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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh i apologize guys, I don't know how the phone just disconnected from the internet. Let's start this again, those of you who are joining us, or you were part of the previous reminder, I apologize once again, but I try to be a perfectionist to an extent. So I'm going to start this again in sha Allah, you're welcome to just pause the video if you'd like. Or if just wait until I get to where we had paused and shut Allahu taala. So let's just start this again, make sure that it's clean, it's fresh, it's organized. Those of you who are joining us for the first time, this is a brand new series titled spiritual growth. It's all about inspiring one

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another to increase our Amen. Again, I'm going to repeat some things. So if you're joining us just if you were with us in the previous video, just bear with me so that I could get through some of the things that we already talked about. For those of you joining us for the first time. This is where our reminders will come from. And because we're talking about increasing, amen increasing our faith, it just so happens that the first topic that I pulled out of this box is all about seeking in seeking knowledge. And so this is going to be our first subject in sha Allah all about seeking knowledge and honestly, that coincidence is only from Allah subhanho wa Taala so let's begin and

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shout low to Allah I'll zoom through some of these points because we've already gone through it for most of you Bismillah May Allah so Allah bless us and shower his Baraka upon all of us. This particular reminder is separated or organized into three categories we have fuggle in the virtues of knowledge, we have alethia to Allah more in Leo hiree when she left, the one who seeks knowledge for other than Allah and fo are usually fairly male in the first thing that we mentioned was Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the poor and and sudo Taha will call the rock designee or any man and he tells the Prophet alayhi salaatu, wa Salaam I want you to ask me to request from me to increase you

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in knowledge Why? That's the thing that's endless that Allah subhanho wa Taala blessing us with his knowledge Now keep in mind, Allah is telling the Prophet are they sought to ascend to ask for this. So in other words, knowledge is taught to us by Allah, what toquilla where you are limo como la. Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah, have Taqwa of Allah and Allah will teach you. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is told asked me for more knowledge because knowledge is power. Knowledge is strength, knowledge is the thing that's going to give you true guidance. It's going to give you clarity, and like I've said before, you we will never truly appreciate something unless we have knowledge of that

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thing. We continue. And the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam tells us in another beautiful Hadith that is more popularly agreed upon in Bukhari and Muslim may UDT level be higher or you felt to fit Dean whoever Allah subhanho wa Taala wishes good for in this world Allah will bless them with knowledge of this Deen. So in other words, it's the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala that will give you Baraka, blessing, peace, contentment, you name it, every form of happiness in your life lies within seeking knowledge of Allah. This is why the ultimate teach us that knowledge is your companion when you are alone. Knowledge keeps you safe when you're scared. Knowledge gives you

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confidence when you feel negative when you feel down when you feel

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when you feel pessimistic, you feel like there's no hope in life, you feel like there's no direction, knowledge erases all of that gives you confidence keeps you optimistic keeps you focused. So all of these wonderful things are captured in this beautiful Hadeeth narrative narrated by Abu Dhabi doubt of the loved one. The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam tells us he who seeks a path in quest of knowledge, Allah will make a path to paradise easy for him. Allah the Prophet Allah so to sum is one of the most famous Hadith of the messenger, I later select wassalam that the one who seeks a path of knowledge alone will make their path to gender easier for them. And they had these

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continuous right at the very end had eternal female, that everything in this world will make dua for you, even the fishes and the creatures at the bottom of the ocean, they will be praying for the student of knowledge. So the point is, what more of an incentive Do we need subpanel love.

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I want to just get to some of the other points in sha Allah hota Island Alessia de la Mola, Emily hiree Watch Hill, the second point of the one who seeks knowledge for other than Allah. This is based on a long hadith of our profits early sought wassalam narrated by

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Every beholder, you're already a loved one, there will come a man on the Day of Judgment who had learned to knowledge and he will claim that he learned knowledge for Allah. But Allah knows the truth. Allah knows that this man did not learn knowledge for love's sake but instead he learned knowledge so that people could call him a scholar or add him. People could say Masha Allah Look at you, you know, you're all over YouTube, you're all over Facebook. So they would give him the admiration that he sought and he wanted and Allah so would you will obviously know this. So Allah will respond to this man who claimed that he learned for Allah and sake Pollock has no you learnt it

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for other than me, You are a liar, you didn't learn knowledge for my pleasure, but you learned it for other reasons. And he will order the angels to take this man drag him into the fire and throw him into the punishment while areas will build a metal lines. So which will protect us from them. So this is one Hadeeth that I concluded this reminder with,

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I actually, those of you who were in the previous video, forget about that previous video, take a look at this. I actually wrote because this was a hotbed that I did and I actually wrote down sit down now to remind myself that in the middle of the night that I need to sit down, so I don't forget to do that. So so panela I was really nervous back then. So I made sure that I went through every little, every little point of the entire Hulk but here's the last point in shot live summarized it but you will get the gist of everything in sha Allah, Allah. And this is of course the fella in the benefits and the virtues and the blessings of seeking knowledge. Number one, who assess will say how

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to say how to irritate pi that will be bad that it is the foundation of sound knowledge and sound, creed and sound worship. So our ability to become sound it becomes pure, it becomes pleasing. Our worship is perfected because you know now how to do things. You know how to perform these rituals properly. You know how to pray you know, what is head and how Don't you understand at least basic flip. So this is one benefit of seeking knowledge. You know how to worship Allah properly.

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Also, what Talia Pauline will solely Ll Jenna, it is the path that will take us to paradise. A lot of the scholars also teach us, delila hope will hire. It is also evidence that you love what is good for you, you love what is good in this world. One more I'll mentioned to you, my dad is so be that seeking knowledge is like going to school where you're constantly in the state of tests be you're constantly worshipping Allah praising him raising his authority and his status in your life. And one more I mentioned to you,

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it also purifies your lap and purifies your heart. So So panelist seeking knowledge makes us behave in a way that's pleasing to Allah less pleased with our etiquettes obviously, this is all referring to people who practice what they've learned, they take the time to really understand and, and and practice that and influence people around them in the most positive way possible. On that note, I there is one thing that I want to share with you. Usually when people seek knowledge, they fall into two categories. You have the ones that are kind of easygoing, they're kind of like liberal students of knowledge. So they'll learn a little bit here and they're here and they're they're watching a

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YouTube video, they'll feel like they've understood a topic in its entirety. And then they'll start throwing fatawa everywhere they'll answer any question that's out there. And this is not the methodology of scholars and how we learned our religion. By learning your religion, meaning that you actually spend the time you learn from a teacher you ask questions, you engage with that science. And when you put forth that level of effort, that's the clarity that Allah subhanho wa Taala expects out of us. So just because you listen to a video here and there, just because you listen to a talk here and there does not mean that you've understood that subject. Well. Normally these kinds of

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reminders are more like amen boosters. So they just kind of get you in the right attitude, keep you focused to help you increase that spiritual connection. But when it comes to grinding through learning that knowledge, it's still the effort has to be there. And of course purifying our hearts. That's, that's like the key to all of this. When your heart is pure. Everything in your life is pure, when your heart is cleansed. And of course, knowledge is the greatest level of cleansing, spiritual cleansing that you get can give your heart there is nothing else that can destroy it in this world. And so this is why I'm from this particular topic. This is where we encourage myself,

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all of you constant

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Keep yourself focused on learning the deen of Allah azza wa jal and learn it properly learn it sincerely learn it with the consciousness and awareness of Allah, learn it in a way that can uplift you. And so what, what more of a beautiful way that we started this series, then we started off by reminding one another of the importance of seeking. And so brothers and sisters, here's where I'm going to pause. I don't want to make these videos too long. But the point is, is that this is all about spiritual growth. It's about personal development. And it's about uplifting our spirits, increasing our emotion. And so there's something here for everyone. And as we go through in sha

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Allah, my box of treasures here with all these reminders, I'm going to share with you in a way that can be meaningful that can relate to you, and perhaps in sha Allah make you feel good about yourself. So with that being said, let's conclude. Now every single video that I do at the end of that video, I'm going to conclude by choosing our next topic for tomorrow. So you guys are going to know exactly what we're going to talk about tomorrow. Now. And with that being said, Let me pull out the first the next set of cards here that I have.

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And let's see what we have tomorrow.

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Wow, look at this. This is our topic tomorrow, guys. Ready see the

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parents. So this inshallah huhtala will be our subject tomorrow, we're gonna talk about mom and dad.

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He meant home Well, and what those who are alive and of course those who have passed away. So all of us have parents, we all are connected to our parents in some way. Even if they weren't good parents, they didn't raise us. Well, the point is, there's still a place in our hearts for mom and dad, whether they are alive or they have passed away, whether they are Muslim or not. There's something here for all of us. So guys, this is our topic tomorrow. Bismillahi Tyler, I'm going to pause here in sha Allah with our Allah, may Allah azza wa jal put his buttock and blessing in this series and allow the benefit and the knowledge that's shared here to uplift myself and all of you in the best

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way possible. And so brothers and sisters, I hope that all of you continue to join me through our journey of spiritual growth and increasing our Amen. And once again, I apologize for some of the technical issues that unfortunately comes along with the package of doing things like this online. You just never know when things literally just shut down, which is what happened in the previous video mail so it'll make it easy for all of us, just from a level height and everybody please stay safe and take care of yourselves was said mRNA comb or metal law. He robotica to