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Alhamdulillah no matter who and who want to stop Pharaoh, when are we learning surey and fusina women say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la philomel de la mejor clean Fela hajela watch Edwin La ilaha illallah wa ala Sheree, Cara. Why should one know Mohammed hon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala Annie he was happy woman so I learned FGM or Mr. nebby Sonata Hilario Medina. Barrett, for top Allah. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala Phaeton z. Yeah, yo Latina Taku La La to party

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Illa one two Muslim moon some Barrett call the local tartufi Sumit Look man, I will be learning in a SharePoint regime. smilla rahmanir rahim Yeah, you Latina M and taco LA. Watch show Yeoman. Yeah, Jesse. Why'd you do it? What

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did he say? In the long?

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Run Nepal higher to dunya will run a coup de la hora in Allah harinder who are in sir well, unit zero voice

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or ham will matter enough su mother taxi bajada matter enough soon be a moot in a law early on hubiera rubbish law he suddenly was suddenly angry why he wrote the Tommy Lee said he

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buried. My brothers and sisters today want to bring your attention to the conclusion of a very beautiful surah in the Quran. I saw that all of us have heard even since we were kids, some of us have even memorize the surah It is one of the most well known sources of the Quran, especially for its central theme which which talks about the advice of the man towards his son, Look, man gives his son gems of advice that he could take and learn from and implement through for the rest of his life. And these lessons and these pieces of advice are lessons and advice for all of us even as adults. So we don't have to be children to benefit from the advice of lachemann or Lisa them towards his son.

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However, where I want to bring your attention to is the conclusion of this beautiful surah after all that is said and done. Allah silica gel brings our attention and he says yeah, you're Latina, M and O people have amen insha Allah Tada. That's every one of us sitting here. So Allah azza wa jal is talking to everybody in this room, anybody who possesses even an ounce or even an atom's weight of Amen. This is certainly speaking to the first thing, Ally's schedule tells us it talks a little bit of taqwa of your master,

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and fear a Day where no father would be of any avail or help to his or her child, or no parent is going to be an assistance or an avail to his or her child. And even the ox The opposite is also true.

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And a lot so agile affirms that on that day, the day of judgment, in the law help, indeed the promise of Allah, it's the ultimate truth. The reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala reaffirms himself in this surah and in many areas of the Quran

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is that certainly there are many that will still question the validity of the Day of Judgment, is there really going to be a day where all of us will be gathered, and we're going to be questioned? And we're going to be asked about everything we've said and everything we've done. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, in the Quran constantly does this where he affirms, oh, it's going to happen. And allies so the gentlemen he makes a promise, Allah will fulfill that promise. So he affirms in the conclusion of sort of men, after all that said and done, remember that this sort of started off in a very beautiful way very similar to how skeletal baccata began. It started off with an Islam meme,

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but then it reaffirmed about the poor and the poor end is a book of wisdom and it's a book of Rama, mercy, and then it talked about that this horror and is a guidance for all of mankind. But it's singled out a special group called Marcin Morrissey, Nene are the exceptionally righteous one. This is the person

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Who really truly doesn't have a bad day. When they worship Allah, it's consistent with respect to their worship. They have Islam in their heart, they have Islam in their lives, and Islam is within them and it's going to stay, no one can take that away from them. Then it took a transition and introduced the advice of look man or lady Salaam to his son. Now, I don't need to tell you what this advice is. But in a nutshell, Look, man early he sent him pretty much he pretty much took care of every aspect of every subject that this son, or that you and I will face in this worldly life. He started off by reaffirming within his child, don't commit any schilke. And it's not just the lesson

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about theology of you know, associating with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But rather, the deeper wisdom that he's teaching his son is that there is one ultimate authority. So even me your father, if I tell you to pray, don't pray, because I told you so. But remember, there's a greater authority that has commanded you to pray, because if it was up to me, I wouldn't wake you up at 4am in the morning in the middle of winter, and tell you, you got to go pray, because you're my child, I'd want you to rest and sleep. But those timings are from Allah. So he affirms he grounds his child. And he introduces this concept, that the ultimate authority that you need to be concerned about the most is

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala is really truly the one in charge. And then the advice continues, where a man on his lap starts talking about the the respect, the knowledge, the courtesy, the love that you have for parents and the other way around. Then it continues and talks about Sala, then it goes into etiquettes, of how to walk and how to speak and how to interact with one another. And then it brings us to this conclusion.

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In Noir, the line help filata will run nakumatt hire to dunya whether you run a company, or a loss of a job tells you and I don't allow yourselves to be deceived,

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to be tricked by this worldly life.

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Because everything has an end.

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You know, the worldly life is suffering from a terminal cancer.

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And it's called time.

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It's running out of time.

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There's a story of and there's many stories like this, of great scholars and show you. Some of them, they would go to the dentist.

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And their tongue would constantly move in the remembrance of a lot.

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And the dentist would tell them, Look, stop. Let me let me do what I need to do. Let me clean and let me perform one afternoon.

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And the issue because they're so disciplined and understood the value of time, they would make these interesting comments, but they're full of wisdom and lesson for you and I and this one story, the chef response, says, tell the club to stop taking.

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Just think for a moment what that means to you and I

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and so Allah azza wa jal says, Don't be fooled. Don't allow this life to deceive you.

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While I have run, knock on Bella.

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And don't allow this kind of ception to capture you to engulf you from a level of horror in this area is actually one of the names of shape one.

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There is a shape on his name is Alvaro according to one opinion, and it's a bond whose sole purpose is to constantly distract you the moment you get focused. So if you've gone for O'Meara, and you come back, you go back to your home and you go back to your work, you know when you perform something like hygiene or ombre. For those of you who have done this, don't you feel for a split moment? Don't you feel like you've left this earth and you're living a bit of the hell? Don't you feel like you're the only one Allah subhana wa tada is watching. Don't you feel that connection with Allah?

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Now, when all is said and done, you return back to your homes in your country in your community. This is when the world tries to capture you to say, Well, okay, you've done your ritual, you're good now. Now you can get back to your routine. Now you can start to go back and do the things that you used to do. Allah says, Don't be fooled by this one. If you say hudl it's the act of deception. And if you say a call, it's the one that's deceiving you may lie so to give a strength, then a lie. So the journey continues and he tells us in Milan

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endevor inserra Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala that he has the knowledge of the hour.

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This as the final area of sort of look, man,

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it has five things that are mentioned in it,

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that no prophet or messenger was given knowledge of. So all Prophets and Messengers were given knowledge of everything except five things. And these five things are mentioned in this. Number one, the knowledge of the hour.

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So the knowledge of when the day of judgment will happen number two, what do you miss zero life. alized syllogism is the one that is in charge of sending a risk rate and provision to you and I.

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So none of the prophets and messengers had the knowledge or the control of how this would happen, and when it would happen, and then came to the messenger, the Salatu, was set up. And he said to him, my wife is pregnant, tell me what she's going to have.

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And then he continued, and he said, My country is in a drought.

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Tell me when this is going to end.

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We will or ham, Allah has the knowledge of what is in the womb. So this man says to the prophesized son of them, you know, when I was born, so tell me when I'm going to die.

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And then he continues to question to question the messenger, it was Salatu was Salam. And it was said, because of this incident, Allah revealed the final a man in response to all of this, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not have the answers to these questions. So Allah azza wa jal continues, and he tells us, when university life way, our level Matthew outcome. Now here's the heart of this hook by that I want to share with you.

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This, perhaps to me, is one of the most frightening verses in the Quran that talks about this.

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This last sentence of this area,

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Allah azza wa jal continues, and he says WOMAD tech, Civil War mattered enough so many other texts if

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you don't know what you're going to do tomorrow.

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And the lesson for you and I is start working today.

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Because you have no idea what opportunity you will have tomorrow. Now, this speaks volumes for every one of us. Because if you're sitting right now, this message in

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and you've got family that you haven't spoken to for days, months or years, over trivial problems, this area seeks to wake you up.

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Because you don't know if you're going to have that opportunity to do that tomorrow.

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If you have the opportunity to be able to make Hajin

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or to start praying each and every day, or to start wearing the hijab, or start doing all of the things that Islam requires from you. This is telling you, why are you waiting, don't wait. Because tomorrow's a brand new day, and you may not have an opportunity to do any of those things. This is the area that should remind you and I

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about those poor individuals walked into a message

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in Quebec, she see what happened. We all know what happened.

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Do you think for a moment that any one of those individuals realize that was their last thought on earth?

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They walked in there just like you

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they go in for Salah or you go for a Juma or you go to school or go to work and you have no idea. This is gonna be the last few steps of your life. Why have I chosen a hook by like this? To be quite honest. I think from time to time, it's important that all of us be reminded of the ultimate reality.

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It's so easy for everyone to be distracted with politics and the news and the world and all that's happening. And so easy for you and I to forget Wait a minute. There's more Gray's coming out of my hair.

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I'm getting more sick and I'm getting more weak. My children are growing up but I haven't taught them anything.

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I haven't taught myself anything. Allah blessed me with wealth. I've traveled the whole world except patch except on wrong. Sometimes you meet this

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Sometimes you need to just stop everything that you're doing and rewind and just reflect on yourself for a moment, because it's very easy for you to be engulfed in what's happening in the world. May Allah azza wa jal give us strength.

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And so Allah azza wa jal says, because you don't know what's happening tomorrow, start thinking about it. Now I get busy now. Then the verse continues.

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Womack did that enough soon be a thing.

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This is perhaps the most frightening thing that I've read in forever, one of the most frightening verses that I've read around about them, listening to how a lot so Adele phrases this name, you have no idea. Well meditated enough soon. You don't have a clue? You see it? When when you when you're speaking Arabic And you say I don't know, you say that. It literally means you don't have a clue about something. You don't have the slightest clue. You don't even know how to imagine what the response? Or the answer could be. That's what entity is, you're completely clueless. Allah says that you don't have the slightest clue of where on earth you're going to die.

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Think about those, those brothers. In that message that night.

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They had no clue.

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And there's a hadith of our messenger or the Salatu was Salam.

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Where he tells us that when Allah subhanho wa Taala is ready to take your soul. He allows you to be somewhere on Earth.

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With a purpose, you go somewhere, whether it be a Masjid, or school or anywhere else, you go somewhere to fulfill a need to fulfill some kind of activity. And death approaches you so you're unable to fulfill or complete that activity. This is one of the ways that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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will send angel of death when you're preoccupied in some sort of activity. Now, I've said this in the past that this is especially important for young people. Because if you busy your life every single day, with activity that has no benefit with activity that isn't uplifting you

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then there's a there's a lot of problems with that. Number one, you're losing a sense of pride and dignity with yourself. You all are the ones that are going to carry the message of Islam for the next generation or the next few years. So if you don't start developing some sense of love and integrity for yourself some sense of identity and connection with this religion, you're going to end up losing that connection, or it's going to be so unstable, that they'll come a day where you start questioning the validity of religion in general, not just Islam. May Allah azza wa jal protect us from them. This is a phenomenon that is taking place throughout the Muslim world. I just came back

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from Saudi, I just came back from Mecca. And I was sitting in the hotel, and a brother in the hotel in Mecca asked me how do we know that a lot actually exists.

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I met another brother in Mecca as well. He had the strange,

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I guess perception, a strange idea that it was not permissible for him to pray Mr. katan, because the Akita was different. his belief system was contradicted was contradictory to the memes of those who are leading saw out there. So he sat for seven days, he prayed in his hotel, not one Sala and mosquito cuddle.

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Think about this. This is why a lot of us have adult tells you an AI.

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You don't know what tomorrow is gonna be. So you got issues that you need to clean up, you better start working on them now. And you have no idea where on earth you're going to die. Now Auto Tune in this area does not necessarily mean Toronto, or America or London or wherever it doesn't mean that you don't know which country you're going to die out of the literally means and this is the spot that you're standing on.

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That's absolutely frightening.

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Because what that means now

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is that if a loss of water either allows you to finish this job or

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allows us to walk out of here peacefully.

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There is a possibility that someone there last step could be through those doors.

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There's a possibility

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That parents, you know, when you come and you pick up your children after school and you're you're out in the hallway, you're just meeting and greeting one another. There's the possibility that a very spot you're standing on, that's the spot that you leave this earth.

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You have no idea we have no idea which spot you'll be standing on and unless matches your soul, you could be in your car, you could be walking out in the grass somewhere, anywhere. Now, here's the question, Who thinks about death like that?

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How many of us actually think about death in that way? every single step is a reminder to you it could be your final step. How many people do you think, do that? May Allah so it'll give us strength mail of some time or increases in faith in email.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala concludes the idea.

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And he says that Allah azza wa jal, indeed, he is the one that has complete knowledge, and is fully well aware of everything you do. So at the end of the day, you might be doubtful Well, I don't know if I really tried my best. I don't know if I've done all the things that I could do, you and I don't have the ability to count or calculate all of the good deeds that we've done. Allah says he has it.

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He has the knowledge of everything. So just leave all of that to him. You just continue working now. Don't worry about tomorrow work now. Because today, right now, wherever it is that you're sitting or you're standing, you don't know if that's the spot that you will leave this earth mailmark will give us strength. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to increase us in worship and devotion and obedience to Him a lot of stuff that will come when he said he will lead them to stop

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was having a woman while Baraka and Sharla retirada.

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Monday is Family Day.

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What that means to you and I is an opportunity,

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it's an opportunity for you to have some alone time with your children. And your children have some alone time with mom and dad. Even if it's just a few hours or an hour, whatever it whatever the case is, think of it as an opportunity, an opportunity not just to stay home and watch TV, it's an opportunity for you and your children as a family

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to update one another, on how each other feels what's going on with life. And it's pretty sad that this is the only time of the year or the only time you've had this one day to do that. It's also a wake up call. Because if you have children that are opening up to you, and I've said this in the past, the parents really pay attention to this. If you don't have that kind of connection called conversation and communication with your kids and kids don't have that with you, the house becomes nothing more than a hotel. Just come relax, sleep, eat and you're outside. And this is not what a what a home should be. So take advantage of this weekend, but especially this family day, and

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utilize it as a family as best as you can.

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these are the words that leave you with it is nothing more than food for thought.

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Don't forget that every single one of us sitting in this room, including myself, have no idea if you'll see

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no idea if you will return back home this evening, let alone tomorrow and what tomorrow brings.

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And so we asked the lives of adults in our time, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us of our sins and our mistakes and our shortcomings alone.

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And so

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May Allah azza wa jal continue to increase us in knowledge and he met along the way. These are the words that I leave you with. We sent Peace and blessings to our souls Otherwise,

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why the commandments of handling like our other victims at

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end, we'll just leave them alone scenario

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a loved

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peanut allergy or even one on one in the cafeteria.

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Alone maintenance of the agenda for Mr. Robot in a totally in our other one in a novel on top of

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our Ahmed

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Hassan want to know some kind of become a hero