Allah Is Severe In Punishment And Oft-Forgiving

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Continuing from his previous talk, the Sheikh addresses Allah’s magnanimity in forgiving His servants wrongs all but one.

We all should have faith that everything is in accordance with His Will – He forgives if He will and He punishes if He will. But it is in our choices that may influence the reward or punishment we receive.

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And unfortunately a lot of Muslims are doing this one line, they are Muslims and hamdulillah they are doing okay hamdulillah they are Muslim they say Allah Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. But when you ask him to pray

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and Allahu

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Allah yeah Allah for him, there is no question about it. But also Allah what punishers

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not be a baddie, any anomala fool Rafi, one another be audible le

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till my slaves no Mohammed that I am the Merciful, the forgiver but I am the one who punishes.

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Now you

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are the creator of Wu Suleyman, kotlik.

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What was conveyed to Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is identical to what we're about to walk to that which was conveyed to the messengers before you in Arabic Allah Duma Fira was a COVID le boo. Allah forgives and he punishes

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that's why what is what, Jenna and there is what Phil? Allah created gentlemen created what help and

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unfortunately, you may end up with brothers who overdo it with the side of him. Yeah,

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I admit that one day I was of that type. I mean, I used to overdo it, but also disregarding punishment and just focusing more on janitorial is wrong. This could send people to up to to slack and be lazy, you have to remind them that there are consequences for not doing the right thing especially if the knowledge got to you. You have to strike a balance between you know gender and hell. Listen, Allah will forgive you, but you have to strive

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you have to you have to you know work you cannot assume

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with extra delay,

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ladies savvy Mr. Lee kumala and knee leaky tap.

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It is not in accordance, the version sort of thing is that it is not in accordance of your many, many means.

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Beside that that's a girl's name. Not me. But you but you know what Amanda means?

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wishful thinking.

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That's what a man is. Exactly like these thoughts that those people are this whole wishful thinking

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assumptions. While Mr. De Lille kita and is not in accordance to the wishful thinking of the people. Look, me I'm also a new JB.

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If a person commits an evil act, he will be punished for it

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and no one can save him.

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But we understand the meaning no, who's

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and this is a good line that you memorize and inshallah we close with it today.

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Either what are the law who for whom what phila Mahalla

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what either our other who have been higher.

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When Allah subhana wa Taala promises you something, Allah would fulfill.

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If Allah said that, if you do this act, fulfill the conditions and you strive to do it in a perfect manner, you will get this you will get it.

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Why? Why? Because breaking the promises is imperfection.

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And allies about what any

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any imperfection,

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Salah promises, you will get it

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up look at the other side, what either our debacle he threatens.

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If you commit that sin,

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you will be punished, so and so forth.

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It's left for Allah to decide

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what not to do.

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And this is how we develop the belief that the people who commit major sins in Islam, they are under what

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the will of Allah

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Waka mushiya somebody who's drinking

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alcohol right in front of you. You can see he's gonna be thrown in here. You can't.

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You cannot. But you say that he's under what?

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Under what they will have.

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Allah wills He will punish him the punishment that he named for drinking

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or if he wills Allah will work

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for them.

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We know for certainty The only sin which Allah will not forgive is what should

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in a law hola Yo yo yo Shara kabhi

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Allah will never forgive that you die as a Muslim

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Why have you mad una de Cali mania

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but anything else according to his will

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laquanda de fille de water Phil, Phil hockey

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two brothers

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one of them is righteous and the other one is what that guy in the

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off and on you know some Muslims are like this wishy we call them wishy washy like his one week massamba is keeping off five deliberately and he disappears for a month. And then that's not your address. And then he comes back again. So

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So Subhan Allah, the righteous brother used to live in a top of a mountain. So he came to visit his brother who used to live in the in the valley. It tells you the other one was what secluding himself. Yeah, but this one was what?

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Yeah, mixing too much with the people that tells you for sure. panela when he arrived, he spotted him. He saw him he arrived at time when he was coming around and he was doing something he knows he said to his brother what law he loves your law hula

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imagine this he said this was

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by Allah Allah forgive you

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you know what you taking an oath and

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you know what that means?

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By Allah don't forgive him That's what he said

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she was taking an oath and Allah

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you know that there are some people who actually may take oath and Allah fulfills the oath

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there are some

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I'll go back to the story but I think it's worth it to to mention this that there are some people who actually may take oath somebody or unlock action to Alec and he can also know that my son cures from this surgery

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Rasul Allah wa sallam with a Muslim

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America Viola one one day he said this to his

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one day he said this to his companions

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are Bashar

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Luton murrini

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mad for on bill above

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low Oksana Allah La Isla

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there are some people but look at the description of those few a shot his hair is messy messy is not clicking any of the bar is not neat.

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Luca mine is closed is not

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metaphor on bill AB well you know what but for a while if he goes to somebody to visit somebody Knock Knock open the door you get out here

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but so Pamela if this person would take an orphan Allah Allah would fulfill his oath

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but again you have to be careful because this particular candidate invited people to

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you know we have back home that people who call them that I wish

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the guy doesn't even know Fatiha.

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Oh stay away from this guy this guy is

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not what we're talking about.

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This invited people to up to a point people have you know who looked like this but they don't have that.

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Here's what I'm going to share with you

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also Solomon this hadith he said woman whom will borrow nomadic

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and one of them is involved in American nomadic is the brother the half brother of Anna suit nomadic.

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Now how many people heard that Halley's few

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one of them is Ennis

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after the Prophet Salam died

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in a battle during the reign of Omar mahapatra, the Alon called

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To stop

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when the Muslims were invading Birger Iran

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so panela they came across a place called to stuff. These guys were building walls and behind the walls root.

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They tried for three months to break through this fortress, the equivalent

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they attacked the some people.

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So one of the people came to the me of the army and I said why are we having a hard time?

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He is one of the people who heard this hadith.

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Man we have some body in this army. If he takes an oath when a law Allah will give us victory.

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Why do we have to go through this?

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So the miracle the woman Barbara Malik said, No, I'm not gonna do it. Just to show you now the caliber of those people the understanding of those people. Because this is called what a what is called kurama.

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Now listen, sooner Gemma is maternal kurama. Leah,

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Chanel, Gemma. We believe that there are certain people who have karma. But who are those people?

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The people who have righteousness and piety like this one.

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And it is it is part of the karma that you do not disclose your karma.

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You don't come to the table and say brothers

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I made last night and I accepted my drive. You don't do that. You don't do that. You see, there is a difference between kurama to ready,

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warm or jeiza to Navy,

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the kurama of the wedding and the miracle of the messenger. The messenger is supposed to disclose his miracle. Why? Because the miracle establishes that he is delivering From whom?

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That's the evidence for his work, credential. But kurama very inviting that people would actually come to you

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when you say that stuff, so what do you want me to do?

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kiss your hand. Now. She who touched you into Baraka? Baraka shouldn't be doing that. He shouldn't be doing that. If you have kurama you're supposed to do a

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marinara sign Allah inflected him with a disease Lola little basirhat he could not go to the bathroom.

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Towards the end of his life. He was sitting in bed and

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he said this when he was the idea

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that angels used to come and help me go to the bathroom.

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But he never disclosed this while he is what

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is alive.

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Why? Because when you disclose something like this you're inviting people What?

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Also if you read the story of the people of the key the companions they use just go and read that story even though it's Israelites in Israel Yeah, we don't believe it we don't be like but when they discover them

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they actually prostrate they said Oh Allah Time to die. These guys are gonna make a big deal out of us. They may end up worshipping us and we don't want to be a reason for that shirk, we fled for a reason.

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And the author says that they died while they were prostrating

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they actually requested that they die

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so the Amir kept asking about abdul-malik because now that only few people know about this

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now the whole army finds out that I have an answer door that allows me to answer my door now instead of relying taco Allah la buena Laguna taco de

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la mina

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becomes an object now

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for under pressure he said okay, I'll do it.

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Look at the DA he made

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Oh Allah I take an oath who knew that you let us see the backs of our enemy tomorrow meaning we're gonna chase them

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what our furniture

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but it's time for me to go.

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I can't live with this.

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I read the story for Weiss Weiss Academy, you know about why sukanya Why did they run away from the people in? Please don't because that's dangerous. It can because there are people with weak Eman weak faith they don't they're just looking for somebody to give them some benefit of something that is shady What if there are people who can take the point I'm trying to make I said I got off but let's go back to the two brothers here. Yeah, this one ticker also Allah but look how Allah reacted to his oath. Allah revealed to the messenger of the time men her the lady at Allah Allah who is taken

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All told me,

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You tell this guy who took an oath on me that all his righteousness and piety

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are in vain. He needs to start walking over all his Salah is gone.

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All his, all his righteousness and acts of obedience that he'd done in the past are void. Now he needs to start working. And not only this was for truly Effie and I have forgiven the sin of his brother.

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We can't

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we, Lehman hackaday for a lot of subhanho wa Taala indeed, addressed

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these wishful thinking ideas that the disbelievers in Mecca in particular according to the the context of the verses had about a lot of these false assumptions and based on what are you assuming this is gonna give you a better deal in the afterlife? This in itself is accusing a lot of what

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not being pleased.

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And this is the reason why there is a judgement day because some people worked on some people what slept? Is it fair to treat them alike? If you have two people working for you some one who does not work and that does somebody who does not do the work and another one who does the work? You treat them equally?

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That's not fair. Not just not wise,

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not yz