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Musleh Khan
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In Alhamdulillah

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nationalists who want to start you know who want to stop

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when are the Billahi min Sheree and fusina woman see Dr. Merlino, me and D level find out more bling letter Y mejor bluefire follow her dlm Why should one La ilaha illallah wa Ooh La sharika Why should one know Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was herby woman celled either an NGO or Mr. nevison Nettie Isla yo Medina, buried atop La Jolla Kolkata Mr. Rana subhanho wa Taala Phaeton z. Yeah, yo Hola, Xena, Taka la helper to a party he wallet Mouton. Illa. And Tomas me moon, some of my brothers and sisters on this blessed day of this blessing our of the omaggio Mara. First and foremost, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to shower his acceptance and his forgiveness upon each

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and every one of us here today. We ask Allah azza wa jal to shower His mercy and His protection upon each and every one of us here today. I love them. I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal to shower, his protection, and his Nasr his aid

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upon total Indian Muslims, and everything that they have to endure and suffer through each and every day. You know, one of the frightening things about standing up here and speaking to an audience is by the time this whole debate is over, perhaps maybe 1000s, more of total Indian people might be tortured or killed or misplaced. And by the time this hopa is done in 20 minutes or so, when you hear something like that, and then you sit and you think right here at home,

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Mexico is trying to recover from a massive earthquake that just came out of nowhere.

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parts of the United States are recovering from Hurricane airman. And

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then we had hurricane Harvey. And then this morning, there was an explosion in the UK.

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Almost 20 people 20 casualties. Like if you just pause for a moment, and I'm sure a lot of you have done this. If you just stop for a moment and really think what the world looks like in 2017.

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It's a really scary and frightening place, especially when you've got young children.

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Because you can't help but think as a parent, if this is what it looks like today, what's gonna happen 10 years down the line,

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what's gonna happen 15 years down the line with my son and my daughter, what's their future going to look like?

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I sometimes feel that we, as people in this part of the world that have a sense of security, safety and stability, and I sometimes feel we're also on the edge of that a lot. So a gel will cause some massive test or trial or fitna that is just waiting to come our way.

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Why did Allah spare us and not others?

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This is what I want to share with you today.

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Our responsibility as a people

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when we are living in peace and surrounded with tragedy, what is our responsibility? Now there's one thing I want to start off with.

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When scholars talk about tests from Allah, they divide tests or empty data in two categories.

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The first category are tests with hardship if you feel the pain you endorse some kind of fitna and hardship. That's the most common kind of trial and test that you and I are accustomed to. But the second category is the most frightening one. Because it's the most difficult one for the average Muslim to detect and pay keen attention to and that is when a lie so a joke puts you through tests with peace, comfort and Nirvana and that's why some of them are they have a statement they say I

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should do hotter the thing that is most dangerous, and baranda nacion gurudongmar Hola. Home mineral booty was sejarah some people they look around themselves

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And they see all these blessings. They see that Allah blessed them with a good house, blessing marriage, children, stability, wealth, they see all of these things.

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And they convince themselves and Mullah dorada on him, they convince themselves, all of these things are signs that Allah has blessed me and Allah is taking good care of me. Watch out for this test, it's the most difficult one to detect. Because part of a loss plan is sooner. Part of a loss plan is that sometimes a lot allows the rope to stay loose.

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Walk early, get a hold or a big either a hurdle, or over here Voluma in the hole early machete, lot tells us this and poor and sometimes

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when you least expected when you think everything is going smooth and fine.

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When you think that Alhamdulillah living in this part of the world, it's all good. Hurricane Irma is pretty far away. Hurricane Harvey was way down south, not a big deal. Alhamdulillah.

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You see, that's okay, when you praise Allah and you thank him because you weren't put through that tragic test.

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But the tragedy behind that is, if you don't tweak your life,

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to express gratitude to a lot of what you do have the blessings you do have. Let me give you an example.

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So here you've heard that the thing that orlimar are most afraid of is when Allah tests us with more and more blessings, when you least expect it. Allah speaks in suits and hood and says that part of his plan is that he allows some people, you know, you want to be

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an unhealthy,

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Ill minded,

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intolerant person that no one can get along. No one can have a decent conversation with you. Every time they speak to someone like you. They're always engaged in backbiting and slandering this person and that person. If you ever meet people like this, but Allah bless them with a beautiful car and a beautiful home and lots of money, you might be scratching your head and thinking what is really going on here? And Allah says one sort of rude, what can

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I just wait for it? Because the snatching of a love is part of his plan. He allows you to enjoy your life. Just let the rope loose and sit back. Enjoy all your wealth and your power and your money and your status. Because when you least expect it. In the whole alien We should eat his snatching when you least expect it is the most painful.

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When you least think that okay, I'm healthy and I'm fine. You wake up the next day you get a headache. And you go to the doctor because this headache isn't going away. You take the Tylenol and Advil, you do everything. It's not going away. You go to the doctor, you don't smoke UDR you don't do anything. You eat healthy, you exercise. You go to the gym, you follow a good diet. The doctor does some tests and says you've got cancer and

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start saying your goodbyes.

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And you're sitting there thinking,

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what just happened. And put aside yourself for a moment. You might come from a good home And may Allah preserve and protect your home. But then for whatever reason, you are a practicing parent or a practicing child. But for some reason your siblings or your children just went in a different direction. And you're wondering, you volunteer at the masjid. You do all of these wonderful things for Allah, but your child or one of your parents, they went in a different direction every time you put on your hijab or you want to dress modestly or you want to do something for Allah. What are you wasting your time for? You don't just Hajj season just finished. There was a parent

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who called me begging me to convince her child not to go for Hajj.

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Can you imagine the dilemma?

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Because and I asked Well, what is the problem? I know the parents have it.

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So I wanted to listen to her. What is the reason what what happened?

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She's so young.

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How old? Do you think she was? 27 years old.

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She's so young. I don't want her to think about that right now. Never in my life. I have I ever received a phone call in this nature, where somebody is actually convincing you don't go that path for Allah. Just chill and relax for a little bit and enjoy your life. That's the most dangerous test.

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So where does that leave you and i right now,

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there are over 1 million Rohingya Muslims. I don't even want to say Muslims, Rohingya people, because a minority of them are also Hindus. Religion is irrelevant. These are human beings.

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These are human beings.

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A lot of you hear parents, when your child gets stung by a bee, or a mosquito.

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As a parent,

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that's something you don't like for your child. You take them to the doctor, or you try and treat it immediately. They come to you and they complain about pain or something. It bothers you as a parent, because you don't want your children to suffer and go through that. And the same thing with children. You look at your mom and Daddy, like, look how they work, and they give me everything I want all the support in this world. You don't want your parents to suffer. Can you imagine if one day, like what some of these people in Rohingya are dealing with? There was a story that was written, there was an article released of a father, he held both of his hands like this to the

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And he started counting all of his children, his wife, that he watched from behind a bush, being thrown into the water, one by one.

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He witnessed with his own eyes,

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each member of his family and all of his children being taken away. And there was nothing that he could do. And he's being interviewed. And he's talking, I don't even know how can you find a voice to speak after going through that ordeal?

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Why am I saying all of this?

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We have a massive responsibility right now that Allah still blessed us with some sense of stability. And we've a massive task on our hands.

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And if I didn't talk about this on the men border today. And if you go to another question, and the Imam doesn't talk about these issues, keep in mind 99% of the hotties that you might be listening to, may not talk about this issue on the menu bar. But they are advocating and supporting and participating in campaigns, in conferences in charity programs. They are out there on the ground working against or for these causes. So be very careful before you judge

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before you judge and you say to yourself, what's this puppy talking about? This happened recently as well. There was an audio clip of a young sister it went viral. What did she do? She recorded herself cursing the Hatim. But she had to listen to that Friday. Why? Because he didn't mention anything about the Rohingya tragedy or any of the other things. Instead, he talked about the importance of alien. So she cursed him and she made against him and so on and so forth. It just so happens that that he was actually the president and CEO of one of the largest charity organizations in the world.

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Just because for the 20 minutes he was there. He didn't mention it and

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all of this now gather it. Here's our starting point.

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Now you know what the problems are. You hear it and you see it. So what do we do? Three things I want to share with you. Number one, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, and I want to bring your attention to a set of verses in suta Nisa, for those of you who might not be familiar with soda 10 nissa suta 10 Nisa has one central theme.

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And that theme is it has all of the tools needed to build a healthy community.

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The Healthy administration a healthy community. That's why sort attendee sir, the first a Allah denounced and took care of discrimination and racism. Because when you're living in a community you are all together as a family, you are neighbors to one another, you have to look out for each other. So the first thing I love so Joel took care of us don't discriminate against each other, you all come from the same father. And then the surah continues and it starts talking about certain habits and then it talks about a group of troublemakers about 60 or so verses of suta 10 Nisa is devoted to troublemakers in Arabic we call them the munafo the hypocrites.

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After that conversation was done listen to how Allah concluded that conversation of hypocrites. Allah azza wa jal says

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that the Mona Philippine

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nl Mona Filipina, did don't kill us fairly mean and know that the Mona 18 they are at the very bottom at the pits of the fire. Volunteer General of nazira they're not gonna have any source. Have you noticed the word Nazi era from Nazi Iran? There are several words to describe when you're helping someone know Sauron doesn't just mean help. It means a large amounts of humanitarian aid. So these monesi akun if they've reached to the pits of the fire itself, allies literally saying there is no aid that will come to him except by his permission. Within the conversation continues.

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Allah gave some exceptions. Latina turbo what else level?

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We are possible below what a colossal Deena homely life for Allah He can marry meaning Allah azza wa jal continues, and he gives some exceptions. And he said that look, except for the people that make Toba, they corrected themselves. What does that tell you about Matthew Vaughn, if somebody has nofap traits in them, and if somebody has a little bit of hypocrisy in them, this verse actually tells you you can recover from that you can fix those problems. So Allah says that even though the moon African art the pit of the fire, except for those who repented and they fix themselves, they held on why toss him will be led they held on to Allah

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will also deed a home they learn and they sincerely sincerely devoted their Deen to Allah. These were the people Allah put them with the believers. After all was said and done. Listen to the verse that I really want to share with you. If our love will be either become in Shackleton mentum, what kind of love Shakira and alima This is the verse that I want to share with you. Because when you look at these verses of the hypocrites, one can't help themselves but wonder and think for a moment, man, am I one of them? Do I have some of these qualities? You can't help but ask yourself these questions when you study this. And then you some students, they'll even question well,

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why did a lot even create punishment and create a Hellfire? Why so much? Why did you even have to reach to that extent?

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Allah addresses that and says, Allah doesn't get anything out of punishing people.

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He doesn't get anything out of that.

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But what's important to Allah is in Chicago to mentum What can Allahu Shakira on arlena three things, if you are grateful to Allah.

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So this is the first responsibility we all have is that we all have to be grateful to Allah of what it is that we are faced with our light, our lifestyle and the security and peace that we have. We have to be grateful for it. It might sound a bit strange to you, if I said to you, we have to be grateful for the eyesight that Allah blessed us with our hands. You know what, some people when they hear that you know what they think? What's the big deal? Like? Okay, fine, grateful for your heads. It sounds so trivial. That's the problem. When you trivialize things like this, and you take them for granted, that in and of itself is a major problem. As emammal was earlier Rahim Allah once said,

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when you trivialize minor sins, that trivialization itself is a major sin. That attitude itself is a major problem. So Allah says that you gotta be grateful. What am I meant to and you have faith in Him? What can Allahu Shakira alima and Ally's very appreciative of this?

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Shakira is the term that is used to describe gratitude between two people. But Allah use the same term to describe that he himself is appreciative. When you show gratitude to him, Allah appreciates that from you.

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If this point still is not driven home, then I want to turn your attention to suit at a Dell. So with that being said, we're so will he talked about how he created all of mankind. But after he spoke about the creation of mankind, listen to what a lot so Adele said in her Dana, who's Sabina ima Shakira, we're in Mecca for Allah azza wa jal says, then we took all of mankind and we guided them, we gave them some sense of direction. But then they split. One group was grateful, but the other group was ungrateful they committed co photo. Do you see the connection?

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lesson one was grateful, but the other was committed. Cofer. What does that tell you about the person who always ungrateful it's a form of

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some kind of law. You could actually you lose your deen, you could lose your identity simply because you are not grateful. May Allah preserve and protect the trait of being grateful in our hearts and in our lives are long. I mean, that's the first responsibility. The second responsibility is have faith. And

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I know that for a lot of you, if not all of you, when you hear the news and you see your fellow brothers and sisters going through what they go through. I know it's frustrating. Some of us may feel angry.

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And you're thinking to yourself, Why? Why so much bloodshed Why so much tragedy?

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Allah so calls himself Eliza's or Hakeem, he is the all powerful and all wise. That's a very dignified way of saying, Allah knows what he's doing. Don't question him.

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This is the time where we need to hold on to our faith, we have to stop

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allowing trivial issues to come between us. If there's a disagreement, you know what some Muslims would they do? They will walk by you and not even give you a salon. Just because they disagree about one trivial matter. The prophesy centum says, If you said I'll give the Salaam and spread it. He didn't say except when you disagree. He didn't give any extra exceptions to that. What does that teach you? that despite how much you disagree, there is always a link that is never broken. And that is the link of solemn

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it's never broken. You might have like a family member who's always the troublemaker in the family. We all have one of those.

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The minimum requirement is you keep a sudden, you keep that link that link you don't break it. trivial matters. We have to like get out of this. If you have problems with the family and relationship issues, we have to fix those problems because you know why? We are running out of time.

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All the adults that are sitting here, do you remember about 15 or 20 years ago what one day felt like it felt like 24 hours? What does the day feel like today? There's just not enough time in the day. Do you remember Ramadan? how it came and it left? The judge that performed their hedge? I can't believe it's already done and gone and you're back here with us.

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Just think about what how the cycle of this world is taking place. And just before you recover from one natural disaster, six more already happened.

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Our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us watch out for this. Because when this starts happening, it's the Day of Judgment right around the corner. Natural Disasters will start to increase. Muslims will fight with each other for the most trivial things. The Salaam will be reserved only for those that they actually get along with.

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It's not for all Muslims, just the people they can connect with. A man will find it absolutely no problem. He will be completely desensitized seeing his fellow brother or sister in Islam and not have a care in the world of giving them their his solemn, giving them even just a bit of attention, not even care and still find somehow to go to sleep at night in peace. Our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us there will come a time where

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For sure, concentration in prayer will be snatched away. When that starts happening, be prepared. The Day of Judgment is wiped behind you

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ask yourself what it feels like praying today

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when you get one of those sada I can't even say a solid when you get one little camera that you've really focused and it's like the best feeling in the world. Just the one more camera. Man I remember that thought, okay, I really focused I was crying in that locker. That's what we're holding on to right now. These are all things to wake us up. There's one final point that I will conclude within the second part of the hookah.

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At this point, we ask Allah azza wa jal to protect our brothers and sisters.

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escala is so ill to relieve them of their pain and suffering. Yeah, we can't do anything without your permission. Yeah, Allah, we can't walk without your permission. We can't speak without your permission. We can't see without your permission. We can't think without your permission. We can't breathe without your permission. Yeah, it'll be with all the blessings you have given us causes us to be a people that are constantly in gratitude and devotion to your oculomotor smartphone was stuff it'll only work on what he said it was to minimalism. For stuff it'll enable who will have a photo rocking

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was happy he woman was buried. So I'd like to conclude. And here's the third responsibility are often a dead farmer who Adela we understand the problems now. So how do we fix it? How do we contribute to easing those problems? Well, today, we all have an opportunity. Normally, I don't do this on the member, but sometimes we have to. There are there are organizations and people, some of them are here today. Brothers and sisters, peel out whatever contribution you can from your heart and soul. And think about why didn't Allah put you or me in rural India? How come we're not there?

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or How come the tables didn't turn and that tragedy taking place there is happening here, why?

00:27:31 --> 00:27:44

Allah gave us the responsibility now to put some action, some movement to say to yourself that at least I am going to do something. And even if that's not possible,

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today, what I'd like to do in the last semester of the solo, if you allow me to, I'd like to extend that last such depth for an additional three seconds. Utter one sentence for the Rohingya people in one sentence in three seconds, think what you want to say, Oh Allah, protect them and bless them along me done. Because one of you sitting here, or all of us sitting here, our dwis might be accepted. And as a result of your contribution with something more valuable than anything on the face of this earth, your prayers and your while, this could be the turning point. So this is the least that we could all do is at least devote a portion of our research that to these poor people.

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So May Allah azza wa jal bless all of you, and may Allah azza wa jal continue to increase us in knowledge, sincerity in understanding metal so it will continue to increase our hearts with gratitude with love and devotion. May Allah reunite our hearts together and May Allah strengthen our hearts and our relationships together may allies so it will keep us united as an oma as one body and one soul mate a lot of soldiers strengthen our bond love them. I mean, we send peace and blessings to our souls Salatu was Salam O Allah subhanho wa Taala feet NZD in the LA Mola ecotel who you saw lunarlon ob? Yeah, you're Latina M and o Salalah. He was Sally motors Lima Allahumma salli ala

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Mohammed while early Mohammed came so late Allah Ibrahim Allah earlier but our Hema in the middle Majeed a lot of muffling Muslim you know what I'm mostly mad meaning I mean at Allah He I mean while I'm live in a pottery barn semi on wikibot dharwad Allahu monsal f one and F equally macanudo balada mean, Allahu Munster f one and F equally makinia on Hama rahimian, but I've been a Latina for dunya has an awful authority has an opener other than soprano to become a bit nicer to him as a foreigner. I was sat down when I learned mostly you know what Trump did in the European Parliament.

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