the most common opinion is that it's just a state, whether it's related to gin possession or not, it depends on the situation it can be. But generally speaking, evil eye is a state that a person goes into. And this is why you yourself can give yourself evil eye but you're not possessed. You don't have any connection to an origin or Sheltie. Somebody else can give you evil eye, they're not possessed, you could get evil i right in right in a mess today as well. So there's no connection necessarily to it being amongst the shelter in origin, okay. It's just the state that that person goes into. And

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that's also has certain signs and elements to it that are exclusive to just that. We just dealt with the major these are the two major categories when it comes to gin possession.

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Anything from the sisters? Go ahead.

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So now

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it's very difficult to always do

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in the way.

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Okay, this is a good question. How would you How would you differentiate between you yourself as a human being, you yourself have weakness of a man, as opposed to possibly a gin possession that's causing you to be weak? With your even as a matter of fact, you meaning the one who who would ask this question, or anybody who would think about this, you yourself is the answer to this, you yourself will know whether you're trying to battle against something, or if it's just something natural, it's just plain laziness. And this happens to every single one of us, the best of us to the weakest of us. We all have those moments where we're just we just feel like oh, my God, it's already

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time for Salah you know, and then we have to go and we pray. Those are all quote unquote, normal things that you might feel normal weaknesses that you have. But if you're the person that's like this,

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it's time for salah and you're like, Oh, I have to pray. Oh, my God, it's so difficult. It's so difficult. I will need to pray. And you're always fighting, fighting fighting with yourself. Even the poor form will do is a mission for yourself alone as opposed to just assala then this is where you need to start asking questions about yourself. This is where you need to know that you know it's not me it's just that I don't feel like doing this anymore. You are going to be

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Be the best doctor, the best Exorcist for yourself to determine what the what the issue is. You cannot go to even an exorcist to determine this. Because he's he or she is going to be very limited in how much they can know about you and your lifestyle, how long this is going to be going for you, yourself will know. This is why some of the elements, they said that gin possession is not something that you, you go to the doctor and you check it out to see if it's there or not. gin possession is black or white, you either have it or you don't. And you yourself will know that it's there, you know that something is stopping you. Or it's probably just me or it's just a couple days, I feel

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lazy I feel this or that you will know it. It's gonna be picture clear to Okay. Now go ahead. Yes. Okay.

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Very good. So remember that we mentioned that the, the number one most common reason why people do see her is to break relationships. And especially if two young individuals good, handsome, beautiful individuals want to get married. It's also become vulnerable to this. So how do you protect yourself from all of this? Let's just answer the question. Generally for all of us, whether you're single, whether you're going to get married, whether you're married, whether you're divorced, doesn't matter for all of us, how do you protect yourself from all of this, while lucky it is only one thing and one thing alone fear Allah azza wa jal as much as you can. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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told us the person who prays Federer and prays it on time, they are protected from Syria for the entire day. The products they sell them told us as well person who eats the seven Edgware dates protected from the shell team and say her every single day for that the person who recites sorta tillbaka three days consecutively protected from the shell teen and sue her and all of these things. Honestly, if I were to summarize all of the different things that you and I need to do to protect ourselves from all of this, it's only one one sentence I would say, Fear Allah azza wa jal as much as you can, if you are scared to get married, because you feel that somebody is going to have iron

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are going to perform SEO on you. then in this case, here, you need to just do the basic basic fundamentals. Pray your ledger on time, be in the state of will do as much as you can, and recite the poor and be close to the book of Allah azza wa jal when we say recite the Quran, it doesn't mean that you actually have to sit down and recite the Quran by playing a CD and reciting with it or just listen to it is all just as good as anything else. So just have a close relationship with the book of Allah azza wa jal Always remember that statement of income, their statement of income rahimullah, that statement is so is so comprehensive because it basically summarizes all of these issues, why

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they happen. And for those of us who haven't been hearing me saying it over and over and over, basically it's been claimed just mentions that a person who is possessed usually it's their own fault. person who has been possessed was say held or iein has said any of those things. The reason why that happens is usually it's because they're, it's their own fault. Because of their own weaknesses because of their own problems, things. They're not paying attention to things they've exaggerated in. All of these things all work together to become vulnerable to this problem.

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Okay, good question. So, let's say you do find a talisman or you do find an object or a paper or something with some Quranic verses. It looks really strange. So how do you actually burn it? Remember brothers and sisters, the Shetty teaches us that this is the way to dispose of Quranic verses. The way to dispose it is to burn it. It's the halaal it's the normal way of getting rid of this. So don't feel Oh my God, I'm doing something wrong. This is actually what you should do. shredding poradnik paper, we will just call it corymbia. Right. But shredding it. Many scholars did not allow this simply because it's somewhat I mean, it doesn't it doesn't complete or it doesn't

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fulfill that purpose of it being completely burned and extinguished. What you have to do is there's no specific door or nothing to be recited you simply just have that you know that piece of paper and you can simply dispose of it, no matter

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Yeah, just be careful here though you can just go anywhere and Bernie's thing, right. So just make sure the way you do it here in this city, right? That you don't get in trouble for so many things are starting like a bonfire or something all by yourself, right? So just be careful. You know what I like to do? Just use your barbecue. If you have a barbecue machine, well, I just just light it up and put your put your stuff in there. I've burned books this way. Books, right? So you can just do that. And it's fine.

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Anything from the sisters? Yeah.

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Why did I burn books.

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I mean, I just didn't need them. And these were,

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these were books that were

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books that I've read them, but they were filthy in and of themselves. Like there were books that were written by him now it'll be and things like that, you know, that books that I've gone through before. And I didn't want these books to be left behind be part of my library. These were books that were actually given to me. So because as a student of knowledge, I went through some of this material just to read it to understand who even ought to be not even allowed to be as you guys know the difference, right? And just to kind of see who kind of individually is was to some of his books, I got rid of it this way. I didn't want to keep them I didn't find apps, I found absolutely 00

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benefit in his books. Zero, not one sentence I can quote to you from that book.

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Anything else?

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Go ahead.

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If some if a diary says that he's a scholar of Islam.

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Okay, so different issue. That's a different issue. I mean, as those who follow follow through sooner, we have our position with Abner Adobe. Okay, if others view him differently, that's their opinion. I mean, this book here, I mean, some of the things inada be mentioned in this book

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was called, I don't even remember it was sort of mechi or something like that.

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In this book, he mentions that Allah is in everything. Allah is in a dog is in a cat in his in even when there's a sentence he mentions, you know, when I mentioned that allies in a cockroach, you know, subpanel I mean, what kind of a statement is that? Right? I mean, I don't care which rpd you have, you know, this is a different issue altogether for even just a statement like that. So if people who do claim that he was a scholar, he was a scholar. He was a very brilliant, knowledgeable men. I mean, he's got tons of books. Is he a praiseworthy scholar? linguistically? I would classify him as a scholar, he's a person of knowledge, but, you know, shut on wise, is he a person that's

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praiseworthy, that should be recognized for all that in the position of that as soon as we don't do that we, you know, he's classified as a heretic and nothing else, you know, but a lot. And so Joe knows, but quite honestly, guys, I'm the wrong person to ask about this. And I'll tell you why. I don't get involved in this kind of knowledge. I don't find any benefit for it for myself. I am very, very

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firm with Sharath. A means principle on this. Chef Jose meat used to be used to get asked these questions about different shoe use and different people. And you know what his response was, his response was a silence. So a person would raise their hand to share what do you think about this author, so and so?

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The chef will look at him.

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So and then he continues with his lesson or

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it just completely ignore them. Eventually, one questioner went up to him and confronted him and asked him shit, why don't you respond? He goes until I find that one benefit to this question. I will never respond to it. And that's the principle I followed as a student of knowledge since day one and Alhamdulillah it has always been beneficial for me.

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Yes, sister.

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So one day,

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I was at China. So I saw my my

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old people there, but only when

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I asked her why.

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In the dream, you saw yourself say are with a biller to this person or this shaitan.

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Yeah, and when you said are with a biller, it disappeared. That

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isn't enough of a reason to go to China.

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Okay, I would encourage you to go and go and visit your family and you know, feel happy be amongst your family. And the fact that that dream is a good dream shows that at least there's one person that amongst the shale teen, there's one person that can eliminate all of that. It could be you. It could be you for the family as well. So that is a good reason.

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Yeah. I'm just gonna, like, I'm just gonna answer for just what the dream looks like terms of the background. I mean, I wouldn't know. If I learn more about the background. Maybe it'll be something a little bit, a little bit deeper than that. But the fact that you remembered Allah's Name, and you said it and it disappeared, is a good sign. And shall Okay, let's just take like one or two more questions, and we're done again.

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Yep. This is a very good Hadith. There's a hadith. It's actually in this book keytab with toe heed. It's the last chapter in the book. Makita Patel hates students that are here you guys know this. Remember that had these that we talked about where 70,000 people will enter a luz paradise without any reckoning any account any question. And one of the characteristics about those 70,000 people is that they do not perform Rokia is one of their characteristics. Now, how do you put all of these two together because we have this as a medicine in our Shetty era, within here, with that, you know, there without it the intergender the way to understand this, as scholars, they've discussed this, I

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mean, there isn't really

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no exact wisdom as to how to tie the two together. But it all goes back to one concept. And that is your reliance upon Allah azza wa jal, believe it or not, if a person has possession, or if a person has a cut, or if a person has a problem, and they simply choose without any obligation, that I'm only going to have trust in Allah that Allah is going to cure that cut without, you know, causing themselves to be in a detrimental state, you know, they're gonna be pouring blood blood and Allah knows best you know, you can't do that. You're obviously going to control what you can. And then you have complete reliance upon Allah azza wa jal, a person who has gin possession, but they want to

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treat it themselves. And they're capable of doing that. Some people can do that. As a matter of fact, some are the most say that when a person is possessed, they themselves are the best cure to that possession, not a rocky, but they themselves. So if they are aware enough that they can do that on their own, then they should, but if they decide, no, only Allah inshallah I have my full tawakkol and trust in Allah that Allah will cure all of this. For me, that's what 70,000 is. Now 70,000 what's really interesting is that it's only 70,000. Imagine from Adam Marley, he said, until yom will kiama, 70,000 people that's like less than a percentage of the people that are going to live

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and die. And 70,000 people can only do this, there isn't that give you an indication of how few of the individuals that may walk the face of this earth that can actually do this. That's why their reward is so high, no questions asked. Just enter a loss paradise. Because the people like you won't come around that often.

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So that's what the Hadeeth is referring to in

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this beginning of animates, I'd say I'm Hadeeth like it's a general Hadeeth it's a general How do you 70,000 people?

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Yeah, there there there is a discussion about it that's mentioned in this book, right, but just as a general understanding, you know,

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because there's some sahabas who don't want it to be increased. So they came back to the province I sent him and asked him you know, you know, can it be increased? What about us Seattle soda law you know, those are habits of panelists so hungry to save themselves from Allah azza wa jal is punishment. So eventually this this number was multiplied to other figures as well. Still, it works out Absolutely. Like nothing less than a percentage of the people that will walk the face of this earth. Last question, sisters.

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Okay, last

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question here. Anybody didn't ask me anything? Yeah, go ahead.

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Okay, so the brothers asking about the talismans and omens that people have, they may hang it on their wall, or they may wear it and things like that.

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How many of you have taken keytab? With tauheed? I've actually studied this book.

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Except my, my, my students only may have studied this book. Let me tell you, brothers and sisters, this is a book here You must study there's an entire chapter about talisman and omens here. There's an entire chapter about all the things that I've talked to you about. I've got it from this book, kita Bhutto, heat by Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab or Rahim Allah. This is a book, it's one of the fundamental books of al Qaeda to study. And this is the book that discusses all the different rulings of opsc, Hara iein has said all of these different issues. If you haven't studied this book, it's a book that you should study. One of the great things about this book is shell, yes, or cloudy,

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has the explanation of this online as well. However, it's like in I think, like 30, or something, videos, or 20, videos or something. So it's going to take a lot of dedication on your part if you want to go through it. Otherwise, the best way to study this book is with the teacher of hamdulillah. Like I've taught this book here, we had a session like this, I don't know if I'll teach it again or anytime soon. But it's a book that you can find a lot of information, a lot of explanation about it. And all of these questions that you guys have all the answers is right here. So I encourage all of you guys to go online, typing keytab with tauheed. Look for an explanation.

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Generally, all of them that I found so far online, are generally very good. I bet sheffy. So Holly has a very, he's the only one online that I think has the complete explanation on video. And it's just an audio video. That's what it is. So you guys can check that out and shall learn really try to look into this book, and study it so that you can understand the simple basic implications that we deal with. These are basic, basic stuff. Instead, unfortunately, we live in a time now where a lot of this stuff is rampant. It's just keeps getting more and more and more people are getting involved in these areas Why? You can make a whole set of money, tons and tons of money. I remember I saw a

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shirt, a T shirt that had hundreds of numbers written all over it just gibberish words. I saw this in Saudi it was actually a Sahar. He was captured by the police and this was confiscated from him. And they put it out on display just to kind of educate people and bring awareness to this. So the guy who showed it to me he said this here somebody came to the magician and paid almost 5000 us for this T shirt alone. And all that is you just sat there and wrote in 5000 US dollars sold for that. So just shows you that, you know people can do a lot with this sort of thing in terms of money wise, but having said that, guys, inshallah The last thing I want to just talk about is where we're

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looking between three sodas for our next soda. We're looking at soda, Talat sorted milk, and I was thinking of also sorted through Joe dot, soda Tojo dot, I started it in another message, but I wasn't able to complete it. I think I did, like

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I think I did like seven sessions or something. And I didn't finish it. So I don't mind to start that in maybe doing like four sessions or five sessions and completing it

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or the other sources

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