Hajj 2015 Makkah and Mina Tragedy

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the negative impact of the pandemic on people, including the loss of faith and the desire to avoid it. The importance of setting clear guidelines and not being scared is emphasized, along with the challenges of living in a culture where death is common. The segment ends with a statement on how to handle events and receive blessings. The speakers emphasize the importance of following guidance and not feeling the loss of family members.
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In Alhamdulillah Muhammad who want to start you know who want to stop hurdle. When are the billahi min surey and fusina woman see tr Melina mejor de la Hoefler Mobley letter when a young little fella heard Yella? Why should one La ilaha illAllah Hawaii de hula sharee Keller what should one know Mohammed Abdullah who was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was herby woman said or Allah energy woman stenner bissonnet he elomi Deen buried for de la Baba faqad mo Dona subhanho wa Taala feet and z yeah you hola Dena Amano taco La, la to party. wallet, Mouton. Illa. One, two, most of the moon some buried. My brothers and sisters. First and foremost, we would like to make a short

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doora for our brothers and sisters, in light of what has happened in Mecca, in light of what has happened in Mena. That may Allah subhanho wa Taala count all of them from amongst the Shahada. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant the families of these individuals subletter and patience, may Allah subhanho wa Taala re re unite all of us with them in his genital theodosia. Allah, Allah whom I mean, many Muslims are wondering. And they're asking a lot of questions of why these why these tragedies happened to us. You know, yesterday, after my

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brother comes to me, and he says,

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what I've just heard you say was the worst hope I've ever heard.

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And I've taken criticism in my life, it's part of the job, it comes with the territory. And I one of the doors that I make to Allah as zoa Jen, is I say to him yell, Rob, be if I can't stand with a microphone sincerely for you don't wake me up anymore.

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And so criticism is one thing, insulting me something else. But if you want to constructively criticize, we you have to listen to that, as a daddy or as a speaker. And as a teacher, you must listen to criticism. So I told his brother, I said, Wait, when I'm finished here, I'll talk to you. So I'm meeting and greeting. And when all of that is done, I speak to the brother.

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And the brother says to me,

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today's hooked by you said about these people who have died. This is a loss cutter, and we can't do anything about that, etc, etc. And then he says, but you're wrong. This is our fault. It's the Muslims that did that to the people of Mena. And then I knew where the conversation was going, it's going to get personal, it's going to get political. So he started to talk to me about Saudi governments and their policies and their rules, etc. And I said to him, relax, maybe you're right. Maybe the policies and rules in the system over there may have had something to do with this. But you're missing the point. You're missing the real reason why bad things happen or tragedies happen

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to people. The point of this is these individuals who died in Mena, it was written for them that they were not going to return back home. They were not going to complete their hedge. Allah had already prescribed that for them, you're missing the point. So put aside the political talk for a moment and come to me from a spiritual angle and look at how Allah azza wa jal sets the tone and the mindset for you and I and this is what I'm going to share with you in my hopa Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran in surah earlier in moron, Allah Subhan Allah Dino kuti, roofie Sabina La Jolla and water Bella Hiya, owner endora be him yo Rosa Poon. Allah azza wa jal says,

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Don't even think.

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Don't even allow your minds to think for a moment that the people who are killed feasibility are actually dead. Now pause earlier on in the poor earning sootel Bukhara Allah said something similar, but slightly different. And he said to the people of Medina, wala Taku Lima, Yokota lofi sebelah. And what? Bella here, wala Killa to Sharon, in that area in sootel, Baccarat Allah spoke to the people of Medina and he said to them, don't even say or utter or verbalize the people who die FISA beat Illa that they're actually dead. Do you see the difference in one day

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Allah is addressing the mentality of the individual. In that verse, Allah is simply addressing your tongue. Now this is important, put this into light, the people of Medina already have Amen. They already believe that whatever Allah is going to do with people, this is his color and they accept, they completely submit themselves to Allah. So they have Amen. But does this sound familiar? Some of the companions might still get into a conversation and talk about can you believe what happened to Musab him there? Oh, my God. Did you see how he died? And then start having that conversation? Then you and I might be talking about? See what happened to these people in Mena. What a tragedy Oh, my

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God, this is terrible. We need to write a letter to the Saudi officials, we need to get to the hedge ministry and get them involved. We need to get the media involved. So you start having these conversation. In your heart, you believe in a less puddle. But your tongue is saying something else. You're criticizing how this could have happened. Now from a political standpoint, you should speak out. If there is problems with policies in the system, you should talk about them. You should try your best to improve this as best as you can. But don't depend on it. Because a less cuddled will always take place will always work. So here, Allah azza wa jal is telling the people of Medina,

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those conversations you're having, make sure that you keep them in check. And it doesn't affect this. It doesn't affect your Amen. Let me put this and paint a clearer picture for you. Those of you who have never gone for hedge, don't be discouraged by what happened in Mena yesterday. And don't tell yourself, well, it's a good thing. I didn't get my visa this year. I applied, I saved up my money. I didn't get my visa hamdulillah look what happened. That could have been me. Don't do that to yourself. Don't kill your soul that way, and don't destroy your email that way. Because Allah azza wa jal says, no matter who and wherever you are, you dirty Komal mote death is going to come

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and it's going to find you. So don't try to run away. And don't try to protect yourself from it. All you need to do is to make sure that you have faith in Allah and continue is there in ob Sabri or Sala continue to have patience in your life and perform the acts of worship Allah tells you to do. So the people of Medina, Allah puts their tongue in place. Now ensuited le imraan. Allah addresses the mentality Why?

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Because at the end of the day, regardless what you choose to say or not say, your mind is going to wonder.

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You're going to think about Subhana Allah, look at the pictures that are on Facebook. And look at these bodies piled on top of each other. And you're thinking to yourself, you know, I can accept a loss coddled by men, this looks really, really bad.

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And shaitan gets into your head, and you start thinking in ways you shouldn't be thinking. So Allah azza wa jal stops you from a spiritual perspective, from an Amen perspective. You know, it's not truly okay to feel sad. And it's not truly okay to feel upset. And it's naturally okay as a human being, to feel frustrated that these rules that are set in place, the Muslim of the Muslims aren't following them. That's why we needed an area in Quran that says follow our office Allah for Sukkot, Allah GDR when in hedge, we don't have an A A that's saying to you and I watch your tongue don't cause mischief, don't bring out hatred in any other time of the year, except in hedge a less as

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especially in hedge, watch these three things because why you're going to cause a massive, chaotic situation. And those of you who've gone to Hajj, you can see and visualize exactly what this is. When Muslims lose their patience, when they get frustrated when the heat and the sudden really gets to them. Things get out of control. You can't imagine the chaotic situation that took place in Mena, unless you've been to Mena, unless you seen for yourself what it's like there. I myself have been, I don't want to call myself a victim. But I myself was part of a stampede in one of my own hedge and I fell to the ground, but it was only a lot so adjust cuddled, that a man grabbed my arm and, and held

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me up and he hugged me and he says you're open.

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And he carried me out from the stampede, or else you may not see me standing in front of you today. So I know firsthand what this feels like and will lie to you brothers and sisters.

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It is absolutely tearful. To think about these brothers and sisters, Suppan lungs. They're sitting there in this crowd.

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And some of them died with their index finger on their right hand as if they knew this is the end for me. They knew it was coming. They knew they were going to die. Can you imagine the joy that they felt when they got their visas, and some of them getting hatch for the first time in their life? I read an article the day before of a 90 year old woman, she saved up 70 years of her life to perform her first hedge. And can you imagine the thought that this, she could have been one of those victims yesterday in Mena, I'm told that the majority of the deaths were people in wheelchairs, they can't they can't go anywhere. They're stuck. And a lot so we're just puzzled is there now I've just

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painted for you are pretty sad image. Now listen to how Allah brings joy out of everything. So pantalon when you hold on to Allah, you feel happy. And when you're grateful with Allah, Allah protects the optimistic attitude in your heart. Gratitude protects optimism in you. You're always grateful. So you're always happy. Listen to how Allah keeps you happy. Even when you look at what happened.

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Allah says, Don't even think for a moment that the people who to feasability law who were killed in, in the path of Allah, that they are dead, understand what the path of Allah is in these verses. Do you notice that Allah doesn't define it? Allah doesn't tell you FISA beat Allah and Allah doesn't say where Allah doesn't say in the battlefield. Allah doesn't say in hajj, Allah doesn't say in prayer. So scholars took FISA Beatty lead to literally mean whenever you do anything for Allah, you are now in the path of Allah. So can you imagine when you get in your cars and you drive for Juma? You are in feasts of Ebola, and if you happen to die in that path, then your account is as Shaheed

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Subhana Allah, don't think that you need to be out there in the battlefield or unhatched to be counted as a shade. You literally could be in Toronto, you literally be kicked, be living a normal life and you could die as a Shaheed and I'll tell you what the reward of that is in a moment.

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Then Allah use the word um, what

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ensued it'll Baccarat Allah said and what Turin Arabic students pay attention in sudut la muran um what is mon sube it has the two fat has in sutil, Baccarat and what is the model for it has two dogmas on top same word but the structure is completely different. mn sube in core n are the two fat has expressed a level of emphasis Allah is really trying to drive this point home hard to you to set your mind straight. Don't think like this when you see these pictures and these images they look so gruesome. You know how hard it is to find something positive when you're seeing pictures of bodies everywhere, you know difficult that is you need strong faith and he meant to really get something

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positive out of that. Otherwise what are you going to do? You're just going to say Subhana Allah look at this look at where our oma is look at what's happened to these people look at the Saudi government is doing that's how your mentality is going to be so Allah put em Lata with two fat hasn't said Okay, stop, stop for a moment.

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Your mind you and now suited earlier Miranda is talking to the general people. Sue tillbaka is talking to the people of many Medina they don't need that hard message because they're very strong in Amen. So Allah put the two damas just know that they're not dead. For you and I who are struggling with amen all the time, every second and every day of our lives. Allah really drives the point home hard to you and I get your act together. Keep your emotion in check. These people, they're not actually dead from a spiritual perspective, their bodies are gone. And this is a really important thing to keep in mind.

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When you're reflecting on events like this, you have to start to think and wonder how quickly death comes to you. I mean, you could be sitting and doing the most trivial thing and you die.

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Death is not something that comes in apologizes and says, I'm sorry, I know you're playing with your kids. I'll come back when you're alone. I'm sorry, you're watching a movie. I'll come back when you're in solitude. It just finds you and it takes your soul and you're done. And you have to really you you're Abdullah, you and I slaves of Allah, you have to really, really set your mentality that every second at every point at every moment of your life, death can find you. And this is why every hook by you here, don't you hear how it starts with the one verse and suits me I'm Ron. wallet, Mouton. Illa, one and two Muslim moon. Don't you dare leave this world and die unless you are in the

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state of Muslim. Allah didn't say men, Allah said Muslim, Muslim, it's how you behave. mortman is something that comes out of being Muslim.

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So Allah says, as a starting point, act like a Muslim, be civilized like a Muslim. Talk Like a Muslim. You want to criticize, criticize, like a Muslim, be respectful, be constructive, but you can disagree and still get along. I honestly think these basic fundamentals of our religion is actually some of the hardest things that we have, that we need to master in our oma just disagreeing and getting along at the end of the day is one of the greatest challenges. You know, Imam Shafi Rahim Allah once debated with a scholar, and when he debated with this men, this man at the end of the bait, looked at Imam Shafi and started cursing at him and started swearing at him, because he was

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upset that he man was chef, he won the debate. Mmm sheffy looks at the man and says, What's wrong with you? Why is it that we can disagree and still be brothers? Can you imagine if that statement was on in front of every message in front of every Islamic institution, how it would look like? So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, look, you Yeah, Abdullah, who's a man keeps fluctuating up and down. You need to you need to really remind yourself of the reality of these people than Allah paints the picture clearly. But here are endora be him yourself.

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In sha Allah hota Allah, the people in Mina insha Allahu taala, that people from the creme tragedy in sha Allah hota Allah, all of our brothers and sisters in this world, in Syria, in Philistine in Burma, all over the Muslim world whose lives have been taking innocently for no reason. Insha Allah hota Allah right now as you and I are sitting in this Masjid, their soul is alive and with a lie. But yeah, indeed, these people are alive. Now scholars differ What does it mean when you say that the soul of an individual is alive? Some are lemme one opinion states that the soul is taken out of this body, and it's placed in Jenna. Another opinion states that the soul is taken out in this

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world, but in the grave, it's returned back to those individuals, and their grave is now a garden from the gardens of gender. Another opinion states that when they're given the soul back in their graves, they are under some kind of 10 name or near a man that none of you and I know about some sort of blessing and comfort is given to them. And the gym who's the most correct opinion amongst ulama is the soul is taken out of this dunya and it's sitting in Jenna. Because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us

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as far as the Shaheed is concerned, their soul is taken out and is put in a bird, put inside a green bird. Don't try to picture this brothers and sisters. Remember, this green bird is a bird of gender. So don't try to compare it to a bird in the dunya The name is the same, but the actual creation itself is different. Just like we will have fruits in general, it doesn't mean that the same mango and banana you eat here is going to be the same thing you find there. The name is the same but the quality and the product itself is going to be different. Or profits I send them says this green bird. It's only task and job is that it will have the soul of a martyr inside of it and it will fly

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The agenda until the Day of Judgment eating and drinking from Jenna. This is a shutoff and an honor giving given to our Shahada.

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Now, that's the only one side of the picture.

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What about the family members of these individuals? What about you and I? Who who are still alive breathing well today? What does Allah azza wa jal say to you? And I guess it's so hard. When you look at these images, it's so tearful. And then you think about the son of that father who died or the father whose children died or the mother who died or the little girl who died all of these things start to run in your mind. So what is the message Allah leaves you an eye with when you look at images like this? This is what I will conclude with in the second part of the hope but there isn't a heater either. APU motor smart almost stuff it'll load you welcome it certainly must mean

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I'm in Cali them. First off it'll in who who will afford or Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While earlier he was happy he woman was buried

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below here on our endora be him yourself. And indeed the souls they are alive and they are with their master and Allah is providing for them, giving them it's giving them his or his

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30 Hina Bhima Tahoma la hoomin fogli Allah azza wa jal says, the same souls in the earth are right now. They are so happy and so contend with what Allah has given them the kind of death they were given. The kind of death the people and Mina were given, is the death that you and I would wish for. They were in the state of Iran, performing one of the greatest acts of worship we will have until the day of judgment, and then they're in the state of worship, so they're in Hej. Then on top of that their tongues are filled with F code. They may have just performed their sacrifices. They're in these blessed Cid lands of Mecca. It's a death that you and I we would want

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you can't count how much blessings Allah has given these people. May Allah azza wa jal accept them alone. I mean, they're happy, man I tell him follow Him and follow through with what Allah has given them of his blessing. Well, yes, stablish your own ability in lm l help will be him in helping him Allah homophone it him Allah homea his own here is Allah's Messenger message to you, who still alive right now. Allah says establish you don't wanna be near I met him in Allah. Now you and I, Allah azza wa jal says, As for those who did not follow along in the same depth, so the family members of these individuals, or for you and I who are here Allah says Esther you

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Allah, whoa, finale him. Don't be scared about what you've just seen.

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Because this is going to be a satanic attitude. shaitan will come to you and say, Look, it's a good thing. You don't go for Hajj, look what happened. You could be next. Don't go for Hajj, wait or spend 40 $50,000 get the most VIP package you can find and keep yourself safe. So you don't really feel the hardship or any value in the hedge. Just do that. Especially Tom will come and tell you Alissa's No, no, no, no. Don't be afraid. Well, homeadvisor noon. And don't be sad. These people. So Joe was saying Don't be scared. What are they scared of? They're not just scared because it could be their to their turn. They're also scared for their family members who died because now those

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individuals is going are going to meet the law.

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Now they're going to meet Allah. And Allah says to them, don't be sad, you don't be sad. Why? Why would you be sad at this point? Because they're gone.

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It's your mother. It's your father. It's your child. They're gone. They're separated from you. It's a sad thing, but a lot, so just don't be sad. They are happy and well, and they got the best death that they could ask for from Allah in this world. And so brothers and sisters,

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if you're still wondering why these things happen, the whole point of it is to realize that this was a loss coddled, they were destined not to complete the hatch and

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Insha Allah, in sha Allah, Allah azza wa jal will give them their hedge in sha Allah they will have the reward. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us on a leave you with this hadith

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is the Oro de la Houhai urine Bay, the Abdi, if Allah azza wa jal wants good for his slave.

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Listen to what the prophet said him says, Yes, there are milho

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Allah will use him. So the Sahaba has heard this and they said, Yeah, Rasulullah cave is there millhone How does ally use his slave? And the prophets I send them responds and says to them, yes, there are men who be amyrlin solely through my builder who the Prophet Solomon says, a light is going to use that slave

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and give him the tofik to do righteous deeds. In sha Allah, that's all of you here. That's all of us. Allah is going to use you and I in sha Allah, that our lives are filled with righteous deeds. Then look at how the Hadith ends, through Maya COVID the home then Allah will snatch you away, in the state of righteousness. Allahu Akbar.

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You do righteous deeds. Then in sha Allah, that is the state you will die in. Stay sincere and Allah will take your soul. Now take that Hadees that is narrated in a Timothy and put that headed to our brothers and sisters in Mina.

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Allah says the prophesy Sam says yuck build the who comes from the word cabal, the Cabal that means to snatch something swiftly. They're not going to see this death coming. So they're walking and they're saying they're tech up and they're yelling Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha Illa la la. And then all of a sudden the stampede happens A few minutes later they are dead, and they are dead in the state of righteousness. Insha Allah Subhana Allah, Allah azza wa jal use these people and Allah azza wa jal gave them to Sophia, as a liar abused me, use me for righteousness. Give me the strength that I continue to worship to you that I continue to pray to.

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Yeah, Robbie, you don't need me but I need you. It's not what does Allah want for me? It's what what do I want from Allah azza wa jal Yara be give us the strength we are here as your slaves and yours Your servants Oh Allah give us the strength and the health that we continue to worship you to our to the best of our ability. This is the duel you have to keep making every single day when you see events happen like this. May Allah azza wa jal increase our Amen. May Allah azza wa jal give us a plus and taqwa in our hearts, and keep it there and sustain it and continue to strengthen it along mean. And so these are the words that I conclude with brothers and sisters. We send peace and

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blessings to our Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who la cama Marana subhana wa Taala Phaeton xili in Allahu Allah iica tahu saloon Ireland ob Yeah, yo la Vina mn or solo Li he was certainly more Taslima Allahumma salli. ala Mohammed while early Mohammed came so late Allah Ibrahim Weiler early Ibrahima innaka homido Majeed Allahu mufaddal Massimino almasi met me Nina one minute I hear you mean whom well I'm what in the Caribbean semi or Mooji boo dharwad Allahumma in Nanana local Jenna Omar karabi la Harmon Colin Ahmed when are also becoming another Rama Rama la hamin Colin our Iman or burner artina dounia hacer una wafl authority hacer una joaquina as urban now sapan Auto

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bichat obesity I'm a US seafood I was Salam when I learned more Selena will hamdulillah robola Allah meanwhile consola