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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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rubbish. Definitely somebody with a silly Md waffleh loksatta melissani of Coco Lee. Well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah say that ambia evil mousseline were either early he was a humanist inhibition that he elomi Deen

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along Medina mean home Amina Latina, Aminu, Amina Sally hurt whatever Soviet whatever so the sub minella bulahdelah mean from about

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we have reached as I mentioned at the conclusion of last week's session, the final 10 soldiers of the Quran and these last 10 sutras are a Change of subject from what we have been studying in the previous solos. Sula, tomasa that we studied some things from last week represents the final surah of warning about the afterlife. Joseph Amma generally as you all know, the 30th Joseph Quran and the sutras that are contained in it predominantly deal with the issue of the afterlife, the day of judgment and different descriptions of it, and various warnings of it to those who disbelieved. But now the subject is changing dramatically. These last 10 solos deal almost exclusively with something

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to do with the life of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, pretty much all of them have a, an issue of taboo now in this in the Quran, as well as women's context of Revelation, right. So in the Quran, there are many, many, many ayat in which there is no difference of opinion about their context, historical context. But there are also several passages in which there is no clear cut, absolute position of the scholars that this is definitely when the ayah was revealed. There's a general framework for many ions. So we know generally, a surah may be MKI, early MKI, later mature early madonia or later Madani, but we may not have a specific incident tied to it. And even if there

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is one, there may not be absolute agreement upon that there may be a narration or two that are found. But more as we get into these last 10 solos, we're gonna see there's a lot of context of Revelation. And there's a lot of historical background. But we want to first understand this transition at the end of the Quran. What is it transitioning from? And what is it transitioning to?

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By the end of sodoma, which is one of the toughest descriptions of Hellfire in the Quran that we studied last week. This is a warning given to anybody who fits a certain description. Liquid Lee whom has attained lumada, right? Anyone who fits the description of homosassa and nomada. In other words, it was speaking in Universal and general terms. But this message even though it is universal, and it is for all humanity, who was the first audience, it's the kurush. And you know, but you have to understand something when you speak in general terms, especially to those who are hard headed, and those who are criminal. Sometimes it doesn't click with them until you point the finger at them

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and say, No, I'm talking about you in particular. This isn't about anybody else first, this is about you. A lot of times there's this psychological sentiment of deflection. In other words, when you hear somebody the heartbeat even even the Muslims can do this. The hottie was talking about something One should not do Heba One should not lie, one should be honest, some we should be or people should be such and such and such. When you hear the word people you figure Yeah, people should be I'm already good. Or I can think of someone else who needs to hear this football Who do you not think about yourself? So what's happening in these is the the, that we've already covered.

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Now there's this general address to mankind. But now we're going to see that there is a direct address to the Quraysh themselves, DIRECT address to them. This is not just talking Don't think about anybody else. Think about your own selves. And now in the previous surah just a small glimpse, even though we'll do more of this study next week. In the previous lecture, we saw one of the features of Hellfire of crushing its inhabitants. The word for that was putana. That which tramples and crushes Potala man in Arabic the the produce that comes under your feet and is crushed into powder, right? And this surah Allah azza wa jal gives us a glimpse of how he can even send don't

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think that punishment is so far away. That kind of punishment that will crush you and smother you can even be brought in this world. So in this sutra, we will read the societal field. We will read how Allah sent his punishment of one such punishment.

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glimpse of what will happen in the Hellfire in this dunya against the people, the the army of the elephant Abra. And the whole story you've heard since you were kids? And what is the what is the punishment describing vagina home gostream cool. It's crushing them literally it's and it's like they're like eating corn, like chewed up corn. That's what they turn into. But we'll talk about more of that next week. This week's agenda in Sharla. Mr. was to first briefly illustrate this transition from the general universal warning to the specific warning directed at courage. That's one. The second agenda is to understand what connects these 10 sources together. These 10 sold that are at

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the end of the Quran are beautifully rhetorically connected and form one cohesive argument. These are actually not 10 separate subjects. They are 10 parts of one subject, there are 10 components of one in the same thing. So we're going to try to understand what ties all of these tensors together today, and shala and from next week on will take one syllable at a time and study it in more detail. I felt it would be more beneficial for us to have that overview and that framework, when we engage in the study of these sutras inshallah Allah and also because a lot of us since we were young, or even if you take Shahada later on in life and you become Muslim, these are short Sutras, you're

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encouraged to at least memorize these short sutras. So having an overview of them is very beneficial and very helpful. You see, this conflict, this ideological conflict which later on became a military and a social conflict and political conflict in the life of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This conflict is fundamentally taking place in the city of Mecca. And the city of Makkah has a long history. Originally, it was called Baca, and this city was installed inaugurated, initiated by the hedgerow of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So the founder of the city, you could say is able to him either his salon and his journey. And you all know the famous journey that he took, and he made dar

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and his Dora is actually that which allowed for the city to even exist. Now that Dora has a lot to do with what we're going to study in these last 10 sooner. So it's important that we revise that Dora that Abraham Allison made so we understand what these last 10 solos are about. This law of Ibraheem alehissalaam occurs in two places, we're going to highlight one of those places today. The two places I'm going to tell you one place in salt, Ebrahim, obviously, Abraham, the daughter of Abraham, and the second place is this little Bukhara. We're going to go through some things from the door of Ibrahim alayhis salam in Soto Baqarah. Then we'll tie together to these last 10 solos.

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Ibrahim Alayhi Salam says, I'll have Bella then Amina, my master make this a peaceful city, obviously which city is he talking about? Makkah now in the Quran? There are two renditions one which I'll have del Bella dominant facilitate Rahim so to call him he said make this city peaceful. But in this surah baqarah he says make this a peaceful city. So I'll say it again in English. One time he says make this city peaceful. The other time he says make this a peaceful city. A subtle difference between these two things make this city peaceful make this a peaceful city in English even it sounds almost the same. But they're actually different. This little change in language

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actually teaches us when which Doha took place. When he first came to this desert. Was there a city there? No. So he's looking at emptiness. And he's looking at it and he's saying rubbish I'll have Bella then Amina, take make this meaning this nothing this emptiness, this desolate Valley. What I didn't realize either and make this into a city not only make it a city, make it peaceful and make sure it's safe.

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But will later on when he comes after a few years. When he came back was there a city there now, there was a city so that the dollar change that's instilled upon him or Abidjan has el balada amin and make this city peaceful. So now he's looking at a city when he pointed out and he said have a ballad now make it peaceful. So this language changed suddenly. But more importantly, the first part of his job was to ask for the safety, the peace of the city. The second part of his thought was, was Allahumma thammarat. Provide its citizens all kinds of fruit, provided citizens all kinds of fruit. Fruit implies in a literary sense provision, take care of them financially well being what we call

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you know, prosperity. In English literature, we call it prosperity. So make sure that they have peace and make sure they have prosperity. Have you ever heard the English phrase peace and prosperity? Right? That's the first part a summary of the first part of the prayer of Abraham and his salon for America is given peace and prosperity in political science By the way, you learn that a society cannot survive until it has two things. It has peace and it has prosperity. Now, what does that mean? It means if you have a house, you have a business, you have a job. You have a car, you have money.

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But none of it is safe. There is no peace, there's no safety, then that society cannot survive because because there is no safety. But if everything is safe, everything is secure. There's plenty of police. There's plenty of law and order, everything is safe. But you can't find a job and you can't find money to feed your family that society can survive either. Peace alone is not enough. prosperity alone is not enough for a society to be healthy to function. You need peace, and you need prosperity. You need both of them. So there's a genius of Ibrahim alayhis salam inside this door that he asked for one thing he made sure he asked for the other also. But then we learn something

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about something else about Ibrahim alayhi salam, he's really worried. He understands that Allah has made him a man you know the word used in Nigeria look, and in se Imam Allah has I'm making you Imam over people, Imam essentially of the many things it means essentially it means leader. So he has been given a position of leadership. all believers are in a position of leadership over their family.

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This is why we make the owl which I know little mattina imama make us leaders over pious, righteous people. In other words, we're asking Allah because you know, when you're a leader, you get asked about the people who are under you. So you want to be asked about people who did good, not people who did bad. So Abraham Lincoln said, I make sure he asks, What is the Allahumma thammarat men m&m in whom below he will Yeoman

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provide its citizens its people from all kinds of fruit that the prosperity part but he said only those who believe in align the last day on the Day of Judgment, he doesn't want to answer a law for his children who may have fallen into shape who may have fallen into gopher. So he says if you when you do provide for them, only provide for the believing ones. In other words, let the disbelieving ones starve. I don't care about those. I'd rather they don't discontinue and their generations don't discontinue. By the way, this is the same concern raised by new Hannah Hassan Well, I end to end affairs yonka Faraj he makes the right to a lot to destroy the nation saying they will not give

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birth to anyone except those who are immersed in sin, the worst kinds of sinners and the worst kinds of disbelievers so they deserve that their entire nation be extinct. That chick and that gopher that for Jews should not continue. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam says only give provision to my believing children. Allah says no woman cafaro for oma to kalila even the one who disbelieves I will provide him a little also. So there's a dialogue between Allah and Ibrahim alayhis salaam in Soto Baqarah. Now let's come to the end. So to feel all of you know what happened in sort of the field, there is an army of elephants and elephants or something that Arabs have generally never seen in battle. This

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is not something normal for the Arabs to see. So much so that when they saw this, you know what the year was called. This became such an anomaly that the historical name for it even among the cafaro was IML field, the year of the elephant. It was such a strange thing for them, how are they going to fight an army of elephants? And yet so this was a time if you were to say Mkhize, peace is not going to last, the peace and safety of Mecca will not last. This would be the time to say it. When you see the army of elephants approaching and by most accounts, the the inhabitants of Mecca you know what they had done, right? They had fled, they had fled up into the mountains except for a few to try to

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negotiate and talk. And eventually they said, Look, we'll protect his own house, and we'll deal with those narrations next week. But for now understand that this was a time where nobody would argue that the city is peaceful, remain intact. The agenda of law was to destroy the city altogether, including the Kaaba and especially the Kaaba. But under the most impossible circumstance, Allah still fulfill the prayer of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and he retained and maintain the peace of this city. That's what SoTL feel is about maintaining the peace of Mecca, which is the first part of the prayer of Ibrahim alayhis salaam. Remember he asked make the city make this a peaceful city. But

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what was the second part? The second part was provided them all kinds of fruit meaning prosperity, the next surah after certain field is koresh. And what is not Qureshi about? The Isla pukekura Isla Fahim. restlet a*a he was life failure mudaraba by the surah essentially is about the Arabs getting to enjoy caravans in the summer and in the winter, they can go to any trade region they want, and import all kinds of goods back and make these you know, buying and selling this trade. They can do it all year round. Could any other Arab tribe do that? No. Why not? Because any other any other Arab tribes. Arab tribe tries to do it. It's kind of like going on the george bush

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Turnpike over you have to pay the toll. You get robbed, you will get robbed you will have to pay the only exception are the Quraysh who get to go freely. Why does it anybody mess with them? Even if they try to mess with them? They Oh, you're crazy. Oh, I'm gonna back off right now. Why? Because they felt

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These people are sacred. They are custodians of the Sacred House. So they had universal street cred. They had respect. But there's another political reason also, a lot of these tribes, they had false gods and you know, idol worship. But where are these idols being held hostage?

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At the Kaaba, the idols are at karma. So if you rob them, when the window Qureshi gets robbed, what does he say? So what was your idol? Again, I'm gonna make sure I break his neck when I go back. Right? So they're not gonna mess with the Quraysh because they have this respect for the heroine. And they're the custodians. And it's understood they have this universal pass. Because of that, they get to enjoy literally all kinds of fruit. They get to go all over the place is this the second part of Ibraheem alehissalaam sprayer? Both are fulfilled one part of it and sort of feel the next part of it in. So it's correct. Okay. So now that this both parts are fulfilled at the end of sort of

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coalition law, as the origin does make mention of it, he says, For the RoboHelp, eight, they should enslave themselves now they should worship and enslave themselves to the master of this house. What does he mean by this house? karma? And when was this Dora made about them? When the Kaaba was to be built in that city? What when, who was his daughter made by Ibrahim alayhis? Salaam, just by mentioning this house, they are being reminded of where their city began? It began with the prayer of the one who built this house, Ibrahim alayhis salam, and so he reminds them I left the Atlanta home in Jordan, what am I gonna home in hope he gave them food in time of hunger, and protecting

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them from hunger, and he gave them safety despite situations of fear he still offered them safety. So he reminds them of the favor. That is a direct result of the prayer of Ibrahim Elisa. Now, are they worthy of enjoying these benefits? Have they acted in a way that they should enjoy the the benefits that come from the

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mind you Ibraheem alehissalaam didn't just ask this these benefits for all of his kids. Who did he asked for? His believing kids, but correlational data believing children? No, they're not. So even though Allah said the one who disbelieves I will let him enjoy a little also. Allah said that Omen Kapha Matteo kalila then I will drag him into the hellfire. But now it has to be made clear. Are these the words the children of Ibrahim alayhis salam or the unworthy? It has to be clear. The next surah exposes even though these these this group of people enjoys the benefits of the prayer of Ibrahim alayhis salam they are not worthy of it. Or at lady you can remove it Do you see the one who

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lies against the religion pushes the orphan around doesn't even encourage this Aquila. Thank you so much. Does it even encourage the feeding of the of the needy and even when they pray they're lazy they show off and they're so cheap way on their own and my own my own in Arabic is to get to ask you know small favors small favors or my own. Somebody comes over to your and your neighbor comes to your house and says Can I borrow some salt? Which I don't know what that is you slammed the door in their face. This is young not only Maryland is be overly cheap, not even allowing for the smallest favor to pass through your hands. You know you're sitting in a class next to some people and their

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pen runs out of ink and they're like for sticking out of your pocket is cover your pocket like this. This is young Ireland, Ireland.

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Right? So like exposes how unworthy they are, how they're not worthy of the benefits that they have been enjoying. Now when they are exposed as the unworthy go back to the passage. That was a conversation between a larger agenda and Ibrahim alayhis salam This was in total Baccarat once again.

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Allah said I will provide the disbelieving children also then I will drag him into hellfire. Do you think about him Allison likes this response that some of his kids will end up in the Hellfire and they will be in Cofer. They will be some that will be in confession. He wants to make sure that some will never fall into Khufu so he makes a two part. He first begins with himself and his son or a burning vagina Muslim maniac woman Surya Tina Mata Muslim atronach Ola at least make sure we to myself and who's building the house with him was married either his salon with your fellow human, a smile, smile and he at least make sure where to both of us who are Muslim before you were in

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complete submission before you and make sure that from our future generations at least there's one group that stays Muslim only for you that stays in submission only to you. Well, Nina manasi cannot have Elena and show us our rituals and accept our Toba. Okay, now this is followed up by another dog we follow him on Instagram. He knows that future generations will only remain Muslim. You know the only way to stay Muslim if they're going to be kuffaar and Muslims together. Islam will deteriorate unless you send someone who makes sure Islam remains pure. So in his genius he asked have been our theme Rasulullah Menon immediately after that he asked, Oh Allah send a messenger from among

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themselves appoint one raise one among them who is a messenger among themselves. So the unworthy or the disbelieving and the

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worthy are the believing and the leader of the worthy will be a messenger. Isn't that true? Now come to the end of Quran surah you know, on our own expose the unworthy children. If you expose the unworthy, it is only natural that you should now expose Who? The who's the alternative? who shouldn't the custody of this house be if these people are not the rightful custodians of the house, if the purpose of the house of Allah is to pray, and these people only pray to show off, they are night, you know, under the Nakamura own. The purpose of the house is prayer, but they only do so to show off and sacrifice when you sacrifice the animal. What are you supposed to do with the flesh the

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meat? You're supposed to distribute it? It's an act of giving. But these people what do they do? They're so cheap, I'm not gonna allow and they may not even worthy of the least bit of giving, so they're clearly unworthy. So now who is exposed in the next surah? Who is worthy then who should be the rightful custodian of this house in Alta NACA alcocer. We have given you meaning the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam u O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the abundant good scholars have talked tremendously about this word. The the Hadith is very clear that alcocer is a river in paradise. But the word COVID is generic and includes many other things, including the victory Allah gave his

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messenger sallallahu Sallam including the Quran, including the revival of the legacy of Ibrahim including the cleansing of the house of Allah that was built by Abraham and had been corrupted by the unworthy children of Abraham are they set up all of these are part of the great good that Allah has given to the Messenger of Allah, his little son, just imagine this house that was built for tawheed. For centuries, shirk is being done at the house that is supposed to be the capital of tawheed. And who has the honor of cleaning it up again? It's Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is a huge honor. This is a tremendous honor. And the fact that you know the Qibla is changed in

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his risala that for centuries before the believers wherever they may be are praying, praying in what direction and AXA, but now in under his leadership, it's been changed. So he's been given the ultimate good in the athlete Anakin kofa. But then Allah says this beautiful two things. This is three is it's a very short solar suited culture right? The second ayah Allah azza wa jal says first 1 million obika 100 pray to your master and sacrifice, prayer and sacrifice whose legacy is that?

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Rahim Allah is around prayer and sacrifice because that that tradition of sacrifice started with Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam with a smile that entire incident was made. So he's being told you now revive the legacy of your father Abraham. And then he says in Nashua new alcohol chapter which refers to a specific, obnoxious comment made by a guy fed which we'll talk about when the time comes. But again, the language is general somebody has been declared the enemy Shani, of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam what we're learning in between the lines is now that this surah has come and it's clear who are the words the children who are the unworthy now you're no longer one family even

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though your father is one which is who Ibrahim you are no longer one family they have become for all practical purposes, your enemy and what makes them your enemy is not that different blood runs in your veins. It's the same blood it's the same family it's the same tribe. You're even raised by the same you know, clan. That's not what makes you enemies. What makes you enemies is what is in your hearts Eamon versus gopher belief versus disbelief. So the next surah explains why am I your enemy? Why are you Why am I no longer with you? Why do I have nothing to do with you? I am completely disassociated myself from you people even though I am from your tribe, in Arabic In Arabic history.

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You know what the first thing is? As far as your identity, your citizenship is your tribe? That's your citizenship. You know, the people carry around what Kabila I come from? What tribe I come from, and the messenger is being directly commanded to renounce his citizenship. What in what words? Cool? Yeah, you handle caffeine very next surah. Tell them tell me a little bit tells him to tell them cool is very important in this era. Now I'm telling you to go tell them don't even call them your Quraysh. Right? Yeah, call me No, don't use those words in my nation called h my people, my family, my tribe, and don't use those words with them, call them disbelievers. And why are they

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disbelievers. They don't enslave themselves. They don't worship what I worship. Now.

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Over and over again, and that sort of making sure we're not on the same page anymore. This is done. I am on the legacy of Ibrahim and you are clearly not. So there's this declaration almost of conflict and war. And when you open up this conflict and you say I have nothing to do with you, you've clearly made an enemy out of your own people. And whenever you have this kind of conflict or war, somebody will win and somebody will lose. It's inevitable.

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It's inevitable that one will win and one will lose. Guess what the next era is either.

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Not so lucky. Well, first the conflict has been announced in certain coffee room. And then the victory at this of this conflict has been given in the hands of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. There are several opinions about the historical revelation of his natural law he was

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a great number of scholars believe it's money. Some also believe it's mucky. And there are several narrations on either side, we're going to try to process those when we get to that surah. But essentially, this surah is a promise by Allah azza wa jal of the victory that is guaranteed, it's guaranteed you will win in this conflict. Now to understand the connection between this surah and the next we have to take a little bit of a tangent. When Allah gives victory to the messenger Allah hisako salam, do you think this is a small occasion in history or a big one

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is a very big occasion in human history. The victory of Islam on this earth and the establishment of a large religion on the earth is a huge occasion in the history of this team, the IOD that come down, and the oma cabal to lacantina come or not, this is not something small, this is very huge. This is the final messenger and this is his final victory. This is a very, very big occasion. Whenever Allah sends a big victory or a big sign in this world, some major help from Allah comes before it comes Allah sends some minor signs. You know how Allah helped Musa alayhis salaam in the biggest way, the biggest way he helped him was when the water opened up, and he crossed. But before

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that major help, Was there some minor help minor signs that were there to just cast set the scene know that the big victory is on the way, but here are some smaller signs there, you know, there was a staff, there was the hand, there was the nine signs that were given to warn the leaders of it, you know, the phenomenon is chiefs, generals, right. So there's the big sign. But before the big victory, there's the smaller signs, there's smaller tokens. And when you see the smaller tokens, it's supposed to be like this, my teacher used to explain it like this. He used to say, you know how you can see clouds, and the winds change before there's a heavy rainstorm. And those clouds and

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those winds are supposed to tell you that something big is about to happen. It's just like that you see smaller signs before you see the major signs. Now when Allah guarantees the victory in Elijah, Allah, He will fit in the solar. Is this a small sign or a major sign? This is a major sign. So what is this small sign? What's a small indication that his big victory is on its way? Can you show us a small victory? So it will give us a taste of the big victory that is eventual the next surah deals with? What is your most immediate problem? Yes, rule of law, some of the largest and one of the most vicious enemies of the messenger was Abu lahab. Let me take care of him for you that but yeah, the

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umbrella have been whatever. And not only will I take care of him, I'll take care of the missus. Also, one more, I do have my little hot tub, right, a lot of agenda destroyed and perished a Buddha hub. And this was a guarantee a small token of the eventual victory that is coming. That leaves us with three more soldiers. This is the end of the Muslim. And you know, I did the way shift. I mean, actually miss Lackey, in his book in his stuff suits a double Quran. And also, Mohammed Farouk was in another court. And the way they talk about these last days was is very beautiful. I'll just summarize it very briefly, inshallah. Number one, when people are in a war for a long time, often

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they forget what they were fighting about.

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And they should be very familiar to us, given our context in history. When people fight a conflict for a long time. The war goes on and on and on. And they forget why were we at war to begin with, why are we even there? Why are we even fighting? This happens often, and this is not a new thing in human history. This has happened many, many, many times before. Has this conflict between the messenger and Quraysh? The believers and the disbelievers? Is this conflict short or is it been going on for a long time? It's been going on quite some time. Is it possible? Is it important to remind oneself Why are we fighting to begin with before we lose sight? Remember where this conflict

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began? Ibrahim alayhis salam made a Dora, those who believe provide them those who don't believe don't provide them. So the conflict was between believers and disbelievers. And if you want to summarize the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salaam in one word, if you want to say what is it Rahim Allah, Islam all about in one word, ask any man, woman and child they will say tauheed Rahim Allah Islam, his legacy amounts to one thing, the uniqueness the oneness of Allah, trusting only him relying only upon him believing only him asking only him. That's that's his legacy. That's the legacy of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. So we're reminded of the agenda of the oma once again, once this

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conflict is guaranteed victory. What is the next

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corner who Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad what's the purpose of this little what's the agenda of the Surah tauheed which in summary is the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salaam. Now this though he is this the first time tawheed was revealed by the way? No, every single

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messenger in history was given the same message of the Oneness uniqueness, the unparalleled, you know, a oneness of Allah azza wa jal was the was the crux of every messengers message. But is it the case that in human history, though he came, and people believed in it, but over time it started getting weaker and weaker and fell into shape again and got corrupted and deteriorated? Is that is that the case in human history? Absolutely. Because this is not the first time it happened. People were believers before but over generations, it starts getting weaker and weaker and weaker, and people fall back into shape this this certainly does happen. Now because this happens, not only is a

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lesson tauheed Allah sent to guardians of tawheed. You see, the idea is though he can get corrupted from outside influences. And so he can also get corrupt this Iman and Allah can also be corrupted from inside temptations and influences. So there are negative influences on the outside and there are negative influences on the inside the negative influences on the outside Allah center Guardian against them that sutan Falak who are also available Fanuc minshall, Rima Halak, amin, Shangri La city de Vaca, and so on. This surah is dedicated to protecting the believer from corruption and evil influence from the outside. But what's the evil influence on the inside it's the West was out of

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shape on right it's the knifes it's the it's the bad company that can whisper something into your ear and you say ads is a good idea and you fall into you first fall into corrupt behavior. Eventually it ruins your tawheed your mind and a lot altogether. So the corruption of the inside is guarded against insulted ness will develop in as many kidnap Illa heinous, so tawheed and its two guardians one from corruption of the outside the other from corruption of the inside. Thus culminating this series of beautiful souls these last 10 solos of the Quran, we recite them all the time, but they present such a profound cohesive argument tied to the legacy of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam

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and showing how the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salaam is connected to the legacy of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. The last thing I will share with you is allows instruction to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this ayah that I'm going to recite to you or show you part of is the ayah that shows us that Allah is telling the messenger to revive the legacy of Ibrahim for Debbie Milla, Ibrahima hanifin. Allah tells the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, make sure you follow the legacy of Ibrahim hanifa and who was solely dedicated to Allah solely dedicated to ally Xhosa. So this was the overview that I wanted to spend time sharing with you today. I want to only do this

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part this time inshallah Allah and from from next week on, we'll tackle one of the sutras every week. Hopefully maybe I'll try to squeeze into if I can, but probably will only stick to one a week and shallow tada and over the next 10 weeks cover all 10 of these sources. barakallahu li walakum Hakeem when I finally we can build it was the chemo Santa Monica